Saibaba Has Plans For Everything – Sai Devotee Uma

Few devotees’ karmas are so good that with Lord Sai Baba’s support they sail across very easily. Below is same kind of experience of Sai sister Uma ji.

Sai Sister Uma Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, my name is Uma. I am from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Currently I am living in USA. I really appreciate your effort in making this blog wonderful and excellent place, where all the devotees can share their experiences. Also devotees feel relaxed, when they read theses Sai Leelas. I am in love with this website. Please do not disclose my email-id.

I came from a middle class family, my dad struggled a lot to give me and my sister good life and education. My dad is very humble, honest person, very down to earth person, though he could not earn money. People respect him a lot and everybody in my family. My relatives admire him a lot. My mom and dad are devotees of Sairam now. Whenever they get time they read Sai Satcharitra.

It was a dream for me go to USA, when I was in 3rd year of my engineering. I went for GRE coaching and gave exam at the end of 3rd year. Later I met a guy and fell in love with him. He is working as software engineer at Hyderabad. He is very nice person and he is the only one I can trust 100%. After meeting him, I dropped my plans for going to USA and did not apply to any universities.

During final year of my engineering, there was campus interview going on. I am an average student with 70% aggregate, but somehow I could not clear the written test. Finally there was a small company, where I could clear the written test, technical round and HR round and that was on Friday. I was so happy and I called everyone and told the good news. My mom told me later that my dad was reading Sai Satcharitra and that day he had finished reading it and I got this job. I thought maybe it is Baba’s blessing and I never know that Sai Satcharitra is that powerful. After I got selected in the campus interview, I had to finish one more semester, I was feeling happy because as soon I graduate, I can start earn money and support my dad financially. I visited Tirupathi with my friends, who also got placed in the same company.

After three months, I heard news from our placement officer that the company is not ready to give offer letter for fresher’s due to recession in 2008. I cried a lot. I was so depressed, but my dad and mom were always supportive they said “its ok whatever happens to us is for our good. Maybe another big opportunity is waiting for you”. By that time all the campus interviews were over and I used to attend off campus, where thousands of students used to come there, and there was no hope. I did not know that BABA is planning something good for me.

Later my dad asked me to apply for USA to go for higher studies. I said it is too late for me to apply for universities; I cannot get i-20 for fall semester. So I told my dad that I will go to UK. Everybody in my family and relatives did not advise me to go to UK as the cost of living will be high and there will be no pool of opportunities as compared to USA. My grandfather knew one uncle in USA, he works in university. So my grandpa asked if he can help me to get i-20 for this semester. Even my dad knew that uncle and even he likes my dad very much. That is why he could not say no and asked me to send all the documents in a week. Thanks god. I have GRE and TOFEL ready and sent everything in a week. That was on June second week. I was really tensed and guess what I got i-20 in one month, which is very impossible and on July 23rd I booked for my visa. My uncle mailed i-20 along with GRE and TOFEL score cards in regular post. My visa was on Tuesday and I am supposed to start to Chennai on Sunday evening. I did not get the post till Friday. On Saturday, I do not know if I get the post. I prayed to God a lot and even my dad was so tensed. But surprisingly, I received a letter on Saturday afternoon, which made me happy. Finally I got visa, but the sad thing was that I was going far away from my boy friend. He was ok with it because he said career is important and he also told that your dad will feel happy if you go for higher studies, it was really sweet of him.

I came to USA in august 2008. I just bought money for my fees and by the grace of Sai I got an on campus job and could earn money for my expenses and fee for next semester. I used to send some money back home. I also sent the money, which I brought for the first semester fee. After I graduated, I moved to another place in 2010 august. There was a roommate, who recently came from India and she has a Saibaba photo frame, which she bought it from Shirdi. I guess after she left room, she forgot to take that photo frame. I was very happy because I do not have any photo frame of Saibaba at that time. I was searching for the job and I thought of my engineer incident that I was placed in small company while my dad was reading Sai Satcharitra. I prayed to Baba that if I get a job, I will read Sai Satcharitra. By the grace of Sai Baba, I was placed in a good company contract for 6 months. Everything went fine and every Thursday or when I get time, I used to read Sai Satcharitra in English, which did not made me interesting. I really do not know may be I was not concentrating. Days passed and the 6 months contract was about to end and again I started searching for another project in the same company. But I could not get. After one month, I got an opportunity in the place, where I did my masters and one more thing even my sister is joining that university. I told my mom and dad about this. They were very happy as both of us are going to stay together.

My parents thought it’s time for me to get married and they started looking for matches for me. My mom is like a close friend to me. I could tell her about my boyfriend and she agreed for it as he is from same caste and he is well settled. This year he applied for US visa on H1. We thought that once he get H1 visa approved, we can tell to dad about our relationship. This time, I have complete faith on Sai and bought Sai Satcharitra in Telugu and finished in 7 days. As Telugu is my mother tongue, I could understand it very well. Every day, I used to cry while reading these chapters. It was so attached to my heart that I could not express in words. I was thinking of Sai Leelas written in Sai Satcharitra and wanted to know about Sai and also I wanted to know if same Leelas are continuing even now. I just searched on net for Shirdi Saibaba Experiences and I am so glad that I found your website. I am surprised to see so many experiences and started reading one by one. Sometimes, while reading experiences of some people, tears rolled unknowingly because I get very much involved in that Leela and also it made me realize that whatever happened in my past was all planned by Lord Sai Baba. BABA, how to thank You, so that You get satisfied?” I do not know how to thank Him for giving me such a beautiful life.

As H1 visa became very tough after recession in 2010, but still my boyfriend got visa and my dad agreed for our marriage too. I received so many signals from Sai Baba before he attended the visa interview and I was relaxed when ever Baba says, “DON’T WORRY I AM WITH YOU”. On the interview day, I was waiting for his phone call. The interview was at 9:30. I did get any call from him till 11:00. I thought something went wrong or maybe he did get visa approved. I was listening to Sai Baba songs in my iTouch and thinking and crying what would have happened. Suddenly before the song end, there were words say “WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE”. After seeing those words, I was little bit relaxed. Next moment, I got a call from him saying that his visa got approved.

By the Baba’s grace, I could able to earn money for my marriage. And also I am supporting my sister with paying expenses and fee for her studies. BABA is the Best Engineer ever. He designed my life so beautifully and planned accordingly. LOVE you loads BABA.

This is the last incident which made me post all incidents in the blog.

I Have applied for OPT extension (Employment Authorization Card for Students). As I was moving to other place, I gave mailing address of my previous roommate. She said she got my OPT card and mailed it to me. It’s been 20 days, but I did not receive it yet. I was lazy to call her and ask her the tracking number of the package. She thought that I received the package as I did not call her since 20 days. Later I started worried about the OPT card and called her and she said she mailed to my previous apt address. I went to the apartment leasing office and asked if she received any package on my name. She checked and she said, “We haven’t received any thing”. I was worried as my roommate has lost the tracking number too. I was praying Baba and my final hope was going to USPS and locate the package. I went to US postal service to ask if they could track the package if I give them “from and to” address. They replied no and I was disappointed. I felt really sad because it all happened because of my laziness. I was in the office and I have digital photo frame, where I have 30 pictures of Saibaba. I told Baba that BABA, I won’t be lazy here after please find my OPT card”. Next moment a thought came to my mind and I called my roommate and told her to go to leasing office ask them to check in the mail box of previous apt. she said ok and guess what it is present there. She called me and said the package is there. I could not believe it. My eyes filled with tears and told BABA, “SAI BABA, are you really with me? I am so blessed.” tears rolled out of happiness.

When I was in 5th std or 6th std, I used to go to temple and there was a very small Saibaba statue under the tree. I used to make five rounds in the temple and whenever I reach that statue, I used to kiss Saibaba on cheeks. I still remember that, I used to kiss Baba because that statue is very cute and small. Not only I, my sister and one best friend used to kiss Baba. I do not know if it makes Sai devotees angry, but I was really very small at that time. I know from that time till date, BABA IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME and decide which is good and bad for me and made me read Sai Satcharitra and understand His Leelas and purpose of His presence on earth.

May SAIBABA bless all the people in the world and give them good health, wealth and life.

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  1. Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai…

    Very Nice experience. I really felt good reading your experience. I always imagine the events while reading devotees experiences. It is one good experience.

    May Baba bless you and all..

  2. uma ji,you are blessed to experience sai leelas in your life…

    what ever you said is true…that,when you read sai satcharitra in english,you didnot show much interest to it..

    same thing happened with me,,as my mother tongue is also telugu,i read sai satcharitra in english,when i was undergoing with some problems,i never used to get interest,,may be because of language or mental tensions i donno….

    in between i stopped and started reading in telugu,,i felt very attached to baba..i used to cry at the end of the chapter,thinking how kind baba is…..

    but,to my fate,,,my sufferings still persisting..

    baba,please help me..this is only my prayer…

  3. Wonderfully told experiences Sister Uma Ji! Baba is always there with us during the difficult times in starting our lives, and will be there with us to help us through the difficulties and happiness we encounter in life. Wish you all the best for your marriage and married life! Om Sai Ram!


    At that point of age we like kids very much. we try to spend time by moving around and playing with them, Whoever, is that kid, its natural. Even SAI used to play with children, how they were blessed ones.

    I love BABA like morethan anything. Its general that I pass on flying ones to HIM…

  5. Om Sai Ram !

    Baba is very kind and is always around his children to fulfill their wishes and desires. He grants us the opportunities to experience his blessings and presence in our life :))

    Few days back my husband completed his
    Sai Satcharitra Parayan but on 7th day we were
    Not able to go to Babaji's temple. My husband
    was upset on that but we couldn't do much so
    left it to Baba's wish. Later during the day we
    went to a grocery store and while moving through the aisles
    my husband found VCD packs of Sai Baba Serial with beautiful
    pictures of Baba on it . This was very totally unexpected in
    a small grocery store in melbourne !! We were so happy and gladly
    brought the packs home and have started watching the
    episodes and we are feeling so blessed that
    Baba has given us this chance and wonderful experience.

    We love you Baba please be with us and help us in leading our life with
    Shraddha and Saburi . We wish to chant your name every moment of our life
    Please be with us Baba today and everyday !

    Jai Sai Ram 🙂 . Om Sai Ram 🙂

  6. Uma ji, wonderful experience. Truly u r blessed by Baba. U say that u kissed him as a child but I did that just couple of days back as an adult lady when overwhelmed with emotions. What impropriety is there when the father is kissed ? U remember that story of mavshi bai and Anna Chinchinkar where they fight and Baba says what harm is there if the mother is kissed?! Well I dont think u did anything wrong and neither did I as it never entered my head about the act being wrong at all.Just felt love for him and kissed him– thats it.

  7. Dear sister Uma,
    Wonderful experience indeed. I loved when you said "kissed him on the cheek". I have this habit of saying "Love you Baba" often in my mind. I know HE does not mind it. I wish you a very wonderful married life too with such a wonderful and understanding person in your life. Blessed are your parents who have had hard-working and focused children, credit to them. All the best to both the sisters.


    Wonderful Experience.
    Baba I am scared Baba.
    Baba Please help me Baba.
    I am scared to goto Office Baba.
    I think they are laughing at me Baba.
    Baba Please save me Baba.

  9. Om Sai Ram,really awesome experience Umaji,in very similar manner i searched this site,i used to think what about baba's miracle after mahasamadhi,and i found it while doing google.In whatever manner we want to worship Baba he provides us all that we need to build faith n devotion.
    Hetalji i m so greatful to u …afterall u changed our life .."mai dekhun jis aur sakhiri samne mere Sai baba "

  10. Dear Uma ji, Remain Blessed ever and bring happiness and joy to other's lives being BABA's instrument showering blessings through you.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  11. Nice and Great experiences of Uma Ji.May Sai Baba bless you with a happy and prosperous wedded life.

  12. dear sister uma,

    thanks for sharing your experience. wish you good luck for your wedding and also to your family.

    There is no wrong in kissing baba on cheeks, its just another way of expressing love. Baba doesn't belong to one devotee but to all, so dont feel bad in which ever way you express your love. Sai is very kind hearted.

    jai sai ram.

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