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Our every word, every thought, every wish and every desire is not in veil to our Lord Sai Baba Nath. We say that He always gives us the best and not what we desire. But are not our thoughts His wish itself? What we think what we do everything is inspired by Him. Once we get close to Him everything which we used to call ‘ours’ becomes His. What an amazing is this? Go through below experience and let us know whether we have written anything wrong in reference to this experience.

Sai Sister Swati ji from USA says: Hello Hetal Ji, I really appreciate the work that you have done. I have listed here one of the best experiences of my life. Actually there are many such small and big incidents that I can list. But I would like to start from this one. This is absolutely true and unbelievable. In fact, I would like send a scanned copy of the page where I wrote. But it gives out the address or maybe I can hide that part and give out the rest.

Here is my experience:

When God listens? He is listening at all times. We are just unaware and think that He isn’t. It takes time for us to believe and see that it actually happens. My parents were settled in the USA for almost 6 years. They started looking for a house in April of 2008. We are a family of four. I was visiting my parents for the first time during that year. We started searching with 2 bedroom houses. It was a good time to buy a home as the prices of homes were low and my parents were old enough to own one now. Initially when we started the search was slow, but then the desire to own a home was kind of kindling in our head and heart. We were done staying in a rented accommodation. My parents filed the bid for many houses, one after the other. Sometime, we bid for less than quoted price and sometime we bid for more than quoted prices. But it was tough luck. They went to open houses, short sale and did almost everything possible to buy a house. But I guess the time was not right. By this time, I was back in India, working, and leading my life. I kept myself online with my sister for checking all the houses that they were interested in and believe me, by now it was already October and we were nowhere close to buying a home. My parents had faced disappointment too many times already. Anyway in the month of December, my Sister and I really liked a house, and my father also placed a bid for it. And for the first time, I wrote in my prayer book. Thanks for giving this house to us and wrote the address of the house and also the date 15th December 2008 and as usual we didn’t get the house.

From January 2009 to March 2009, they filled up another 8 to 10 homes. Each time their frustration was rising, but they carried on relentlessly. In March, we were close to buying one and almost paid the initial amount. But the owner’s last minute bait and switch, led us down. By now, my sister and parents had stopped telling me about the developments regarding the house. Each time, it was mounting frustration and hopes were crashing down and what seemed so simple for the world, was like the most difficult thing for us to achieve.

It was the end of April. We had filled up a total of 20 or more houses in the last one year and the result was just the same. One day, after I had finished talking to my sister and she thought she hung up and I could actually hear her and my mom talking about some auction. Though I didn’t understand much of it and hung up. The next morning, I visited Sai Baba’s (Shirdi) temple, which was a regular ritual for me. My prayers in that book are too Baba as well. In the temple, I had my fighting session with Baba, where I told Him that He had been injustice and unkind and not once I felt guilty for what I said. I drove back home and slept. As it was a Sunday, I woke up to Call my Dad and he said, “We have bought a house”. After a week of hard work, I was in deep slumber. I was having difficulty identifying the difference between a dream and reality and then to hear it again “We have bought a house”. I knew about all the houses that they were interested in. His next statement was something that shook me beyond belief. He said remember, we had filed this house twice before and we didn’t get it. I filed for this house in December and January, I jumped out of the bed and reached for my Prayer book and read the address of the house, that I had thanked Baba on the 15th of December 2008 and it was that house. We got this house in an auction $75000 cheaper. And it was in December. Thanks to my uncle also, who was our realtor. He was God sent for us.

Actually, I understood the meaning of these two words Faith (“Shradha”) and Patience (“Saburi”). These words are easy to preach and difficult to follow. All this is beyond a miracle. This house is bigger than what we ever thought, that we could own. It still seems like a dream, since then, this is just one of the many miracles or prayers that have been answered telling me that He is listening all the time and I can’t ever thank Him enough for this one. Love you lots Baba.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. wonderful experience. Through your experience I can relate to many things Baba has kept on hold for me. I am sure he will give his devotees the best at the right time.

    Jai Sai Ram!

  2. Om Sai Ram,

    Dear Sai Swati ji, what an amazing experience. Baba is great.Yes, its very true that Baba wants two form of dakshina from his devotees, SHRADHA & SHABURI. you are blessed. I am also waiting with shaburi to get some answered questions in my life and it has been a long wait. I am sure baba is going to answer very soon and bless me. Though i have experienced many miracles by our baba, but i have promised my baba that i will share everything once my problem gets solved by his blessings soon. I need all our Sai devotees's prayers.

    Om Sai Ram
    Sai bhakt Suman

  3. very nice experience.

    May Baba grant Shraddha and Saburi to all his children as this makes the foundation of a really happy life 🙂

  4. Dear Swati ji,
    I am happy that finally your parents bought a house that you had prayed for. May they have a wonderful stay in that home. BABA will be there with HIS blessings.
    My similar experience in a way where I was looking for an affordable apartment and once out of sheer frustration I said thinking about Satya Sai BABA saying, BABA how come you live in such a huge mansion and I am struggling to get even a 3 bedroom apartment? And you may call it coincidence or BABA's answer to my frustration, quite in a short period of time I received a call from the apartment manager and the rest topic I have narrated here on Hetal ji's site.
    So what I am trying to say is, BABA does listen to us whether we talk to HIM or talk to ourselves, and if it is good for us , the issue is taken care of by BABA right away. And if not for our good, it may not, where our "saboori" comes in the picture.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this experience..just before reading the experience, i asked baba to answer my question through your experience and right from Hetal Didi's explanation to the end of your experience, it was all related to my question..YES BABA IS LISTENING TO US..whether we talk to him or talk to ourselves as said by Meera ji..see baba knows when to post which experience to answer his children's questions..needless to mention i was in tears through out the time reading the experience..thanks for sharing and thanks for posting Hetal Didi.

  6. Hello Anonymous

    Thanks for posting your has happened with me many times as well, that these experiences have been the perfect answers to my questions..I can just say the weaver knows the design of the cloth, because he is bringing all the threads together and hence creating a beautiful end result…

    Jai Sai Ram

    Wonderful Experience.

  8. I express deep sense of sorrow over the sad demise of revered grandmother of Ms. Hetal Patil Rawat, who left for her heavenly abode.

    It was prayed that Almighty God may grant eternal peace to the departed soul and strength the members of the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

  9. love you alot saima…bless everyone with good health and peace…and always be with me baba….om sai ram…

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