Sai Baba’s Benign Grace On Our Family – Sai Devotee Shobhana

Following is experience of Sai Sister Shobhana Ji who was cured by taking Udi with grace of Lord Sai Baba. I wish and pray to Lord Sai Baba to take away pains of everyone on this earth through His Udi only.

Sai Sister Shobhana Ji from India says: OM SAI RAM. We consider Baba as our Mata, Pitha, Guru and Devam. With His grace, we have been able to celebrate our son’s birthday every year on March 6th in Shirdi till now. I pray this continues ever for our son. May His grace always remain in our lives and lead us always in the path of righteousness.

We have been reading the devotees experiences in your blog and always feel so happy to read the faith and devotion, which gets unearthed in all these experiences. Today we would also like to share our experience and pray Baba to keep His “Reham Nazar” on all forever.

Around November 7th, I was feeling tired of frequent urination. I dropped my 8 year old son Abhinav to his harmonium class and went to our general physician. He gave me a bottle of Cital and some medicines from the clinic for 5 days. The next 5 days, I took the medicine and felt much better. My son won 2 singing competitions after that in the same month on Nov 13th and November 26th. We had been to Vile Parle for the prize distribution and were elated with the song Digambara Nigalo Geun Dattachi Palaki (Marathi) sung by the chief guest in the event. Really, I felt the presence of Baba there. Next day began on a happy note. But when I left home to give lunch box to my son at 12 PM, severe pain began in my abdomen region. I knew it was not an ordinary pain. On the way, I prayed at Baba’s temple, which has been in my routine by His grace, and gave his lunch box and returned home. Frequent scarce urination again began and I was in miserable pain. I just called my husband and asked him to pick up our son back from school and rushed to the doctor. He gave me a painkiller injection and this time advised for urine routine check, KUB X-ray and ultrasound too. My hubby Kumar came early from work.

Next day, my son had his Trinity keyboard exam. Baba’s grace the pain subsided a bit and next day hubby took my son for the exam too. November 30th was our 11th wedding anniversary, but that day I was again totally down and all tests were done. We came to know that my right kidney has a 0.6 cm stone. We were referred to an urologist. He gave me Lasik for a week, a painkiller strip and asked me to drink plenty of water and take a x-ray again and show him the same.

Now started the thought in my mind about the old Harda gentleman, who had a kidney stone and how Baba’s UDI expelled his stone in 5 minutes and he was saved from surgery. I had UDI too regularly with water from that day. Every day after doing all the routine chores and kept talking to Baba to save me too from the surgical procedure. After a week another X-ray was done and it showed no improvement. The doctor said since my pain had suddenly vanished, we could wait for another week and he had decided December 23rd as the date for the stone removal procedure. He asked me to get admitted on December 22nd. However in the urologist’s clinic too there was a small black and white Shirdi Sai’s photo and even when the doctor was talking to my husband, I was praying to him and asking Him for mercy. I started Sai Satcharitra Parayan from the very next day. I made a promise in my heart to post my experience in your blog if the stone gets expelled naturally. So many times while reading Sai Satcharitra, I cried to Baba asking Him to shower His grace especially ever on my hubby and child. My son too, twice came to me with a glass of water and putting UDI into it with his little fingers and asked me to drink it. When I used to go to pick him up in school, he used to first ask me stone came out? On one side, I was thanking Baba for such a loving life partner and son. On the other hand, I used to only talk to my mother over the phone to pour out my fears and tears.

On December 18th, Sunday I as usual took him to his Hindustani vocal class. I enjoy that class and so always insist on me going even if my hubby offers to go. On returning back home, I prepared tea and before having the tea, I got the urge to urinate. But few moments, no urine came out and suddenly with a slight pain the stone was pushed out with a flow of urine too. I picked the stone instantly. Thanking Baba and courtesy Deva almost 20 days of fear was erased in a moment. My little one jumped on me and hubby looked so relived and smiling. Today I will be going to the doctor not only with the stone, but an enhanced faith on our wonderful Baba. He is truly ever with us and helps us every moment to ride on the ups and downs of life and beyond. May Baba bless all. Love you Baba

Shobhana Kumar, Kumar Vasan and Abhinav Kumar

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    Shobanaji u had a wonderful experience exactly the similar kind which the Harda gentleman had,when SHIRDI SAI BABA was in flesh and blood.And it proves once again that SHIRDI SAIBABA shows HIS presence if we have complete faith in HIM.HE definitely shows HIS miracles and blesses HIS children.One needs to have SHRADDHA AND SABURI.Other than these things SHIRDI SAI BABA doesnt expect anything from HIS children.
    Thank u

  2. Amazing Experience…
    Shobhna Ji , I am having pain in my left knee from 11 days as i fell down… and i have taken udi many times…but now i will take it regularly with water….i want 2 get relieved of this pain….i did not go to any doctor as sainath is the doctor of all doctors….I dont knw wen will i be relieved of this pain….
    Sai plz help me…i need ur grace ….

  3. Wonderful experience…
    Shobana ji, I use to have left abdomenal pain. Dont know if the whole reason was a small stone (0.3 cm) in left kidney but I had a habit to put udhi in water before our Sai at night and drink in morning. After taking water like this regularly my pain got diminished.Ur experience made me realize totally that's its Only Baba's grace that made this happen.

    Thanks a lot Baba…:) We love you!

  4. Om Sairam !!!!… Complete surrender and trust in Guru.. Shobi, Baba always with you, kumar and abhi… May Baba Bless us all !!!! " Paramam Pavithram Baba Vibhutim
    Paramam Vichithram Leela Vibhutim
    Paramartha Ishtaartha Moksha Pradhaatim
    Baba Vibhutim Idamasrayami Sai Vibhutim Idamasrayami"
    Om Sairam ..

  5. Such an amazing experience..our Baba is the greatest doctor in the world and the kindest of all..what would we all do without our Baba I cant imagine. Baba, please with us always..

    Jai Sairam

  6. why baba why this many problems for me…….why baba…..i have entered into dwarakamai also then also why baba ……….to get ur grace on me what i have to do……did u want to see my blood…..

  7. I read Sai charita everyday at random . Today like a miracle , I have read the same chapter where one devotee of Baba got rid of kidney stone by taking Udhi , This chapter I had finished reading today after bath and here I see the same experience . MY Baba is great . He is my mom , dad and everything to me . May Baba bless all his devotees .

  8. an excellent experience…..this shows that the leelas of baba are being continued so amazingly exactly as that before his samadhi

  9. Dear Shobhana,

    What an experience– really gave me goose bumps. Sai our kind Baba had mercy on u. I am happy that ur faith was thus rewarded by Baba the greatest doctor.

  10. An Excellent Experience. You are Blessed.

    Paramam Pavithram Baba Vibhuthim
    Paramam Vichitram Leela Vibhuthim
    Paramartha Ishtartha Moksha Pradhanam
    Baba Vibhuthim Idam Asrayami

  11. Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Victory be to our Saibaba. dear Baba please save all your children without pain & sufferings. thanks to the devotees & hetalji for giving hope to all. Baba's grace everywhere.

  12. Shobhanaji Really nice experience,salute to ur trust on baba and the devotion u have shown.Om Sai Ram.May baba bless all with good health.

  13. Shobana Ji, wonderful experience! Baba is there to help us with all problems in life and will take the suffering off of his devotees. Om Sai Ram!

    Wonderful Experience.
    We Love You Baba always.

  15. Wonderful Experience! salutations to kindness of our baba & your faith deep faith Shobhna Ji.
    "Why Fear When Baba is HEre".


  16. OM SAI RAM…..Thanks a ton to all the comments above….Truly feel Saism is a unique religion and we are all threads woven into it by our omnipresent Baba…May Baba bless all in every walk of life to attain all the chaste purposes for which we are born….OM SAI RAM

  17. Shobhana ji… what an amazing experience. You are very much blessed by Baba. There are so many people who ask for health and wellness and beg Him to save their lives. But, because of our own karmas, sometimes we have to suffer. Baba would always do everything He can to help us, but what will He do if we have so much of ill karma. In your case, you have proved to yourself that your good karmas are more which has made Him come running to you and heal you. May He shower His blessings on you and your family always.

  18. So true Radhaji….We can never ask God for a life devoid of troubles…In fact these challenges make us a better person each day….Pray Deva keeps his love filled glance on all of us ever….

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  20. Hello All,

    I promised Baba that I will post my experience if I could get a flight ticket on the day I wished to fly to India.

    I live in Australia.On 5th April,2012 I got a call from my brother that my father is very ill( he was diagonised with Cancer 4 months ago and also both his kidneys failed) and was admitted in the hospital in ICU with very critical situation. Doctors gave us no hope and said he may pass away any moment. I wanted to fly to India and was looking to book tickets so I can get their to see my father and support my mother. I spoke to an travel agent to get a ticket ASAP, as it was peak time there were no tickets available for the next day to fly. Then i took a vow to Sai Baba that if I get a ticket next day then I will publish my experience on this site. With many hassle and trauma I finally got the ticket and flew to India.

    Sai Baba you are my only Guru I trust since my childhood. Please be with me and guide me in every step of my life. I am now facing many problems (which you are aware of)please be with me and show me the right direction and please please forgive me for the sins I have committed. Please put your holy hand on me and shower me your blessing and to all.


    Sai's Daughter

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