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Experiences from devotees with our Lord Sai Baba always act as faith boosters. As our perishable body needs energy boosters to carry on worldly duties, our soul needs such faith boosters for its journey to the Almighty. This is what i concluded from experience of Sai Sister Lavanya which is shared below.

Sai Sister Lavanya from USA says: Om Sai. Shree Sai. Jai Jai Sai.

So far, I have written comments in this blog and I have shared Shibpur miracles mail in this blog, which I received. But this would be my first post of my own experiences with Baba. In the morning, when I switch on my laptop, opening this site is the first thing I do. I am not sure if it is sentiment, but it has become part of my daily life activities so far. I was always in a confusion state when I read few experiences. I would always think, “I am doing least to Baba to expect such blessings which He is showering upon other devotees”. If people out there are still thinking this way, then it is wrong. No matter what, Baba blesses His kids. Once you start to worship Baba, then you are in His hands. Please do not disclose my email id. Here go my experiences with Baba:

How I started doing Sai Satcharitra Parayana?

I am married living in USA. Before marriage, I worked in India. When I came here, I wanted to start my work again. But I was facing visa status problems and also no one is ready to transfer dependant visa to work visa. Somehow, I came to know about Sai Satcharitra. When I told my husband, he told me that he did once and he had the book, which is in English. Just one day before that, while cleaning house, I trashed some papers and rearranged things. When I asked my husband, he showed me the place where he kept the book and it turned out to be the same place, which I rearranged. I felt guilty that I might, by mistake, trashed Sai Satcharitra book too. I called few friends here who have that book. They said that they were also doing so couldn’t lend me. I left it like that.

Thursday morning, I was still in bed and my husband received a call from his colleague saying that his wife got a book from a neighbor and asked me to take it. At that time, I didn’t know that “If you wish something deeply, Baba will definitely make it happen”. I got the book. I asked the person about the procedure and started reading it. It took long time, but I enjoyed reading it. That was my first time reading Sai Satcharitra book.

Few small experiences which strengthen my belief

  • I was asking consultancies if they can file H1 for me. No one gave positive response. When I read Sai Satcharitra, I received one call from a consultancy. I felt happy. Wow. As soon as I started reading, I got the call. They said that if I get a job, they will file. But this is quite difficult and chances are quite low. I met them. I started doing my search praying Baba. By that time, it is already late, I had less time. But I tried. When I met the HR people, I didn’t feel confident. I felt scared the way they behave and the way they keep judging me. I wanted H1 as I want to do job, but also I didn’t like going with that consultancy in some nook of me. But also, I have no other option. Meanwhile quota finished and I was left with nothing. I did cry a lot as this happened. I continued and tried a lot and finally got to know about one consultancy and finally I am doing job now. I have waited for more than 1 year. I realized that everything happens is for our good. I happen to receive Baba’s blessings in many ways. Even small things make me happy.
  • It’s difficult to book visitor visa appointments in Telugu in Hyderabad. I tried for my father-in-law and for my parents. I like doing important things on Thursday. I tried to book the slot for my father in law on Thursday. Somehow I got it on Friday. Only Thursday slot was not there. I felt how come this can happen. Later after few days I noticed that my father in law’s birthday is on the same day of visa appointment (Friday). I felt happy as Baba planned this way. I booked visa slots on Thursday for my parents. I can say that this is also a small miracle. I prayed Baba if He can give me promptly something. I was checking whether my parents HDFC receipt got activated and I booked a slot for them right then. I hope anybody trying to book a slot in Telugu in Hyderabad will know the value of booking without actually searching. I felt happy as Baba gave me this soon. Everything went cool from then. I always used to think, “Why Baba tests us till the end and when we cannot bear?”. So I asked Baba if He can provide me anything sooner. I got few things with Baba’s blessings without much waiting.

  • I have done Sai Baba 9 Thursday’s vrat. I made donation in Shibpur temple for Annadhan to be done to the poor people on the day of my Udyapan. I prepared Lemon rice as Prasad to distribute to the devotees in the temple in USA here on the same day. See how Baba blessed me here. I actually wished to place Prasad at Baba’s feet. When I took the Prasad into the temple, volunteers asked me to keep it at the side, which will be taken downwards later. I was disappointed and thought to give a second try convincing them. But they told me the same thing again. Meanwhile Pujari turned to me and asked me to bring that Prasad. I told him that I had done 9 Thursday’s Sai Vrat. He then chanted few Udyapan mantras and made me say those along with him and kept it at Baba’s feet and sent it down. My joy knew no bounds. I then asked Baba if He can show me any sign indicating that Baba accepted my Annadhan which took place in Shibpur in the afternoon. Later I have seen a board about Annadhan and the list of names, who has done Annadhan for that week in the temple. I have been to that temple plenty of times and I have never noticed that Annadhan board before. I checked myself asking my husband if he has seen that Annadhan board before. He too said that he has never seen that before in the temple. I felt happy that day that Baba accepted my Vrat. Also 9 Thursdays vrat almost takes more than 2 months. I didn’t get any obstacle on any Thursdays during that time. I meant to say that ladies problem also didn’t come in my way during this vrat. It came out as a surprise to me.

Regarding my job:

I can only say that I got a job due to Baba’s grace and also I started my work on Thursday. When the employer asked me, “When can you join?” I immediately opened my calendar and told them the date which was Thursday. I was not sure whether they accept as it is middle of the week and people consider mostly from the start of the week. They simply send me the offer letter to start on Thursday. Also the most important thing to mention is I have sent my prayers to Baba through one of the devotees to Shirdi. He replied to me saying that my prayers have reached Baba. It turned out to be on the very next day of my joining. I don’t think I am just correlating things but I feel them this way. I will soon post my other experiences too which are on their way as per my feeling.

Om Sai. Shree Sai. Jai Jai Sai.

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  1. Hi Lavanya ji, thank you so much for sharing your experience..if you notice you've been called into his fold by him..what a lovely baba he is..intha preminche vaadu na sainadhudu mathrame..Love you so much baba.

  2. Sairam Lavanya ji, Baba loves you and he himself called you into his devotion..and see the way how he made Hetal Didi post your experience..its on a THURSDAY..The day you like to do tell me
    Does he not know when to give us what?
    Love you everything.



  4. Dear Lavanya ji,
    Thanks for your posts. Once you have FAITH in BABA , you get several mini-miracles that helps you increase FAITH in BABA. And slowly but surely you start seeing BABA in everything. Isn't it amazing!
    Jai SAI Ram.

  5. Really,lavanyaji u r so blessed by our baba. May baba bless us like u. Om sai ram, Om sai ram, Om sai ram , Om sai ram , Om sai ram

  6. Om sai ram,Lavanyaji really nice experience,its true that if we wish something,Baba really fulfill it,few days back my husband in office saw his Colleague's desktop background that was a beautiful Baba's pic and the same moment he thought to ask his colleague to share it but as they both were busy in office work so that time my husband couldnt tell him.On the very next day same picture someone shared with my husband on facebook.Luv my Sai.Sai Ram

  7. Dear sai devotees..thank you so much for praying for my sister and for me and my family..i owe an individual thanks to every one of let you know that my sister is now declared out of danger patient..she still needs to go through some checks as per the suggested frequency..but i'm sure he will take care of her..i'm a little late in telling you all about this..but today Baba is constantly telling me to write this..amidst of all this i was called by my Baba to you my you a lot.

  8. Sai Ram Lavanya,

    Very Beautiful experience. May Baba strengthen your faith in him everyday.

    What you wrote in the introductory lines of your experience is so true, so may times, I feel I am a very small devotee to get such a chance to see meet or experience Baba, but actually what you said is right.. Baba is there for all his kids and so he is there for me as well…
    Thanks for sharing this !

    Om Sai Ram !

    I Love You Baba.
    Wonderful Experiences.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.
    I Love You So Much Baba.

  10. I know God exist but not for everyone. I am an Engineer and working with MNC. When i was 8 years old, I was burnt and spent 5 years in the hospital. I lost my childhood memory and learnt everything like a new born baby. I worked hard and completed my Engg. I spent 5 years to read every Hindu epic and started following as much as i can. I visited Sai baba temple many times but whatever I have requested…Did not get it.
    I have written this because i have only 2days of my life and i would like to inform everyone that Do not blindly faith on god. I did the same thing and facing their consequences.
    I am final stage of my trust and want to see the miracle. So lets see what will happen? Awaiting for baba help. i will inform you about the same after 2 days.

    Jai Sai Baba

  11. om sai ram
    After finishing my 9 week vrat …I couldn't find any one to distribute the book..was worried the same moment friend of mine who never calls me called and asked me …could she visit to my house b/c she was near our area..I felt so happy and gave her the book on a thursday and wished her good luck sai ram

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