Sai Baba Cured My Daughter’s Leg – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Kids are always pet of Lord Sai Baba and He comes runs to help them when they are unable to make their parents understand that they are in some pain. Below experience is of same nature. Kindly go through it.

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Dear Hetalji, Jai Sai Ram. You have been doing a Great Job of spreading Baba Message and devotee’s faith all around the globe. I am sure this work is entrusted to you by Baba himself. I am saying this because Trust me, I tried doing lot of similar services or other kind of work but I couldn’t succeed because I think I am not eligible. I also pray for your Spiritual and Material success. Please do not disclose my name or email Id. Please call me Anonymous. Kindly post my Miracle. If it’s posted, I will think that Baba has blessed.

I have 2 daughters, the Elder one is 4 years and the younger one is 2 years. One day (almost 2 months ago) in the morning, I saw my younger daughter limping. She never had any problem with her legs but sometimes she often walks on her toes which I think is quite obvious as they learn to walk. So in curiosity, I asked my wife why was my younger daughter limping and my wife replied “She fell down this morning”. It started to bother me, so we took her to our Hospital which we normally visit. The Orthopedic examined the leg and he did not feel any sense of broken bone as my daughter did not complain of any pain as she was normal. However, we insisted to have an “X-ray”.

The X-ray was done and everything was normal. During the X-ray, I prayed to Baba that everything should be normal. Doctor prescribed some medicines and told us that she will be okay in 2-3 days and she will walk normally. But in case there is no improvement then we were told to revisit and Doctor would further examine.

We started the medication, and 2 days passed and I did not see any improvement. My daughter was still limping. My Daughter Day care School told us that she is improving and trying to walk with 2 legs. However, I did not see that difference. When I tried to make her sit on her foot as Doctor advised, she complained of pain. One more day passed and no sign of Improvement. Different people started to talk various versions. Some said there may be an extra bone which is developing thus causing the pain, while some said she will be okay after a while and I shouldn’t worry much. This started to worry me a lot and put me in a dilemma. Firstly as a Father, I couldn’t stop worrying and secondly I noticed that something was wrong and I needed to do something. That very night, I prayed to “Baba” and requested His help to cure my daughter from this problem. I took Baba UDI and applied on her leg and put some in her mouth and applied to her forehead as well.

The very Next day, I was totally shocked. She started to improve and in just the next 1-2 days she was walking and running normally. I definitely thanked Baba from bottom of my heart. I thought I should post this miracle together with my other one as I am waiting for some confirmations. But somehow as I was reading all miracles in this blog, I thought why not I share my Miracle and tell people how Baba helped my Daughter and also how merciful is Baba.

Baba, we Humans are very selfish as we only remember You when we are in troubles. But please forgive us as we are Your kids and make us always sit at Your Holy Feet and meditate on Your name.

Jai Sai Ram

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  1. Dear Hetalji,

    Was wondering if there is a change in the pattern of publishing the miracles, as earlier , I used to read 2-3 miracle posts per day but from past few days, its just one.
    I am sorry, I may not be aware of the trend that you follow, but thought of checking this with you.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Sai Ramji Monika,
    We usually publish few small experiences or a big experience. That is the reason some day you see few experiences, but other day single experience.

    Wonderful Experience.

  4. Dear Sai brother,
    Very happy to read your post. And had tears to read "a father's love and care for his daughter too!) I had lost my father when I was just 14 so I always feel so happy when I see "father daughter's loving caring relation events" and bless these lucky daughters.
    My American friend was suffering from lower back pain since so many years and she told me once that she is so tired of this nagging pain and being a single mom with 3 sons (8,6,4) she is really dealing with the situation that is very difficult to bear! I told about Udi applying with FAITH and she was ready to do anything as nothing had helped her so far. I gave her Udi and you won't believe, after a few days she told me she is having so much relief in pain and she can do her normal day to day chores very efficiently.
    BABA made me an instrument to heal her pain.
    So Udi applied with FAITH does play a miracle when BABA's child is in pain or difficulty.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  5. Meeraji, there is some magic in the words you use..everytime i read your narration, i get goose bumps or tears in my eyes..i think he's making you write like that..My Baba, i love you..Hetal Didi and Anil Bhayya thank you so much for posting these miracles and to let us share our thoughts through the comments section.

  6. Like Monika said even I sometimes think there should be more and more leelas to read and share. However never mentioned it before as I always feel that is selfish on our part! How come we are never satisfied — this thirst for more still continues!Some days just reading one is ok whereas some days the mind craves for more and more. I am treasuring each story as we should not get complacent expecting many leelas on everyday basis.

  7. Dear Sai devotees, thank you for all your good wishes.

    Dear Sister Meera, thank you too for your good wishes and sorry to hear about your Dad.

    Some times i feel why didnt i get to know Baba since my child hood then my life would have been shaped in a better way. I would have avoided the mistakes i did in my child hood, always seeked baba's advice and would have grown in his grace. But, that was my karma and only came to know about baba when i was 20 yrs. But feel very lucky that now i and my family are under baba guidence.

    The miracle i posted on my daughter is just one of them and some of them can make any one speechless. I have posted another miracle recently and waiting for it to be posted. I will keep my identity confidential ad its not important, the important part is to share how Baba comes to rescue his children when we need him.

    I will contribute to post my miracles until my last breath. Jai Sai Ram.

    My humble salutations to our Holy father- shri Saibaba.

  8. Nice experience. Bow to our worthy Baba. Baba's miracles are numerous and countless.
    Some days before, my husband woke up at 2:30 a.m. and complained that he is suffering with throat pain. I took some hot oil and massage gently but no effect. he was just crying with pain I gave her all home made things as well as medicines available in my house but all in vain. Then I prayed to Baba to help and take care of my husband. I was helpless what to do? Then I applied udi on his neck and also gave some mixed with water with full faith. I was chanting baba's name all the time. Suddenly my husband felt some relief and got asleep.Isn't it a miracle of baba's Udi. Baba is great and help us whenever needed.

    Om Sai Ram.

  9. Last night, I was suffering with severe fever, cold & throat infection. There was a lot of fog also on the roads. So it was not possible to visit sai temple at night as usual. Somewher in my heart was the wish to go to temple and have Baba's darshan but weather was not allowing us as i have two little kids aging 8 years & 10 u years. we took our dinner and watching the T.V. Suddenly i requested my husband to see what is coming on Zee classic and to my surprise there was showing a movie 'Shirdi ke Sai baba' I was so happy to see Baba's miracle baba gave me darshan in my home. He fulfill our smaller to small wishes.
    Om sai ram

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