Sai Baba Can Make Miracles Happen – Sai Devotee Karthik

Once we come in Lord Sai Baba’s fold, miracles (as we name His blessings) become part of our lives. No matter what our social position be, He is very much present to help us. Such is an experience of Sai Devotee Karthik ji below.

Sai Devotee Karthik ji from USA says: Dear Hetalji, I want to thank you a lot and appreciate your effort in maintaining such a wonderful blog and letting us share with everyone our own experiences, which are nothing but Baba’s endless blessings. Bow to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, who showers His blessings time and time again on everyone. I have been praying to Baba since 2002, but my devotion and approach towards Sai Baba increased even more with the following experiences, which I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I am in a city in USA, where the nearest Saibaba Temple is 2-3 hours away from my home. In 2010, I was subconsciously thinking and saying to myself, “How I wish there was a Baba’s temple close to my home, so that I can go and have His Darshan every Thursday”. After a couple of months one day, when I was at an Indian Restaurant close to my house, I saw a flyer which was posted saying that a construction plan for a new Sai Baba Temple was being undertaken and will be starting in few months. I was so excited to know about the new temple. But for some reason, I failed to follow up on that. As Baba says, without His will nothing moves, not even a leaf. Few more months passed by and in the month of April 2011, I was really stressed out as I was postponing my medical board exam, since I was not getting the desired score in my practice tests. I called up my close friend who is also an ardent Saibaba Devotee and spoke to him. I felt a little better after talking to him. He suggested me to sit in front of Baba and talk to Him and tell Him what I was going through and ask for His blessings. I prayed and cried in front of Baba and asked Him to “please help me” and guide me through the tough phase, since He was my only savior. I felt better after talking to Baba and slept peacefully that night.

Next day, while I was studying, suddenly I remembered about the new Sai Baba Temple and thought why not find the address online. When I checked the address and tried to call them up for Darshan timings, I could not get in touch with them as they were not answering the phone. Since it was a fairly new temple, I did not know if it was fully functional. I tried calling them again, but I did not get a response. I was dejected and did not know what to do. I kept studying for my exam and after two weeks on May 5, I said to myself, “Why am I procrastinating and not visiting the temple? If they are not answering the call, I can go and check if it’s open for Darshan.

All this happened on Thursday (May 5th) and I went online to check if they had any website. I found their website and when I opened it they had an Invitation posted on their website. It said “Shri Sai Baba’s Prana Prathishta Celebrations” will commence from May 7th and end on May 9th. I was frozen. I could not believe my eyes. All these days I was postponing my visit to the temple and did not understand why I was doing it. But, on that day after seeing the invitation, I understood everything. It was because of Baba’s grace and nothing else. I felt elated and began to choke up. I wanted to have a small picture of Baba, so that I can keep it in my book and read. I decided that I will visit the temple no matter what on Saturday and take Baba’s Darshan. I visited the temple on Saturday evening, but Baba’s statue was not unveiled that day and was planned for the next day. I still went into the temple and bowed to Baba and thanked Him for everything and prayed to Him to please be with us always and guide us.

The following week, I visited the temple and attended the evening Aarti. After the Aarti, one of the volunteers was going around and distributing Baba’s pictures to everyone present in the temple and when he came by me and gave me Sai Baba’s photo my happiness knew no bounds. I understood that Baba listens to all our prayers and answers them if you pray to Him whole heartedly. We took the maha prasadam and were having it. I wanted to go for second serving, but I was hesitating to go as it would be inappropriate to go for a second serving as it was prasadam. I said to my sister, if someone announces and tells us to go for a second serving then I would go ahead and take it. Within few minutes, one of the volunteers announced, “Since the Prasad is plentiful, please go for a second serving”. I could not believe my ears. This was the first time after reading Shri Sai Satcharitra that I was experiencing such wonderful Leelas of Sai Baba. I want to reiterate to all Sai devotees of sayings of Sri Sai Baba from Sai Satcharitra, “It is only because of Baba’s will that we become His devotees, otherwise no matter how much you try we cannot become His devotees. But, once you become His devotee please do not neglect Him. Try as much as possible to get closer to Him by praying to Him constantly. Only then, you will be able to feel His presence”.

The following is the second experience that I wanted to share with you all. This is the continuation of the above story of mine. After a couple of months of preparation, the time had come to take my exam, which I could not postpone anymore. But 3 weeks before my real exam date, I planned to take the practice exam, which helps in assessing my readiness for the exam. I was praying to Baba so badly that I wanted Him to help me get a good score in my practice test, which would boost my confidence. Since I never was successful in getting a decent score that helped me take the real exam, I was putting all my faith in Sai Baba and left everything to Him and said to myself, Baba is there for me and He will take care of me and my exam. All through my practice exam, I had Baba’s picture in front of me and I prayed to Him. I completed the test and I got a satisfactory score, which I never got in my previous attempts. I understood that it was all because of Baba’s blessings. With that confidence and Baba’s blessings, I went ahead and took my real exam after 3 weeks. Usually the adrenaline rush the night before the exam always gets the best of me. But for this exam, I slept without any trouble for 6 hours, which was adequate. Before leaving my home, I prayed to Baba and read my daily chapter of Sai Satcharitra.

The exam duration was for 9 hours, which was really grueling. I started the exam and felt good the first two hours. After that I came across some difficult questions, which shook me a bit, but I was constantly remembering Baba and praying to Him subconsciously. I was half way through the exam and in my break time, I kept praying to Baba to please help me, because all my future plans were connected with the success of this exam. My faith in Baba gave me the confidence to finish the next half of the exam and I was finally done. I came out of the exam center and was in a daze as to what had happened in the last 9 hours. Not a word was coming out of my mouth, because I was mentally saturated. I started recollecting all the wrong answers, which freaked me out even more. The results were due 3 weeks from the test date and those 3 weeks were the most formidable ones for me.

During those three weeks, I prayed to Baba like I never did before in my entire life. I felt Baba brought me a step closer to Him during those three weeks. Finally, I left the decision to Baba. I prayed, “Baba, my life is in Your hands. I am ready to accept whatever You decide for me, because I believe that You know what is best for us”. Three weeks passed by. The day of reckoning had finally arrived. In that morning, I opened my email and there I saw in my inbox an email that read, “Your score report is available”. My heart started racing 160 beats per min, when I saw that. With trembling hands, I opened it and I could not believe my eyes. I cleared the exam. Tears rolled in my eyes. I said to myself till that date, if I pass this exam, it will be because of Baba’s grace only. I knew it was His miracle. I thanked Baba for blessing me with this miracle. I was really not worried about the score as it was because of Saibaba’s blessing that I cleared the exam and am confident that with His blessings, I will get the Residency. If you want to know what kind of miracles happens, when you pray to Baba, then this is one. Because there was every chance for me to not pass this exam, since I felt I committed a lot of silly mistakes in the exam.

I was so happy that day and cried in front of Baba’s picture like crazy and thanked Him and begged Him to always show me the right path that leads me towards Him and pardon me for my mistakes and reduce the burden of my past karma. My devotion towards Baba increased to a whole new level. And today I can say that I will live happily and peacefully as Sri Sai Baba is in my life and also He is my life. He will take care of me no matter what. I would also like take this opportunity to pray to Baba on behalf of all the Doctors, who come to USA in order to pursue their grueling medical careers. Please do not lose hope, have faith and perseverance and He will take you through.

Bow to Sri Sai – Sri Sachithananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai”

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  1. Very Beautiful experience and thanks for sharing. so many times we go low because certain things are way beyond our capacity and stamina but as Baba says " Why Fear When I am Here".. your story strengthens this faith in his words.

    All the Best for your career !

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. om sai ram,
    baba, my happiness does nt have bounds now!!
    really i was thinking about the same medical board exam,you made me to read this anonymously baba.
    my confident really got boosted up baba.
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  3. Om Sai Ram,

    Really inspiring and almost similar incident happened in my life where I got full scholarship with monthly stipend to pursue my PhD in biological science in UK only and only because of our Lord Sainath. Without his blessing nothing is possible. He is the one who is on top of every scientist and every doctor. I still remember my old days when everyday after failing to get a funded position for PhD, I used to go sai-temple and talk to him that "ap tou is duniya ke sabse baade scientist ho and sab scientist apke under mai hai, fir ap kyu mujhe ek acchi si lab mai PhD place nahi dila rahe??" And cried a lot.
    And today I realised that what he planned to give out from his jholi. I am in a very good lab and getting a chance to learn most advanced tools and techniques in life science. My supervisor is really very helpful and always there to guide nicely when I am stuck. Now its almost 4 months I had started and everyday I continuously chant our Father's name in my subconscious when I do work in lab or planning my next experiments on my desk. I feel like chanting his name is Oxygen for me without which I may die.

    Bow to lotus feet of Sainath.
    Om Sai Ram


  4. Kartik ji encouraging faith experience, i am a new i am jobless since 4 months, and request to pray for me also please

  5. hi,

    very beautiful and inspiring experience.the incident is very close to my heart.even i am mbbs doctor in india.i
    am 2006 pass out and since then have been trying to clear all india post graduate medical entrance exam.but due to some problem or the other i could never study up to the level.this year i think i studied well,by Baba's grace.butthe questions were very very tough,the pattern was totally different this year.i am waiting for my results. i have left everything in baba's hands. before
    appearing for the exam i had told baba,"baba,main aapke bharose exam dene jaa rahi hoon.mujhe to kuchh bhi nahi aata.isliye aap ki mera exam dena". i am just praying to baba and waiting for his decision.if i happen to get selected with a good rank,then it will be only due to sai baba's grace.

    please pray for me.please. i have been trying this for years together. i need MD not for myself nut for my mother,who is suffering of cancer.i want to give her this happiness before she leaves the world.


  6. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you so much for taking time and replying to this experience of mine. It is really overwhelming for me. For all the devotees who are facing difficulties in their life at this juncture please be assured that Baba is their for all of us. Please have abundant faith and patience and he will sail us through the tough times. I want to share one more important thing with everyone please stay connected to Baba and do not loose his sight, not even for a day. The more we stay connected the earlier we'll feel Baba's presence in our lives. I will pray for each one of you.

    Thank you so much,

    May Sai Baba bless us all.

    "Sri Sachithananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai"

  7. Amazing
    i have tears in my eyes reading all the comments.
    I am too in a biggest problem of my life. I believe sai baba will surely help.
    but i need that strength to be patience.
    plsssssssssssss help me Baba……….plsssssss

  8. its really an amazing experience, at times when we feel low, its the miracles of baba that brings back our lost confidence n ensure us to uplift as baba never dissappoints his devotees

  9. Heart touching experience, there are numerous miracles of Saj nath we go through every other day. May he always keep blessing us.

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