Sai Baba Blessed Me With A Very Nice Job – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Lord Sai Baba gives us even that which we havent dreamt of anyday. We are considered for such blessings only if our past deeds are good. I guess actions of this anonymous devotee are very good and so Lord Sai Baba is giving her its good fruits.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sairam Hetal Ji, Thank you very much Hetal Ji for giving all Sai Devotees this great opportunity to share our experiences with Baba. Baba will be always with you and fulfill all your desires. Please do not disclose my name and my email id.

Baba gave me so many miracles in my life. I posted in your blog earlier. Recently I posted My Wonderful Experience to Shirdi in your blog. Still it is not published before it is published Baba gave me one more wonderful experience in my life. I cannot forget this experience because it changed my life.

Sai blessed me with very nice job for which I was waiting from a long long time. Here is my experience about how He blessed me with job.

In my last post, I mentioned that Baba said to me to read Ramayana. So I started listening to Ramayana, which gave me so many miracles in my life. After finishing each Kanda in Ramayana, I was facing a miracle related to that. I went to India and had wonderful Darshan of Sai at Shirdi, which I posted earlier. By Baba grace after coming back from India I started Sai 9 Thursday vrat again.

When I was listening to Sundarakanda, I got an interview call and it got scheduled. I finished Sundarakanda. You might have known that if we do Sundarakanda Parayana, our wishes will be fulfilled. Actually I was listening to Ramayana in such a way that I was completely involved and I was crying when Rama and Sita face problems. I was involving in that completely and even I am changed now. I came to know so many things from Rama’s life, but I need to learn still. Then they scheduled interview on Thursday by Baba’s grace. I felt very happy and relaxed because I know that Baba is doing everything. I attended the interview and cleared my first round. They told that on Thursday afternoon itself. I did not expect that I’ll get cleared. Because I do not have any experience before and the company was very big company in US. I felt very happy and thanked Baba a lot. Then they schedule second round on Tuesday that is on Naraka Chaturdasi day exactly before Diwali day.

Here I need to tell all Sai devotees one thing. When I asked Baba earlier regarding my job, Baba told me that I’ll have big gain on the day of Diwali. I talk to Baba through Baba’s questions and answers website and I also follow the same through Baba’s questions and answers book. Whatever Baba tells me through that, they’ll definitely come true. I am experiencing this since last 6 years in my life. Then I attended the second round which was face to face. I was very much scared and tensed because it is face to face. By Baba grace I did my best in the interview and came back. Next I was waiting for the result. Meanwhile, I finished listening to Ramayana exactly on Diwali. I didn’t plan for anything. I usually listen in the morning times when I cook. But Baba planned everything. I realized this later. That day on the final day of Ramayana, I felt very happy and I almost cried with happiness that Sita met Rama after 10 months. After listening to that incident, I was with lot of joy. That too that is on the day of Diwali. It happened, which was very special to me. Then immediately next day, which is Thursday and that too my 4th vrat day, I finished reading vrat story and Pooja and I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. Of course, I was in tension regarding interview result. When I was reading Sai Satcharitra, I got call from my employer that I am selected. I did not believe because it is senior position with very big company that too in USA. As I was in Pooja room reading Sai Satcharitra, I looked at Baba and told Him, Baba, You did miracle in my life and how can I express my gratitude to You. I asked Baba for job, but I did not expect that He’ll give me this job a senior position and that too with very good package, which I never expected in my life. I told Baba, “Thank You Baba. Thank You so much”. I felt guilty that what else I can do more than that to Him. I can do one thing that to surrender completely at His feet and always follow good path. I surrendered at His feet completely and I am trying to follow good path. That’s what Baba tells me always follow good path I’ll take care of you. Baba I am trying to follow good path, but sometimes I couldn’t Baba. Please excuse me Baba. I’ll do my best and You have to help me Baba. By Baba grace, after finishing all formalities, I started going to work. Everything is going on fine. But I am scared that how can I manage work as I do not have experience before. With that tension in mind, I am shouting at my son and my husband sometimes and now I realized my mistakes. If I surrendered at Baba’s feet, why I should feel tense. I came to know that I’ve not surrendered completely with immense faith. I corrected my mistake and I pray to Baba “Baba I am at Your feet, please do whatever You feel good for me. I love You so much Baba.”

I want to tell one thing to all Sai devotees that I did nothing from my side in interview. Baba did everything to clear the interview, because as I said I do not have experience before and I am not good in communication. So how I’ll I get job without experience and communication that too in USA and that too in very big company and that too a senior position. Even in the middle of the preparation for interview Baba arranged everything. Accidentally my husband called to his friend regarding something, then suddenly he said he belongs to your field talk to him regarding your preparation. From that onwards, I started taking guidance from him. By Baba grace, he helped me a lot and now he became a very good brother to me. The employer, who scheduled interview and all is also very good. Till now I did not see such a nice employer like him. He talks decently and he even helped me to fill all forms after I cleared. He used to tell me I’ll try my best to help you and clear this interview and get job. I do not know him before, but he talks very nicely to me and always tells me at the end of the call take care. My friends said you are so lucky that you got such a nice employer. But it is not lucky and all, the thing is our Sai who is doing everything.

Baba is taking care of me in such a way that I cannot imagine sometimes. Baba is taking care of me exactly like my father. If my father is nearby to me he takes care of me in each and everything. Baba is taking care of me exactly in the same way and even more because human beings cannot do all this cannot arrange things like this. I love you Baba. I am trying my best to do good things, please help me Baba that I’ll not get distracted from good path. Baba usually tells me to donate food and help the poor. But I am trying to donate money online for feeding poor. But I don’t know how to donate food in US to poor. Please friends if you know a way please tell me. I am not good in English. Please excuse me for the mistakes and Hetal Ji, please do make corrections wherever it is necessary. Now I am facing some issues at job because of lack of knowledge. I surrendered at Baba feet and it is His wish to do anything to me. Baba, please excuse me for delay in posting this experience.

I always pray to Baba, “Please be with me and with my family members and with all Your devotees and always hold our hand so that we’ll not fall down. We need You Baba. We love You Baba”.

Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Sravam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

I love you Baba. Please be with me always Baba.

Sai Ki Beti

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  1. Sai Ram
    Nice experience you are very luck
    I am not sure were are you in US but in any grocery story like safeway, Kroger etc they have food packages ready to donate for food bank.
    Some time you can buy food and donate at donation box at grocery store.
    I think they have donation box at Walmart too, you can inquiry at customer care

    I am in US too need to change my job I am in computer field need your advice
    I can give you my email id if you can help please


  2. such a wonderful experience. you are blessed sister. I am also going through a real tough time in my life. I have no job,trying hard and i believe my sai will do such miracle to me like yours. Now my marriage is fixed and without job i am not able to move forward on marriage. Dear my sai brothers, sisters, hetal ji…kindly all of you pray for me. I know i am being selfish as am requesting all of you to pray for me. hey baba..please bless me. i also want to post all experiences here which you have blessed me with. Hey baba, i have been waiting since past 8 months with shradhaa and saburi. i love u my father/mother/friend/relative. i know you are always with me…but due to pressure on me, i dont know how long i can move.Please… Kindly bless all my sai brothers and sisters with good health, peace of mind, financial stability and your kripa….Om Sai Ram…

  3. Dear sister,May baba bless us like you.od bless u sister.

    Wonderful experience and thanks for increasing my faith on sai baba also.

    Why dear sister,u r saying dat u r poor in communication when u had written exp. so well.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    Dear Sumanji,May baba bless u ur dream job……..

  4. If you are in Austin TX,every week twice the temple donate 400 packets of food to poor people. So, you can enquire with the temple.
    All the best.

    Thank you Hetalji for posting my experience and Thank you Sai brothers and sisters.
    Thanks for the information about donatinion to poor.
    Anonymousji Surrender at Baba feet and you'll be blessed with a job.
    If possible start doing SaiNav Guruvar vrat, you'll get job in no time.
    Give me your mail id, I'll try my best to help you.
    BABA, Please bless all your devotees and please always hold our hands to lead lives.
    Thank You Baba.

  6. sairam baba!!i am also a devotee of SAI BABA.ryt now i am also in search of job..and i left all hopes because i have no calls on my field in my city..and i dont know why i am in lack of preapration…because of the fear that will i be able 2 clear the interview(as i have no experience).though BABA said many times that to gon with my work and i will guide you i couldnt prepare well bcoz of the thoughts on my interview.and due to this i had many hurting words 4rm my near and dear….my parents are feeling sad by seeing me.BABA is there for us…so thats why he has made me read this experience.after reading this anonymous devotee experience i got so much courage and confidence that BABA would defnetly encourage me and help me in my preparation.plz BABA make me focus on my preparation completely and plz gv me a gud job and i want 2 c my parents be happy through me…really you are very lucky devotee..u asked for one fold…but BABA gave you ten folds….may BABA bless you all the time.jai sairam

  7. Nice experience 🙂 If you want to donate food, you can donate money to any local homeless shelters or children shelter's. They will use it for feeding families which are homeless or can't afford meals. Thanks 🙂 Om Sai Ram!!

  8. Hello, this is indeed a nice experience, you definitely have to have patience when it comes to baba. for the poor, as other have suggested, you can give stuff like crackers or bread for the homeless shelters. Or you can go to your local church to see if they do some kind of help to poor. Because, in one of the churches in my town, they do a monthly BBQ event where they give food to the homeless people and I bring some food to the event because it is satisfying for me to see the poor eating the food I made.

  9. Wonderful experience and great news about your very good, new job! I also am in USA and often when Baba asks me to donate food, I give a money donation or food to a local food bank or homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Just contact any food bank in your area on how to donate.

  10. hi
    you can go to the website "feeding america".just type this name on google.they provide food for the poor with your donation.
    congrats and best wishes on your new job

  11. Dear Sister,

    Sairam!! Thank you for sharing a wonderful experience with us. I was deeply touched by your experience and thus writing this to you. My situation and dilemmas are similar to yours too.

    Congratulations for your new job and have faith on sai he will certainly help you sail through the odds of life. He has fulfilled the wish to get a job, he will further show the path to sustain it too….not only that but help/guide you further to perform well.He alone knows our inner abilities and grants us what we leave all your worries on his lotus feet.

    He knows everything …Jai Sairam.

    Also, if you can keep chanting babas Gayatri mantra anytime of fear or always and he will certainly come for rescue in some or the other form –

    Om shirdi vasaya vidmahe Sachidanada ya
    dimahe tano sai prachodayath

    Omsainathaye namah,

  12. Om Namo Sainathayanamaha

    I am very much impressed with your experiences and Baba has given me his blessings and given me Darshan in such a way that I will not forget in my life. When I was ready to go to Baba's Darshan I put kumkum on my face and usually I put Gandham and after that I put kumkum but on that I have not taken gandham with me and after coming out from Sannidhanam, Baba has shown me gandham and told me to put on your face. Its a miracle to me and he given me gandham to put on my face.
    suddenly I was surprised with this message and Baba knows evry thing and he takes care of his Devotees and he will be always with his devotees.
    This was my experience in Shirdi on 15th January 2012.

  13. You are so lucky to have baba's blessings. I have done 9 thurdays before for my brother's job.. he got a good job before completion of my vrat..and I have done the vrat regarding my visa and he gave me the visa..for both these things, baba should know how much tension I faced. Very thankful to baba.. Now I'm looking for a job..baba please bless me..I hope and I believe you do take good care of me!!

    And you were asking for food donation in US.. for this you can go to some burger king or MCDonald or something like that and buy some food and donate or let them take and you pay the bill if they accept.

    I'm not sure it is going to work out or not as I did it in India.

    Om Sai Ram

  14. Baba when are you going to bless me with a good job… now iam jobless my family is facing lot of problems… please deva you will have to help me at this teriffic situation… please save my family from calamities…. iam believing you completely… i have tired due to the failiures…. please baba help me… i could not bare anything more…. forgive me for all my mistakes… forgive me sai for my mistakes… i have made lot of mistakes… you will have to bring happiness in my family… i do not want anything for me… but iam in the position to help my parents financially… but iam not getting any proper job… iam waiting for my good days… baba ji please open your eyes… iam requesting all to pray for me to get a good job soon.. sorry for my selfishness…iam thinking all of you as my brothers and sisters.. we are in a very teriffic situation… i know my sufferings are due to my bad karma in my previous birth… iam asking my deep sorry to sai…. help me baba to get a good job…. deva please….

  15. Since experience of my sister is less than 500 words,I am posting it as comment.Thank you Baba for helping us always.
    I wear a baba finger ring that I bought in Shirdi, remove it only when using restroom or dish washing.One day when steping outside,I removed ring and put it in coat pocket.While going in the car I remembered the ring and thought once I reach the destination will put it on but completely forgot about it. After we came home I remembered the ring and searched in the coat pocket, it was not there. I searched the carpet and other areas inside the house but could not locate it.I felt that I had lost the ring forever and have to buy again. Then I asked baba to help me get the ring back,Then decided to search in the backside of the car as a last resort where I kept my coat. When I stepped out of the house in the walkway I saw my ring lying there in broad sunlight. It had fallen down from my coat. I was so happy that I got my ring. This is the second time I lost the ring and got back. Forgive my carelessness baba I will be careful in the future.

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