My Sainath (My Best Friend) Fulfilled All My Wishes – Sai Devotee Poonam

Wow, again one of my favourite experiences is shared below of Shirdi experience. It is real treat to read such experience. Let us now go through below experience.

Sai Sister Poonam Singh ji from India says: Hello Hetalji, Let me first thank you for this beautiful cause that you are doing. It’s all because of my Sainath and you that I was able to have this experience. Thank you so much and please keep doing this good work as it must be helping many people. I am sure about that. Sorry for the lengthy mail but you can please cut short it as per convenience. You can mention my name, but please don’t mention my email id.

I had this experience with my Sainath on 6th November 2011. Let me 1st tell you that it had been about one and half year that I had been to Shirdi and I had this wish in my heart that I wanted to visit Shirdi only on Thursday, because I wanted to see Baba’s Palki. Many times, my parents went to Shirdi, but I couldn’t make it ever because I was stubborn on my wish. Then on the 6th of November, I decided to let go my stubbornness and go and meet my best friend. I consider Sai Baba as my best friend and share everything with Him. It could be my sorrow or joy.

When we reached Shirdi, my parents wanted to take rest and I decided to at-least have Mukh Darshan and have a short meeting with my best friend. To my surprise 6th November was Ekadashi Day and people were preparing for Sai Baba’s Palki. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I couldn’t control my tears as I couldn’t believe that my Baba was listening to my stubborn wish and had fulfilled it because I had decided my next visit should be only if I can see the Palki and my Baba fulfilled my wish.

The whole night, I could sleep because of the happiness and bliss that I had experienced. In the morning around 5 AM, I went to have Baba’s Darshan alone and saw a huge line, so I decided to go to Dwarakamai. Let me tell you that whenever I used to talk to Baba, I used to imagine me standing in Dwarakamai near the wooden railing and talking to Baba. When I went to Dwarakamai, it was all empty and I stood there for 15 minutes, just talking to my Baba the way I used to imagine. Then I went to Gurustan and had a beautiful Darshan. I decided to go to Samadhi Mandir and try for Darshan. To my surprise, I got beautiful and blissful Darshan. To my wish that I had, I stood there in the temple for 10 minutes just staring and talking to my Baba for what miracle He had shown me.

Even my dad had an experience of life time. He wanted to have nice Darshan or else he had decided to just take Mukh Darshan and go. I told him don’t worry if Sainath wants to give you good Darshan, He will arrange. We went to a flower shop and there was a man name Dattu (it’s the name of god which is a form of Saibaba) and He took us to VIP Darshan in 5 minutes, we had the best of Darshan, we could have ever imagined. And believe me, after that, when we went to that shop to thank that person, he was not there and we went at-least 5 times. When we asked for him, no one knew about him. It’s Saibaba’s miracle only. I saw that lot of people carrying Palki and was happy. I wanted to carry the Palki too, but I didn’t ask them out of fear of rejection.

After that we went to Saidham. Thank you Hetal ji, because it’s only due to you and your blog that I got to know about Saidham. We met Chavan Baba and to my surprise he told my mom and dad that this girl brought you people here and you all didn’t believe or wanted to come, but she had faith. He spoke to me lots of things and I could control my tears thinking that till date I was talking to my best friend Baba and today He is speaking to me back. Chavan Baba also gave me and my brother a stone and has told me that His blessing will always be there on us.

The experience was very blissful and beautiful, but I just had one regret that I couldn’t carry the Palki. My Baba was not happy because I was sad. So He showed His miracle again. 5 days after my visit, there is a Sai temple near to my house and they had completed 5 years. So they had arranged a Palki. I asked them for this time and yes I carried the Palki. That was the most soothing experience of my life. Baba had fulfilled all my wishes.

Sorry friend for such a lengthy mail, but I couldn’t help and just went down writing the experience of me and my Sainath. I wish and pray that Baba blesses all of you and wade’s off all your sorrows and keep everyone happy and cheerful. Love you Sai Baba. Always be by my side and keep blessing my family, friends, all Your devotees and me too. Sorry Sainath if I have forgotten to write anything, but You know that each and every experience has made me happy and I can’t forget it for all my life time. Thank you all for your time and patience.

Bolo Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai


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  1. nice experience .. you really are babas friend… may baba bless all his devotees always JAI SAI RAM ….JAI SAI RAM

  2. Dear Baba's friend, i was really happy that you love him so much..Through out your experience your love towards him was evident..He knows when to call his devotees to Shiridi and to fulfill their wishes..lucky you my Baba's friend to stand in Dwarakamai for 15 min and 10 min in Samadhi mandir..its really a lifetime experience..and the way you finally carried the Pallaki shows your patience towards him..Thanks so much for sharing.
    In 2011 August our family was called by my favorite festival is Ganesh Chaturdhi and on the same evening after Puja at home, we started to Shiridi..I've seen the best of best Ganesh idols all around Samadhi mandir and also had attended all the four aartis in three days with his grace..i can still visualise what i've seen..starting from my home till the time we've returned, i've experienced so many miracles.
    My dear Baba i love you so're my friend my guru my you Baba.

  3. Great experience!
    A trip to Shirdi is full of blissfulness.
    You are so lucky..baba blessed you tremendously..
    Very nice experience to read…as hetal jee rightly said what a treat to read…Jai Sai Nath..Infact i have also sent my experience, while I was in is also absolutely unbelivable, i think it will be published next month.

  4. OM SAIRAM,Poonamji,I'm stunned to feel the experience you had.How blessed and gifted you are! SAIMA does see and hear every one's heart, SAIMA only can help me have SHRADHA and SABURI till my prayers get heared and fulfilled and share it with all my SAI brothers and sisters.

    I Love you so much Baba.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  6. Dear Poonam,

    What a beautiful experience…..thnx for sharing this with us….even i want to share my Shirdi's first visit wit everyone…but waiting for Baba's permission…even i got a stone from a person…it is having turmuric yellow colour….i gave it to my sister….coz i think Baba gave it to me to give it to her….i wil soon be posting my experience's as EACH N EVERY DAY BABA IS SHOWING ATLEAST 1 "" MIRACLE"" to me….today itself i saw a vedio of Sai Baba appearing on wall in Dwarkamai,,,dat too in 2012 ist THURSDAY….u al must's the link….. watch and get mesmerized as i was….

    Sai ki beti


  7. Hello Poonam ji,Thank you for such a great experience specially about chavan baba as i also visited him after reading about him in this blog by any child of sai baba..Chavan baba told all my problems and said me to pray in front of sai baba picture in his house and said your problems will be solved and gave me udi.At that time I was surprised that how he knows my name.Because I am in so MUCH Tension and my mental condition is very bad..after your story(sorry to say it story) I am sure chavan baba's statement will be true…Om Sai Ram.Sai save your children.Lose of your children is lose of you so please don't let your children lose.

  8. Very nice experience. You are very fortunate poonam ji. may baba give darshan to all his devotees like this.

    OM sai Ram

  9. i also think that person at the flower shop was definitely baba, otherwise why was he not found again..
    why did anyone not know about him..Jai sai nath..jai jai sai nath

  10. Hello Sonali..
    Thanks for the link…I saw baba …waooo…I cant believe i saw baba..oh my god..! people please visit this is so mesmerising…it is exactly like an original picture of baba…we are so blessed..we have him with us…

    thanks a ton baba


  11. Dear Swati,

    Its al my pleasure dear…our Baba only wanted me to share this vedio…so i did it….He is so nice to everybody…i looooove HIM…. STAY BLESSED DEAR….

    Sai ki beti


  12. Om Sai Ram….Sairam is our only Father and Mother and HE takes care of us every moment. We should leave all our fears with in and take the sole refuge on Sainaths FEET, who will rescue us from all the fear and worries. Why worry when our Almighty Sainath is there for us…

    Jai Sai Ram

  13. Baba I am waiting for you to make impossible possible! om sai ram! baba, please enhance my bhakti and faith more and more

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