My First Shirdi Experience – Sai Devotee Trupti

Well, dear Sai Readers, here is another treat waiting for you. I am not sure why Lord Sai Baba is guiding me to post three consecutive experiences of Shirdi. Certainly some of us will be called to Shirdi, so this is going on and on. Here is post of Sai Sister Trupti ji.

Sai Sister Trupti ji from West Africa says: Dear All Sai Devotees, Om Sai Ram to all of you.

Hetal ji, Om Sai Ram. You are one of the wonderful soul in this world. Sometimes, I think you have been sent by our Sai Baba only. Otherwise, how come so many devotees came across through this site only. And you are overloaded with Baba’s experiences. Everyday somewhere near or far, Baba is helping us, listening to our prayers, fulfills our dream. I experienced a lot. I already wrote my experiences, but today’s experience is very special. Sorry Sai Brothers and Sisters to take much time of yours. But I want to describe you each and everything about my experience. So that you can also feel it.

I got married in March 2010. That time, I only know Baba, but about His miraculous avatar, I didn’t have any knowledge. I used to pray a lot because I believe in God. I love Shivji. He is my Mom, Dad and everything. But after marriage Baba came to my life. And to my surprise, everything started improving. I came to Senegal, West Africa with my husband.

Slowly and steadily, I started worshiping Baba also with other Gods. Don’t know how and when I became a staunch devotee of Sai Baba. With the blessing of Baba, I got a nice job in West Africa. I already explained about it. After my marriage, my mom and dad and my younger brother wanted to go Shirdi. My dad booked the ticket and informed me about it. I was so sad, when I heard that news. I thought in my heart that Baba please call me soon. From that day (i.e. June 2010) onwards, I started searching about Baba. I found lots of knowledge about Baba and Holy book called Sai Satcharitra also.

After a long wait, at last Baba called me this year between Oct 1, 2011 to Oct 4, 2011. I went to Shirdi with my parents and husband. As you know, I am staying far from India. It’s difficult for us to book the ticket with the available timings. But somehow, my husband managed and he booked the ticket for Oct 2, 2011. But I want to spend some valuable time in Shirdi. So I requested to book the ticket for Oct 1, 2011. But he refused that tickets are not available. I informed my dad and somehow he booked the ticket for Oct 1, 2011. I was overwhelmed that I can see my Baba now and will spend some time with my Baba.

We all went and reached on Oct 1, 2011. We all got fresh and ready for the glimpse of our beloved Baba. When I entered into the temple, tears are just rolling down and I felt like I am in heaven. Oh dear sisters and brothers, I can’t explain how I was feeling at that time. We want to see Kakad Aarti, but we woke up very late so reached little late in the temple. We were waiting in the queue, but I saw how priests were giving Him bath in the live videos on the cameras. When I first saw the glimpse of our Baba, I felt like I was in front of God. I visited many holy places, but Shirdi experience was like heaven. Really believe me. I had a very nice Darshan. When I went to Dwarakamai, I saw devotees were sitting and praying inside for 2 to 3 minutes. When I asked the security guard to enter inside, she refused me. I felt very sad and said to Baba that please accept my prayer. With that broken heart, I came back to hotel.

Next morning, while leaving, I went to temple to have Darshan of Baba. My train was at 1 PM, so according to that we had to leave for the train around 12 PM. We all were ready about 9 AM, but my dad said there is no point of going to the temple now because there will be long queue and don’t think that we can get the Darshan of Baba. But I had the desire to see Baba last time. I insisted to dad that let me go and see the queue. When I went with my husband, there was a small queue and most surprisingly we don’t have to wait much. I was so happy at last I got His nice Darshan and got the chance to touch the Samadhi also. To my surprise nobody restricted me on that day. I was standing in front of Him. I touched His holy foot and Samadhi too and blessed with a garland also.

Devotees, while writing this experience, tears are rolling down because still I am feeling His presence. It’s almost 45 days from now, but still I can feel His presence. Then I went to Dwarakamai. I was normal and happy that I got the chance to touch the Samadhi. I was just chanting His name. Suddenly while roaming in Dwarakamai, one security guard offered me one coconut and one maroon cloth (chunri), which was placed in front of Baba’s picture. That security guard was a woman. And she said, “beta ye lo”(“Take it”). When I heard that I can’t believe. I was wondering. When I came yesterday, she refused me. But today she offered me Baba’s blessed coconut and cloth. I was overwhelmed. I was very very happy. I got the hint that Baba accepted my prayer. I went to hotel and explained the incident to my dad and mom. My dad said you got His blessings. From now onwards don’t worry at all. Just believe in Him. He will save you. Till date whatever I asked He blessed me always. I was a poor girl with low confidence and poor luck. But with Baba’s blessing, my life is improving day by day. Dear Sister and Brothers please do read Sai Satcharitra. I promised my Baba that I will share my first Shirdi’s experience with all our Sai devotees, once I will be back to my home.

Om Sai Ram

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Sairam, so wonderful to read your experience.I am waiting for Baba to call me to Shirdi this year….hope He calls me soon. May God bless you always..

    Jai Sairam

  2. I started beleiving Sai Baba from my 14 years age, where in right now iam 31 years old

    I had a picture of sai baba and i always feel and sometimes happened that baba from his picture has blinked his eyes.

    I everytime talk to him as a friend , and he listens eveything.The biggest problem which i think it dont have a solution atleast at that time also, will be solved in very next day.
    I really cant imagine that a super natural power is always with me everytime, even now also.
    Alhtorugh my 16 years of my journey till date from which i started believing.. "Sai Baba" is there with me..Baba pls be with me like this forever.

  3. Hetalji,Thanks a lot and lot for uploading my post.After a long wait, atlast I can see my exp. on ur site….Love you baba……

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    Thank you so much..

  4. Om sai ram,
    Baba, even I want to come to shirdi. I had visited long time back when I was so young to understand anything.
    But today I want to come and experience each and every place where you have been. See them and feel your presence.
    Baba but I won't come without my shona.
    Please baba grant my wish and call me soon. Trust me, I'll complete all my promises.
    Love you..!
    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai

  5. Thanks Tiruptiji and Hetalji for writing and posting this Shirdi Visit experience. Whenever I read such experience, my mind also goes to Shirdi and I feel the smiling face of Baba watching me through his kind eyes.

    Blessed are those eyes, that have got chance to see him 🙂

    Om Sai Ram !

  6. Its nice reading such experience of visiting shirdi….everytime we feel we ourselves are visiting this holy place.

    Baba ji only request from your dear daughter is last time when you gave me permission to visit Samadhi Mandir i didnot get to touch your samadhi………felt very sad and cursed myself that i have done something wrong.Please Baba ji please i beg give me a chance to visit Shirdi soon and touch the samadhi and get your blessings.I want to visit Shirdi with my parents and my husband and my child.Please make it possible deva.

    your loving daughter

  7. Very nice to read such experiences of Shirdi visit. Baba please call me also. i want to visit your holy place.

    Om Sai ram

  8. Om sai ram,

    very nice experience. ur really blessed.
    please Saima, call me also to Shirdi as i also want to visit each and every place of Shirdi and want to feel the heaven on earth. Please sai call me with all my family to ur place.

    om sainathay namah


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