Lord Sai Baba Cures Benji Baba – Sai Devotee Roshini

We have been reading experiences of human devotees of Lord Sai Baba on this blog. But today’s post is an unusual one as Lord Sai Baba’s mercy on a pet dog is described below.

Sai Sister Roshni ji says: Om Sai Ram, Hi Hetal, I hope with Baba’s grace and blessings, you and your family are keeping well. We have written an experience with Baba below. I hope it will be posted in your blog. It actually happened with our pet dog (Benji), who we call Benji Baba, because we were guided to get a dog by Baba. We also see Baba in Benji on several occasions, which have been written by Lorraine in her third book “My truth”.

As you know Lorraine is visiting India next month and I am very happy for her and for ourselves, as we too, are traveling to India with husband and daughter at the end of December. We pray Baba to keep us in good health and happy always with family and friends.

Baba came to rescue Benji Baba:

Our pet dog, Benji Baba, sits near the door every evening and waits for our arrival from work. He gets up immediately, wags his tail and gives us a very loving welcome. But yesterday, the door was shut. Still I thought maybe he is in the backyard, with my daughter. When we opened the door, Divya was there, but escorting Benji Baba gently to come towards me. To my shock, Benji Baba was limping. It looked very bad. We immediately sat and asked Divya what had happened. She didn’t know exactly, but she was very worried too. We then applied some UDI on his right leg immediately and prayed to Baba to cure it soon. Because Benji Baba looked so sad and was in so much pain. Our son, Ronit, was whole day at home with Benji Baba. Since he was studying, he didn’t notice anything unusual about Benji Baba being hurt.

Anyway, Benji Baba then went from the steps down to the grass area, where he sat for a while. We later had to help him go up the steps, as he was unable to do that. Divya and I then sat close to him and I kept stroking his leg and massaged it too. I was praying to Baba to cure his leg soon. Benji Baba loves to shoo away birds, and he is very alert and he knows immediately if a bird is sitting on the fence. Two birds came and sat on the fence. Benji Baba turned his head to see them, but he showed no interest to chase them due to his pain. Those birds then flew away. After a while, another bird came. This time bird was sitting much closer to us. Benji Baba saw the bird and the bird saw Benji Baba. Both looked at each other for few seconds, as if communicating. But this bird was in no hurry to fly. It kept looking at Benji Baba and Benji Baba looked at him. Divya and I kept talking to Benji Baba. We did not at least think that Benji Baba would run and jump down on the grass to chase this particular bird.

To our amazement and shock, he did. Benji Baba jumped like always to chase the bird, who flew away. But Benji Baba’s leg suddenly became alright. He ran around, jumping everywhere up and down, barking with happiness. Divya laughed and giggled so much, but I laughed even more.

We just couldn’t believe what we saw. The bird was surely Baba, who came to cure Benji Baba. How the bird kept looking at Benji Baba was the point. Both were communicated by staring at each other. As if Baba is saying to Benji Baba, “Now you have to chase me, only then your pain will go”. Earlier, 2 other birds came, and Benji Baba saw them too, but they flew away and Benji Baba showed no interest in chasing them. So why Benji Baba chased the third bird only. We were so happy, I called Ronit from his room, who came immediately to see Benji Baba and gave him a big hug. Benji Baba was so happy too. I could actually see him smile. He did his usual barking, running and jumping.

Once before too, Benji Baba was hurt and then too Baba cured him immediately after we applied UDI. But yesterday, Benji Baba limped really bad. Baba heard our prayers and we thank Him from the bottom of our heart for He does come and rescue all His devotees when they are in trouble and pain. Doesn’t He? Jai Sai.

Baba’s blessings

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  1. Different but really beautiful experience.. Baba loves all of us be human beings or our pets.

    Sai Daughter

  2. Very Nice experience! Baba helps all his devotees and love all living beings as He stated in Sai Satchritra.

    Om Sai Ram

  3. baba's blessings has no limits…whether human or animals…..he blesses everyone…baba is everything…hey mere baba..bless us all….we all love you. Om Sai Ram

  4. Lovely experience of Baba's leela!!!He always blesses and helps all when we call him with pure heart.OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI!!!

  5. Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..
    I would like to narrate two small and similar experiences here. Few days back, I had a severe headache and I started throwing up. I took few pain-killers (advil) but of no use. I am having the same amount of headache as before. Then I took Udi and prayed Baba whole heartedly. Chanting continuously his name. Well, it started subsiding and I could also travel thereafter since it is during Christmas time.

    Second experience is that after coming from vacation, I had gastric problem. While returning to home back after Christmas,I didn't eat for almost 8 hrs. I just neglected thinking that we would reach home soon. But due to traffic we got delayed by 4 hrs. I can stop by and have something. But the wish to go home back, get fresh up and eat policy was strong. So didn't take a halt in between. I felt the utmost pain in the stomach. I could neither stand properly nor sleep properly. I was feeling to cry out loud. My husband then went out and brought some gas relief medicines. Meanwhile I took Udi in my mouth and also applied it on my forehead. Later took the medicines too. It started subsiding. I had no energy since even if I take water, I was throwing out.

    At that point of time, I wondered, "Why I keep asking Baba about materialistic things like job and so and so."
    One should have a proper health to lead a proper life. At that time, I prayed Baba to bless each and every living being in this world with good health.

    Sometimes, we take granted for few things which are utmost important. I felt to write this at that time only, got delayed by few days. Also after this gastric problem, I had friends at my home for new year eve. So considering all these, Baba helped me enjoy the holiday season too.

    Hetal ji: I know that experiences are posted as first come first serve basis. If you find this suitable, you can even post it in one of the "couple of Sai Baba experieces" in some corner. I am requesting because, few people might miss reading in the comments section. Rest is Baba's will.

    Love you Baba!!!!!!!

  6. Wow…I felt so good to see we can understand and communicate with out pets , understand their pains and happiness to some extent! This reminds me some of my experiences while we were in India and some with our cats in Atlanta.
    Some day I will post them here!
    May BABA bless us all.

  7. Jeevula paina mamakaram..chitramaya nee vyavaharam..o sai memu moodulamu..osagu maya neevu gnanamunu.
    Meaning: your love on living beings is magical (be it pets like in this experience or human).
    Love you Baba.

  8. Wonderful experience Roshani jii! Baba not only helps humans who ask for his help, but is also compassionate towards all creatures! Om Sai Ram!

  9. Oh what a beautiful experience! Thanks for sharing. Surely the bird was no other than Baba. Benji Baba got cured by the udi. Om Sairam!!

  10. Baba miracles are sooo beautiful and wonderful that they make us CRY, LAUGH and your experience shows us that… Sai bless all of us..

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