A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 140

Sharing in today’s post again few brief experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba. All of them are equally interesting.

Sai Baba With Me From My Childhood

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Namaste, I would like to share my experience through this site. I have been following this site for a long period and every time I read a devotees experience, it makes me believe more and more in Saibaba. Thank you so much for starting this site. Please do not share my name or email id while posting this. I really appreciate it if you can do this favor.

I am from a middle class family. In my childhood, one day, I went to Saibaba Bhajans with one of my neighbor’s aunty. I felt very happy and I used to go with her every Thursday for Bhajans. Somehow, I got inspired to read Sai Satcharitra Parayan. But we didn’t have a Parayan book at my home and was wondering how to get the book. To my great excitement, I got this Parayan book from the aunty. But it was in Telugu language and I was not so good in reading Telugu. I was too worried about how I should read this book. One fine Thursday, I prayed Saibaba and started doing Parayan book. Initially, it took me very long to read, but with Saibaba’s grace and blessings, I was able to complete parayan in 7 days successfully. I felt really happy for making me do this Parayan. That’s how, it started my belief in Baba and till today Baba has been with me in all my up and downs in my life. With His blessing, I was able to do my MCA, and got married to a wonderful person and blessed with two girls and leading a happy life. I just wanted to start writing and sharing my experiences. There are a ton of experiences to share. I started with the one how Baba made me do parayan with me, who don’t know how to read Telugu very well.

I hope you will post my experience, whenever it’s time for my post. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes in writing this post. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Blesses Us With A Beautiful Baby Girl

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Namaskar Hetal Ji. May Baba bless your family and generations to come for helping normal people like us and to share our experience with SAI Maa. These experiences make our trust and belief in Baba so strong and I always feel a positive vibration after reading. I just want to contribute from my behalf also. Especially for all those loving devotees of Baba, who are waiting to have a child from Baba’s blessing. I would request you to keep my name and email id confidential. Thank you.

To start of my first introduction to Baba was in Dec 2007. We got married in Sep 2005. Initially we had planned to not have kids for at least 1 year or so. We started to try from 2007. That’s when we started facing problems. The problem was that I started to get urinary tract infection (UTI). Every cycle, after my periods and during infection, we could not try for a child. This happened not one month or two, every month. Slowly my doctor said that probably if this continues, then trying to have a baby by normal way would be difficult for me. I hope readers understand what I mean. So she suggested assisted way to get pregnant, where they will collect my Husbands sperms and inject into my uterus. I didn’t want to go for any method. But trying the natural way will make me end up getting UTI.

I decided to go to India in Dec 2007 to do some treatment for UTI, so we could try ourselves. In India, we saw 3-4 urologists. Each one of them came with a different reason for recurrent UTI. But all 3 of the urologist suggested a day of surgery. My mom was very upset with day surgery and I was confused as to go for this procedure or not. This is the time an ardent devotee of Sai Baba, who is my mom’s friend at work, came home to casually visit us. He keeps talking about Sai Baba and got us Shri Sai Satcharitra. He suggested us an urologist that his family knows. He also said that this doctor would not recommend any surgery unless needed.

That was the first time, I prayed to Baba in Mind, when we visit that doctor. Whatever doctor says, I will assume it as if Baba is telling me. But Baba has to show me His presence in that hospital.

Next day, when we went to the hospital, I didn’t see Baba’s photo anywhere. I kept praying when our turn came. We went into his room and sat. There right at the doctor’s table facing me, I saw our Sai’s calendar. Then the doctor saw my previous reports and the first word he said was “Shall I throw all these in the dust bin”? You don’t need any surgery. All he said was “DO SURYA NAMASKARA, drink lot of water and do yoga. He just prescribed a tonic. That’s it.

I came back to Singapore in March 2008 with only that tonic. The very next month, I was positive for Pregnancy and I never ever got back UTI infection, which haunted me for almost 1/2 years and made my life a hell.

I forgot. When I left India in March 2008, I prayed Baba that by Jan 2009, I should have a baby by His blessings. You know when my due was. It was Jan 9th 2009. But my girl was born on 12th Jan by normal delivery. Now I am a happy mother of a beautiful gift given to me by Baba.

Thank you so much Baba. Without Your entry in my life, I don’t know how many procedures I would have gone through. Thank you for even making my delivery normal. I hope my experience gives lot of faith to those devotees who is only hope is ‘SAI MAA’. Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba – Our Life saver

Sai Sister Mano ji from India says: I was staying in a PG and I have seen other girls praying to Sai. As I did not know anything about Sai, I never thought of going with them to Sai Baba temple. Recently I started going to Sai Baba temple.

One Saturday at Noon, I was going to a grocery shop to buy vegetables. I crossed the main road (four road crossing). I was walking in the right side of that road. I wanted to cross to the other end of the road. All of a sudden a bike came really fast and I was sure I cannot cross the road or move in any direction. If I run and cross, I will be hit by a car. If I don’t move, I will be hit by the bike. If I move to my right, again I will be hit by a car. Somehow the bike guy managed and passed me without hitting me. The bike slightly touched my hands and the war in handbag was gone which I noticed later. I was in such a state of shock. Then I slowly crossed the road and walked slowly. After few minute, one person in yellow shirt came near me and told “Time is Good” (In Kannada “Time chennagithu”). He told as they didn’t wear helmet, they were coming fast to escape from traffic police. And he was like talking in a soothing way so that I come out of shock. When I was waiting to cross, I am sure I didn’t see this person in that road in any of the directions. If he would have been there, at least for that yellow color shirt, I would have noticed him. I feel its Sai, who came and saved me that day. After few min, He went away.

Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai. God Bless Everyone

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  1. I live in uk ,so i miss going to sai baba temple …Whenever I go to delhi i go to the sai baba temple there .I KNOW BABA can cross the seas to be with his devotees …however I miss being there … We all go through similar trials in life but the faith keeps me going ….Baba comes in the dreams when things are difficult …He always sends signs … love to read these experiences .Reading them has become daily ritual ,just as doing my prayers every day . THANK U to all the devotees for sharing with us …Om sai ram

  2. Dear Sai devotees

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful experiences.

    Baba is always kind and loving for his children!

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. Thank u anonumous devotee from Singapore,ur experience is really a silver lining for all who are seeking motherhood,may baba bless a healthy child to all as he did in ur case.Om Sai Ram.

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You Baba.
    BABA Please Excuse me,my husband and my kid for our mistakes.
    We love you BABA.

  5. Allah Malik, Sister from singapore it is very nice to read to your miracle
    this again shows clearly that Baba is beyond medical science. He is the creator of this universe, so will he not protect the man kind? baba will certainly. Just 2 things are required " shraddha & saburi"

    sister from India, baba always said he needed no aeroplane to travel or cross seven seas. Baba said he even has no shape and he fills the shape. SO in your case you are very lucky that baba saved you. Bow to holy feet of our father shri Sainath.

  6. Dear Mano ji, u ll believe it or not even i had the same experience jus on saturday,i stay in blore and out of my office i ad to cross the other side of a very rush road where vehicles move very fast as its a slope, wen i was crossing two bikes were comin the one who was behind asked me to stop but the front one was comin very fast i could neither move front nor back coz i was stuck in between of the road n der was a car behind i jus stood there dumb that bike person some how dint hit me but scolded me n went jus i crossed road i saw Baba passing in the form of photo on the car that was behind me only one word came out of me Baabaji and i thanked Sainath for saving me from accident, n it was no doubt our babaji who came n spoke to u to Pacify u……

    Sai Babaji's Devotee

    Om Sai Ram,
    Baba Maalik

  7. Nice experiences! Anonymous devotee from Singapore, you are really blessed with Baba's grace. Your baby is really a blessing of our beloved baba.
    Baba is Great

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