Sharing herewith experiences of few more devotees with Shirdi Sai Baba.

Om Sri Sai Ram

Sai Sister Swati ji from India says: “Baba” is a word so short, but this word is so magical and divine. It fulfills the mind with peace every time, when it is uttered.

My mother had always been an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. She usually says that you do good deeds, have a pure heart, you would always find Baba by you, holding your hand, guiding you through good and troubled times. As I grew up, I realized what she said was true. You think of Baba, pray to Him with all your heart, Baba wouldn’t ever let you down.

Very recently, I had given an exam and that didn’t work out as plan. I was really scared of the results and thought of Baba all the time. But with Sai Baba’s grace, the results did turn out to be good and I entirely owe it to Baba. I would like to add that turning to Baba, just to fulfill your wishes and desire is not fair. Remembering Him just in times of need is not right. Think of Baba all the time. Thank Him for every single thing in life. Thank Him for letting you see the sunlight every morning, for your family, for all the blessings, He has bestowed upon you. Think of Him and you will find Him by your side. As Baba says, “If you look to Me, I look to you”. Thank You, Baba, for everything. I would be grateful if you could please not reveal my e-mail id.

Baba Is Helping Me In My Studies

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Please don’t disclose my details. It is my first post in this blog and I request you to post my experience even though it is small. It might look silly or small experience for the readers, but for me it was something, which made me to feel the presence of God.

First of all I would like to say few words about this blog. I am very thankful to the person, who started this blog. Earlier I used to play, chat with friends or do something whenever I am free. But now, I am addicted to reading this blog as how I used to read posts in Facebook. It gives me strength, so much of trust in god, hope to life and also makes my mind feel very pleasant.

Presently, I am doing M. Tech. in one of the premier institutes in India. I had a graceful experience 2 days back and I thought of sharing it here with all of you.

We are supposed to do some research paper as a part of our course, and present it before everyone and submit it. Due to some personal reasons, I wasn’t able to work on this properly. Due to lack of concentration, I took easy paper to work on. I asked Baba to be with me and to help me. Even though the topic I had chosen is not that great. We present and grab the audience attention matters a lot during presentation. So I asked Baba to make my presentation a hit.

Finally, the day to present paper had come and everyone started talking about their papers. During Question and Answers session, few people were not able to answer all questions asked by audience. Few people failed to grab audience attention and made their presentations boring.

After lunch, it was time for my presentation. Even though it was an easy paper, I was able to maintain audience attention. They didn’t even distract from the presentation for all the time I was speaking. Finally, people were impressed by my talk. I hope Baba gives me a good grade in that subject. I know He does for us whatever we ask for.

I am waiting to get placed in a company with a job profile that fits me well. With the blessings of Sai Baba, I hope I would get it soon. I will keep posting my experiences from now.

Sincere Request: Whoever has read this post, please pray for my Mother’s health. She is suffering so much with a disease. Your Prayers with pure heart will definitely cure her disease soon.

I love You Baba.

Thank You so much for making to find this blog and making me to share my experiences with You.

My Experience with Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji. Om Sai Ram. You are doing excellent work. I am regular reader of your site. And there some experiences touched my heart. I am from Mumbai. Don’t disclose my name. I want to share my experience with Baba. Kindly post this on your site. Kindly make necessary changes if required.

Please forgive me Baba ji, if I do any mistake in writing my experience. I never thought of sharing this experience on site. But yesterday suddenly my mind asked me to share this experience on this site. I am narrating my experience here. I visited Shirdi first time in 1998. Since then I visit Shirdi every year once. But I did not know much about Baba. It was just tour for me. I came close to Baba in May 2010 and since then Baba is everything for me. I visited Shirdi 10 times since May 2010. My last visit was in July 2011. During my last visit, I had Darshan of Baba in physical form. From a long time, I was asking Baba to give me Darshan. But I never thought that Baba will give me Darshan in physical form. It was Saturday, after having Darshan in Samadhi Mandir. My wife asked me to go Sai Parayan Hall. It was my first visit in Parayan Hall. As soon as I and my wife entered in Parayan Room, Baba came behind us and He sat beside Parayan hall door. I don’t know what happened to me, but I turned behind and gave Him Namaskar with two hands. Baba was wearing kafni, pajama and cloth on His head, and kept a bag in His right hand. Then I had Baba’s portrait Darshan in Parayan hall. When I turned from there, Baba called me with one figure. I went Him and He took out one Neem’s leaf from His kafni and gave to me. He asked me to keep this Neem’s leaf in my house Pooja Mandir. Then He gave UDI packet and Neem’s leaf to my wife also. Baba’s eyes were so power full. Tears started flowing from my eyes. I told Baba that I am seeing Baba in you. Baba told me that “Tumara Gala Bhar Ayaa Hai”. Baba was constantly doing Naam Jaap with mala in His hand. When I got up from there, I saw Baba sitting in different position, the way Baba used to sit in Dwarakamai Masjid. I was shocked to see that. Then I came out of Parayan hall and Baba also came behind me and He went from there. I don’t know where He went. That day I was so much tired and my eyes and body was paining a lot. But after Baba’s Darshan, all pain went away. I was feeling refreshed. I never thought that Baba will come to me in physical form. I have kept that Neem’s leaf in my Pooja Mandir. Baba is always with us. Only we have to keep Shraddha and Saburi.

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Dear Swati

    I pray to baba that your mother gets well soon.
    Just surrender to him, use the udi that will be very benefitical for her…


  2. Dear Devotee,
    Baba is very kind. He takes care of your mother's health.
    Please do Satcharitra parayan. It has great healing powers.

    May Baba Bless you and your family.

    Om Sai Rama

  3. Dear Swati,

    I pray to Sai maa to make your mother better and she recovers soon.

    Baba please be with sister swati.

    Om Sai Ram.

  4. Ya. it's well nd true one.. bcoz he know's u very well than others. he know's wat to give u nd at wat time…So pray him nd say his mantra's every minute nd second…

  5. Dear Devotee,
    Don't worry about anything after u surrender to BABA… Bcoz he's know's everything. wat is happening nd wat will get happen… So jus pray him whole heartly… u'll get blessing's frm him…

  6. Om Sai Ram…
    Dear Swati…………….I shall pray to baba for your mothers health….she will definately be fine with good health….have faith in Baba…please use the Udi with Baba's name..

    Om sai ram

    Wonderful Experiences.
    Baba Please help your devotee's mother with good health and Please make her happy.
    Anonymousji, you are blessed to have darshan of Baba.
    Baba Please come to our house Baba.

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Anonymous Sai Devotee, my Prayers to Baba for your mothers health. Sai will definitely cure her and take good care of her.

    Jai Sai.

  9. Baba,please help to cure your devotee's mother who is suffering from disease.Please give her good health and make everybody happy.Great experiences of Baba Sainath!!!

  10. Om Sai Ram,

    It was great experience. You were blessed by Baba and must have felt immense satisfaction. I also wish to have Baba Darshan , whenever he showers his kripa on me..waiting for the same.

  11. Dear Devotees,

    Everyone says that baba is always with us but do you really feel so? At times dont you feel that he is not listening to us or is not responding to us?? One more thing i want to ask all the devotees – that suppose I did a very big mistake in life in past due to which I have hurt somebody's trust and feelings so how can i rectify my deed. Is there any thing by which i can come out of that guilt. I did said sorry and apologised from the bottom of my heart but then too i feel ashamed of what i did. Is baba going to forgive me ever??

    Please reply

    Sai daugher

  12. Dear Sai daughter I know exactly what u r talking about. Yes at times or rather most times u feel as if Baba is not listening. U get all positive signs but still things r just d same for years together then how to have saburi and how to have shraddha? I too did something although unknowingly in d past which affected a person deeply.U c our karmas come around even after years. That person has found happiness again but d guilt for me doesnt go away so easily. It tortures me such a lot although Baba tells us not to entertain any sense of doership whether right or wrong in all that we do as it is all due to his will that things happen.I advise u to do d same and learn to forgive urself. May Baba bless u.

  13. Dear Sai Daughter and other Anonymous Devotee,

    It may be difficult for you to believe this (that is why you have guilt left in you), but in the whole of the universe, it only and only Baba who accepts us unconditionally and totally as we are are. Close your eyes and understand what this means. He can and has accepted Saddam Hussain(s) as they are, what about you and me! Who has not erred in life. Life is a learning platform, how can you learn with out erring. It is a learning exeprience both for you and the other person. He/She is learning as much as you are. Pain is part and parcel of the learning. It is the whole human psyche (combined consciousness/prakruthi) that is learning, being on both sides of the equation.

    Remember Baba will be delighted completely when you can stand with your chest up and say you realize your mistake, you are willing to pay for your karma and not going to repeat the mistae (this is repentance). Once you have repented, guilt has not place in spritual progress. When you know Baba has accepted you, do not care of anyone else's opinion in this world. Keep praying to Baba for the other person to reduce his pain and to shower His love on them, without you having to be in the picture(selfless). Noone has to know you are praying for that person. Believe me, things will improve. I have been there…done that.

    Another question – Do you want Baba to give you what 'you want' or Do you want Baba to deliver what is right for you?(surrender). He can give you what you want even though it is not the best. But you have to have lot of faith. How many times in the day are we thinking 'what if' and 'What happens' if Baba does not give this. DOUBT is what puts wall between us and God.

    How confident are we to take our next breath? Do we say what if my lungs freeze, what if this.. what if that…what should I do if I can not breathe … NO? When you can put that kind of faith in Baba, then HE is your salve (Baba himslef said this).

    Easier said than done, right? My faith is not there yet too, no where near. We have to work to weaken our doubting thomas. This website is helping us do that also..That is our Sadhana… a long way to go before we sleep (rest). We pray He help us all, in this journey.

    I was in the same situation as you were. I have hurt people too. But I have moved on… and enjoying Baba's love. Past can not be changed how much ever we struggle. We have to accept it. Baba likes your repentance and not your guilt. Gulit weakens you Repentance strengthens you. Please move on…

  14. Very nice experience about Baba helping you to succeed in your studies! I will pray to Baba to help your mother's health and make sure that she is also given plenty of Udi.

  15. Dear Swati
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences! I will surely pray for your Mother- Baba please cure her mother and bless them. I request everyone to pray for my Sister too who is not feeling well. Baba has been with us and helped us a lot. I continue to ask for his blessings on everyone.

    Om Sai Namoh Namah!

  16. Dear Sister,

    Jai Sai Ram… wish you good luck in your studies and by Baba's Grace you should get placed soon.

    Regarding your mother health, Sai Devotee prayers are always with you. But you should also pray your self, dont think you have an impure heart and all of us are pure hearted. Every human being is equal to Baba, be it Baba Devotee or not. So call Baba from your heart for help and he will definetly cure your mother.

    With whole heart and wishes, I wish your mother gets well soon… Give Baba vibudhi to your mother daily. This is best medicine known in the world.

    My humble salutations to our Holy Father.. "Jai Sainath"

  17. As they subeh ka bkula sham ko wapis aa jaye to bhula nahi kehlata ……The fact u regret it god will forgive u for sure ….I have been hurt by my family …. long story but my dad sister brother ganged up and took their revenge by not attending my daughters wedding last year …..sad thing is they don't regret anything ….The experience has baffled me ….. my karma perhaps …Yes it feels god is not listening May baba bless all his devotees .

  18. Oh My God Anonymous u have written so beautifully— sort of put things in right perspective. Thats why I love this blog and ppl like u and this platform where we can have this conversation especially when problems r of such nature that u just cant talk to anyone abt it.I used to feel if Baba loves us so much why give us pain at all and saying it is karma makes it so foggy because u dont really know what exactly u have done wrong in past birth.I sometimes feel Baba is also crying to c me in so much pain yet he does nothing apparently to releive it like he has done for his devotees in Sat Charita. Thats when d doubts start. R we not good enough? R we actually devotee or just think we r ?Am I really his daughter? So many r devotees — does my being in his life make a difference to him etc etc.After introspection I make my peace again — hugely helped by this blog of course. Anyway I am glad to off load all my feelings– it helps to talk abt all this. Ur suggestions r so welcome. I will try my utmost to hold on to Baba fast and never let go. Its a struggle to do so when ur desires r not fulfilled but I always come back to him no matter what. He is too much entrenched in my life to do otherwise.Thank u for ur comments once again.

  19. Thanks for replying to my comment. Its very hard to implement but yes I will surely try my level best. I dont have any other option – I had surrendered my life to baba. Whatever he feels like he can do with my life. I am ready to face all the results of my past karmas (though it was the wish of baba himself). Nothing is positive today and now i feel that nothing is going to be positive in future as well. But now i am very much ok with it.

    Sai Daughter

  20. Swati Ji, I will pray to Baba that your mother gets well soon.
    Anonymous sai brother you are very fortunate that Baba gave you darshan and that in shirdi.

    Om Sai Ram

    • Dear All Sai devotees,

      Do not get your self so much worried about past karmas, they will come and go just like sun rise and sun set, like day & night. Have you all forgotten that Baba always tried to reduce the pain or loss that we may face due to our past karmas, then why worry so much about it. Lets all worship the lord with utmost love and devotion then we leave the rest to him.

      I am one among you who is currently in a bad shape. But i have complete faith on our Baba and he will come, he will definitely come to help me very soon.

      I will post my miracle soon.

      Glory to our Victorious Baba!

  21. Remember that when going gets
    very tough ….. after that …. things do get lot better … Baba will surprise his devotees He will make things better in a way we have never imagined …. just ride it out …. It does all work out in the end JIA SAI RAM

  22. Good lines by Anonymous for sai daughter,and i also would like to add similar thing by an example-Sai Daughter have u observed a river during rainy season…what happens when there is excess water …? The river never come to clean the Shoreline to accomodate the excess water…..all the dirt ,trees ,stones and obstacles automatically removed by the heavy water flow.In a very similar manner when the flow of feelings and devotion is there for Baba no need to worry about Obstacle ….just have the feeling of let go…baba will take care.May Sai bless u with peace of mind.Om Sai Ram

  23. We are all members of sai family ….This is platform we can share our thoughts …And get advise from our family .What could be better than this wonderful opportunity to share our personal experiences .Perhaps we should also share the challenges we face in our daily life .OH i don't have a death wish but how wonderful will it be when i meet baba …..Then i will understand why certain things happened …. mystery of life .I n the meantime just have faith …Om sai ram

  24. Dear all Baba's sisters,brothers,daughters and sons..the comments section on this blog is also equally interesting..Hetal Didi,wonderful you you my lord,love you my everything..rajasekhar.

  25. JAI SAI RAM Thank u baba thank u live in uk by babas grace …today my daughter pas her exams my baby is a doctor ….. love u baba

  26. BABA Thank u thank u ……we live in uk ..My daughter today qualified as a doctor today … baby has grown up all the years of hard work we as parents have done …. not to forget her work has come together …Its all your blessings baba… my first daughter is also a dentist ….Many congratulations to baba Ji ……..

  27. Hethal Ji,

    One suggestion. Devotees seem to like this kind of discussion that you see in the comments section…helping each other in the upward march. But probably not everyone sees the comments section nor contribute. Can we have another Area for spiritual discussions? I know it can get out of hand and take lot of efforts. Please think about it. If it is Baba's wish, things will fall in place.

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