A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 137

Following are heart melting experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Baba Appeared In My Dreams

Sai Brother Avinash ji from USA says: Sairam. I would first like to bow to the lotus feet of Baba for taking care of all His devotees unconditionally. Also I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job. It’s when the chips are down and nothing is going our way that we need to go and gather courage and faith that Baba is with us and the hardships will pass. I personally think Baba just tests our faith, while He is right beside us every minute.

I wanted to share a dream which occurred in 2009, in which Baba assured me that I will get a job. A little background at that time is here. I just finished with my masters in the USA. I didn’t have any job. The girl, I loved left me. I had no money and was living with roommates and was even ashamed to eat because I wasn’t paying anything. One night I couldn’t sleep till 5 AM with many things on my mind. I must have fallen asleep at 6 AM or so after which I had a dream. I would say blessing. The dream went like this:

I along with my family (mom, dad and sister) was at a Baba’s temple, which was under construction. The curtain was on at the sanctum. I thought maybe Baba’s robes were being changed. I could hear the ringing of bells. We were waiting patiently for the curtains to come off so that we could have Baba’s Darshan. Suddenly, I could hear the shouts of ‘Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai’. I thought now the curtain will be opened and was eagerly waiting. When Baba walked out of the sanctum, He looked exactly like in the original picture, where He leans against the wall of Dwarakamai.

Baba quickly came to us from the other side (we were standing on the other side). Baba came and stood in front of us. My sister asked Baba, “Baba when I will earn lakhs?”. Baba replied, “Why do you need lakhs? You will be happy in your life”. Then Baba moved on and stood in front of me. I asked Baba the same thing, “Baba when will I earn lakhs?”. And I was telling Him the reason that I have loans to pay off, parents to take care of, not that I needed money for other things”. But Baba interrupted me and said, “I know everything. You will earn in months”. That’s what Baba said. I fell at Baba’s feet and the dream ended there. This was the first time Baba came in my dreams. So after that, I woke up. I was thinking that this could be a real blessing or was it just a dream. I couldn’t make up my mind. Baba cleared my mind this is how. After my Pooja, I made it a habit to read one page from the Sai Satcharitra at random. So with this doubt in mind, when I opened the Sai Satcharitra, I read this story about Lala Laxmichand. To whom Baba appears in his dreams and asks him to come to Shirdi. But on the way, he inquires about Baba, which Baba didn’t like. So when He sees Laxmichand, He says,” Why do you need to ask people? You should come and see yourself. How can a dream so true ever be false”. These words got imprinted on my mind and I was sure that it was Baba’s blessing. And needless to say in exactly 6 months, I got a job and things were getting better. I wouldn’t say those 6 months were easy. But with Baba beside you, you are never alone. I could feel His grace. So to all the people, who are at crossroads at life, I would say not to let your faith down. Baba is always watching you. He will give us what’s best for us.

Power of UDI

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, First of all, I must really thank you for creating such a wonderful website. It gives us so much of hope and love towards BABA and always reminds the 2 words Shraddha and Saburi. As Baba told me, I am writing this blog. You can make changes where ever necessary. Hetal ji, my humble request is to please don’t disclose my name or email id.

Last week as usual, I was reading your blog and was feeling very happy by seeing how my Baba is present everywhere. Whenever His devotees are in trouble, He is always with us and around us and everywhere.

In past, I have experienced lot of miracles in life. But I never posted any of those on any website. But as I am getting pleasure so much in reading others experiences, so I feel that I should post my experience. So that people reading this will also get benefited and feel the same happiness.

Since last week, I was suffering from severe cold fever and asthma. But I didn’t take much precaution or medicines as it was usual for me. And of course as Bangalore got colder in December. Working for a call center, I couldn’t even take leave also. I was completely broke for the month. I had no money to go to doctor as well.

Suddenly at midnight, I had a bad asthma. It was worst than anything. I was shivering. Even my inhaler made no difference. It was really bad. But somehow I got up from bed. I took UDI and applied it on my throat. Trust me; it was like Baba Himself kept His hand on my throat. Immediately, I could feel a relief. It was a magic. I put a drop of UDI in glass of water. I didn’t have strength to mix it as well. I took a sip and I took Sai Satcharitra and I hugged it and slept.

Normally any asthmatic patient, during an attack, can’t sleep or even lie down on bed. I had a peacefully sleep that night and was able to go to work the next day. What a miracle! My Baba is always with me standing by my side next to me always.

I don’t know what’s happening to me nowadays. But I feel Baba is speaking to me mentally. It makes feel really nice. I have experienced this and the feeling is just something, which I can’t be expressed in words. I love You Baba. You know about me very well. This is Your life. You can mould me how ever You want, whatever you do. I am happy just be with me, Baba.

My experiences with Baba

Sai Sister Usha ji from USA says: Dear Hetalji, This is the first time I am sharing my experiences of Baba’s miracles. Thank you very much for this wonderful blog. Please do not publish my e-mail ID. Please post my experience and I am sorry if it’s too long, but I want to share the miracles of Baba with all Saibaba Devotee.

I have total faith in Baba. Baba is everything for me. In 2000, I had some problem in my right eye. I woke up in the morning suddenly and there was a cloud like formation in front of my right eye. I started praying to Baba and got an appointment with an eye doctor. He took the entire test and could not find anything wrong in my eye. He asked me to go to an eye hospital and have my eye checked. The hospital was always crowded and I used to sit there and pray to Baba and Durga Matha to help me with my eye problem. I used to go there every day for a week and they couldn’t find any problem. I used to sit there a whole day praying and one day a doctor, who saw me coming everyday took me to a chief surgeon and he checked me and said the problem will go by itself. I prayed to Baba saying that please cure my problem and when I come to India will make Puran Poli as Prasad and bring it to Your Mandir as I did not know any Sairam temple in USA. Next day the cloudiness was gone. I was always thinking when I will be able to go to India to give the Prasad.

One day a lady came to my house and said that my husband asked her to handover some work papers as she couldn’t meet him in the office. I told her to wait as he was not back from work. We were talking and suddenly she mentioned that her house is next to Sairam temple. I was surprised as I used to live in the same place before moving and knew that there was only a Ganesha Mandir and not Sairam Mandir. She said there is a Saibaba Mandir next to Ganesha Mandir. She said she has to leave now as it is getting late. After she left, I realized that she did not leave any papers with me. I told my husband about the lady and he said he did not ask anybody to come and give the papers. Now I knew that Saibaba sent that lady to let me know that there was a Sairam Mandir and I could give the Prasad there. I had tears in my eyes and I made the Puran Poli and went to Sairam Temple and gave the Prasad.

Baba is always taking care of us. We should have total faith in Him. Please Baba always be with us. I have more experiences that I will share in my next post.

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  1. Nice Experiences all!. Usha Ji while reading yours one I feel vibrations and got tears my eyes. Sai is Great!

    Om Sai Ram

  2. SAI RAM

    Oh my god BABA…what beautiful experiences. A chill ran down my spine reading these blissful experiences……BABA has his own ways to reinforce SHRADDHA and SABURI in every person



  3. @Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Really Sai is Great. Usha ji, while reading your experience tears were fallen into my eyes. It was nobody except Sai Baba himself came to you to let you know where is Sai Temple nearby your home. OH SAI PLEASE BE WITH ALL OF US ALWAYS. LOVE YOU BABA… LOVE YOU SO MUCH. YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING AND YOU KNOW IT. JAI SAI RAM.

  4. Om sai ram to all. Experiences of devotees are all God's wishes to show them that sai is always with us in every secound of our life if we have full faith in him. Whenever we need him, he always come to his children's rescue like a mother. Sai and our relation is much more 'Pavitra' then mothers love for her child. It comes after that true love of Sai. God bless u all. Om sai ram Om sai ram

  5. Brother Avinash,

    This is the second time i am reading your experience because i always want to see Baba in my Dreams and when ever i encounter experiences with Baba appearing in Dreams iam so happy and thrilled. I dont think i will ever be lucky to see Baba in real, although Baba did appear to many Baba devotees.

    You are very luck that Baba appeared in your dreams which means your bad days are gone.

    I know how hard would have been your days, i also went through very similar stage while i was a student myself.

    Very happy that you are now doing well, bow to the holy feet of our Holy Father Shri Sai Ram.

    Jai Shiridi Sainath

  6. Tears started rolling down my eyes after reading our experience………….
    MY BABA IS GREAT>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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