A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 133

Today i am sharing two experiences in this post. The reason for doing so i that i found one of the experience already posted in June last year, so i had to omit it. Since our schedule for next ten days is ready, i did not want to disturb it by taking another experience in today’s post. Inconvenience caused is highly regretted. The experiences posted today are as always interesting to read and assimilate in our hearts.

Sai Baba Cured My Son’s Cough

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am Sai Devotee and we are currently living in USA. We have been Sai’s devotees for about 6 years now. We have experienced numerous experiences in these years and we have been very thankful to Baba for His blessings. I wanted to share a recent experience on this blog. Please do not disclose my name and email. I am very thankful to you for doing this wonderful Sai Seva.

My son got another occurrence of pneumonia this year. We were so worried and disappointed. He had cough for almost 2 weeks and it was not going away completely. He used to cough through the day and in the night also during his sleep. We were feeling really sad for him. I finally took him to the Doctor and they confirmed its pneumonia and they gave us antibiotics for 10 days. We gave the medicine for 3 days but still there was no sign of cough going down. I finally thought enough is enough and decided to give him the special medicine, which is our Baba’s UDI mixed with water. He drank that and slept in the afternoon. You won’t believe in his 3 hours of sleep he coughed only once (usually he would have coughed many times in his sleep). I felt so happy for him and Thanked Baba for the same. After that the cough started calming down and now he is getting normal.

Only thing we need is Faith in Him and have patience and Baba will take care of the rest. My son is still has some health issues and I am sure Baba will cure him completely. Thanks you so much Baba for blessing us and for being with us.

My Experience With Sai

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hetal Ji, Please don’t disclose my name. Thank you so much for your efforts to bring all the Sai children under one Sai’s roof. Your blog gives me lot of confidence that Sai is always around us. I am regular and silent visitor of your Blog. I used to read many articles about Baba’s miracle blessings.

I have many experiences as how Baba is talking care of me. Since I live all alone in USA, I know how I need somebody in life. I believe in Sai and depend on Him for everything in my life. My belief is that Baba is with me always where ever I go and whatever I do.

Since I am not married, I live alone in USA. Phone is very essential for me because that is the only contact for me to reach to anyone. Recently, I went to visit my brother and stayed with him for 8 days. The day before my travel, we went to shopping. When we were about to get into the car, my phone fell down and I did not notice that. My brother started the car and suddenly I heard a voice that my phone fell down. I asked my brother to stop the car and noticed the phone is right at the front wheels. If I didn’t notice it that moment, my phone might have crashed. I told my brother see how Baba helped me and thanked Baba.

Next day, I have to travel back. I noticed, at the last moment, that my flight has been preponed to 40 minutes. We were left with only an hour and still I was at home. By Baba grace, I could catch the flight. After I reached home, I was washing my face. My phone fell in the bath tub with full of water. My phone drowned in water and stopped working however I tried. I called my Brother he advised me to buy a new one. I prayed Baba for my negligence and requesting Him to make my phone working. My brother phone also fell in water and it stopped working. He has to replace with the new one. After 6 hours, my phone started working on its own.

This might be a small incident, but it gave me good confidence in Baba that He is with me. I told to my brother as how Baba is taking care of me, since He is much worried that I am not married. I am sure Baba will bring me my Husband. I want to Thank Baba for being with me all the time.


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Hetal Patil
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  1. Jai Sai Ram, my humble saluations to my holy father and my Hero "shiridi Sai Baba".

    Brother, your son will be definetly cured of pneumonia. my daughter had same and she was cured. Although she still coughs and i am treating her with baba udi along with medicines. I already posted my miracle and if baba permits you will see how baba rescued my daughter.

    Dear Sister, do not worry that your single, your soul mate is coming. he will definetly be a baba devotee.

    Baba will definetly help you, just leave it to our father.

    Please continue this prayers towards our beloved father and never forget Baba when your worries are gone.

    Jai Sairam. Hey Allah!

  2. Om sai ram!
    we can reach out to baba ..for anything whether it is a life threatning disease or a small instrument not working..call out for help and he is always there..in less than seconds..He just wants our love..
    Please give me the ability to be at your feet unconditionally always..Please give me the ability to hear and listen to only your leelas..my whole life to be surronded by you baba….thanks for everything…

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Anonymous devotee from USA, May Baba bless you with a very nice life partner soon.

    Take good care of your children Sai. We love you.

    Jai Sai.

  4. om sairam
    Jai sairam
    i completed my sai vrat on saturday 14th Jan 2012. i had an excellent darshan of baba.i was thrilled . i had gone to a temple along with my friend's family. i was supposed to go there on Sunday. But my sai called me on saturday. Had excellednt darshan. thank you Baba…. but till today no one came to collect the sugar candy… can some body please guide as to whether we can distribute it to sai mandir or wait for my sai.

    • even i was in same situation doesnt know what to do with the sugar…so iam daily putting some sugar to black ants…they are carried away by ants in seconds…

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