A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 132

As few devotees discussed in comment section of Sai Baba Cured My Daughter’s Leg – Anonymous Sai Devotee that now a days only one experience is posted and wish to read more experiences, today’s post consists of three experiences. We work on “First Come First Serve” basis, as you all know. If we receive lengthy experiences we post only one for the day. On the contrary if short and brief experiences are to be shared, we share three experiences at one go. This is the format we are following. In today’s post, while reading second experience for posting, i literally started crying like a kid. I am very much afraid of accidents and reading it made my fear come on surface. I remembered how i had to travel on my two wheeler with lightheadness all the time, due to low level of hemoglobin in my blood. Lord Sai Baba took full care of me and now i realise how He has been with me throughout. This small incident of posting experience made me realise Lord Sai Baba’s grace and care for me. I am feeling so lucky. The first experience narrates a devotees true feelings towards our Lord. The last one is also equally interesting.

Sai Baba’s Kripa Is Endless

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thanks to all, especially our Hetal ji, who gave us such a platform to write about our dearest Sai Babaji. Hetal ji, please don’t disclose my name and mail id. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I write my experience just to say thanks to my Babaji.

Jai Sai Ram Ji, I don’t know how to start writing about our Sad guru Sai Babaji. But still I don’t know when I came so much close to our Baba ji. There were so many ups and downs in my life, but still I go through it with strong will power. I don’t know from where I got so much strength. People around you always drag you down, but it is only God, who will help you to stand again and to face again the difficulties of life. In this way life goes on and on.

In my case, the situations are like that at once you feel that situations are improving and you started dreaming about the nice life ahead. But again you see the situations take reverse direction. It happens so many times. Now I stopped dreaming. It feels better to leave everything in His hand and felt very much relief. I don’t expect anything from others.

Previously my dearest one, who were so close to me and I too loved them so much, but in return they always hurt me. But now when I am in His fold, I can’t explain in words how the situations improved. Now I feel so much change in their behavior and they become so much loving and caring that even I don’t believe myself living in same world in which I’m living so many years of miserable life. Thanks to our dearest Father, who brings so many miracles in our life. I know our bonding is for next million of years. Now I and my Baba share such a relationship that we don’t need to say anything to each other. We can understand each other feeling without word.

Your‘s loving daughter

Baba Saved Me From A Drastic Accident

Sai Sister Aishwarya ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am happy to introduce myself. I love Baba like anything. He is my everything, my love life and my guru. Here, I am sharing an experience happened on 12th April 2011. This incidence helped me to gain faith on Sai more and more.

It was 12th day of April month. I am working for an MNC in Chennai. I needed to pass the OMR road to reach my office. I usually go to office by my bike. I am hardcore devotee of Sainath. That day morning, while going to office, I started feeling something bad. I don’t know how to say that feeling exactly. But something was disturbing me. Finally I overcame my thoughts and started saying Sainath’s prayer. And I forgot that bad feeling totally before reaching the office.

On the same day, in the evening, while returning home, this incident happened. I was riding my bike. I passed heavy traffic and fast vehicles in OMR road, which is an accident prone zone. And I was riding into a lane, which is a calm and lonely road. You neither find that much of people nor that much of vehicle. I was riding slowly, but all of sudden, I don’t even remember what happened that moment, my two wheeler got skit. In that speed, I and my scooter together were skating on the road. At the moment, I shouted “Sairam”. I was continuously saying, “Baba save me, Baba Sairam Sairam”. None other than that. I am unable to get up as I was lying under my scooter. A college going guy with his mom both came and removed the bike on me and helped me to getting up. When I took my head up, I saw a big orange color Sai photo in his bike and here come the real miracle. I was so happy after seeing Sainath. Somehow I got energy and I sat in the platform nearby. Few men gathered and asked me whether I can ride my scooter or they asked whether they can call somebody from my house as my whole feet and hands were bleeding severely. I didn’t want my parents to get panic. I said I can manage later that boy and his mother came to me and asked me where I should go. I said that I am living near Mylapore. What a blessing she and her son were also going to Sai temple in Mylapore and that was the first time they came through bike. Usually they go by train. After hearing, this I started crying badly. I was unable to control my tears. Then that lovely mother blessed me and asked me to smile and not to cry anymore. Sai is with you always. I was very happily riding my bike thought it was bleeding continuously. I didn’t bother. Both son and mom came along with me till Mylapore. I felt as Sainath itself coming with me in their form. If this incident could have happened in OMR. I might be in a fatal Injury. Baba somehow saved me from a great danger. Maybe it was my karma that should meet an accident. Somehow Sainath minimized the danger and even then He was with me standing by my side in all my bad times. He is with me always. Baba I love you like anything.

Sai Baba’s Miracle In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: OM SAIRAM, Sairam Hetal. Please post my experience with Baba. Please don’t reveal my name. Last week, I experienced Baba’s grace and want to share with you and all devotees, who visit your blog. You have made a wonderful Blog. Every day, I read devotees experience it further increase my faith in Baba. And also it gives strength to face situations.

My experience with Baba last week:

  • My mother was supposed to Travel to US (to my sister place, as my sister is carrying), so I took her for General Health Checkup. But in Blood test ESR count was high. And doctors suspected so many things and asked her to further undergo few more tests. I was very worried. But I know my Baba will never leave me. I started praying. Then doctor told us to do ESR Check after 1 week. And By Baba’s grace, it came down and was normal. Thanks to Baba.
  • One day before my mother leaving to US, I went to Baba temple. There was Subramanya Pooja was going on. Here in Sai spiritual center, they will allow devotees to participate in Pooja, where devotees are given God’s photo and bowl of rice. And they are supposed to do Archana with rice and photos while priest chants 1000 names of Subramanya. I wanted to participate to get Subramanya’s photo. Subramanya God is my Kuladeva and thought its auspicious sign to give to Mother, before she travels. So that her journey will be good. But, I didn’t have time as Pooja goes on for 1-2 hrs. But, suddenly one of the community members from temple called and started speaking to me. I was very happy. I asked him can I get photo. He gave me one photo and left. Inside in my heart, I wanted 2 photos as I wanted to give one to Mother and keep one for myself. But I could not ask him. Then thanking him, I came outside the temple and saw photo again and its 2 photos. I was on tears and Thanked Baba for these wonderful blessings.
  • When my mother about to leave to US, she was feeling very uncomfortable and low. Reason was that she was traveling alone for the first time and she has never traveled alone even in Bus here. Even I was very much worried for her. Her health got bit upset. After some time she told she is fine. Somehow I was tensed. And when she reached flight, I called her. Again she told she is feeling shivering and very uncomfortable again. I felt very helpless. That time my sister called my mother and told her to give cell phone to any person sitting next to her in flight, and there was doctor who was sitting next to her (see BABA’S Grace) on my mother. My sister talked to him. He said he will talk to my mother, she will be fine soon. We were very much relieved. Doctor started speaking to her. She was fine. But since it was more than a day journey (as my mother was going in connecting flight) to US, I was praying all the time and asking Baba to take care of her. I used to refer Sai Baba question and answer book. I got answer, “Do not think more. Have faith in guru. Everything will be alright then”. Book is so powerful, we can communicate with Baba. He gives answers though that. I usually refer, when I get problems and it works. And By Baba’s grace, my mother reached place safely. All thanks to Saideva.


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  1. Jai Sai Ram ji,
    Thanks Heatl ji for posting my experience (1st one) on thusday . I love E-book "Unleash Sai's blessings " very much . For the past two days continously I 'm listening Sai brother Ranaji bhajans on Sai Tere Hazaaron Naam site. I can't explain in words how much I've respect for you and Ranaji for such soul touching songs and experiences. I too love to be part of your team I know I 'm not that good soul as you people but still it is babaji grace I 'm in touch with you all.
    Sai Brother Ranan ji
    all songs are soul touching one cannot stop listening to them . I' m just become great fan of you all. Your Dar Dar Main to bhatak reha tha is fabalous.Your innocenous and pure feeling are reflectng in your songs

    Sai loving daughter Renu Arora

  2. @Monika

    Jai Sai Ram to all.
    For Ist Post : I think this post for me. same situation is with me now a days. when i think every thing is going now very smooth, then suddenly it goes again on reverse direction. but now i stopped thinking about when will my good days come, i leave now everything in his hand. whatever he will do that will good for me.
    For 2nd Post : Very nice to read your experience. It brought tears in my eyes while reading the experience. Its true baba was definitely with you at that time and saved you from big injuries. Have faith on him always.
    For 3rd post : I think this post was published earlier also. Thanks for sharing again.

  3. Aishwaryaji thnx for sharing ur experience ,it was really touchy,may Baba bless all his devotees always, like in ur case Lord did.

  4. right wrong …good bad ….all part of our journey still lot to be thankful to god although sometimes when there is so much negative we wonder …… om sai ram om sai ram

  5. Aishwaryaji..what a wonderful experience.it brought tears to my eyes too.once we surrender to Baba, He's always with us..Baba is so kind..May God bless you always..Jai Sairam

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Please be with me and my family and all devotees in this world forever.


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