Sai Baba Takes Our Pains On Himself – Sai Devotee Supriya

Lord Sai is the foremost care taker of all. When He was in flesh and blood, we saw Him taking pains of His devotee on Himself, now also He is doing the same. Please read on below experience of Sai Sister Supriya which proves this. The experience does not reveal what calamity did Lord Sai take on Himself for His devotee, but yes you can share your views as usual through comments in section below the post.

Sai Sister Supriya from India says: Jai Sai Ram Hetal ji, My name is Supriya. I have already posted a few of Baba’s Leelas (read from here), which have happened in my life on your blog. Thanks again for this wonderful platform. It surely gives a lot of strength and support in times of need. Thank you so much. Please do not publish my email address. Sorry for making it too long!

I have witnessed many Leelas of Baba in past 3 years that I have really worshiped Him, loved Him with all my heart. Prior to that, I did pray to Him, but it was only for the sake of praying. I respected Him, but I always thought how a human can be God, but He really is God for me now. Please forgive me for thinking so Baba. I do not know any other God and have left my life in Your hands.

This is something that happened with me in Dec 2010. I bought the first Moorti of Baba and brought it in our house in June 2008. I kept it on the table right in front of me, so that He can see me and I can see Him all the time. I started praying to that small statue. Then one day, I decided to give up rice and started offering Khichdi as Naivedya to Baba. Thus, slowly slowly my faith grew and I started doing things for Him. I used to take Him to the nearest Temple for holy bath at times, make clothes for Him, talk to Him and speak my heart out to Him. In Dec 2009, I started knitting a small handkerchief size piece for Him, so that I can make Him wear that as it was really getting cold with each passing day. I started knitting in the first week of December and it would have only taken a day or 2 for me to complete it. But for some reason or the other, I could not. It was 25th Dec 2009, Christmas Day and I did not feel like going out anywhere. I was at home and so thought of completing that small shawl for Baba. I was making it in Reddish Maroon color. I finished it by evening and somehow felt that it was incomplete. I should either make a small lace border around it or do some embroidery. I finally decided to make a small crotchet lace and started looking for some wool in the house. I had quite a few, but none of them looked as good as white. So I made the lace with white without thinking anything. When it was complete, I made Baba wear it. It really looked nice and He was glowing and then I realized that it was Christmas Day and Baba was looking as if Santa Claus has come to bless us on Christmas and fulfill our desires. I had never planned it this way and it really brought tears in my eyes. I thanked Him with all my heart. Meanwhile, I had also brought another small statue of Baba from Shirdi and both of them were placed next to each other and I used to worship both of these.

In first week of December 2010, i.e. the very next year, a very strange thing happened. I did not pray for a few days. I do not remember the exact reason, but I suppose the only reason could have been was I was going through my monthly cycle and so did not offer any Naivedya to Baba. I guess my sister did. Anyways, I still remember, it was a Wednesday and I offered rice/Khichdi to Baba and I just felt that the old Moorti looked very pale. It looked as if someone had sucked the whole life out of it, like if you suck out the blood from somebody. I just looked at Him and asked Baba, why do you look so? Are you fine? Then I thought maybe it had fallen and so I checked with my father, sister and our maid that if the Moorti had fallen by mistake and everybody said no. Of course no one would lie in such a case. Nevertheless, I went to work. Similarly on Thursday and Friday, it looked even more worse. I could really see Baba’s face shrink and the Moorti was becoming even more pale (sort of blue) and I was really not able to make out why. Anyways, I prayed as usual and went to work. I guess may be in my hurry to leave for my work, I just could not see His pain. Please forgive me Baba. On Saturday, while I was offering Naivedya, it still looked lifeless, in pain and blue like a person without blood. I was really worried because I somehow always felt He was looking at me through that Moorti and it never looked so. I thought, maybe it is winters and He is feeling cold. I asked Him, Baba are You feeling cold? Why do You look so? I thought I will make Him wear a Shawl or something. It was only a small hand size Moorti and so I picked it up and it felt much lighter than it always did. I removed the clothing on it and the foot of the Moorti was completely broken, as if it had been chopped off. I was so scared and worried seeing that. I started crying thinking that He was trying to show His pain and I did not see it. Some mis-happening, that was probably, coming to one of us. Did He take upon himself? I ran to my father who was luckily at home, as I just did not know what to do. He saw that I was disturbed and in tears and reassured that Baba took our troubles upon Himself. We then took the Moorti to Yamuna ji and immersed it there. I just did not feel like letting go off it.

I can never forget that look, that feeling of pain I saw in His face and I was just cursing myself as to why did I not see it. I do seek forgiveness for this ignorance Baba. I know one Panditji in Shirdi and I had befriended the lady of their house. Luckily after many months, that very night I got a call from her. I spoke to the Panditji and told him about this and he reassured that it was Ok and generally these Moortis are not made from marble, but from plaster of Paris and wax and may be because of winter it had started contracting and thus the Moorti broke. But the fashion in which it broke, Nevertheless I got one more Moorti of Baba. I could have both the Moorti’s like before.

I am a very dumb devotee You have Baba, who keeps questioning You, keeps faltering between faith and mistrust. But all I know is that You are life for me. I always try to make You happy. I am always thinking of things that I can do for You, so that You smile, when You see me and hold me and make this path of life easier.

I am sure He is looking at me every moment and He does have plans for me. But I do get scared of the test sometimes. I just pray Baba that You help me, hold on and fulfill Your words soon. I will share many more experiences soon, as and when He asks me too. Thanks and Jai Sai Ram!!

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  1. Jai sai ram!
    Baba definitely took a mishappening away..
    which you and devotees like me can never understand, the fact that he is ever pervading is so obvious from this…
    I could relate to it very well, I am a similar devotee..i keep talking going between faith and mistrust …love and fight with him…Hetal jee you are doing great work…baba will bless you always..

  2. Hetal ji, I hope you are doing fine now…We all ask Baba to keep you healthy and happy so that we keep getting our daily dose of Baba's leelas…I am sure he will take care of you…as for this Leela…as I said nothing happened at all…nothing that would have caused physical pain to anyone of us…simply because Baba took it upon himself :)…Thank you Baba..Jai Sai ram

  3. u r very blessed supriya that baba gave u so much bhakti and shardha.I want to love baba with all my heart but wen i read experiences of devotees who expressed their feelings so beautifully i feel ashamed and think "kya mujhe baba ki bhakat kehlane ka hakk hai?""kya main baba se in sabki tarah piyaar karti hun?".den i feel strange and ask baba every time to give me his bhakti.I hv to clear one exam to lodge my PR in overseas.i hv tried but cud not make i had a day off from work so i decided to go and book d date for the test.usually i never noticed any small details but today wen i entered in d building.I was looking at the information board that which level office is?i found "sai global" and "sai properties" on the board.i dont know why but i smiled and something made me happy.actually yesterday i read about the experience where a sai devotees said that he saw photo of sai baba at airport and then in d office where he went for interview and thought baba is welcoming him.somehow that thought came to my mind that baba ji will help me this time and this is a sign of that,he is saying everything will be good.babaji plz help me.i tried i lot but m not capable enough to clear it by my own so plz plz help u baba.

  4. Hi Supriya,
    You have so much love towards Baba , you consider him as your family which Baba will definitely adore you and bless always. I am sure about myself, am not that good devotee after learning your wonderful love and affection towards him. I remember in one chapter of Satcharita that Baba was happy to see a lady get him naivedya and he accepts it immediately without touching other food showing us that he loves those who offer him first before having it…. Which is the same devotion you to have. Baba loves you and he must have taken some big calamity himself. I would salute your devotion and his love it's so nice to hear and tears rolled down when I read your story.
    Om Sairam


  6. very heart tochiy experience of supriya Ji. Its realy true that Baba take our pains on him. Simlar incident happenned with me last week. On 25th november I was reading one cheapter of Sri Sai Satcharita in evening (as my daily routine). After finishin that I thaught too do Meditation. Actually I dont know its procedure. I took small statue of Sai baba from my temple and keot it on the table in front of me and was looking at Him and trying to do consontrate and then I close my eyes to meditate. Suddenly my eight years son who is very naughty came in anger as he was quareling with his sister, took that statue and threw it. My daughter who is eleven years old started shouting & I opened my eyes in surprise to see what was happening. I saw the statue took three four jumps/round and my daughter hold it quickly but it was on Sofa, lying in the same room not on floor. I told my daughter that somebody of out house is in danger and Baba has taken our pains on Him. I was little depressed for next two days and prayed bab please help my husband and both my kinds & save then=m from any calamity. On 27th Nov. night we went to attnd a marrige function and when we were coming back to our house (On motorbike) a car came and hitted our bike from back and our bike was slipping (Took a bent like it is going to slip) and as I saw the car is coming to hit us as I was at last seat, I was shocked and sacred and fell down from the bike. even my husband manage to control the bike and save him and our both kids also but as i was shocked and lost my conciousness and fell down from bike on the road. As I wished earlier to sai Baba plaze save my husband and my kids baba did so and also I realized He took my pains on Him Because i was fell down and took three-four twists/round on the road (like Baba's statue on 25th Evening) still I took a wound on my left knee while it could be a big accident, i could get fracture or Head injury or any other serious damage but Baba save me from a big calamity. Baba took my pain on Him Baba is really great he always save his devotees and save them fronm big calamities. OM SAI RAM

  7. Dear Supriya, This was simply put a very touching experience— really goes straight to the heart. You are such a loving simple devotee, I wish I could become that one day. I am working towards it with lots of help from Baba as always.

  8. Dear supriya ji,

    You have such a beautiful devotion towards babaji. you inspired me even more and i hope i can increase my devotion as much as you do. may god bless you and give you all the happiness that your heart desires.

    baba please increase my devotion also baba. I love you so much but there are also times i prioritize other things and i feel ashamed of it. please baba please keep reminding me of your presense and bless me with your divine hand to increase my devotion to you my baba.

    may my beautiful baba get all the things that my baba wishes for. I love you baba.

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