Sai Baba Came To Our Home In UK – Sai Devotee Kranthi

Smallest of smallest desires of devotees are fulfilled by Lord Sai Baba and taken care of. Then why He would not consider a devotee’s wish to go to her home. See below how this wish of Sai Sister Kranthi ji is granted and blessed.

Sai Sister Kranthi ji from UK says: Om Sairam, Hetal ji, How are you? Thank you very much for all your hard work in maintaining the site, and posting the devotees experiences. Reading the experiences gives a lot of positive energy in life and strength to overcome any difficulties. I am posting one of my recent experiences. Baba came to our home in UK. I thought to post it in the site, but I didn’t know where to upload the photos. So I am mailing it directly to you with the photos. Kindly post my experience along with the photos.

Through the below incident we came to know that BABA fulfills the wishes of His devotees at any cost. Baba made our dream come true.

I, my husband and even my daughter believe in BABA and love Baba more than anything. Until 2008, there was no Baba’s temple here in UK. We were missing Baba’s temple over here. In January 2010, a separate temple for Baba was started in London. My happiness had no bounds as that temple is like Shirdi for us. The organization is called SHITAL (Shirdi Temple Association of London).

From then onwards, SHITAL conducts Bhajans and Arathi in different places in UK, by taking Baba’s idol, Prasad etc. Unfortunately, we stay 2 1/2 hrs journey from London, and our place is not one of those places that SHITAL goes to.

In May 2011, my family had a wonderful opportunity of attending one such Baba evening withBhajans and Arathi in Milton Keynes, when we visited our friends in that place. It was evening 6PM, and we were so excited to attend the Bhajan for the first time. When we entered into the hall, we have seen Baba’s idol in the middle, and the singer and musicians in one corner. All the Bhajans, we heard that day, were our favorite songs. We couldn’t believe that we will get a chance like that to attend the Bhajans.

“Thoda Dhyaan lagaa…”, “Everybody loves Sai…”, “Mere ghar ke aage sainath…” and many more beautiful Bhajans, and the voice of the singer is so mesmerizing that, we felt Baba’s presence on that day. I couldn’t stop tears coming out of my eyes. I thanked Baba many times in my heart for making us a part of the Bhajans that day. But I even felt bad that no such Bhajans are possible in our place. With full devotion, that day I asked Baba only one thing to come to our place Bourenmouth one day. I didn’t know whether it will happen or not, but I prayed whole heartedly for such event in Bournemouth.

One of my favourite bhajan, “Kutiya mein mere aana, aana re.. aanare… hum ridhan ke tum dhan Baba…” was missing on that day, I thought to go and request the singer for the same, but I couldn’t dare to do that. Finally we couldn’t even talk to the singer. We returned home with happiness and a wish, asking Baba to come to Bournemouth.

After that day, we requested SHITAL many times through mails and calls, to come to Bournemouth and conduct Bhajans and Arathi as there are many Sai devotees over here too. But as it was far from the London temple, they said they can’t make it. We were very disappointed and left it.

Every Wednesday, I clean the entire house, for the Pooja on Thursday as I feel that Baba will come home and the house should be neat and tidy. This I had been doing from almost 4 years. I always sing my favorite Bhajan mentioned above, “Kutiya mein mere aana”, the meaning is like, Baba please come to my home. You are our treasure. I tidy up the home for You to come. You will find all love in our home. I always wanted Baba to come home in some form.

We left all about SHITAL coming to Bournemouth on Baba. We thought of contacting the singer directly and ask him if he could come to Bournemouth and sing the Bhajans. At least, in that way, our lust of Baba coming to Bournemouth will be satisfied. We could get the singer phone number through one of our friends, and I called him on 1st August. He is so kind that I got a positive reply from him. We were so happy that he had accepted to come to Bournemouth and conduct the Bhajans. From that day onwards, we were working on the date. At last, 17th September was decided for the event. We, along with the help of our few of our friends, started working on organizing the event. We booked the hall, divided the preparation of Prasad, decoration etc. But we were not sure how many people would come and attend. Initially we were expecting around 40. Then we prepared a leaflet/Pamphlet (attached with this mail) and started distributing in the shops, in my husband’s office to all the desis. After that, we expected around 60 people. We were happy as the number of people was increasing. We thought we should also take very big Baba photo print out to keep in the hall with Diyas. We couldn’t success in that work somehow. There were lots of discussions on which photo, how to get the print, how to make it big etc. And we finally dropped the idea of Baba’s photo. Baba had something else in His mind. So He didn’t make our plan of photo successful.

On 12th September, I got a call from SHITAL itself, asking us if we needed any help for organizing the event. We said everything going on fine. I just asked them to send few Sai Satcharitra, if possible. Then again, I got a call on 14th September, with a very GOOD news that SHITAL will be coming on the event with Baba’s idol to Bournemouth. Hurray!! My joy knew no bounds after hearing that. Then we came to know why Baba didn’t make our photo plan successful, because He Himself was coming. Meanwhile, the singer was so co-operative and so understanding, that he became my very close friend now. His wife was expecting and she was in 7th month. She had some health issues and he had to admit her in the hospital. But all the time, he was telling me not to worry, whatever happens, he will make sure that the event will be successful and that Baba will take care of his wife and the kid.

So finally, SHITAL was bringing Baba’s idol on the day of the event. The event was scheduled for 3 PM to 7 PM. SHITAL told me that they will come around 12 PM in the bus. Then I asked them where they will keep the Baba’s idol, as some volunteers wanted to visit the beach in our place. They told that idol will be in the bus itself. Then I said why you can’t bring the idol to our home. But they refused saying Baba’s idol is never taken to anyone’s home. I said ok, Baba is coming to Bournemouth. That is more than enough for us, and Baba coming to my home is purely His will.

We were busy in making preparations. We made even a garland for Baba, to give to the priest in the hall. At 1 PM, I got the call from SHITAL, who was in the beach already, saying Baba cannot be kept in the bus all the time, what shall we do? Then they said, we are bringing Baba to your home. It was such GREAT news for us, that my dream was coming true. Then the priest brought Baba’s idol home. We all were very happy and welcomed Baba with flowers and then put the garland made by us in our home. It was never expected. Baba made my wish come true in such a way that our family can never ever forget that wonderful day. We did small Arathi ‘Shirdi Majhe Pandaripura’ to Baba. All of us held Baba up to our hearts satisfaction. Then Baba’s idol was taken to the hall and we had amazing Bhajans and Arathi in the hall with more than 100 people attended the event. I am attaching the Baba’s photo with the mail. The big idol came from temple, and all the other photos that can be seen in the photo are in our Pooja room.

From that day onwards, we are celebrating 17th of every month. Today I promised to Baba that I will post this miracle today 17th of November. Baba, please excuse me for making it delay and posting the greatest miracle in my life so late, after 2 months. But I am also thankful to Baba, for making me write this mail today.

Thank you Baba very much, “Kutiya mein mere aane ke liye aur kushiya laane ke liye” (“for coming my home and bringing happiness”). May Baba bless everybody.

Thank you very much,


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  1. Very beautiful experience. One can see that when a devotee calls baba with all his heart Baba responds with his blessings…

    You are so blessed dear to have Baba in your home…

  2. could feel your love towards baba in your post. keep loving him like that and remember he loves us more than we love anyway its win-win for you..

    Om Sai Ram ji..

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    You are blessed Kranthi Ji. Baba is very sweet and he does respond to the tiniest of our desires and indeed fulfills them at the right time.

    I love Baba's Bhajans and Aarti's and Baba has given me the opportunity to sing in his Temple here in Bangalore, every Thursday. Thanks a lot Dearest Sai !! I sing to my hearts content and pray that Baba gives me more such opportunities to sing often.

    May Sai Deva bless us all always.

    Jai Sai.

  4. Very touchy experience …tears rolled into my eyes ,wish i too could have a devotion like you …u r really lucky.May lord Sai bless us all.Thnx for sharing this.Om Sai Ram.

  5. Dear Kranthi,
    i must say you and your family are so lucky to have our great Baba ji visiting your home.May all your good wishes be fulfilled by the blessings of Sai.

    om sai ram

  6. Jai Sai Ram,
    Extermely beautiful experience . really I felt very happy after reading this . It make my day. This experience shows us that any thing can be possible if we ask our babaji with pure love and devotion.Ms. Kranthi you very lucky that babaji came to house.

  7. Wondersful exp.May baba bless us like u…U r so much blessed by baba.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    Wonderful Experience.
    BABA Please come to our house BABA.Please Baba.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    BABA Please excuse my mistakes ,my husband mistakes and my son mistakes BABA.

  9. Jai Sairam

    Baba jaise aap sabko khush kar dete hain waise hi aap mere jeevan main khushiyan la de , aapko maalum hai ki main kaya chahti hoon ,
    Baba , i really want to get my true happiness by your grace and i am sure you will make me happy by giving me my love back in my life

  10. Dear Sai Devotee Kranthi ji,
    Very happy to read your posting. Amazingly all your wishes were granted! May you remain blessed ever.
    Jai Sai Ram.

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