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An anonymous Sai sister has shared her Shirdi experience in today’ post. It goes on generating interest in reader as he advances.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sairam Hetalji, I tried to post my experience through your blog but looks like the link is not working, that’s why I am posting through email. I am sorry Hetalji for the inconvenience. I attached a nice picture of Baba. Please share the photo of Baba along with my experience. Below is my experience.

I am very glad that I came to know about this blog and able to share my experiences with Sai. Hetalji please post my experience with our Sai. Earlier I posted few of my experiences in your blog. You are doing great work Hetalji. Baba’s blessings will always be with you. Please do not disclose my email id and my name. I want to be anonymous devotee Baba.

Baba, I am extremely sorry Baba for the delay in posting my experience with you. Baba reminded me that it is time to share my experience.

I am currently residing in USA. We went to India 2 months back and I was able to go to Shirdi along with my parents and my kid. In India, we had very nice time with our family members and relatives. I started my 9 Thursday vrat, when I was in US and Baba blessed me so that my last Thursday of vrat will be at Shirdi. It happened. I am very happy that Baba gave me this wonderful opportunity. Actually my husband couldn’t come to Shirdi because of his office work. So I and my kid went to Shirdi along with my parents. We got the tickets and we started our trip on Tuesday, so that we can stay at Shirdi on Thursday.

We reached Shirdi on Wednesday afternoon. We took bath and all and went to Sai. There we had wonderful Darshan. I thought it’ll be nice if I get a flower from Baba. As we were in hurry we couldn’t take flowers to Baba. But Baba gave me flower bunch and a nice blue cloth which was at His feet. He gave me these through priest. I kept that cloth in my pooja room. I was so happy that Baba listened to my prayers and gave me not only flowers and also a cloth from His feet. Then we went to Dhoop Aarti in the evening. We had very nice Aarti and we went to Dwarakamai. Last time, when I went to Shirdi, I couldn’t go inside Dwarakamai as it was closed. I was so sad about that last time. This time, Baba blessed me to go inside Dwarakamai and I was again very happy to touch the Dwarakamai steps and to go inside Dwarakamai. Later we went to Chavadi and Maruthi temple and Nanavaliji Samadhi and other Sai devotee Samadhis, Dattatrya Swami temple, Gurusthan and all. Later we went to room and had dinner and slept.

Next day, it was Thursday and it was my last day of 9 Thursday vrat. I was so excited about this. So I got up early and I bought yellow flowers for Baba and as we have relatives at Shirdi I performed Sai Pooja at their house and read Sai vrat story and came to temple. My relatives helped a lot. I am very thankful to them. But because of few things we didn’t go to Baba Darshan in Samadhi Mandir in the morning. I went to Gurusthan again and we bought food parcels for few people and I gave those to the poor people in front of Maruthi Mandir. It was so nice to do Annadana at Shirdi. Later, as I was fasting, I went to room and had some fruit and took some rest. My parents and my kid were sleeping, but I couldn’t sleep because I want to go to temple and I felt I am missing something. So I went to Dwarakami and had wonderful Baba Darshan at Dwarakamai and took Baba Prasad and came back to the room. Later in the evening, we were in hurry that’s why my parents said let us finish dinner and then we’ll go for Baba Darshan. I said ok as I already had Baba Darshan at Dwarakamai. We had dinner at a restaurant. Actually, we thought that we’ll have some light breakfast. But usually, I eat heavy dinner (rice) in the night every Thursday as I would be fasting in the morning. But when my parents said we’ll have breakfast I said ok. But Baba doesn’t want me to miss my dinner with rice. So He made us to go to a restaurant somehow and He made me to eat heavy dinner with rice. I was so happy as Baba is taking care of me in each and every thing. Later after dinner, we took nice roses bunch for Baba and had wonderful Baba Darshan again. As it was Thursday, we thought it may take more time to stand in the queue. But by Baba’s blessings, we finished our Darshan within 15 minutes. Later, we came to attend Pallaki Utsav. The crowd was huge. I was so excited that we were attending Pallaki Utsav. But because of crowd and all, we couldn’t sit in the front and see the Utsav, but we did bhajan and I felt the presence of Baba there in the form of a mad man. Everyone was afraid of that mad man. But I felt Baba came in the form of Him. I was so glad for Him. Then we saw Pallaki, while going to Chavadi. And after the Utsav, we did little shopping and went to room and I read Sai Satcharitra at room and slept.

Next day, we went to Shani Shinganapur and had nice Darshan of Shani Maharaj and came back. While going in the auto, they played nice Baba songs. I enjoyed a lot listening to nice Baba songs early in the morning. Later we came to room and we had dinner and we went to have Darshan of Baba once before we leave Shirdi. We had wonderful Darshan again and Baba was in white dress and He is so cute. Actually we couldn’t touch Baba Samadhi and Padukas as they closed with glass doors. But by the time, all of us reach there they removed those glass doors and again Baba blessed us to touch His Padukas and Samadhi before we leave Shirdi. We were so happy and touched His Samadhi and Padukas and I made my son to keep his head on Baba feet and saw Baba once again and came out happily. Because He blessed us with very nice Darshan this time, I was so happy. Actually it is very good to put Dhoop in front of Gurusthan in the fire on Thursday and Friday. I thought before going to Shirdi I’ll do this. But somehow, I forgot it on Thursday and I remembered it on Friday in the last minute, when we were in temple. My parents were saying we are already late and we’ll miss the train. I was worried about this. Then when we went to Gurusthan, there I saw a man selling the packets of Dhoop exactly in front of Gurusthan. We were so happy and bought those packets and put in the fire in front of Gurusthan. Till now, we didn’t see anyone inside temple selling things. Baba took care of me in each and everything so that I can fulfill all my wishes and I go back happily this time as I was sad in my last visit to Shirdi. He is so kind to His devotees. Later we went to Guru Deep and Datta temple and went back to room and took our luggage and went to Railway station.

There was a huge crowd again. Somehow, we got into the train and got seated in our places. A saint came, who was exactly dressed as Baba with Baba’s photo in His hand and I felt Baba came once again to give me Darshan. He was not asking money to anyone. He was simply passing by. I am sure that it was Baba again. I love you Baba. Thank you so much Baba. I had so many miracles of Baba in my life and I am posting all of them regularly in this blog. Baba I am sorry for delay in posting this experience. I started 9 Thursday vrat again by Baba grace. Baba fulfilled my wish after one week I started vrat last time. This time I was waiting for His blessings to fulfill my wish. I am sure that He has His own plans for me. I completely surrendered myself to Baba. It is His wish to do anything with me and my family. I love you so much Baba. I am completely spending my life now with spiritual things and trying to follow His path. Baba told me to read Ramayana. I asked him through Baba questions and answers book. He said to me read Ramayana. I started listening to Ramayana and now I am a devotee of Rama as well. Anyhow all of us know that Baba is none other than Rama, Shiva and Baba is everything to us. Earlier, I was not that much attached to Rama. Now after knowing His greatness, I am more attached to Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanumanji. Listening to Ramayana changed my life. I am learning so many things in life, like how to deal with others, how to talk with others, how to lead life. Ramayana teaches everything. This Ramayana discourse was given by Chaganti Koteswararaogaru in Telugu. As I am from Andhra, I am listening in Telugu. I am sure that we can find Ramayana audio in any language. But I request all telugu devotees to listen to Ramayana by Chaganti Koteswararaogaru. He gave this discourse about Ramayana amazingly. I cannot express it in words because I am not so good in expressing in English. It changed my life so you can imagine how His discourse is. While doing your daily work at home you can listen. It’ll definitely change your life style. Below is the link to the Ramayana by Chaganti Koteswararaogaru in Telugu:

If you google you can find few more of His sites. He has also given discourses of Guru Charitra, Mahabharata, Bhagavadgita, about our Baba and He gave so many other great discourses. You can find those here:

Thank you Baba for letting me know about Ramayana. And I always pray Baba to be with me always and please help me and my family to lead our life in your path. I surrendered to you Baba completely.

This time we didn’t expect that we’ll get visa but It happened to us to go to visa interview on Thursday and Baba gave visa to us. Baba is the one who is doing all this. Thank you Baba, I am your kid Baba. Please be with me and my family always.

Please excuse me Hetalji for any mistakes in my post and sorry for the long post. Thank you once again for giving us this great opportunity to share our experiences with Sai through this wonderful blog of Baba.

Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Ki Beti

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  1. Dear anonymous ji, thank you so much for sharing your experiences in with baba in shiridi.
    Baba is really kind..he knows when to give and what to give..he guards us..he takes care of us..he fulfills our wishes without even asking him..that mad man you talked about is our BABA..and the one who came in the train was also our are so lucky.
    Akhilanda koti bramhanda nayaka rajadhi raja yogi raja parabramha sri sachitananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki JAI
    One among millions of lovers of BABA.


  3. SAIRAMA!!!please save my job sairama.
    I dont want to loose job.please sairama save me from this are my only hope.please save me sairama!!!

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