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Following experience is of Sai brother from USA. It is never known when Lord Sai Baba takes His devotee in His fold. Once it is realised then the path of devotion becomes easy as well as difficult situations spur up to strengthen our faith. Lord Sai Baba has said that treading path of spirituality is like walking on edge of blade. It is true and one can certainly understand once he steps forward. Fort he time being let’s read on the experience.

Anonymous devotee from USA says: Dear Hetalji, Please keep my name, email as Anonymous.

You are doing a wonderful job with this Website. I am a silent visitor of this website. I just want to share my experiences with everyone in my life. Please find below my experience and sorry for the Lengthy one. I am just making an attempt to bring out that God always listens to our Prayers when we call him with Devotion.

Right from my child hood I am a Devotee of Lord Balaji. In my Intermediate I was very much worried about my Engineering seat so i used to pray him with lot Devotion. One day he came in a dream and told that I will be getting an Engineering Seat in a college I prefer. I asked him to give moksham, he said that it is possible in next re-incarnation. So I was very happy.

As Lord Balaji said I got an engineering seat in a college which I was aiming at. But due to my recklessness in studies I got second class marks in my Engg. I felt ashamed and wanted to recover myself, so I joined embedded system training which gave Job assurance. During my Embedded system course I used to work hard and pray to Lord Balaji to get me a good job. One early morning an Old man with white beard who has got good attractive face came in my dream and asked to leave the Job trials and go home to take a job. I told him that I don’t have any job, then he looked at me and left. Then immediately I woke up and felt that he is none other than Saibaba. After that, I remembered an opportunity which my father’s friend has offered me. But as I was not interested in it, I ignored it.

I was really shocked to find that when i prayed Lord Balaji, Why Saibaba came in my Dream. So I understood that whether you pray to Balaji, Eshwar, Allah or Jesus will be one and the Same as worshiping our SadGuru Saibaba. He himself says in Shri Sai Satcharitra that i am the three form Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Eshwar. I worship him as the form of three gods.

I struggled a lot for 1 and half year to get a job. After getting a job I fell in Love with a girl.I proposed her and made her to accept me. But she is a very sensitive girl. Both of us tried for MNC’s and got good jobs. I prayed to Baba that if I get good job, I shall surrender myself to him throughout my life time and keep trying for Moksham. Meanwhile I got a good job in an MNC. My girlfriend and myself told in our home about our love. My parent’s health was not good and they were completely against it. So I left her. And as I promised Baba that I shall surrender him I started going through Internet about Saibaba, watched the Serials Sai Bhakton ki Sachi kahaniya. I came to know about the Sai Satcharitra. As I did not have enough time to read the book I heard the audio of the Book. On Sixth day Saibaba has come in my dream with a bag and abaya hastam and told to read the Devotional books like Bhagavadgita, Ramayanam, Bagavatam. Due to his grace I was able to go through all the Devotional books. I could only hear to the audios of those books. I heard and read about many sages. I am really happy to get a chance to know all these things in my Life time. Still I don’t know what to do about my marriage. After reading the Ramayanam, I decided to follow Lord Rama. So I accepted to my parents wish and got married to a girl chosen by them.

Recently I visited Shirdi, I wanted to have a message from him to overcome all 5 senses. He came in a dream and said that he has 10 Saibaba idols take 5 of them. Then I realized that I should always feel him in all my senses in whatever I do.

Saibaba has helped many number of times in my office and personal life which i am not able to POST here. I just posted only the main things.

Finally I want to give a message to everyone, nowadays it’s very common to fall in love. Many Love stories fail and some goes for success. Please don’t sacrifice your life for love or Keep your life in trouble. We come to this world as one and will be leaving as one. Everything that is happening here is maya. We need to come out of this maya and realize the truth that there is only one thing that is PARAMATMA. We all need to work for that. Om Sai Ram. With Saibaba blessings everyone shall go in a right path and reach him.

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  1. Om Sai Ram,

    Such wonderful experiences felt by our Sai brother. What you have said is so true. We come in the world as one and leave the world alone. Still, we get ourselves entangled in the world due to Maya.

    May Sai bless all his children and everyone be happy.

    Baba please bless us all.

  2. sai brother did u ever realize the hurt you might have cause to your girlfriend….you tweaked the message of ramayana to suit your convenience….rama never left sita.. inspite of all odds…you could have convinced your parents…

  3. I too absolutlly agree…because I have also gone thru the same situation…my boyfriend only wanted to marry me but his parents dint agree bcoz of my kundli problem…i am completely shatterd…its very difficult to come out of the thing when u have given evrythng to save the relationship…getting married to another girl even if you love someone is a very FOOLISH N STUPID thing to do….u hv very badly hurted that girl….maybe she loved u alot ..but whatever

  4. Dear Sai Devotee from USA, I agree with other two's opinion. While I was reading and came upto the point you tried to follow Rama, I imagined you were to get married to your loved one, and that was not you did! Yes, you conveniently twisted the fact and let the loved one's heart break.
    Well, now married to someone else other than your first love, please do not break your life partner's heart by keeping your 1st love in your heart and pretending you love your wife.
    May your 1st love finds a suitable, loving and faithful life partner.
    Your following your parents' wishes is also a good thing but should have considered having them understand your heart's commitment to them.
    May you find your future with correct decisions in life guided by BABA that you never regret.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  5. My name is Mrs. Rajulamma, My Shiridi Sai baba is GREAT , he is supreme. i had great experience with my lord , my father , my sadguru. in my life he saved me every day … i love my baba i love him so much ……..

  6. Every person has a unique situation and its true that Janm Mrityu Vivah all are destiny ,but i also would like to ask for all those guy who fall in love without parents concern and at the time of marriage they create all such situation …parents agree n job n career n bla bla bla.My sister in law who is very nice,responsible,kind hearted n caring had affair from ten years with a classmate.The guy after all hollow promises married somewhere else.My sis still single n broken down totally.Her faith has been broken for all relations……so just wanted to say its fine if u cant marry but make the things clear at the time u start the relation…n once start keep others trust.IF U CANT LOVE A HUMAN U CANT LOVE GOD.

  7. My name is Mrs. Rajulamma ( Nursing Lecturer ). here i am sharing my Baba great miracle to me &my family . at the month of September we gone to Shiridi that was the first time for me going to shiridi, we stayed in shiridi 3 days that 3 days were great experience for me and my husband . here i am sharing one of Babas great miracle .
    on 26th sept. we have gone for Babas Darshan , it was full rush and the security were not allowed us to give things what ever i have taken for baba . they were sending fast fastly and i have taken Chocolates for baba but they not allowed me to keep that Chocolates on baba samadi …. and we came out i feel so bad , and i was about to cry exactly that time one person come to me and he asked what happen then, my husband said that , she taken Chocolates for baba she loves him so much , but they not allowed her to keep that chocolates to baba . then immedtely that person taken that Chocolates and he allowed me to go once again to line and he said to keep that Chocolates on samamdi . i kept then he asked me now you are happy with smile . really i feel that baba only came to me and taken my token of love .. i love him so much


  9. JAI SAIRAM Anonymousji,
    Surrender completely at Baba's feet and tell him to do with you whatever he likes.
    Please whole heartedly surrender yourself to Baba with Shraddha and Saburi, you'll be definitely happy.

  10. what do you mean next reincarnation? you mean your next life? i also agree with you on the last paragraph, but whatever karma you do onto others will also come with you.

  11. Sai Ram Devotees,
    I agree with the comments that devotees wrote and support the view that you should have stood for and supported your girlfriend. I have been through the same phase and the guy left me because his parents did not approve of me. I am shattered and its been really hard to get over it and lead a normal life. I am still shocked and sad at the things happening around me now, most problems I am facing are due to my marriage and everyone in my family is unhappy with me.
    I hope that your love has found someone nice and caring and leading a happy life.
    I am not writing to point out mistakes at anyone, but sincerely want to request all devotees and human beings that loving someone and leaving them is the greatest fault, if you feel you cannot convince family to be with them, then do not propose in the first place, the hurt is a lot less that way.

    Sai Ram

  12. yes even i agree that its your mistake to love that girl and leave her for the sake of your parents…if you could not convince your parents you dont have the right to propose and hurt her broke her heart..some how baba will show you the pain that the girl is bearing…

  13. Dear Devotee,
    From your experience, it is evident, you are a blessed soul. You are born to be different. Don't be entangled in materialistic world. Accept the life as it comes.

    May Baba bless you.

  14. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

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