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Sai sister Vidya ji wanted her father to share his experience which he had gone through while applying VISA to reach her. The waves of situations which were created by Lord Sai Baba are really interesting and how in the end the ocean is seen calm and settled.

Sai sister Vidya ji from USA says: Dear HetalJi, OM SAI RAM. Thank you so much for the nice blog, which unites all us Sai devotees and binds us into a family. I have been reading your blog since April 2011 and I found it, when I needed all the “Shraddha and Saburi” to keep me going in life through all the problems and challenges that I was and I am still facing now. Reading all the various experiences of the devotees helps to have faith and wait until the right time, when Baba will bless me with success. I could relate to so many of the experiences of other devotees since I am facing most of them now.

I am Vidya Yakkundi, a devotee of Baba since I was a young girl. My experiences with Baba are innumerable and I would like to share them with all of you very soon. Here, in this email, I included my Father’s recent experience with Sai Baba and how He helped my parents with the visitor visa. I asked my father to write it, so he can express how he felt all through the situation. You are welcome to do any editing and correction, if necessary since it’s a long email. Baba please shower Your blessings on all of us.

Sai Baba Is Always With Us: Our Recent Experience

Our daughter and son-in-law live in USA. They have been asking us to visit them since a while, to stay with them and see places and experience the culture there. However due to my job demand, we couldn’t go until now. Recently, I retired so found time to visit. Since my passport was to expire soon, I applied for the new one and the normal process took a very long time. Later, I tried to understand the visa process, documents etc, which again took a long time as I was doing it all by myself and I was retired. Our son-in law and daughter sent us all the necessary documents and finally I filed the application.

When I was looking to book the interview date, I found that the interview slots were unavailable in the Hyderabad consulate. We were very worried, since maybe now we might have to go to Chennai or Kolkata for the interview, which was difficult for us due to added expenses and as well as tiring travel. We waited for couple of days, praying to Baba daily to help us. Later, after few days, I spoke with officials in VFS offered to help if we wanted to change to Chennai consulate or he said, we could wait couple more days. We waited with faith in Baba and at last one day the interview slots were open, but I had difficulty booking it online as I am not very familiar with computer. Finally, I decided to take the help of the Travel agent and book the interview which I did. But unfortunately, I and my wife got different timing for the interview and though I thought at least it is on the same day, but I was worried.

Amidst all this tension and confusion, we also had relatives visiting us suddenly for a family function at my brother’s place. My mom-in-law was very sick with severe fever, cold and cough. She was very weak and being 76 yrs old didn’t help either. We took care of her and gave her medicines and my wife was so busy taking care of her day and night that she could hardly support me with the visa application etc. After she recovered slightly, she wished to go back to her native place and we personally accompanied her there and my wife continued to nurse her. We had to come back for visa interview, so we returned in a week. Through all this, my wife didn’t have any concentration to understand the visa process, or familiarize with the documents and the questions. Incidentally after the day, we reached Hyderabad. The road transport strike was on and all buses were off road and cancelled. We thanked Shri Sai Baba over and over again, who gave us the push and the inner voice kept urging us to return early even though my wife was reluctant to leave her mother.

On return, the strike was on and it created panic as to whether the visa Interview would be held and if we would be able to attend it. The strike took an even more severe turn with autos and others joining it. With all these issues bothering us, we had to face more problems. My wife suddenly developed severe fever, cough and cold just 3 days before our interview date. I was so worried as to what to do now. All the negative thoughts preoccupied my mind and I felt terrible. We prayed to Baba and contacted a doctor who prescribed antibiotics for my wife and we started it. I also gave her UDI to drink and applied UDI on her regularly. My wife felt weak and she could hardly concentrate or understand the documents. I was very worried by now.

My daughter and son-in-law kept our morale up by feeding us positive thoughts through all this. I had totally resigned to my fate and surrendered wholeheartedly to Sai Baba. My wife’s fever suddenly came down a day before the Interview day. I felt relived, but I was still worried if my wife will have enough stamina to manage the interview, stand in the long lines. I also had thoughts about postponing the interview date, but I kept quiet and did not pursue. I spoke to the VFS official again to help us and he advised us to seek help at the entry. At last my wife had one day to familiarize herself with visa process, documents and questions. She did her best and I thanked Baba for it. I could not sleep the night before interview and was praying to Baba to help us out. A day before, our son-in-law asked us to apply Baba’s UDI and that everything would be alright. My daughter indicated that with Baba’s blessings we would have a smooth day and that Baba would take care of everything. These positive thoughts kept our confidence.

On the interview morning, we got up early and decided to maintain our positive thoughts irrespective of the results. We had faith in Baba and Baba did help us. Even though there was strike, a curfew was declared too. All the roads were clear on the way to the consulate. I briefed the security about our situation and my wife’s ill health. He allowed us to go together and the same thing happened at the main gate. At the scanning section, they opened our files and found the UDI Packet and they said that they can’t allow it inside, but If we wished we can apply it on us. We applied the sacred UDI and my wife swallowed the rest. At every step from there, people helped us. We informed them about our different timings, but when Sai’s helping hand is there, why we fear. We were inside. Our documents were being checked. Our fingerprints were taken and finally we found ourselves together at the visa interview counter. Our interview went very well and all worries fled. Within no time, we came out of the consulate with happy news and awed at how Baba helped us. His blessings and mercy is ever on those who look up to Him and have faith in Him.

We came out and reviewed the whole process. We had a tough time with lots of disturbances before the interview. But we felt that SAI BABA was always with us and guiding us and moving with us and seeing everything. We felt very happy, cool, and clear in thoughts during and after the interview. Our faith in SAI BABA keeps us going in any situation to come out with flying colors. I am happy to have family, who has full faith in SAI BABA. My daughter wanted me to share this experience with everyone, so I have written whatever we went through in a hurry. Please excuse me if there are any mistakes.



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  1. Gopalji what a simply wonderful experience. I am glad u shared it with all devotees. Truly we are always tested with difficult circumstances by Baba whether we have enough faith and patience and most of us fail when the going gets so difficult. You have so much faith that you won. May Baba fulfill all ur wishes and keep you always at his lotus feet.

  2. Dear Hetal Ji,

    I am darshan From Mumbai. I want share my experience with Baba. But I am not getting link to share experience. Can you provide Me link?

    Wonderful Experience.

  4. Very beautifully shared experience. I know Baba is always there with us but such experience enliven that belief and help in increasing our Shraddha and Saburi !
    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  5. Hi Gopal ji
    Well narrated experience..thank you so much for sharing..i liked the part where you have applied Udi on yourselves and swallowed the rest..tell me what can go wrong after having has such miraculous power.
    Bolo sachitananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki JAI
    One among millions of lovers of my BABA

  6. Sairama! i need your immedieate help. you know about me and my situation.
    please save my job sairama, please i beg you for this.please save my job.
    you are my only hope sairama. please i am your child please save my job.

  7. SAVE ME SAIRAM!If i committed any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly please forgive my mistakes.please save my job saima.

    Baba Please save us and save your child job.

  9. Dear Hetal ji,
    Jai Sai Ram,our profound respects to Sri Sai Baba.
    We are very indebted to you for providing us this platform to share the experiences with baba.Reading them reassures and deepens our faith in Sai Baba.
    wishing Babas Blessings for all.
    Gopal R desai

  10. Dear Friends,

    Om Namah Shirdi Sai Baba
    Om Shirdi Sai Baba Prasanam
    Om Shanti Om Shanti
    Om Shirdi Sai Baba Prasanam
    Om Shanti Om Shanti

    Om Shirdi Sai Baba Prasanam
    Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti

    This prayer has been sent to you to bring special, quiet special
    blessings into your life.

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