Few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba are presented below. This shows how He is always with His devotees in normal course of routine life too.

Sai Baba’s Lending Hand For My Mom’s Travel

Sai Sister Namitha from India says: Please do not disclose my email Id.

My mom had visited me to the USA a couple of months back. Although this was not here first time, she still feared traveling back to India alone. This is because of her not so good experience the first time.

Also she has language problem. So I was worried about this for a while. She wanted some company to travel back to India. But we did not find anybody until the last moment.

However one fine day, my dad’s friend called me asking when my mom was traveling and told me that one of his friend’s parents needs company to travel to Bangalore. My joy knew no bounds, when I heard this. So they decided to book the same flight as my mom’s.

We reached the airport and we had some extra baggage which had to be removed and kept aside. I felt bad for this, but I could not help. Now my mom had to go all the way to the security with her baggage alone. This scared her and I requested the airline staff if they could give me a pass to go with her, but they refused. To our surprise, an airline staff approached and asked us for what we are waiting. When I explained him, he asked if we are from Bangalore and he spoke our language (Kannada). My mom and I were surprised to learn this. Then he said not to worry and took my mom and me to the security gate. He made my mom do the security check in along with the pilots and air hostess. He asked us to put that extra stuff we had taken out in the bag. He assured me that he would be with my mom till she boards the flight and also told that he would tell his other friends working in the layover place to take care of my mom.

All this surprised us and we were both happy. This was possible only because of Baba’s grace as he appeared to us in the form of the airline staff. One more thing is the airline staff was a fakir, so Baba appeared to us a fakir. May god bless us all. Believe in Sai Baba and He will protect you always.

Sai’s Help In Passing My Test

Sai Sister Sushma ji from USA says: Sai Ram Devotees, Baba fulfills all our desires if we ask with devotion and faith. He will give us what we need at right time. Only thing we need to do is to wait with patience.

I am Sai devotee since childhood. I experienced His immense help all through my life. One amongst is this latest one. I was planning to write a test for my professional license. Last time, I failed this test by 3 points in one section. I was not disappointed as I always knew from start that Baba will surely help me and thought in my mind that it’s not yet my time to enjoy the sweet success. Within 1 month, I gave my test. But this time, I was worried, as my preparation was not up to the mark and also as my friend, who was not there to help me. Suddenly he was away for few weeks because of personal and professional attentions, which he needed to attend urgently. I was so devastated as none to give me support. But Baba kept saying in Sai Baba answer book, “Why you need anybody, when I am here to support you”. It came true. I totally trusted Baba and gave my best in the test. But I was little worried about my one section of the test. Luckily Baba passed me and I am so relieved now. I have two more tests to go. I am sure Baba will guide me. So friends, Keep faith and pray Him with unshaken devotion and you will see what He can do for you.

Baba, bless you all.
Jai Sai Ram!

Miracles of Shri Sai in my Life

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I have been a staunch devotee of Shri Sai. I have had enormous miracles of Him in my life. I would like to share couple of my experiences:

1) College Days: I belong to a small town. There was no engineering college in my town. Hence after my plus two, I had decided to get into other course as joining BE in some other place was not possible as we were not in a position to bear hostel expenses. I was good at academics. I kept praying to Sai as I was not interested in any other courses. To my wonder, that year permission was granted to six new BE colleges in our state and our place was one among them. My joy knew no bounds. I completed my BE with Sai’s blessings.

2) Health: I got an offer from MNC, which wanted me to get the mandatory health check up done before joining. To my surprise, reports revealed that I had TB. I got divested as I didn’t have any symptoms of it and had to lose my job. However I realized, Sai made me know about my illness and cured it. Else without health check up, I wouldn’t have even known about it.

3) Job: By Sai’s blessings, I got another better job after few days which gave me overseas opportunity.

We need to have firm faith in Baba and leave rest upon Him without thinking.

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  1. this year has been very difficult year in every aspect of my life .I know it will change for the better but with all the negatives i have not lost my faith but beginning to wonder what next difficulties i will have to overcome ….. sai baba please HELP

  2. Dear all Sai sisters & Brother,today I hv started my sai navguru vrath.So , bless me all so that I can complete 9 thursday without any failure.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  3. Dear Sai Devotees, my faith grows every day reading all these posts. I have been introduced to BABA by one of my sisters and I see that even though she is being protected by BABA she has to suffer a lot of social/family issues that breaks my heart. I am trying to convince "her" to pray for easing out her issues as my prayer or her sister in law's prayers are not enough to bring her out of her specific problems.
    Now she has told me that she will follow my instructions and may BABA bless her with peaceful happy family life!
    May BABA bless all.

  4. Is there any puja/vrat to be done to tell sai baba to keep away / and out of from my life? I feel like am in a quicksand of this baba… it's dragging me down. I'd really like to get ahead in my life and his being around me is like a source of constant negativity. Hopefully atleast in this new year, I'd be free of his messing with (and in) my life.

  5. Baba please help me having more faith on you. Somehow i am not able to focus on you. I know that having faith from the bottom of my heart on you with out any boundaries is definitely going to resolve all my problems i am facing. Please change my mind completely.

  6. Wonderful story, Sister Namitha! Baba comes along with us in all different forms, and glad he helped your mother reach the USA safely!

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