A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 128

All experiences shared below are very interesting. They have given so much solace to my soul. I guess it will have same effect on you all also.

My Experience With Saibaba

Sai sister Priya ji from India says: Dear Hetalji, My name is Priya from Chennai. I am regular reader of this blog and a strong devotee of Sainath.

I would like to share my beautiful experience with Lord Saibaba. Please do not disclose my e-mail id and forgive me if I there is any mistake in my email. Thank you in advance for posting this.

I was in love with a guy who is from lower caste. We both loved truly and decided to marry only with our parent’s permission. My father does not like love marriage. 20 years back my uncle did love marriage and still now my father does not speak and respect him. My dad loves me a lot and I am very much afraid of him.

Sai is my only belief and prayed him sincerely. I believed that He will take care of everything. My boyfriend does not believe in God but used to come with me to Baba’s temple whenever I call him.

We told our love matter to our parents during Nov, 2010. There was no opposition from his parent’s side. My mother and brother accepted but my father opposed my love. He asked me to forget my boyfriend and told that he would go somewhere if I marry him. He told me to get out from my home. I suffered a lot and I cried daily but believed that Baba takes care of everything.

My father said that no one will respect him if I marry a guy from lower caste. I struggled a lot and at one point of time I stopped arguing and told that I won’t marry anyone expect my lover.

Days rolled on and I sincerely prayed Baba everyday. On January 17, my father called and asked me whether I will change or not. I told him strongly that I will marry only my boyfriend. He was very silent and after a long time he said that he wants to see my boyfriend.

Next day, I went to restaurant with my parents and grandmother to meet my boy friend. My boyfriend spoke with my parents very well and my father cried before him saying that I cheated him. My boyfriend convinced him and my father was happy at last and accepted our love. I was very much surprised and my joy had no bounds.

Everything went on smoothly and we got married at Thiruppathi on May, 20 of 2011. My parents and my family members are very much happy now. My dad is so much happy that he got a good human as his son in law.

This all happened only because of sai’s blessings. Believe in him and he takes care of everything. Thanks a lot Sai.


Sai Baba’s Miracle In My Life

Sai Brother Arvind ji from India says: I am Arvind from Bangalore. I would like to post my experience in your blog.

Dear sai devotees,

I am a devotee of Sai Baba. Sai Baba has created many miracles in my life. One of such miracle is: In the month of January 2011, my family members decided to get me engaged on April 6, 2011, which is supposed to be Akshaya Tritiya, an auspicious day. So, as my engagement was decided to be held on that day, my family members started to search for a function hall for the same, and it is also very difficult to get function halls on Akshaya Tritiya day as it is very auspicious day. Then, with a lot of difficulty, we got a function hall booked on that day in the month of January itself. If we were a little late, then we would have missed to get a function hall for that day. But, later on, I heard from one of my friend that my graduation exam is supposed to start from 2nd April, 2011, but the time table for the exam was still not declared (I was pursuing graduation during that time). I was really worried about my exam and I started praying at Baba that time with lot of fai! th in him so that the function and the exam should not fall on the same day. Then, later on, when I saw the time table, I was shocked to see that on my function day, there was no exam and I had a long time gap to study for my exam. My exams started from 2nd April, 2011 and till 4th April, 2011, I had exams to be written, and again from 10th April, 2011, I had to write the rest of my exams, but from 5th until 10th April, 2011, there were no exams scheduled at all, where my function took place well and I had ample of time to study for the other exam. This was a really shocking experience for me from Sai Baba. He always understands his devotee’s problems and always helps them in some way. We should always have lot of faith in him, and Sai Baba will surely help us.

May Sai Baba shower his blessings on all and he be with everybody who is in trouble and help them to overcome such obstacles.

Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Cured My Pistulla

Sai Brother Jeevan ji from India says: Namaste Sai Devotees. My name is Jeevan. I am 21 years old. But I have a lot of attachment to Sai Baba since 6 years because of His kripa. I had very forceful thoughts to watch dirty movies because of my teenage. I tried a lot, but it was uncontrollable for me. At last, I used to watch some. Then as expected, I had to face some serious consequences. I had a swelling on the right side area below my hip. At first, I assumed it to be a summer boil. And I used to use try some medicines from a local medical shop. After a week it was there. Also blood was discharged from and around that area of swelling. Then I began to worry and showed it to my dad. We consulted a homeopathy doctor. And then I was shocked horribly to death. I was sweating. Doctor told it is Pistulla (a disease). He gave me some homeopathy medicines to try. Only to try. Even he was not that confident, if it could be cured. I went to attend an Allopathic doctor, they didn’t give any medicines. The only way is to operate, which in turn brings a lot of side effects. They would cut that entire part and use antibiotics to grow flesh again.

The swelling increased in size day by day. It began to discharge blood and a lot of pus. It smelled very bad like drainage. I was very young, and now I couldn’t sit properly. I can’t run and I even can’t sleep. I was in pain like 24hrs, every single minute. And also it felt feverish every single minute. After sometime, a hole was formed beside that swell. Oh God, I lost all my hope. That hole began to become deeper day by day. Then I remembered the words of Sai. “Leave your desire for your physical body and be attentive on Me”. Then I began to pour UDI in that hole daily and from then it seemed to cure.

What everyone should notice is Pistulla is almost incurable. Even it takes very long time like 5 6 years. I have read many cases on the internet, who are suffering from Pistulla since 3-4 years and haven’t seen a change from the date till. Even they undergone surgery, it would show up again. But I am happy, since I used UDI. Baba is very great. He gives anything for His devotees. Thank You so much Baba. Thank You.

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  1. Dear Jeevan Ji, I am compelled to write this so we take things in right prespective. Baba once said "Like cloulds come in the rainy season, so do those thoughts come in youth". It is natural for the thoughts to raise when harmones run in the body, natrue has purpose. Please do not create guilt in anyway for what happened. Society has created ways for us to releive them (in marriage). But what we need to watch is not to create samskaras around them. Do not linger in those thoughts. See them as passing clouds and let them go. Keep your self busy in holy activities. It is only Baba who accepts us completely as we are. So leave no room for guilt. As we spend time with Baba we realize what we need to get rid off in us for our own good (not for Baba, but for our own self. He loves us in any form, even if we were Saddam Hussain).
    Baba showers his love on us 24 hours a day without thinking of His ownself. I think we should atleast spend 5 – 10 Mins a day thinking completely about him and totally forgetting about us and our desires. We can pray for our desires remaining 23 hours and 50 mins. Just for 10 mins we need to loose ourselves in Him. That is the way to connect with Him. Baba once said, God's grace is showering on everyone equally like rain. But many have their vessels turned upside down so they can not catch the grace. How do we turn our vessels upright to receive His grace? – Love him(without a reason or desire), Have complete faith in Him (when our faith is complete we are very happy knowing he is giving us the best always. If we are worried, our faith is not complete).

    Also some think Baba is testing. No way. He knows exactly what we are, more than us. He does not have to test us. It is our karmas that hurt us. When we fall due to our karmas he puts a cushion under us to reduce the hurt. That is grace. We should strive to receive that grace….

    Sorry Hetal Ji, it turned out long….

    Wonderful Experiences.


  4. @Anonymous Hai anonymous…what u told is true.. Also if our faith and love are eternal baba will bear that pain for his devotees. I spend almost half a day on him and his valuable preachings.i love him.. take care .. bye… baba will be with you!

  5. Anonymous use Udhi as medicine your disease will be cured for sure and be bold..If u run out of hope, it means your disease is much stronger than your belief for sai which is false. be bold. Fight it!!!

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