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Sharing below three more experiences which will guide you towards the path of spirituality by holding hands of our Lord Sai Baba. Last one is particularly a request for pray, so please do pray along with us.

Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat A Real Boon

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hetal Ji, Please do not disclose my mail id and name. I wanted to be anonymous. If possible, please post this experience on Nov 10th (i.e. Next Thursday), which is also Karthika Pournami. Hetal ji, you are doing great job by doing this service. This blog is like an Akshaya Patra with uncountable devotee’s experiences and many more to come.

Sai Vrat made my dream come true not once but twice. We have been desperately waiting for Green Card and also my job and here is how it happened.

I having been waiting for job since five years and one or the other obstructions used to come. I finally gave up and left it to Sai. I read about the Sai Vrat on your blog, but I was hesitant to do this vrat as I thought it is like many other pujas. But still I thought of trying.

So one fine Thursday, I started Sai Nav Vrat. Every week I thought my job would be confirmed. After the seventh week my husband’s green card was approved on Friday unexpectedly, while I was waiting for job. So I was expecting my GC to be approved around same time. I had wish that my GC would be approved on Thursday. All the nine weeks passed, but I didn’t hear any news about my job or GC.

All these days, I have been trying for my job, but no luck. I kept trying. I attended phone interviews, but nothing could go at personal level. Finally, I got a personal interview on Guru Pournima day and I was selected the same day.

The next week, I thought I will also continue Sai Vrat for the second time so that even my GC would be approved. I thought of postponing it for few more weeks, but I got a message to start the Vrat. I performed the 1st week vrat. And it was the biggest miracle. Within an hour after the puja, I got an email that my GC was approved and it happened on Baba’s day Thursday as I wished. My joy had no bounds and I continue the Vrat for the next 8 weeks.

So Sai Vrat fulfilled my two biggest desires. Please do it with Shradda and Saburi to get your desire fulfilled.

Baba’s Darshan

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a Sai devotee since 5 years. Before that I knew Baba, but I was not really a devotee. I was going to Shirdi just like any other place of worship, but I never felt close to Him. When we were kids, we used to visit lot of places in India and in the same trips we used to cover lot of temples too. Now if I think back, He was there to take care of me long time back. But I realized His presence only lot later. There are several experiences, I have got by Baba’s love and affection, but this one is the best I ever had and so I am keen to write it down here so that all devotees can feel His presence too.

I should really thank this blog for all the lovely experiences. I read every day and feel my Baba’s presence in everyone’s life. Please, do not disclose my email or name. Thank you Hetal and all moderators for this wonderful blog, I just love it.

Now let me narrate my experience here which occurred in October 2009. This was during one of my most difficult times I had to go through. I was really very depressed. I thought no one in this earth is mine. I was praying day and night to Baba since I felt I am losing near and dear ones and the ones I loved are betraying me the most and needed my Baba’s assurance. It was that time, when I went to Baba’s temple here in USA as it was a Thursday and visited along with my husband. I was in a deep sorrow and was singing Baba’s Shej Aarthi. As I remember that was the first night Aarti, I have ever been in that temple. I was totally engrossed in Baba’s Aarti. When I turned towards my left someone in a white Kurta, his face was radiating brilliantly just like someone has smeared sandal paste on the whole face. I remember that luster on the face very clearly. Magnificent love and smile was on his face. He was lovingly showing me a way to go ahead for Baba’s Aarti. Since I had already done Aarti to Baba, I told him to proceed in sign language waving my hand. Suddenly I felt its Baba who is inviting for His Aarti. Then I thought it’s my illusion and was looking where that person was going. He was going in that huge crowd so fast ahead I was surprised. He made His way rapidly ahead with such ease and I was still thinking how can Baba come and give me Darshan. Immediately, when I turned towards Baba’s Idol, they took off the crown on His head. Since it was night Aarti, so Baba can sleep. He resembled just like the person I saw earlier and I was looking at the idol shockingly. I tried looking for the same person in Dhoti there, but to my surprise I couldn’t find anyone there. It all happened in matter of seconds, but it was my best and lovely experience I have ever had in my life. I was in a state of ecstasy. This assured me of His presence that He will always be there to take care of me and all my fear immediately vanished. I felt if Baba is there with me why I should fear. He will take care no matter what “Why fear, when I am here“. It came true in my case and will certainly be for all devotees too with Faith and Patience. May Baba bless all of us always. Always be with me Baba. I love You and thank You for Your immense love towards us.

My Marriage life

Sai Sister Pinky ji from India says: Hi All, I am Sai devotee for the past 15 years. This is my experience with Sai Baba. I realized many times that He helps whenever we surrender to Him. All my life, I struggled for something, but with Baba’s help, everything was successful. Whatever I asked for, He gave me. But now I am going through several problems in my marriage life and it’s been 2 years and still the same sufferings every day. I am praying Baba for some change in my husband nature. I hope that it will happen one day. Still I never lost hope, because I believe Baba will help me. I request everyone who visits this blog to pray for me and my life that my husband should change into a good person and give me at least the minimum respect as a human being. Also Baba should bless me with a child.

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  1. Dear Pinkyji,

    There is only one Man in the universe and that is Baba. The rest of us are only mere ordinary humans. Please do not feel sad about your husband's behaviour.
    Such Karma was also mine, but Baba brought me away from such a man, and helped me restart my life with a job.

    We will all pray for your husband's nature to change, but let me assure you that for people in bad circumstances, Baba is right next to you every moment. Please remember that as you live life. He will show you the right path.

    Wonderful Experiences.
    Baba Please bless Pinkyji with happy life.
    Please Baba Please Excuse me if I am doing mistakes.

  3. Om sai ram,

    Baba bless Pinkyji with happy life. Bless her with strong bonding and love between her and her husband.

  4. Sai sister Pinkiji… i pray to baba for u. i am sure baba will transform ur husband's nature and u will be very happy with him 4ever. just hav shraddha and saburi… baba bless all…

  5. In my view , it is not worth sticking to a man who makes our life miserable , if you agree with me , don't bring the child into this world and make her or him miserable . We are facing enough problems due to our own karma . Why bring one more soul into this karma bhoomi and make it suffer , This is my sincere advice , the rest is your will and Baba's . May Baba help you and guide you in the right direction

  6. Dear Pinky ji even i am facing something similar.Married for 13 yrs no child and my husband's behaviour has changed in past few years.
    But i have full faith in Baba that he will bring the happy days back in our married life. So you too hold on to Baba's feet and see wonderful changes in your life.

    One suggestion try to Read SAI KASTA NIVARAN MANTRA (Kashton ki kali chaya dukhdayi hai………) everyday atleast 3 times or maximum 11 times and see the miracle unfold.

    All the best.

  7. For the lady from USA, I must say you are very lucky and truly blessed. I too am going through a real rough patch in my professional life, and last Thursday completed by nine vrats. I just hope and pray that Baba will also bless me, and fulfill what he thinks is best for us.

    Om Sai Ram,

  8. Dear Pinky ji Sai Baba will help you.He is always with his children.So TAKE CARE and sai baba ka naam le kar apne husband se baat karne ki kosis kijiye..sai us baat me apna aashirwad dal denge aur aapke husband change ho jayege.Om Sai Ram.

  9. Dear Pinkiji,
    Dont worry baba will defenitely help u..we all need shradha and saburi. u r going to be lead a happylife with ur husband..baba is testing our dont worry everthing will be ok..OMSAIRAM

  10. Dear Sai Devotees

    I would like to share my wonderful experience to all Sai Devotees

    21st dec 2011, evening after my working hours at office, i was delayed that day by 45 minutes at 7:15 i went to my car where my friend was waiting for me, i saw a fakir dressed in white & wore a green turbine(kafni) talking to my friend, the fakir was wearing sai baba's photo on his neck, as soon as i saw him, I took my purse & gave him Rs. 50, the fakir took it & gave me a sai baba photo behind was a calender, seeing the photo i got smile on mmy face, then he asked what you want I said him i want to visit Shirdi. then he said it will happen soon. then he asked me 3 litres of ghee for Sai's abhisheka, he said you only get me from nearby shop, then i said i dnt know where it is available, so i said i will give you money, I gave Rs 200 to him, then he gave me one silver coin of Ganesha lakshmi & saraswathi's images on the silver coin, then he asked me to give one more note i gave another Rs 100. he said you should fast tomorrow as tom is thursday, he also said that you should pour 9 glass of water to tulsi pot before you going for a good work to be done. so totally he took Rs 350 from me, & left, i turned back to see him, he is not to be seen,my friend said he cheated you in the name of Sai, But as it is i fast every thursday, i was a bit confused but i was happy i got the Sai Baba's photo. During this phase I started reading sai satcharita, as my saptha, chapter 14 speaks about dakshina.. there it says that baba collects dakshina of any amount form anybody when he feels that it should be collected, the whole chapter made me feel, that its Baba who came to me, to give dharshan, everyday i tresspass the same place but never happen to see him anytime again. that coin which i got from him is silver coin, & its worth of Rs. 1000 or more, then thurday day evening when i went to Sai temple, for my surprise i see the sam dress which i saw on the fakir, white dress with green kafni. Tears filled my eyes, this was a Sai Leela to me. the same night i had a dream too, from past 2 years he appeared in my dream first time. I was so happy, even till now i remember the dream.

    Bow to Shri Sai, Peace to be All

    Baba's love on his devotee is inexplicable

    Sai Ram, I love you, You are with me, I feel it very time.

  11. Om Sai Ram.

    Pinky Ji, may Baba hear your prayers soon and bless you with a happy married life. Deva, please bless us all and show us the right path always.

    Amen !
    Jai Sainath.

  12. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram
    Dear Pinkyji,dont worry baba will solve all ur problem.Have sraadha & saburi …….Rest all baba will do…….

  13. Dear Pinkiji,

    Baba will bless you with a wonderfull and happy married life and bless you also a child!!!

    om sai sri sai jai jai sai!!!!!!

  14. Baba,

    Please bless Pinky Ji with her wish because I know what that pain is. We are all normal human beings. Baba u know what is happening in my life and I dont understand anything.

    Please bless all of us ur children Baba…….

  15. Baba,

    Please bless Pinky ji to have a happy marriage life with her husband and kids…….

    We all love u baba……

  16. Dear Baba,

    Please bless Pinkyji with happy marriage and life with a bundle of joy – a baby too.

    May peace be with all,
    we love you a lot
    Best Regards,

  17. pinky Ji, Don't worry start 9 thursday's virat. it will very powerful after that post your miracles. we are waiting for your happy experience.

  18. Dear pinky ji
    Don't worry Sai baba ji will help you.just keep having faith and saburi in Sai.soon miracle going to happen with you.
    Om Sai ram.

  19. Hi hetal g,m living in new Zealand wid my husband ND 1yr old son.i got married hz 2yrs ,widely d grace of sai Baba vrat only I got very handsome ND living understanding husband,my prob is very diff,act m suffering frm all time worries ND negativity.I feel dat here in abroad I hv nobody to talk,I feel very lonely ND start worrying abt little things I even feel dat my own family in India don't gv me importance.i feel left out all d time.m very gud natured ND want to keep relations wid everybody in my family ND inlaws too.but dry misunderstood me,in whole I can say I feel lobely ND depressed all d time despite of gud husband ND beautiful son.plz advice me wat to do.m a great devottee of sai Baba g but now a days I don't do any Pooja even which I think m full of negativity

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