Sharing few more experiences of devotees in today’s post.

Thank You Baba For Your Countless Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from Ireland says: Hi Hetalji, thank you so much for sharing Sai devotee experiences. Any time I am upset or unhappy and if I browse your site, my mind becomes very calm as if Baba is sending some important message to me through these experiences. I have been devotee of Baba since my school days time and again Baba had helped me countless number of times. Without Him, I would not have been here today. Baba is everything for me. Please do not disclose my I’d in this blog. Again thank you very much for your great service.

I would like to share one of my recent experiences today. Please feel free to edit and delete this information as appropriate.

In May 2011, I was facing problems at work. Due to that, I was planning on changing my job. I started my job search. After applying for so many jobs, I received one interview call from a reputed company. I was preparing for the interview and called my parents to see how they are doing. To my surprise, they were having so many issues and were almost ready to get separated. After talking to them, I was in a shock and could not believe this was happening. I cried so much in front of Baba to help them to be together and could not concentrate on anything even for my interview or on my family. My husband was scared about my health as I did not eat or sleep and was totally lost about the problems that are happening.

All I could do was pray to Baba and keep my faith on Him to show me the path. I went to the interview with so much stress. Interview went ok, but I did not receive any call from that company. So I started applying for other jobs. I was asking Baba everyday why He was testing me like that. I was even scared to call my parents, because I did not want to hear any more bad news about their separation or divorce. Finally, I called them and heard that my mom was hospitalized due to serious health issues related to her brain. I could not control myself and felt like just going and being there with her. But I could not as I was working, taking care of small kids and other issues. For me, it felt like God was testing me. All problems came at once. I prayed to Baba and could not sleep for so many days. After my prayer, I realized that my dad was taking care of my mother while she was sick and their relationship has grown much stronger with my mother’s Heath condition. It took 3 to 4 months for mother to recover from her health problem, but this miracle only happened because of our Baba. I am happy to say that my parents are together now and much happier than before. By Baba’s grace, I got a job offer close to my home and much more salary and exactly as I prayed to Baba.

One after the other, problems has been solved because of our Baba. Like I said, I have experienced countless blessings and miracles which are impossible without His grace. I kindly request everybody to have faith in Baba. No matter what happens, sometimes it will take longer than usual to get our answers. It might take days for some people, months for some people and years for some people. But we all will definitely get our prayers answered one day.

Thank You Baba for this opportunity and Your countless blessings and miracles.

OM Sai Ram!

Baba Came In My Dream

Sai Sister Priya ji from India says: Hetal ji, OM SAI RAM. This is my first time that I am writing in this blog. I request you to please share my dream with everyone and I am requesting to all my SAI brothers and sister that please ask SAI MAA to help me.

From last two- three months, I am suffering from my personal problem. Actually, I love someone, but his family is not ready for our marriage. They arranged his marriage with someone else. From the same day, I am praying to BABA, “Please help me”. I truly love him and he truly loves BABA and me. Whenever he calls me, he used to tell me, “Why BABA doesn’t let us to meet. I love BABA and you. I don’t want to spend my life without you. But I can’t do anything as my MOM is having heart problem”.

One night I was doing BABA’s Sheja Aarthi. I was singing Aarthi, but I was crying also and praying to BABA that please help me, please bless me with my love. I was crying, crying and crying. After that I went to my bed and try to sleep, but still I was praying to BABA for His Help.

My Experience: I saw one dream. In my dream, I was there in his marriage and marriage ceremony is going to complete. I was there and I am crying like anything and suddenly I called my SAI MAA for help. I was shouting like “BABA, please help me. BABA, please help me”. Suddenly all the lights goes off and in the SKY, one OM sign came and my SAI MAA came out from the OM sign and SAI MAA started talking to my love (Boy friend). BABA was telling him like, “Tum issase shadi mat karo, tum issase (pointing to me) se shadi karo”. It was the time of early morning around 5:30 AM and I woke up. Oh my god, I was so surprise and BABA listened my prayer and gave me assurance in my dream. I have not informed anyone about this, not even to my love. I am just waiting for the same day and I am waiting for my SAI MAA’s Ashirwad. I know BABA will bless me with my LOVE. I will go Shirdi for BABA’s Darshan. SAI BABA, please help me.

My hope

Sai Sister Neha ji from India says: I am from Delhi and I have been a devotee of Sai Baba since I was in class 7th or 8th. But recently, my association with Baba has increased and gone to a different level. Baba means a lot to me. Whenever I think of Him, tears come from my eyes thinking about all that He has given me and my family.

The path that Baba wants His followers to follow is difficult as He wants patience and faith from His devotees. To be patient is like an examination, a test that Baba tests us on.

Since last 5 years, Baba has given me all that I had always wished for. Last year Baba made my dream turn into reality, when I met my favorite celebrity twice. He knew my admiration for that celebrity. And again this year, Baba made His presence felt to us all. My grandfather has been sick since April 2011. No doctor could understand or diagnose the disease. All tests were conducted, but still nothing came to the surface. We all were heartbroken and emotionally drained out. However, the only thing that kept us going was Baba (faith in His powers and His love for His devotees). After 7 months, Baba, who had protected my grandfather, gave us a new ray of hope. A new start, Baba showed us the right path and saved my grandfather from a deadly disease. Although, his treatment is still going on. But he got saved from a deadly ailment. Baba has been with us throughout. He has been there with me and my family like a pillar. He is my strength, my confider, my friend in despair and everything to us.

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  1. Om SaiRam
    Thank you so much for the experiences shared..Priya ji you are really lucky to see baba in your dream..he will surely have a plan for you..just wait for that day..Shraddha and Saburi will definitely help.
    Sri Sachitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  2. Priyaji,do no worry .As baba already blesses u in ur dream.So hv strong faith in Baba.
    Really Hetalji,the experiences are so touchy and wonderful.The wesbsite is so useful for those who still awaiting for baba's blessing and the experiences helps them to boost up their faiths more stronger n more stronger in him.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  3. Dear Priya,

    May Baba bless you…actually mine is also the same story but my love is not supporting me…infact he forced for our breakup n recetly got engaged with the girl of his fathers choice…i was heartbroken by seeing his status on facebook…he dint even told me regarding dat…but nw i have lost trust on him….but u r fortunate dat your love is supporting you….be together…each others support will do wonders….pls dnt leave each other…Baba will surely bless you both….

    Sai ki beti

  4. Everybody have problems. How they deal with the problems determines their ultimate success. Get better attitude and find better answers."
    Baba had an adundance of joy.
    HE leaves HIS devotees free of worry by offering that Knowledge for which the devotee worries.

  5. Wonderful experiences!Priya ji u r really blessed that Baba gave u darshan in your dream and assure u about your marriage.Neha Ji u r right Baba is our strength & confider.

    Anonymous devotee from ireland is also right that we should pray to Baba and keep our faith on Him to show us the path

  6. Priyaji,

    Its almost one year completed, Can I knw, hv u married ur love.Please let me knw, as I'm also in same situation at present.When I asked baba abt this, He shown ur experience..please tell us, whether u r married to ur luv or not..

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