Ah! the wait is over today. Here is the 500th post of this very blessed blog. This achievement is of all of us, not just only me or editor or blog itself. If you all have not shared your experiences, read and commented on them, it would not be possible for us to stand at this phase. From day one this blog has been serving as a “Platform” (as you all say) for devotees all over the world to get together and share their views, opinions, suggestions and above all prayers. With your increasing interest and support, we changed look of the blog in mid June to make navigation more user friendly. Day by day we are trying to make our service to the best of the standards, but all would not have been possible without your enthusiasm. The keeness of all readers to read experiences and few devotees mailing me why experiences are not posted daily, we decided to share experiences on daily basis from October 26, 2011. Few devotees mailed me saying that they used to keep the blog page open and went on refreshing page to first read new post on the day of posting! We are doing our duty from one side but when the readers reply us and share their views we understand how can we serve more better and how much our service is being liked. While post count has reached 500, comment count is near six times of it. This shows clearly how readers love this blog. We also love you all for your continuous support and co-operation.

This blog has given much to me also. First of all it has showed how much Lord Sai Baba loves me through you all. Even i am human and i used to fail in times of difficulties. But leelas of Lord Sai Baba has gradually strengthened my faith and patience. I am really amazed how blessed we all are that we are under loving roof of our beloved!

Lastly i would like to thank our editor Sai brother Anil ji for his untiring efforts to edit experiences regularly and at any time i needed. His contribution has been tremendous, without him, i guess, it was not possible for me to post this 500th post so soon. I pray to Lord Sai Baba to enable us to be at His service for many many more posts to come.

Let’s now see who those lucky devotees’ are whose experiences are shared in today’s post.

Shraddha and Saburi

Sai Sister Ritika ji from Canada says: Sairam Hetalji, Sorry Baba ji for delay in writing this experience and forgive me for my mistakes in narrating this experience.

Hetalji, first I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful work and giving all Sai devotees a platform to share their experiences. I want to share with you my experience with Sai Baba. So I am writing to you. I am sorry for writing such a lengthy experience, but I tried to shorten this as much possible. I hope you will read this. If you don’t want to post on your blog its fine because I just wanted to share it with someone, who can understand my feelings. In case if you post this on your blog please do not disclose my email id.

I am Ritika from Canada. This experience happened on 7th Oct 2011. My husband came from office and wanted to have dinner at some restaurant. So he told us to get ready. I told him that I don’t want to eat outside, instead drop me at Sai’s temple, which was on the way to the restaurant (i.e. temple comes first then the restaurant and distance between temple and restaurant is 5-10 min drive). He dropped me at the temple around 7.20 PM. At 7.30 PM, Dhoop Aarti started and I joined in for the Aarti. While Aarthi was going on, I asked Baba that I want to see Your whole Aarthi. So please Baba don`t send my husband before 9 PM. So that I can enjoy Your Aarthi and spend some time with You. After, Aarthi and Palaki procession ended, I sat in front of Baba, watching Him quietly and chanting Sai Ram. A Sai devotee was requesting everyone to have Baba’s Prasad, so I went and had some Prasad of Baba. After having Prasad, again I sat in front of Baba wondering in mind that my husband will come at any time to pick me up. Therefore, I sat little bit at the back so that I can see from the window if my husband’s car is coming or not. Because my mobile battery got discharged and I was unable to make or receive his calls.

Suddenly an aunty (I didn’t knew her) came up to me and said that why are you sitting at back. Why don’t you come up in front? I got up and we came and sat in front of Baba. Aunty started talking with me about Baba. She was telling me her experience with Baba and as I was listening to her don’t know why, but I started crying. While talking to her, I was looking back again and again as my half attention was on the window to see if my husband’s car has come or not.

Meanwhile, at around 9 PM, Sai devotees started Sai Ram’s Bhajans and we all were listening to Bhajans. But Hetalji, here is Baba’s miracle. As I asked Baba don`t send my husband before 9 PM and see my husband came inside temple around 9.15. So Baba gave me extra 15 minutes to be there with Him and enjoy His Bhajans.

I was really happy to experience this small miracle of our Baba. May SAI RAM bless everyone with happiness.



Baba Made Me Realize That He’s With Me

Sai Sister Parul ji from India says: Jai Sai Ram Hetal ji, Thanks for providing interface to come closer to Baba. I always feel very pleased and proud of myself that I am a child of SAI family. Please don’t disclose my id.

Recently Baba taught me a lesson that even if you keep 1000 of fast for Him to get some materialistic benefits; He’ll not give you those things, which are not good for you. I apologies for my long experience, but it will provide very good lesson to all Sai devotees.

I am a staunch devotee of Sai Baba from last 5 years. From last 1 year, I was going through rough phase of my life. Actually I was in relationship with a guy since 5 years. I was very much committed to the guy, but the guy was not. He used to speak rudely to me and used to abuse me. Whenever he used to abuse me with foul words, after listening to his wordings, I used to go in Baba’s room. We have small room in our house, which is a pooja room and we have many photos of Baba including wall size painting of Baba sitting in Dwarakamai. I used to cry loudly like a small baby and used to ask Baba what my mistake is and where I am wrong that he’s changing his attitude with me. He used to be very loving and caring, but now his attitude started changing day by day. I used to cry by sitting 3-4 hours at night, when everybody used to sleep tight.

One day while sitting in front of Baba, a thought came into my mind of keeping 9 THURSDYS VRAT. Then from next Thursday, I started keeping fast. As the no. of fast keeps on proceeding, his behavior started becoming worse. My faith on Baba started shaking as I started feeling that Baba has stopped listening me and blessing me. But Baba has some other plan for me. My health started drowning as I was very upset because of his behavior, because I used to love him so much and I used to think how I will survive without him. Now as the day of 9th fast approach, I did Udayapan (ending of fast) by performing pooja with loads of devotion and love for Baba. I cried in front of Baba by saying that “Please make things normal. Don’t make my life hell. I am Your daughter and You are my Baba. I trust only You, so please show me Your miracles. I am begging in front of You from last 5 months”. But nothing happened. He again called me and abused me on Thursday. I was fully broken and stopped worshiping Baba.

On next day (i.e. on Friday on 09-09-2011) at 9 PM, we had break up. Please note that all the digits are 9. As I had performed 9 week fast several times for him. He abused me and I don’t know what comes into my mind, I did break up myself. It was a miracle for me and Baba gave me strength to do this. I never had guts to think about break up even. After break up, I did Parayan of Sai Satcharitra and before doing Parayan, I asked a question to Baba that please help me to forgot him and Baba answered, “Impossible thing will be possible with the blessings of Guru”. Now I am perfectly fine with no tension. My health has also started improving. After break up, I came to know that he used to go to prostitutes as he was staying abroad in Australia and had many girl friends there. I was in relationship with such a bad person, but still he was not able to touch me with his single finger because I am Baba’s daughter. Baba protected me. Now my faith in Baba has increased to millions of times. Few days back, Baba came into my dream and blessed me with coconut, sindhoor, pink dupatta, raksha kavach, 9 coins and much more things, which I don’t remember. I woke up so happily. I love my Baba so much. He’s ultimate father and proved me that no one else can love His children as much He can. I request to all devotees that even if you are not getting response from Baba. Please don’t let your faith be affected because Baba is waiting for right time so that He can arrange things in best possible way for you. Baba didn’t make me marry that guy because He knew it very well that my life would be hell after marrying him and He made me aware of the realities about which I was totally unaware.


Eternal bliss of beloved Sai

Anonymous Devotee from Ireland says: Dear Hetalji, first of all I would like to thank you for bringing all the Sai Brothers and Sisters together. This site is a medium of getting closer to our beloved Sai, who always thinks and cares for His devotees. Whenever I read the experiences, I felt so relieved. I want to share a beautiful experience in my life. Please do not disclose my name and email id.

We got a beautiful experience of Sai Baba in the hardest time of our life. It’s true that though Baba is not here, but He knows what we do beyond seven seas. In June 2009, we got to know the good news of my pregnancy with the grace of Sai Baba. We were so happy to start the new journey of parenthood. But suddenly, one day, my husband went to his office and his seniors called him for the meeting. During the meeting, he was told that due to change in organizational structure, they do not need his services furthermore. So my husband got lay off. My husband lost his job on Wednesday and it was the day before his 9th Sai vrat (fast). Both of us were so depressed and helpless that how he will get the new job in such a crisis time, when recession was widely spread over Europe. Next day, I called to my uncle in India (who actually told us about Sai Baba earlier) that why Baba took this job from us in such a hard time and the day before the last Sai vrat? He told me to have patience. Sai wants you move ahead in life if you won’t leave the one step how you will reach the other? He told me to have faith on Sai. He will give a new job to your husband within a week. It was so difficult to pass each day after losing job. My husband was sending CV to so many companies, but none of them replied. We get the visa through job every year. So we were also afraid if we had to leave the country, how the things will be managed.

One day, a recruitment consultant called my husband and she told him that you have a detailed CV, you should make it concise. We considered her as a messenger of Sai Baba. My husband made the CV short. My husband had a dream during the night that Sai Baba was asking him, “CV bheja (did you send the CV?)”. He told me about his dream next day and we were so happy that we don’t need to worry. Sai Baba is always with us. We just need to have faith and patience. Before weekend, my husband got the email from a company for the interview, where he sent the new CV. They called him two times for the interview and finally my husband got the call from them on Tuesday evening that he got the job. Sai Baba fulfills all the wishes of His devotees. There won’t be scarcity of anything in house of His devotees. He blessed us with a beautiful daughter in 2010 and we named her as a gift of Sai.

Om Sai Namoh Namah, Shri Sai Namoh Namah, Jai Jai Sai Namoh Namah, Satguru Sai Namoh Namah.

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. great job hetal ji…..we want this service from you for entire life….only if baba wishes…lovely experiences…

  2. Congratulations Hetal didi and Anil brother.
    You guys have really done something unusual..great job..you are getting so many devotees of my Baba from different countries together..India,Usa, Canada, ireland, Dubai and many more.
    Hats off to this wonderful blog.
    All the three experiences above are miraculous,specially the girl who broke up with her boy friend..no matter how many fasts we keep for something that is not good for us, he will not give it..well said sister i agree with you and the message you passed on at the end was really good..never let your faith shake because of the situations..he gives what we need..and the last experience also made me happy while reading..once again congrats and thank you so much for creating this miraculous blog Hetal didi.

  3. Jai sai ram ji
    Congratulation to Hetal ji and Anil ji and best wishes to both of you for noble work you are doing for whole sai community I wish to have long life of this blog till the end of our life we will receive the mail after mail from our dearest hetal ji. This blog is not just platform to share the experience but it is our daily dose of tonic to survive day to day hurdles of our life because from each experience you learnt so much and it give you new direction and change your your point of view to see the life. After going through the Sai charitra and reading this blog my way of thinking has been changed a lot. I felt myself in unique peace of mind and treat my sai not as god but as my best friend You don't need to follow the strict rules and regulation to pray him . Anytime anywhere just think about him with purest feeling you just felt his presence around you all the time.

  4. Dear Hetal ji and Anil ji,
    I dont have words to thank you for the blessed work you are doing for all the sai devotees, you people have made all of us cry several times with tears of happiness that how blessed we are that we have sai baba with us and this blog to firm our faith everytime we have doubt on whether sai ma is listening to us…
    Congratulations for completing 500th post and blessed are the people whose experiences are published today..
    May sai bless you with healthy, long and happy life!!!
    Shilpa Pahwa

  5. I am undergoing a similar state as that of Parulji. Inspite of my regular prayers, faith, hope and devotion, Baba is not giving what i want. Now after I read Parulji's experience, I understand he has decided something better for me. So I need to have more shraddha and saburi. Baba, please bless all your children. We are nothing if you don't hold our hand. Thanks Hetalji and Anilji for this wonderful blog and may our beloved Baba help all sai brothers and sisters to reach out to more people and lead a life to spread his love and teachings. Om Sai Ram

  6. Hi to all sai devotees..

    Congratulations to Hetal ji and Anil ji…
    Unexpectedly i got my first increment today. my happiness have no bounds… its all happen because of Baba… first i wanted to share with baba thats y i hav posted here..

  7. Congratulations Hetalji on your 500th post. Beautiful encouraging experiences which has become a part of our daily lifestyle. Our companion!! May Sai bless all!!

  8. Congratulations Hetalji on your 500th post. Beautiful encouraging experiences which has become a part of our daily lifestyle. Our companion!! May Sai bless all!!

  9. Hetalji thank you so much for this site…Whenever i read the experiences i feel soo relaxed and sai is there with me to help me…Thank you so much for ur greatest work and effort.

    Sai bless you and your family

  10. Congratulations Hetalji & Anilji in ur 500th post.U guys r really doing wonderful jobs.
    May baba bless u all.

    Wonderful experiences.Made my day.

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  11. Dear Sister Hetal,
    Hearty Congratulations to YOU and ANILji on this great milestone. I love you so much for the GREATEST service YOU do. I agree with someone who already said that you are Modern day "HemadPanth". May BABA give his choicest BLESSINGS to YOU and also to all his devotees.

  12. Congratulations to Hetal ji and Anil ji. May you be the instruments for other Sai Devotees bringing HOPE and FAITH in their lives.
    All 3 Sai Devotees experiences in this post are very heart warming.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  13. Congratulations to Hetal ji and Anil ji…
    this platform makes me , while reading all this experiences my stomach gets full and got energy to live in this earth that my sai is staying with me every minute and every second and taking care of me and u all .
    om sai namho namaha sri sai namo namaha
    jai jai sai namo namaha
    sadguru sai namo namaha

    jai sai ram

  14. Many congratulations Hetalji and Anilji. This blog is really Sai blessed and hence this wonderful achievement of 500 posts. You both are doing a great job.

    Wonderful experiences shared above. On reading Ritikaji's experience from Canada, I wish there was such a beautiful temple in Vancouver or maybe I could get a chance to visit Sai temple in Ontario and take Sai's wonderful darshan.

    Best wishes to all the Sai devotees for the beautiful holiday season.

  15. COngratulations Hetal ji for this wonderful work. Baba's blessings is always with you. Keep up the good work. This blog lightens so many hearts and reassures faith in Baba

    Jai sai ram

  16. Heartiest congratulations to Hetalji & Anilji for wonderful work…all the devotees including u both vibrated a string of emotion…devotion…affection…blessings…no words to express the feelings.Jai Sai Ram

    Wonderful Experiences.

  18. Sai Ram Hetal ji and Anil ji,
    You have both been doing a wonderful job and I'm really glad that I stumbled on this blog in search of Baba ji. Like you mentioned above how eager all devotees are to read the experiences. I would I to tell you that I am one among them. I ready the i Quotes from Satcharitra that you post everyday. I feel that everyday Baba sends me a message for that day through your blog and I'm really glad for that.

    I am a Baba's devotee from recent times, since a year. When I found your blog, I made it a point to read all the experiences in order so that I do not miss on anything. I was going through a terrible phase of life and this blog was my sole hope that good will happen and also increased my faith in Baba ji. I am upto date now, and read experiences as they are posted every single day!

    Thanks so much for creating this blog and making this world a better place filled with hope for all of us.

    Om Sai Ram


  19. congratulations hetail ji and anil ji for this wonderful site.we wish u even more achievements.
    experience of sai daughter parul is very impressive. I think
    baba has selected his life partner that's why he came in ur dream and blessed with sindoor.really u are very much by our beloved baba .I wish parul ji should share her next experience regardoing her wedding.
    anyway again iam thanking hetalji a lots and lot for this wonderful site.
    thank you hetalji we love u so much.
    may baba bless us all.
    jai sairam

  20. Congratulations Hetalji & Anilji for your 500th post. Both you are doing a noble service. all the experinces in this post are very heart touching. Its right we should wait for the right time and have patience

    BABA has chosen you for doing such a wonderful service. This blog is like AKSHAY PAATRA.One can go on reading Sai's miracles as much as one wants.

  22. Dear Sister Parul ji,

    Your experience is bad one. But some how baba is there to save you. Once i heard your story my friend story come into my mind. Thanks for posting your experience.


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