In today’s post, every devotee sharing his/her experiences are requesting other devotees to pray for them. Kindly do pray.

Sai Baba Saved Me From Trouble

Sai Sister Vaishali ji from UK says: This is my second experience that I am posting. Though the first one that I posted recently (About my Shirdi experience) has not been published yet. I understand Hetalji that you must be having a lot of experiences to be posted. So I will wait with ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’.

I also request you not to disclose my email id please.

It was my daughter’s birthday and I was going to work after dropping my kids to school. I was stuck in traffic and decided to take a right turn and go in a different route. I was moving out of the traffic to the right lane and there was a bike behind who was also going to go right probably. He was hit by my car and I looked at the mirror as I heard some sound without realizing what I had done.

To my shock, I had knocked him off and the bike had fallen down and he was stood on the road and he showed his hand to me as to what I have done and went to get his bike.

I was in total shock and instead of getting down and facing the problem. I just drove off. At work, I explained what happened to my friends and also called I was told that I should have got down and faced him as they might do it as a hit and run case. So I should have got down and spoken to him. I started feeling really scared and was praying to BABA and was looking at the post every day fearing the letter might have come. Also I was praying to BABA that I hope that guy did not take it seriously because of our BABA’s Miracle. It’s a month since that incident happened and I am so happy that no letter came.

So I wanted to post this experience as I was very glad that BABA helped me as only I know how tensed I was when it happened.

Thank you Hetalji.

Not blessed yet

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi folks, I never believed in Shirdi Sai as none of my family members pray to Him. Well. My aunt is an ardent devotee though. She took me to Shirdi once.

I was abroad for 7 years now. Unfortunately, this time my visa was not extended. I have a brilliant job and future there. I was terribly disappointed when my visa was refused. I casually visited my another aunt and she said bought a gift for me as I came from abroad and no one has an idea of my visa status. She gave me the book. I expected a novel as I am fond of novels.

It turned out to be Shri Sai Satcharitra. I was surprised as I thought of searching about Sai and watch some movies as I don’t know much about Him. Well. I came back to my city and on Thursday. I started reading one chapter a day. I have reached 23rd chapter now. I started visiting Sai temple on Thursdays for evening Aarti. I am kind of addicted to it now and think about Him all the time.

I am still awaiting His blessings as I have applied for some jobs abroad and expecting a positive result. I request ardent devotees here to pray for me. Irrespective of the result, I shall be His devotee for life.

UDI Miracle

Sai Sister Amitha from India says: Dear Hetalji, I want to thank you for the wonderful work you do. I don’t know whether I am a true devotee of Sai or not. I don’t have much Shradha and Saburi and just lose my patience sometimes. I have gone through many miracles of Baba’s, but I want to share one of my recent experiences.

On 04/09/2011, my baby shower function was arranged and by Baba’s grace all the function went out well. But the very next day my mother-in-law started suffering from stomach ache (Abdominal pain). We thought because of gastric she is feeling so. Afternoon she went to the doctor and doctor also told the same and gave medicine. But after taking medicine, pain started increasing. Again in the evening, she got scared and went to another doctor for check-up. But that doctor also told the same thing and gave medicine. She took medicine as prescribed by doctor, but the pain did not reduced at all. We had many guest at home. Everyone was getting irritated. Then at 4 AM, little pain was reduced and she had a good sleep till 7 AM. When she got up she was proper. But again in the evening, pain started. Thinking that again in the night pain will increase, she went to the same doctor at 8 PM in the night. But unfortunately, the doctor was not there in the clinic. So she came back home without medicine, but that time the pain was little. But after having dinner pain increased and she couldn’t control the pain. She tried eating some home medicine, but still the pain did not reduce. It was already 12 AM in the night. I was getting sick because of no sleep. Suddenly, I remembered the miracles of UDI, which I had read it in Shri Sai Satcharitra. I shared that with my husband. My husband told me to give the Appearance Of Udi In Every House Miraculously – Miracles at Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir to her. But I had a doubt whether now also such a miracle will happen? Still I prayed in front of Baba’s statue and took UDI, mixed it with water and gave her to drink. She drank it without asking anything. I sat near to her chanting Baba’s name. To my surprise within 10 minutes, she got a sleep and didn’t get up till morning. Baba is very kind. He takes care of His devotees. I thanked Baba and I promised Him that I will share this experience.

Now I am holding Baba’s gift in my stomach. I request Sai Bhakts to pray with Baba to bless us with a healthy kid. Om Sai Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai Om.

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  1. Anonymous ji…dont worry BABA will help you…please keep shardha on him….BABAji please help your all devotee….preeti


  3. Dear Sai sister amithaji,baba will surely bless u a healthy child.So leave everything up to him.He will take care of u n ur lil one.Om Sai Ram
    Dear Anonymousji, Baba will surely give u the best.Just have sraddha and Saburi.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  4. That was amazing how Vaishali is thankful for Baba helping her rather than helping the person she hurt. I wonder how you would have reacted if this had happened to you. I live in the UK too and I feel sorry for the guy on the bike.

  5. Dear Hetalji, we love this blog and could feel Baba's blessing in the blog somehow. But why post experiences such as those of Vaishali's and make us feel bad? I used to go on a bike all the time and I live in the UK too. I can't imagine how I would get home if someone hits me and runs away.


  7. Dear All,

    Yes other devotees are true. I too live in UK and feel ashamed if people do like this what Vaishali had done. What if it had happened to her by a British people? Such a disgusting news. Vaishaliji you might be alrady now better than me that the country where you are living is still giving you a lot in terms of good life, money etc. So it a good citizen atleast you should had been turned back to that guy. Please donot let down our country India's repect in front of the white people and don't show typical Indian attitude atleast abroad. Thanks you.
    Dear Hetalji, please donot publish experience like this where devotees are thanking to our Lord for things which Vaishali had done. Hope u understand the sensitivity of the matter of this devotees experience.

    Om sai ram

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