With grace and will of Shirdi Sai Babaji, i am herewith again sharing experiences of devotees.

Shirdi Sai Baba Cures

Sai Brother Ramakrishana ji from India says: Dear Hetal ji, It’s been a long time that I wanted to write to you, but somehow I kept getting postponed.

  • Miracle 1:

    Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessing has been there in our lives before and continues to be there in greater measure day by day. I would like to share this with all of you regarding the same.

    Sometime in early January 2011, my father-in-law was diagnosed having lung cancer. The doctors told us that that it was already in the 4th stage. They tried a target dosage for two months, which was the only ray of positive hope, if it had worked. We kept our fingers crossed and prayed to our beloved Sai Baba for the medicine to work. But two months later, the scan and other tests revealed that it had not worked and that the cancer had slowly started spreading to the liver also. We were shocked. The doctors also told us that the proactive treatment for the problem would be stopped and he would be on a milder dosage just to keep him comfortable symptomatically. Longevity was a question mark which none could answer.

    In mid May or so he suddenly sank very badly, there was acute pain which could be brought under check after a heavy dosage of a high-end pain killer. He also developed weakness which wouldn’t allow him to even move about in the house independently. His appetite dropped down and he couldn’t eat properly. We all prayed to Baba to shower mercy on him and at least reduce his suffering.

    A few days later, he had to be given blood to accommodate for the low level of Hemoglobin. Then after that by Baba’s grace, he has slowly but unbelievably improved. His appetite is normal. The severe pain (on account of cancer) is under check with a minimal dosage of pain killer. He has also come out of the abysmal state of weakness. The latest test showed that his hemoglobin has gone up to 11.

    We all are extremely surprised, happy and thankful to Baba for all the improvement that He has brought about in him and giving him a painless lease of life in this state of the disease. We do not know about the internal condition and nor the progress of the disease, but we are thankful for every normal day that he leads.

  • Miracle 2:

    I had been operated upon for some problem in my leg last Nov. A month and half ago after wearing shoes, the pain in the leg suddenly developed and I felt the same as before the surgery. I was extremely sad, worried and frightened. In despair one day, I cried and told Him that He only should solve the ailment of my leg which seemed to have re-surfaced. I also started taking vibhuthi (at home) with water after touching it to Baba’s feet as a medicine. Within a few days the pain subsided and my leg is also back to normal.

All this has proved to us that one only needs to repose one’s full faith in Him and He’s always by our side to give us relief.

Please do post this on your blog Hetal Ji.

Om Sai Ram.




Sai Sister Kamakshi ji from India says: I was initially not much aware of Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba. Recently, I created an immense devotion towards them and I felt very ashamed of myself for being unaware of them. Then I developed true faith towards them. I stay in hostel doing my post graduation.

I thought for a moment that it would be of great happiness and comfort if I had His photo and thought that next time, when I go home, I should surely get His photo. After a couple of weeks, I was searching for one my documents in my hostel room. I couldn’t find it. I was depressed. I searched again and finally found it inside my desk. It was fallen behind the desk and fallen within the table and was stuck. So I pulled out all the desks to take it out. When I took out the paper, I found two photos that were also stuck. When I turned it, the photo was of Shirdi Sai Baba’s. I was so happy. It had already been there. But I haven’t seen it though. I was in the same room for 1 year. I was so happy. I asked with true heart and He gave me. I was shocked. I feel that He is always there with us and we do not notice Him. He is great and savior of all of us. Be true. He is always with us.

Sai Ram

Devotee Experience

Sai Sister Priyanka ji from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetalji, Please post my experience in the Baba’s Blog. Please do not disclose my email id. Thank you so much for your wonderful service in the Lotus Feet of Our Sai. May Babaji bless you and your family with lots of joy, peace of mind and happiness.

Got My Well-Settled Desired Perfect Permanent Job:

With Sai Baba’s grace and kind blessings, I have got a good nice job. Babaji made me pass the written examination and the oral examination and blessed me with a nice decent job. Thank You so much Babaji for merciful and bountiful Kripa on me. I am very sorry Babaji for writing my experience so late. Please forgive me Babaji. Please forgive me. I shall be happy and grateful to You.

I thank Sai Baba from bottom of my heart for providing me with my desired, dream, perfect job. I am so happy and grateful that everything went so nicely. The whole process of getting my job was so nice. This job is so beautiful and close to my heart that it makes me very happy after getting this job of mine. I am third time lucky. Thank You Babaji for giving me yet another chance. I got my job with my desired monthly salary even more than that By Baba’s Will. Thank You Baba. Thank You Baba for sending me Your Help – Your Angels to get me my desired job. I shall always remain indebted and grateful to You My Beloved Saiji. I am financially independent now forever By Saiji’s Grace. My parents are very happy and they are very proud of me. I feel much more confident now. I love and enjoy my work. People are very nice here. It’s a good company. Everything is peaceful here. The environment is very nice, lush and posh here. Timings, dignity, commuting, food, clothes all is perfect here according to my wish. Thank You God Babaji. With Babaji’s grace, I am doing the work with complete faith, commitment and working hard with happiness. Babaji, please be with me here at every step and guide me. With Your Guidance, I shall move my each step. Please make me do exceptionally good work while rendering my best service to the society. Amen!

Om Sairam

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  1. Dear Hetalji,
    How you feeling now?R u feeling good.Take care please.Baba bless u.

    Wonderful experiences.
    Like Priyankaji,I wish I also get my dream job.
    Baba bless us please.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    How are you Hetalji?
    BABA You gave me job Baba.
    BABA I am scared of my job how i am going to handle.Please help me BABA.BABA Please forgive me for my mistakes.
    BABA I am surrendering at your feet Baba.

  3. Dear Sai devotees,
    I am staying in US.
    I like to donate food to the poor.
    How can I do it?I've to do that for 9th Thursday vrat.
    Also I said to Baba I'll donate food here in US.
    Baba is alsoo telling me to donate food.
    I told my mom to do it but I want to do here.how to do?
    If any one of you know a way please post it here.
    I need to do as soon as possible.

  4. Very happy to read these posts. BABA taking care of HIS devotees and good thing is these Devotees recognize the grace pouring to them increasing faith in them as well as all the readers.
    I have experienced my problems taken care of by such angels that BABA sent us for our safety, protection and well being. I see them take place every day in my daily life, only one has to SEE them taking place. Being with BABA in thoughts every moment makes our life peaceful and enjoyable. No depressing thoughts can continue on our mind when we think of BABA.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  5. Dear Anonymousji,
    I also live in the US.Baba also used to tell me to donate food during the question and answers i aske him for my problems.Do you have a temple near your place,be it Sai temple or not,do one thing,if it is Sai temple,cook food at home ad take it to the temple and give it to the priests,here what they do is offer it t Baba and place it in the basement of the temple and offer it to devotees,i dont know how many of them are poor or rich,but many people come there every Thursday and eat the food offered.If it not a Sai temple,cook food offer it to Baba at home first and take it and distribute it to the people coming to the temple.I have been finding this very peaceful and feel Baba is happy with this.Good luck with the SaiVrat,may Baba give you what you ask for.
    Om Sai Ram.

  6. S RamaKrishna,

    Baba will surely shower his blessings on you and your family. I would like to to tell you that My Father is a Cancer surviver too. He too had 4th stage lung cancer and thanks to Baba's blessings he is today fit and fine. Its been 16 years now.It was a miracle that saved him, when someone told us about urine therapy.I would like to share it with you. Please do reach out to me @ seemasajnani@gmail.com

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