A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 116

With this post i am again sharing three brief experiences which will ascertain your faith in our Lord Sai Baba.

Job And Happiness Only Because Of Sai Nath

Sai Brother Vipin ji from India says: JAI SAI NATH, there are lots of experiences to share, but I will share the most important experience of my life. I visited Shirdi many a times between 2004-2006, as I was doing my graduation in Pune. Thereafter, I got chance to visit Shirdi on this Rakhi. Now I come to my experience.

I was looking for a job change since December 2010. But I was not able to get into any good company in the profile of work which I wanted. Although, I was working in good company with good package, but there were lots of problems with my job profile and boss. Then in May, I got a chance to be interviewed in the company in which I wanted to work with. Then again, till May nothing was there from the company’s side. All of a sudden in August 2011, director calls to me and asked to meet him. I went there and he said that whatever you worked in your previous company is not relevant for the current profile, but still we can take a chance on you for a year. Then he said you have to join by Oct 10, 2011 by anyhow that too in their Mumbai. I was very happy after listening all these, because I wanted to go near to My Sai’s temple (Shirdi) and he called me there. The package which is offered by the director is more than what I expected. I asked them that can I join in Delhi office for a week and then I can fly to Mumbai (i.e. after Diwali). The manager was said that they don’t have any problem in that. I am really very Happy because of Sai, as it all have happened only because of His grace. I visit daily to Sai Baba’s temple in Rohini. After going to His temple, I am so happy and cheerful that I am unable to express. I also did Sai’s Vrat and today I have completed 9 Thursday’s fast with utmost love and passion. I also completed Sai Satcharitra in 7 days many a times. It’s really very helpful, but only when you have utmost faith in my SAI BABA. Now, situation is like that my parents and my family members many a times say that ‘Kya Haal Hain Sai Baba’ (how are you Sai Baba). Because, they can see the faith and patience in me for my Sai Baba. I am praying to Sai Baba that my Sai Nath always keep His grace and hands on me. I Love my Sai.


Baba’s Presence And Blessings

Sai Brother Deepak ji from UAE says: First, let me thank you for allowing me to post this experience. My experience with Sai Nath in recent times (past 4-5 months) have been so touching and true, that I have been totally swept off my feet in His praise. As a history, since time immemorial, my mother has been doing morning Pooja every Thursday. As kids, we never understood the reason, but I managed to continue the tradition of obeying to abstain from eating non-veg on Thursday.

Now, I reside in UAE, and am currently based here for last 4 years. Since last 2.5 years, my career graph has taken a dip and after successfully risen for about 8 years, the last 2.5 years have been very painful. As a normal human being, I have done all things – arguments, emotions, crying, frustration etc, but I could not understand or conclude how and why this is happening to me. I am engineer by qualification and have risen to very good profiles in my 11 years of working. I came across a person, who encouraged me to submit myself to Sai and he assured that He will take care of you. After having heard so much about Him and people’s stories, I developed a unique trust in Him. My sister advised me to read Sai Satcharitra and she promised that I will get a huge relief and contentment to averse all the disturbances that I was going through. I did that, and had immediate relief. From that time, my belief in Baba increased manifolds and it was like “oxygen” to me.

In August 2011, we planned to visit our home back in Delhi, India, and booked tickets for ourselves (me, my wife, and infant daughter). Of course, we wanted to take gifts for our parents, sisters etc and planned shopping about 10-12 days in advance before departure. However, due to my current company not paying my dues (which was a significant amount), I had limited spare money to buy gifts. One night, I was awake and prayed to Baba to please help me with some money, as we were visiting home after 1 year and I did not want to fall short of gifting my near and dear ones. I was falling short of around 1000 AED, which I budgeted apart from the available money with me. I just prayed and mentioned the figure 1000 AED. I wasn’t expecting this additional money to come from anywhere and had no hope in sight, so after praying I slept. Next day morning, without any provocation my wife approached me and got a pouch in her hand mentioning, that there is a lot of foreign currency that she did not realize was with us (USD, Euros, and Singapore Dollars etc) that I used to give to her as leftovers from my travel trips. She used to keep in a pouch and I never considered that money for use. On seeing that, I asked her to count. So we had different denominations for all of those currencies. That evening, we went for shopping and in a mall, I asked her to exchange that money so that we can receive the AED and conduct our shopping. My wife got the money exchanged and when I asked how much she got, her answer was 1,003 AED. We were stunned to realize that this was what I had wished for, and was falling short of. This was nothing but Baba’s Leela, where He helped us in getting what we were falling short of. In the last 4-5 months, I have felt several such small experiences in daily life, which beyond a doubt are His blessings.

I am still in search of making the next move to a new job, and hope Baba will bless me, and continue to have His Dayadrishti on all of us.

Jai Sai Ram

Deepak Sachdeva

Birthday Gift In Form Of Blessing From My Baba

Sai Devotee Aditi ji from India says: Hi friends and all Sai devotee, Om Sai Smarth. I don’t remember when Baba became important part of my life and when I started getting blessings from my Deva. It’s almost 13 to 14 times, I visited to Shirdi, but always I got Darshan by standing in queue to 3 to 4 hours. I always had a desire to get nice Darshan of Baba by avoiding long queue. Last year while chatting, I came across to a guy who was from Shirdi and we became friends by the grace of Baba. He invited me to Shirdi assuring to get nice Darshan of Baba. I started making necessary arrangement to visit Shirdi a day before my birthday and everything started getting easy for me and I reached safely to Shirdi without any problem. There, I met my chat friend for the first time in Sansthan premises.

Without any delay, we recognized each other. I was eager to meet my Baba. He took me to Baba from a way that took me near Baba’s idol within seconds. I was so much happy to see my Baba from very close distance. My happiness had no limits. I was so moved and tears started flowing from my eyes. Then I was blessed with Baba’s Samadhi coconut and 10 to 15 packets of UDI in a form of honor, which was given to me from my chat friend and others who were working in Sai Sansthan. On my birthday, I went for Kakad Aarti for the first time in my life. As I was getting close to Baba’s idol chanting Baba’s name, a sweet drop fell in mouth. I don’t know from where. But I am sure that it was Baba’s Prasad. Still such miracles happen with me whenever I visit Shirdi. In Sai Satcharitra, it is mentioned that whoever helps us to take Sai Baba’s Darshan, are considered more than our family or any relatives. So it was by Baba’s blessing, I got a very good friend from Shirdi through whom I got very close to my Baba. Bow to Shree Sai. Peace be to all.

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  1. Nice experiences all! Deepak ji, you are really Baba's loving son. Baba knows all our desires and fulfill them. Baba, you are really great!

    Om Sai RAm

  2. Nice experiences! You are really blessed Deepak Ki You are Baba's loving Son. Baba You are realy great you know the all wishes of your devotees & fulfill them.

    Om sai ram!

  3. Sairam. Deepak Ji's experience resembles one I had back in 1996. I was in Bombay and lost my job. I needed some money urgently and one subbroker owed me money and promised to give Rs 10000 on a particular day. I went there but he said he did not get the money from where he was supposed to get and could not give. He himslef is in financial trouble and had been postponing payment for a long time. I was so upset and needed money, I sulked on Baba and told him I will skip my lunch so he can have more fun watching me suffer (sorry Baba!!). I got home took Sai Satcharitha and found a random chapter and started reading and then a door bell rang. Postman delivered a certified mail. I opened the mail after he left and lo and behold there was a check from IT deparment, a refund I had totally forgotten. And it was … Rs 10,000. Atleast back in those days, unless you go to their office and push them, you would not get the refund. All these days I still wonder if it was real refund or was it Baba came running to a console me….

  4. Om sai ram,
    The first experience shows that how faith much anonymousji has on sai baba. I always wonder when I'll be able to get the same kind of faith. To be frank, I give up easily and my faith trembles. Please baba, help me to kind same kind of faith.
    The second experience of deepakji made me cry. May saibaba always bless you and your family deepakji.
    I would like to say to the anonymousji who had experience in 1996 that it was really due to saibaba.
    May saibaba bless all!
    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai

  5. jai sai Ram,
    I would like to share my experience &a miracle happened today by BABA'S GRACE.Yesterday my friend was immediately transfered from her work place without any prior notice.All our friends prayed BABA to withdraw transfer order.By baba's order governament postponed transfer of all the employees .Is it not baba's miracle?Many many pranams to baba for this favour.

  6. Anonymous ji(experience in 1996), you are very lucky. this was happende only due to baba. Baba is wonderful.

    Om Sai Ram


  8. Hello Shweta, I know and understand that in difficult times, there is a probability for faith to get shaken, but that is where Baba's two promises come up – "Keep Shradha and Saburi, and you will see me always with you" I have also been keeping the same, and have a huge change pending in my life. At times, the sorrows become overwhelming, but keep your faith on. Don't leave him..He is just increasing your tensile strength by stretching you a little bit..But as a mother, will never hurt his children…Keep Faith and tell Sai Baba that its your responsibility to take care of you, and he will !

    Anonymous Ji (1996 experience), this is perfectly a miracle and only can happen when Sai Baba is there to do it. Yes, we are all indebted to him.

    Om Sai Ram..


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