Following are three routine incidents of life in which Lord Sai Baba has showed His presence.

Sai Baba blessed me after Shirdi Darshan

Sai Sister Swetha ji from UK says: Sai Ram Hetal ji, Sai bless all His lovable kids. I am Swetha from UK. Thanks for posting my experience recently and here I am writing to share a small experience with Sai Ma, which I promised that I will post this experience on your blog.

I daily read the experiences of Sai devotees through your blog and feel very happy. 4 months back, I wondered that Sai Ma will make me to share any of my experiences in this blog. And by that time, we were in plans for India trip and there is no Shirdi trip as a part of that plan. I thought if ever I visit Shirdi in the holiday, I will write my experience in this blog. And after some days, I shared one of my dreams as an experience in your blog on the spot as one of the devotee’s experience motivated me to do so.

And after some days, my husband has surprised by booking tickets for Shirdi in the holiday. I was very happy and I haven’t booked any Arathi tickets online and went to Shirdi without even passport. One of my friends suggested contacting a person to help me there. I have called him and his name is Sairam. He has shown all the visiting places inside the Shirdi. I and my husband thought of giving him Rs. 1000 if he asks us or else we thought of giving around Rs. 750 for guiding us the whole day. After that, I called my friend to ask how much I should pay him. First he asked us to pay around Rs. 750 and immediately he called back and asked to pay Rs. 1000. I am surprised and felt very happy that I realized in many Baba’s stories in Shri Sai Satcharitra, where Baba used to collect the amount which the devotee wanted to give Him.

We had a very good Darshan during Arathi. I felt very happy as this is the first time we were present to Arathi. Before going to Shirdi, I wished to get Baba’s blessings in Shirdi with Baba in the human form. In my last experience, which you posted, you posted 3 pictures of Baba, when He was with human body. I didn’t specify you to post those particular pictures and that gave me the immense pleasure, which I can’t describe in my words. Thanks for that. I have even dreamt that I have visited Baba in Shirdi in human form and got blessings, but in reality I haven’t even got a small flower also in the Samadhi Mandir. But I waited till I return home without any disappointment thinking that He might have given, but I might have not noticed in this way I thought positively throughout my India trip and waited for something to happen.

But, the day came. I should fly to UK and I did think that Baba didn’t give me any blessings. Maybe I am not fit to see and expect Baba to come in human form and give me blessings? This should be a test for my ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’, so I didn’t feel any disappointment.

On 17th this month (September), I reached UK and one of my friends, who is also a Sai Bhakth, messaged me saying that check your email. You have got Baba’s welcome message. I thought it must be a forwarded message and in jet lag I slept off without checking my emails. Next day, when I opened, I could see the email which was my own experience with our Sai Maa in the dream. I am speech less and am very happy to see that. Because as I mentioned, I used to daily think whether today my experience would be published or not? And thought may be my experience is not so clear to publish, so it was not published. So I left hopes on it. But after seeing this email, I can’t find any words to explain my happiness.

Please edit wherever it is necessary to give a good understanding, if my writing is not clear enough.



Miracle of Sai Baba

Sai Sister Smita ji from Canada says: I am a great devotee of Sai Baba for the past ten years. My father, who was also a great devotee of Baba, set our mind towards the worship of Baba. We had a life size portrait of Sai Baba in our temple which we would worship every day.

But my devotion towards Baba was firmed up, because of many miraculous experiences. There are numerous miracles which I have experienced, that I am undecided which one I should narrate. However, I humbly wish to narrate the recent one.

I shifted to Canada early this year. Since I was coming for good I had excess luggage. We carried the maximum that was allowed on our tickets, and had items which weighed 60 kgs left behind. These items were of sentimental value and everyone advised me to courier the same. I sent the parcel through a renowned courier at a premium rate, and they assured me, that I would receive the same stuff within ten days.

To my surprise I received in a week time a partial shipment of 15 kgs, and on further enquiry we were assured that the remaining items were on their way. We kept enquiring and a month passed and there was no trace. My husband called the courier in Mumbai and they gave us two tracking numbers and asked us to check the same with their counterpart in US. They also assured that they are tracking the same and will inform us. I was tensed and depressed thinking that they had lost my parcel.

Two days later, I checked the emails and found that the agent from US wrote that we should lodge a claim, as the parcel was lost. I felt very low on reading this, as I did not want the money, but the sentimental items, gifted by my late father. I didn’t know what to do? I was depressed and headed towards my pooja room and opened my Sai Satcharitra and prayed to Baba, “Oh Baba, please help me to get my parcel as I do not need the money, but my items”. I started reading Sai Satcharitra with full faith and devotion on a Saturday. The following Tuesday, one of my friends came home for a visit and casually asked me about my parcel. I told her my plight. She felt bad and asked me about the first parcel which I had received. She noticed that the received parcel had an address and phone number of a lady in US. She immediately called her and what a surprise, the lady at the other end identified that she had received another parcel, which had items which matched the ones we had sent.

Needless to say within next ten days, the parcel was couriered from US to Canada and I received all my items.

This is one of the many experiences I have of Sai Baba. I wish to really post as many experiences as possible so that more and more people will and can get the blessings of Baba.


Sai always takes care of me

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Namasthe Hetal ji, thanks for helping us to share our experiences. You are doing a wonderful job. May Sai always be with you. Please do not post my email id. Sai please forgive me if I have written something wrong. I am devotee of Shirdi Sai from last few years, but my faith on Baba was on and off due to unstableness of my mind. But below experience has made me to believe him strongly.

I was in need of job and worried about it. When I shared my grief to one of my friend, she told to do Sai 9 vrat. I was very happy listening to that. I felt as Sai is telling me to do vrat. I started doing vrat with full faith. On first Thursday, Sai blessed me with a flower. On that day flower fell 3 times with few minutes of gap. First time, when it fell, I thought it happened because I did not keep it well on Shiv Lingam. So I took that flower and again arranged on Lord Shiva. Next time, also flower fell. Now I thought because I shook the table it might have happened. But I did not shake the table that hard, so the flower will fall. Again, I took that flower and arranged in such a way that, it is impossible to fall down. In mind, I was telling “Now how You will fall. Let’s see”. This time also flower fell I didn’t have any words to express my happiness. My eyes were filled with tears seeing this miracle. I didn’t know to whom I should share this happy moment. First person, striked in my mind, was my friend who told about this Sai 9 Vrat. I called her and told about this incident she was very happy to hear. She told that Sai has blessed you and you are very lucky.

I completed 7 Thursdays and still 2 Thursdays were left to finish the vrat. During that time, more than my job I was worried about my son. My Son was in India with my parents for almost 1 year as I was studying in US. I and my husband were missing him very much. His 2nd birthday was also near. My parents were not ready to bring to US due to some family problems.

I was crying almost every day thinking about my son. I thought more than job, my son is important for me. Then I prayed to Sai instead of giving job bring my son to me and accept this vrat. Then all of a sudden, one day, my mother agreed to bring my son along with my mother-in-law.

I was very happy, at that moment. I cannot express my happiness. I thanked Sai. It is because of His grace, we could celebrate my son’s 2nd birthday in US. Now I and my husband are enjoying with him.

After this experience, I feel whether other God’s will listen to our prayers or not, but our Sai is waiting to rescue us from our problems. Sai bless me to come across such experiences so that my faith will build still more stronger. I will post my next experience after getting job.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Jai SaiRam.

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  1. Awesome experiences.please baba call me to shirdi.may baba bless us all! Om sai sai ram. Om sai sai ram.

  2. Dear Sai Devotees, very happy to read your experiences. And Hetal ji, I would like to show my surprise regarding the photo that you have placed in this post.
    As I had sent my experience to post regarding my husband's melanoma cancer level 4, and the Divine vision to me where I was assured by that Divine figure (but no facial details) was very much like Jesus Christ shown here and and the sentences were as if BABA (Satya Sai BABA commonly used as…) "don't worry my child, sub-kuchh achchhaa ho jaayega" and again in English, "this is all for family unity" and my initial faith is is Shiradi Sai BABA ….
    This photo brings a complete circle to my Divine vision experience and proving that BABA, Satya Sai BABA and Jesus Christ are ONE AND the SAME!
    And after that message, my husband's major surgery results showed no trace of cancer and was declared out of cancer after 5 years of follow up with no trace of cancer, check up performed every six months.
    Also when I look back other events took place after this are my husband's accidental severing of main heart artery and emergency bypass surgery, which became the main reason for my elder son's marriage taking place, and the same event caused me loosing my job of 12 years by cunning way from the management , my fighting for the wrong blame used to get rid of me, winning that law suit, again my younger son coming back from war front with out even a scratch on his body even though he lived there for 3 years in active war,(he was allowed to come back because of husband's "life or death like serious situation), my circumstances to quit that job which was a winning prize fighting again the giant corporate company, coming to be with younger son to Sierra Vista, his getting married , and my getting settled here in Sierra Vista are all seems like a link to the first episode where I heard the Divine voice telling me "This is all for family unity"!
    As many of the devotees feel how to narrate all miracles, I am facing the same situation, which one to narrate…and yet I tried to be as short as possible to express my wonders of BABA's grace on me and my family.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  3. Wonderful experiences of all devotees.

    Meera Ji you are really Baba's loving daughter. You are really blessed with His grace.

    May baba bless all his devotees like this!
    Om Sai Ram!

  4. Dear Mamata ji,
    Yes, I feel the same way! I do not fall in the category of Devotees who do puja by rituals and following all traditional methods, and yet BABA has pulled me to have FAITH in HIM by taking care of me with such a gentle manner.
    Basically I am a very simple person taking care of all with whom I have to deal with and many a times I am being manipulated for being a naive, or so to say timid person not to say NO to the demand placed in front of me. I am very sensitive person so I can make out that I am being misused, feel hurt in my heart and tell BABA whatever I feel about such events and miraculously those hurt feelings are taken care of and my life goes on with a big smile on my face.
    People wonder how I am always HAPPY! BABA taking care of my problems and giving me courage to fight with injustice done to me and otherwise letting me be a simple low profile person, why I should not be HAPPY!
    Jai Sai Ram. I pray for everybody to remain blessed by BABA.

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