A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 113

Yesterday we read a very interesting post on Wonderful Trip To Shirdi of Sai sister Supriya. In this post she has share another heart-throbbing incident while she was returning from Shirdi. Her experience is listed as last one. The first two are also equally interesting.

My First Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sairam Hetaji, You are doing wonderful job by posting real experience of Sai devotees. I am very happy by seeing these experiences. Whenever I read these experiences, I feel very comfortable. Whatever problems I have, by reading these experiences, I forget.

Please do not disclose my name and email id. I am from Bangalore. After reading my story, you may think that I am mad. Maybe I am mad. Here starts my story.

I was not devotee of Sai Baba. I just knew about Him that’s all. But Baba made me His devotee. My parents were searching guy for me and I did not like anyone. But I don’t know what happened, I liked one guy. But due to some incidence, it did not happen. I started 9 Thursday fasting vowing that I should get married to him. I started it on Feb 10, and the same day I got to know that he did not like me (told by mediator. I don’t know how far it’s true). But I did not lose my faith. I had and still have strong inner feeling that I will get married to him. While performing fast and reading Shri Sai Satcharitra, once I had a dream that my problem would be solved after 87 days and he will approach me regarding marriage in the month of September. I waited with full faith and patience till June 6th (87th day). Nothing happened and I was losing my faith. I decided that nothing is going to happen and I was trying to change my mind (which was impossible). And to my surprise (after 6 months), he started sending mails and chatting with me. I never expected this from him, but it just happened with Baba’s blessing. He is so kind till now. He is speaking to me, but I never spoke about marriage. I strongly believe and have faith on Baba that he will speak about marriage. Yesterday, I felt so bad and started crying very badly and asked Baba if he is in my fate, then I should get a dream regarding our marriage. To my surprise, I got a dream where we both were married with Baba’s blessing. I just want to say that if you pray Baba, He will surely answer your prayers. Whenever I am sad with in fraction of seconds, I will get solution for my problem in some or the other way. I have so many incidents where I got indications from Baba that I am there with you.

I seriously pray Baba that no girl should have a fate like me. My life is hell from past 8 months. I don’t know when I will get exact solution for my problem. I seriously pray that no girl in this world should suffer with relationship problem. It seriously hurts and a lot. If possible, please pray for me. Please I am not able put proper words. But my one problem is my marriage. It’s like I am in middle of ocean. So please pray for me and hope very soon I will post another experience with Baba.

Sai Ram

I Have Baba’s Attention

Sai Sister Divya Ji from India says: Hello Hetal Ji. You are doing a great job by providing a common platform for all Sai devotees to share their experiences. Please don’t disclose my email address. I am so glad that Baba helped me again and is still taking care of me so far away from home. Love you Baba. I am writing this to thank Baba for His help today.

I and my husband are living out of India. My husband is already a resident of this country, but I had to apply for PR. We came here in Feb 2011 and by Baba’s blessings, I got jobs in our respective fields pretty quickly. Gradually, I applied for Residency and had to undergo my medical test. My medical tests came out to be abnormal with elevated LFT. I kept on thinking what wrong did I do and what could be the reason. The entire procedure took 3.5 months. I prayed and asked Baba a lot of questions as to why I had to go through this, when he already had given us good jobs. Our entire future was dependent on just this medical test results. Finally last week in September, a letter came from Immigration asking us to do further tests to see if things have improved. I got very scared of what the reasons could be. Today I went to get the LFT done again and cried in front of the doctor. I was that scared. In the entire journey, I kept on remembering Baba. When the doctor was taking the blood from one arm, I had Baba’s picture in the other hand and I was crying. I came out of the clinic and they told me that the results would be out by 3. I just got a call from the doctor and she said everything was fine. Thanks Baba. Thanks for all your support. I am far from my family, but still I am very close to you.

Please keep your blessing on the entire world Baba. Feed the hungry and give shelter to homeless. Give me the strength, so that I can support the people who are in need with whatever I could.

Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

How Baba Plans For Us

Sai Sister Supriya ji from India says: Jai Sai Ram Hetal ji, Here is experience from my Shirdi trip in 2010. I follow your blog for a couple of years now and I believe that like others experiences give me strength, so my experience will also give some peace and hope to people in need. I would also do some good Karma by spreading His name and probably make Him happy.

I went to Shirdi in September 2010. I usually always go alone. There were many things that happened with me while I was there. I had a wonderful Darshan and Baba took great care of me. My friend wanted me to meet a guy in Pune as he was looking for a matrimonial alliance and so my family was looking for someone for me.

Honestly, I was not very keen on meeting any guy, but I thought there is no harm in meeting anyone and for everybody’s happiness I agreed. I took his number, when I reached Shirdi and I was in Shirdi for 5 days. We stayed in touch through texts and it was decided that we meet while I take my flight back to Delhi from Pune on 4th Sep 2010.

I never wanted to leave early from Shirdi, every minute that I spend there is like I never feel like leaving that place. I also thought that I am not here for holiday and He would not like me meeting this guy. But on second thought, I felt may be He wants me to meet this guy, because I do want to settle down and maybe He wants me to move on from certain things. I told Him that I take it to be your wish and went ahead. Anyways while I was coming back, I told the taxi driver to drive carefully as I was feeling very sleepy. I stood in the queue for Kakad Aarti and got no time after that to even have a nap before we started for Pune. I know this taxi guy and it is he only who always picks and drops me, so there was nothing to worry. Even he said that Didi you do not worry and please rest. Every time, I closed my eyes I could see Baba and the word accident would flash in front of my eyes and I opened my eyes. I just could not rest. We then stopped at a bakery for tea. I was just not feeling like getting down from the car and so I told the driver that you please go and have tea and I shall wait here. He went and after a minute or so, I really felt like using the wash room. I also thought to buy some biscuits etc. from the bakery as they are really good. So I made up my mind to go and also have some tea. I got out of the car and crossed the road and was standing on steps of the bakery. I was looking for the person who had the key to the washroom as strangely they always keep it locked. I was in my own world and heard a bang, but I did not bother to look back. It was hardly 30 seconds that I was out of the car. Someone tapped on my shoulder and said, “Is that your car?”. I simply turned back. I could not see the car, where it was supposed to be and said no to him. Without even thinking anything, he again said “Madam, it is yours. Look carefully”. I was angry with him, but I still turned and he pointed to the car. I called the driver who was sitting in the other corner inside and having his tea and he said is that yours? He simply ran towards the car. A trailer had lost control. Probably its breaks had failed and had hit the stationary car and pushed it to some distance. The rear wind screen and back seat and the mirrors on back seat everything was broken. The car was flat from behind. Nothing actually was left intact in the second half of the car. If I had been inside, if not dead, I surely would have reached the hospital.

The taxi guy tried to arrange for another cab, but that was coming out to be expensive and the biggest problem was that I was alone and I was scared. I did not want to go with a completely unknown person. He finally advised me to use a state transport. I had luggage and state transport is not an easy thing, but I had no choice and so agreed. It was difficult, but I had some funny experiences on the way in the bus. This guy that I was supposed to meet picked me up as soon as the bus entered Pune and safely dropped me to the Airport. Of course, we both found each other incompatible for marriage, but we are good friends till date. Now, if I had not started early in order to meet him, I probably would have missed my flight.

Secondly, I just had to take an hour and a half’s journey by bus and did not have to take the hassle of changing buses or autos in a completely unknown city with bags and baggage all alone. I guess that is why Baba arranged a meeting for both of us. Most of all, I was alive and all fit only. Thanks to Baba. If I look at it, I believe He had it all planned. I thought I would never tell my family, because they would never let me go alone. But later, I thought they should know how Baba protected me and so they should never worry when I go all alone to Shirdi. Because actually I am never alone and I did tell them. Fortunately, no one said anything. And I did go again with the Master of this, my universe.

Thanks to you Baba. Please be with me always and every moment of my life. I request you please not demean the very reasons You came in my life for. Please do not make all of this meaningless.

Please publish it, Hetal ji, and just in case you think it’s not fit enough, please let me know. I shall, as always eagerly wait to see this.

Thanks & Jai Sai Ram!

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  1. Dear Hetalji ,
    Please tell that sister not to worry about marriage or that particular guy so much ,whatever Baba decides is the best thing , Marriage and kids are more a problem in life . This is my personal experience , I don't advocate both to any body , It is the previous karma which binds us by marriage and kids . May good sense prevail upon that sister .

  2. Dear Sai Devotees,
    All experiences are absolutely divine. I feel so blessed to read them and hope that Baba blesses us all.
    Om Sai Ram

  3. wonderful Experience!. YOU ARE REALLY BABA'S LOVING DAUGHTER SUPRIYA JI.Baba saved you from a big calamity.

    He knows what is best for us.

    He is really great.

    Om Sai Ram.


    Nice experiences….Supriya ji my experience is some what similar….i am sharing yesterday experience over here..Yesterday i went for Bank Exam..I was so late for it..it was at 9 am, i was very late and I have to take a bus to reach that place as exam was in some other city..I have taken bus of delhi and that city is in midway of delhi…delhi buses dont drop to bus station of that city…So i have to get down on bypass of that city i.e karnal,where my exam was held…Actually i was not much aware of places in karnal..On the way to karnal i thought to get down at a bus stop so that i will get a direct bus to karnal, that drops to karnal bus station..but unfortunately no bus was there and at 8:50 am i was waiting 4 bus then a bus of delhi arrived again..i thought i should get in otherwise i would be late..in previous bus i was searching for baba's picture but didnt found any..and in this bus too i was searching 4 it but i found a picture of lord shiva so i bowed my head and thought its also a form of baba…but while getting down when i went ahead near driver seat…oh wow i found picture of baba with other dieties…but at the same time i was tensed as its already 9:15…Anyways i got down, taken auto(taxi) to bus station of karnal..and in this auto too i found picture of baba, i thought he'll take care of me…i m too late i should ask auto driver whether he will drop me to my exam centre,school..i asked the auto driver he said i cant, i told him i am late..he said its too far 8-10 kms…and told me i will take 100 rs from u i said fare is too much…he said you can ask any1 on bus station it will costs you this much only…i bargained and said 70 rs is enough..as i was nt having time to get down at bus station and then to school…he said ok i will drop you..in midway he stopped auto 1-2 times for other people and meanwhile i asked two sikh people standing on the way… where is this school???he said its not so far….he asked how much he's charging auto driver told 100 rs…those people(sikhs,UNCLE) told me :"loot raha h ye aapko"(meaning he is charging much more than actual fare).Actual fare is 10 rs..he was charging 10 times more…Uncle told me to get down.and i paid him 20 rs..he said i will not go further…and those uncle was really good i thanked them from the bottom of my heart and sai baba too..they were behaving as i was their daughter….he stood with me to get an auto on stoppage, asked a bus driver,driver said i cant drop to school…i was tensed as it was 9:35 am as well as i was thanking sai bhagwan and those people from deep inside.. That uncle got busy on phone i found an auto and fare was just 5 rs..i was in hurry and seated in the auto…but i had regret that i should say thanks again to those uncles..so i thanked baba and asked him to say it to them too..well in that changed auto i found a beautiful sai maa picture again…i was overwhelmed and shivered as well..i was thanking sai maa 4 being with me….but its 9:45 when i reached school..another tragedy happened, a long queue was standing outside the school as they dnt have complete documents for exam…guards dnt allow me to get inside but some people forced him 4 me….as i have complete documents…ohhhhhh i was happy as i was the only person allowed to enter too late..after reaching, inviligator told me i marked your absent you cant attempt paper..i was having tears in my eyes and was praying to sai maa..after convincing her and asked her to use whitener and mark my present..i was waiting for her response..she said sorry..i prayed again to sai maa and then she asked another teacher and ohhhhh thanks a lot to sai maa…After so many hurdles atleast i got chance to attempt paper…it was 10 am after all formalities form filling and all and i got only 2 hrs to attempt paper..instead of 2 and half hr…….I am seeking 4 a job from last 6 months..Anyways i think whatever sai maa will do is the best….

    Wonderful Experience Supriyaji.
    I Surrender completely at your feet Baba.

  6. to the girl from banglore suffering with the problem of marriage…..
    sister,baba will definitely mingle U with dat boy.even i am facing the same problem…baba suggested me to have patience and surrender to him completely..u too plss observe that….pls dont worry…BELIEVE IN BABA…had i known ur mail id i wud hav shared my feelings with u..b'coz we r on the same plane

  7. Vaishnavi :- Even am in love with a guy. His parents have accepted our love , but for my parents caste stand on their way. This guy whom i love stands far superior in character compared to people from my caste. He has a good career and has a good education backgroud. I have started to read sai satcharitra. I pray that sai should some how convince my parents and make our love a success. I humbly request o all sai brothers and sisters humbly to pray for my marriage with krishna and make me share my experience here

  8. Dear hetal ji. I beg u to pray for me to saibaba for my marriage with krishnkumar.Please pray baba to get me married with blessings of both our parents
    i am Vaishnavi Even am in love with a guy. His parents have accepted our love , but for my parents caste stand on their way. This guy whom i love stands far superior in character compared to people from my caste. He has a good career and has a good education backgroud. I have started to read sai satcharitra. I pray that sai should some how convince my parents and make our love a success. I humbly request o all sai brothers and sisters humbly to pray for my marriage with krishna and make me share my experience here

  9. I would also want to share my experience like vaishnavi ji..i m in love with a guy from same workplace we work..but due to his family(his parents both r deaf ns dumb)my parents were dead against of our love..but i have lot of faith nd hope frm baba i was sure that if the guy is realy suitable for me then he will help me soon..thts y i prayed everyday to baba nd i dnt knw wht was happened my parents suddenly accepted our love without any hesitations..this is all baba's miracle nd blessings..i m nd i will pray for the girl that baba will surely help u..dnt loose faith on him…sairam…

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