With Baba’s Grace I Got A Job – Sai Daughter

Sometimes Lord Sai Baba do not give us what we want instantly. He wants us to wait because He has reserved something very nice for us. The same is the case of Sai daughter who has shared below experience.

Sai Daughter from New Zealand says: Dear Hetal ji, Please publish my experience (please format this as per your wish if needed). Thanks for this wonderful platform. Please call me as Sai Daughter and hide my email ID.

I am living overseas with my husband and my two kids. I am a Computer Engineer and was working for one of the University. I finished my fixed term contract job in July 2010. I started applying for a job since April 2010. Since I had started my PHD, I was also working on my thesis that time. Because of my PHD commitment, I could not work full time. I read Shri Sai Satcharitra in July. I did Sai Vrat (Nine Thursday) in August. I asked Baba (through Sai question and answer site), Baba replied within 48 days you will get a job. I applied one and got an interview on 48th day of asking question. They really liked me, and wanted to offer me that job, but due to my studies and my travel plan to visit home country (I booked the ticket for December and wanted to stay there for one month), it didn’t work out. I have shared these experiences and my PHD experience earlier in this site.

I came back from my home and started applying, but I didn’t even get any interview. I asked Baba (through Sai question and answer site) again, Baba asked me to complete my thesis. So I have concentrated and submitted my thesis by end of June 2011. I have shared that experience in this site earlier. End of May 2011, I have started the Nine Thursday Sai Vrat again.

In July 2011, I have started applying for job and on July 20th (Wednesday – day before the ninth Thursday), I have received a phone call from one of the company regarding a position. That time, I was with my kids and I totally forgot about that company (Company A – Specialised in CRM in which I worked for more than 5 years) and about my application. However, the recruitment consultant asked me since it is a bit junior role, do you really want to attend the interview (the salary is nearly 20K lower than my expectation). Since I was out of job for the whole one year, I thought it is not a good idea to reject any options. So I told her that I am really keen and happy to negotiate if everything works out well. She scheduled an interview on 4th of August 2011.

Meantime, another recruitment agent called me to schedule another interview on August 1st 2001. I went for that interview, but somehow I didn’t really feel comfortable due to the interviewer attitude. I was so sad that I didn’t do that interview well. Then next day (2nd of August), I went to one of my friend’s house thinking about that unsuccessful interview. That friend house was beside Ramar Temple. While I was passing through just opposite to the temple front door, my mobile phone rang. I was so shocked, since I thought by this, God is trying to pass me some message. I went inside the temple and answered that phone call. It was another lady recruitment agent, who is a colleague of the agent who arranged me the August 1st interview. She was asking me whether I was interested to work for another firm (Company B) in CRM. However, she said it was very much customer facing role. Since I was desperate to get any job, I said I was really keen. Then she arranged me an interview with them the very next day, which was on 3rd of August. I went for that interview and was successful on that. Then they (Company B) called me for a second interview on 4th of August. I scheduled that interview after the Company A interview. I went for Company A interview and did one technical test with them. At the same day, I did the Company B interview as well. The very next day (5th of August), The Company A called me and said that I did only scored 59% (I did one of the question totally wrong which was for 40% of the total marks) in the technical test. However Company A manager said she was really keen to call me for a second interview, because she really liked the way I answered the other questions. So she scheduled my second interview on 9th of August. At the same time, Company B announced that I was successful in their second interview. I told my Company B recruitment agent that if she could schedule third and final interview ASAP, it is easy for me to make a decision.

I attended the second interview with Company A on 9th of August. This time, I asked Baba (in meditation) “when will I get a job”. I was revealed to a date 11th of August. Company A called me on 9th of August to tell me that I was successful in my second interview with them. They scheduled my third and final interview on 11th of August. Now I started to worry, which job I could accept if I get both offers – Company A or B. I told Baba that “Baba, I don’t know what is good for me, so please tell me which to accept”.

The miracle started to happen that time. The recruitment agent from Company B called me and told me that Company B has some problem to take the recruitment further and they conveyed their apologies for that. Since I knew it was Baba who is doing all these, I wasn’t even worried that much. I attended the third interview with Company A. I was very nervous this time since it was the final interview. When I was waiting for an interviewer to arrive (this time it was Company A’s GM), I was surfing the certificates on the wall. I was shocked to find the word SAI in one of the certificate. I still don’t know why, all my nervousness had gone and I attended that interview OK (not so well). I left the result to Baba and praying Him so hard.

On 15th of August (Monday), I received a call from Company A manager and she said I was so successful with the third interview and she wanted to do reference check. She also mentioned that she wanted to negotiate the salary with me after the reference check. I gave her few references. I was so worried about the salary, since I knew this was a junior role and the MAX salary limit was even 20K less than my expectation. Therefore, I was praying Baba and told him “Baba please at least make them offer me 10K less than my expectation – not 20K since it is too low). Then I didn’t hear from them till 23rd August. I was so nervous that time. Then she called me on 23rd August and told me that I had an outstanding reference check. She was so happy to offer me a position. However, now it is the time for the salary negotiation (as I mentioned earlier the maximum salary range was 20K less than my expectation). I told her that even though my expectation is higher I am happy to accept if they offer me 10K less than my expectation (which was 10K above their max limit). She said she cannot make a decision and she would ask the GM for approval. She also said GM might only approve up to 5K more than their MAX limit. Then I asked her if it is a case I only would like to work for 7 hours a day instead of 8 hours a day. She said she would talk to GM and come back to me.

On 24th of August, I received a text message from the photo framing shop (where I gave one of Sai Baba’s photo) to tell me the photo frame is ready to collect. So I went and brought Baba home. While I was praying Baba (new photo), I was thinking in my mind that Baba now you come to my house and I want to see how much good news you are going to bring. That evening (24th of August), Company A manager called me and accepted my salary (10K more than their MAX limit). Now I am waiting for their official contract and expecting to start my work on 1st of September.

Miracle didn’t stop here. On the same very day (24th August), my husband got a 1 year contract extension which was supposed to finish in November 2011 and we got an offer for our house (we tried to sell our house for more than 1 year since we wanted to move closer to my daughter’s school). The next day, we sold the house with some condition (conditional offer). I am sure Baba will make sure that the house will be sold without any problem (conditions will be met). All the time, whether it is an interview or house selling, only thing which I did was reading Sai Prerna. Sai Prerna can be found http://www.shirdisaibabastories.org/2009/10/sai-prerna-transliteration-and.html. All Sai Devotees, please read this Sai Prerna before you start doing any good work. I am sure Baba will get success.

Baba, please always be with me and guide me Swamy. You are the only hope I have. Please help and bless me to succeed in my career life and family life. Baba, please bless all Sai devotees. I am sure this experience will give some courage and confidence to all Sai devotees.

Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Dear Readers ,

    I was going through a tough phase and was not able to think what to do, when a colleague of mine reffered me to read Saibaba Satcharitra. (http://www.saibaba.org/saisatc.html)

    He told me that if one completes the reading in 7 days his/ her wish (of course if it is good for him/ her) will sure come true.

    I started reading and it was very difficult to complete it in 7 days as a lot of unexpected things were happening due to which I was not able to make time, but I completed the reading with a devoteed heart and beleive it or not My Wish has come true, I would recoomend the readers suffering from pain and who want their desires to be fulfilled to ask Saibab to help them.

    I have been blessed and am very thankful to Sai, I read one chapter everyday now as it has become a part of me, without which I feel Incomplete.

    The book gives you a lot of peace and calm and leads you to a spritual path you have never known before.

    Thank you Sadguru Sainath Maharaj , aap ki sada hi Jai.

    Om Sai Nath .

    Wonderful Experience Sai daughterji.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.
    Please excuse me Baba for my mistakes.
    I posted one my experiences one month back.
    I am waiting for that to be published.
    Hope you received that.
    Please let me know if you want me to send again.
    The subject i kept in the mail was
    "Baba blessed me with wonderful Darshan and I finished my 9 Thursday vrat at Shirdi".
    Our Sai did one more miracle in my life.I want to post that after my previous experience is posted.Please post my experience if possible.
    I am sorry for the incovenience.
    Thank you.

  3. Dear Hetal Ji and all Sai Devotees,
    When I read all the experiences of devotees, I'm so mentally at peace and always keep hoping that Baba will give me an opportunity to post. But right now nothing seems to go right in my life.
    I had asked Baba for guidance for my problem through chit method and he told me not to go ahead with it and that it willl not happen. I was happy as I was wishing for the same and told Baba that it is all in His hands as I cannot back out of the problem and situation and hurt everyone. So I kept waiting and nothing happened. I asked Baba so many times on the question answer website suggested above and He always hinted me that everything will be alright and desires will be fulfilled, I solely waited for Baba to get me out of the problem and surrendered to Him. Now things have gone so far that the problem is getting bigger and I had to finally step in and tell my frank opinion about it and I and my family are facing problems because of this.
    We are all worried to the core and have no hope for anything. Everyone is talking and asking us so many things. I feel I'm solely responsible for bringing the issue this far,hurting my parents and causing disrespect for the family. I feel awful and guilty why I did not step in earlier.
    I trusted that Baba would get me out and He did not and I had to finally say and my family and I have to face all the people and their comments.
    Hetal Ji and Sai devotees please tell me what crime have I done to deserve this treatment and pain from Baba when I held onto him? What did I do wrong?

    I have no sleep, hunger and tears have dried up thinking of this issue and sincerely feel I should die as I'm enough burden for my parents.

    Please guide me!

  4. Have patience. Lemme tell you something if you believe that Sai has stopped you from doing a particular thing then remember:

    'God's will' never takes you to a place where his grace cannot protect you

    Have faith in him his powers are infinite and he will step in, may be right moment is due to come

  5. Sairam,
    Hi Yes, i have seen BABA's miracles in our life saying that I got job in USA, Greencard and my spouse got QA job (contract) and also we bought House in USA. All these are Baba Blessing to us. We feel very happy when we praying the Baba either in Temple or at Home. We have started daily pooja and reading the sacharitra book. whenever iam reading that book feels relax and piecefull in my life…. May baba bless us with more achivements in our life. hope baba will be bless me with higer promotions in my jobs. hope my spouse will get permanent position in her Jobs with higher payments.

    Baba, please always be with me and guide me Swamy. You are the only hope I have. Please help and bless me to succeed in my career life and family life. Baba, please bless all Sai devotees. I am sure this experience will give some courage and confidence to all Sai devotees.

    Om Sai Ram.

  6. Heltal JI.I love someone.She also loves me.1st time her parents wanted to marry her to another (April 2009) but i prayed to sai baba and suddenly this was stopped.i went to shirdi for than k you to sai baba.after that i visited shirdi 1 more time.again nov 2010 the boy came to see her but she refused to him.I again went shirdi to say thanks to sai baba.i was waiting to get my job that i we will tell to our family but 22 nov 2011 her parents has known everything and take her home from hostel and punishing her.she is waiting for me.i have given so many interviews but not selected.i am praying daily t osai baba to help me.Please guide me.sai baba will help me na.I need pray of you all sai bhakt.help me sai.

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