Sai Baba’s Miracles And My Prayers – Sai Devotee Vijimoorthy

Sometimes our past bad karmas are hindrance in our prayers to Lord Sai Baba and somehow we start feeling that He is not listening us. Is He there to listen us after we speak? Or else He knows what is going in our hearts and knows it the very same moment. Whatever the answer be to this question, the most essential qualification to be Lord Sai Baba’s devotee is to have Saburi – Patience. Still many times it happens that although we know what is required on our part, it is hard for us to wait. This same is with Vijimoorthy ji in below experience.

Sai Sister Vijimoorthy ji from Singapore says: Dear Hetal ji, I want to post my miracle done by Sai Baba and also my prayers here.

In my life, Sai Baba is my mother, father, and everything. He had helped me in some critical conditions in my life. In the month of January 2011, I did Sai Vrat. One fine Tuesday evening, when I was cleaning our pooja room for lightening, I saw UDI in our Sai Baba’s statue, which is in sitting position. UDI fell down from His right hand to His right lap. First I thought, it may be due to incense sticks ashes. But it was pure white and had good smell. I got surprised and I thought Sai had come to my house.

Last week, my husband got stomach pain and other symptoms like kidney stones. He had surgery for kidney stones already five years back. So I was worried and prayed to Sai Baba. We went to doctor and He asked him to take urine test. That time, I prayed to Sai Baba and doctor said, “Now we can’t find anything, it seems to be normal. I will give medicines you just finish it. If you feel pain again, we can take x-ray”. Every day I am applying UDI near his stomach. Now, he has no pain because of Sai’s mercy. But I am praying to Sai not to give him kidney stones, anymore. So please Sai Devotees pray for his good health.

We are married and still for ten years we are not having a child. I am praying for a child to Sai. Still He is not responding, may be due to my past karmas. One can have all wealth and luxurious life. If they are not having a child, their life is not fulfilled. I am crying lonely to Sai every day, He asked me to have Saburi. As we are getting old, we should get a child in time. But I don’t know why Sai is doing in my life like that. He is doing so many miracles; like that He can do in my life also. I am not asking Him to give wealth in my life. Only a child will be a wealth in our life. So I am requesting every Sai Devotees to pray for us. I hope that at least all of your prayers can shake Sai and He can show mercy in our life by giving a child.

Another Miracle:

Last week Thursday, I started to make Parayan of Sai Satcharitra. I finished on this Wednesday (i.e 29th June 2011). I prayed to Sai Baba to show some sign about His acceptance of my prayers. My husband had night shift this week. Yesterday night, he went to work and he returned this morning at 10’o clock. He told me that he escaped from great fire in the kitchen which could lead his loss of life. He was working as a chef in centralized kitchen, where they prepare food for 6000 to 8000 people every day. That means imagine how they use the vessels and big stoves. He said fire went high and his colleagues were stunned and crying without doing anything. My husband only somehow putdown the fire. It’s because of Sai Baba’s grace only. Sai showed me a miracle that He accepted my prayer.

Thank you.


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  1. Baba never disappoints his devotees. He knows the right time to fulfill your desire. Have Faith.
    May Baba bless you and your family.


  2. sai baba…show ur mercy to each and every devotee of yours so that we will always sing songs of your glory and mercy…sai…deva…plz bless this couple wid a child…sai….listen to every prayer..

  3. Please bless your devotee with a child and make their life to be meaningfull.

    I Love You Baba.
    Baba please excuse us for our mistakes and please bless us.
    Baba please bless Vijimoorthyji with a child.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You so much Baba.
    Saravam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  5. I really don't know why is this girl crying for a child. Only people who have had debts in the previous birth get children, pay back their debts in this birth .In my view , those who have no kids are the most fortunate ones . Only a selected few have this privilege . She will definately understand it later . If she is so keen , and Baba wills , it will definately happen . She should not unnecessarily worry .

  6. Jai sai ram.

    Vijimoortji, baba said he loves the most who are in troubles and he also said if one is suffering a lot it means that sufferings will soon come to an end.

    Baba blessed lot of couples with children, i am sure you are in the list and soon will have it. Please have ur complete faith and baba will definetly bless u with a child.

    Bow to the almighty, the parabrahma shri sainath.

  7. Sai Ram, Vijimoorthy, if Baba wills it, I might be going to Shirdi on the 17th of November. I am happy to take your prayers to Shirdi. However I had a sudden inspiration to say this – you should keep your mind open and accept that motherhood is not in blood but in your heart. If you really want to be a mother, you should think about becoming one for an orphaned child.

    Sai Ram.

  8. baba is alwayz there with his devotees just have faith in him he can make anything happen……….

  9. hi sister!the miracle you come under are really amazing. saibaba can do any thing. dont feel saibaba will know the right time to give you the valuable gift!we too pray for you sister!! soon you will hear baby voice in your home.JAI SAIRAM!!!!AUM SAI SREE SAI JAYA JAYA SAI!!!

  10. Hi vijimoorty, I can understand your plight …. We are also in the same situation as you for past 8 1/2 years, we too have not been blessed with a child and always ask for help to Sai but Baba knows exactly when the time is and I have left it to him totally, when time comes I am sure he will let us know…. We are in US and have tried varied options and to the extent of IVF too but none of them was successful to get us a child….. I think we have to go through our karmic sins and only when we are free from it Baba will bless us…. Keep faith in Baba as we need a lot of patience and he is sure to bless us that is my feeling…. Just need a lot of faith that Baba will bless us too…. One thing is true Sai listens to our small desires everyday and will he have not listened to our prayers for Child? Don't worry he will bless you soon. Sharddha

  11. Dear Vijimoorthy,

    Baba is always with u. Have patience and faith. Remember him every minute .. I am sure he will answer for your prayers.. Baba will bless you with a child soon..

    I am also trying to conceive for a year now. I need all your wishes and baba's blessings.. I know it is just a matter of time.. but dont know when that time is going to come..
    Baba bless every women who want to conceive..
    I know you are there.. Show your presence..

    Jai Sai Ram

  12. Jai Sai Ram Ji,
    Thanks Hetal ji for such a wonderful blog.
    On sunday morning I was watching a Sai programme on T.V. I like one line in this programme very much . One devotee said " Don't ask for kirpa from Sai babaji but ask him to make you such a person to get his kirpa. So if we all apply the same philosphy in our life One can see that all our desire will vanished and we felt lot of peace in our mind.
    Today I would like to thanks my dearest babaji for bringing so much happiness and peace of mind in my life .Making impossible things possible for his devotees can be done by baba ji only. we are at his sharan itself is good sign for our life.
    Dear Vijimoorthy Once the right time came babaji will defintely fulfil your wishes. There is no doubt in it because once you are in his sharan you will get it someday.Sometime it may be late but soon or later you will get it.

  13. Dear Sister ,Please dont lose hope n faith.Really as evrybody said when the right tym wll come baba will definately fulfill ur dream n bless u a child too also.plz dont worry sister.Similar to your situation I had the same same exp also.
    Here I pendown my exp.Rite now I m staying in Senegal ,West Africa with my husband.I also had one Sai baba statue in a sitting position which was gifted by my dad.Everyday in the morning I used to give him bath with milk and ganga jal.Last month Oct 2011,I went to India while leaving for india I asked baba take care of my house.When I came back to senegal after one month of vacation I realised my house was neat and very clean specially my pooja room.When initially I came to senegal ,I found very difficult to adjust because lots of cockroaches are making my life miserable.difficult to sleep also.u cant imagine loads of cockroaches are staying over here.but did u imagine when I came back I didn't found a single cockroach.I reached on 3rd Nov 2011.Last Firday i.e 5th of Nov ,When I took off the necklace of baba to give him bath I saw some bibhuti (Udi)lying on Baba's lap.I cant imagine dat its really baba's udi…..but yes its true … you baba…..I used to put udi on my and my husband's forehead everyday. I mixed the baba's blessed udi with the udi which I collected from shirdi.Baba bless us and love us……..
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  14. Vijimoorthy with your exp baba gave ans to my question. I m thankful to u for posting it. I will surely pray baba to gift u an angel in your life and I m sure he will. I would recommend u to do sai vrat as recently one of my friend doing sai vrat for baby got the good news that she is pregnant. Baba bless u
    Om sai RAM

  15. I am a teacher.I have lot of money problems.My all salary goes to loan installment and interest.This made me to worry. I am praying with BABA. Please bless me. —RAGHAV

  16. Sai baba, Please bless our sai sister Viji with child. You are so great and nothing is impossible for ou. Om sai Ram

  17. om sai ram to all sai baba devotees have faith and patience in baba sab kuch thik ho jayega jai sai ram………

  18. Sairama!!please change my team inside this company..i dont like this team, daily i am undergoing tortures in this team, i also don't like to work in this team.please sairama i am fully belive you, i am praying for your mercy,please show mercy on me sairama. i am praying more than 10 months to change my team.please sairama please forgive my mistakes, sins if i did knowingly or unknowingly. daily i am reading sai sat charitra and performing nine weeks vrath.please show your kind eyes on me sairama!!!!I fully belive you, please shift my team soon sairama.please give good oppertunity to speak concern person regarding this matter and give victory in that opertunity.please save me, save my job by change my team inside this company……..who are all reading this please pray for me!JAI SAIRAM!!!

  19. OM SAI RAM. Baba please please help us in getting new contract for our office. We have full faith on our baba and know that you will surely help us. BOW TO SRI SAI PEACE TO ALL…

  20. Dont worry vijimoorthy akka everything will br fine soon and our sai baba will help us in all case… soon u will post a gud news..

  21. sai devotees, noo need to worry, everything will be ok soon. just keep faith and patience. soon you all experience baba miracles. baba bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  22. Om SaiRam..There are so many experience on Baba's blessing in my life….few only here ..There was dance competition on my daughters school..she is very small(4 yrs) and I prepared her well..but still..was not sure if she will win…one day i was doing my preyer and she came to me..I just told her look at baba's face and tell him that u want 1st prize in the competition…and she did that..And see the result..She got the 1st prize!!!..Thanks Baba for being with us…

  23. V
    Baba will give whatever we ask.Are we ready to accept what he wants to give?The best is to surrender at his lotus feet and accept that whatever is happening to us is for our own good. To accomplish equanimity is the way to the Lords abode. We got to tell ourselves that there are many more suffering more than us. Learn to see Sai in all and let him take over our lives and then we will see that our wants are so little.OM SRI SAI RAM

  24. baba surely will bless with child for the needed and good job for the needed person please have faith on him and chant his name
    om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram

  25. Baba, I know you will surely help the needy. I have faith on you and know that there is some strong reason behind your delay. Pls bless the couple with a child baba.

  26. om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  27. Om sai ram om sai ram i would like request you my father yestarday i was given intrew for Cap gemini your blessing trow i will selected but what is my prayer yest i am not mentioned passport link..i mentioned no but now my mindset was littel bit compusion please help me om sai ram

  28. Sai i am waiting for two things in life.mine and my elder daughter issue.sai how long to wait all are going before me i am scared i will lose faith in all.please help me sai.i cannot answer to my is wandering and searching for the answer when when.what i habe done i have put all my possible effort.i thank you for all other things.if i font thank you i cant excuse me.please sai show miracles i believe in your annadanam from childhood. I have done one with the same hope.please sai help me

  29. Sai Ram,
    I am a Shridi Sai devotee since January. My boyfriend broke up with me because his parent's do not approve of me. His father made him promise that he has to only marry the girl of their choice. I am a Tamilian and he is a Punjabi. I do not ever care about the differences. I want his parents to disclose the differences between us and accept me. I am devastated and I want him back in my life. My first intention was always to keep him happy and I know that he loves me too Baba. Please Baba, give him the strength and confidence to stand up for our love in front of his parents and relatives.

    I am willing to do anything. We broke up in January and I have been going to Sai Mandhir ever since and seeking for Baba's help. Please Baba, I beg for your help.

  30. SAI RAM,

    Seeking justice for all the injustices done to us by Karthikeyan Rajamani Amirthavalli since September,2012. Nothing is hidden from your eyes LORD. You have seen all the injustices done to a fatherless, brother less and a bereaved widowed mother. It's going to be four years now. We are yet to receive any justice. And the wrongdoer is enjoying a happy family life in sheer comfort and luxury at Thiruvamiyur in Chennai and at Gandhipuram in Coimbatore, cheating a fatherless and brotherless. Will you not listen to our agonizing prayer, LORD !
    We need your mercy. We need your grace, LORD .

    II Om Sai Ram II

    With my humble regards,
    Moumita Das

  31. Being ‘Father’ of a fatherless and a brother less child of YOURS, will YOU not provide JUSTICE for all the injustices done to her regarding marriage since September,2012 after her only sibling’s demise in June,2012 , BABA !

  32. YOU are 'Pandharinath Vithal incarnate, the merciful Lord of the poor and helpless'. Being 'Father' of a fatherless and brother less child of YOURS, is it too hard for YOU , BABA, to bring a justice for all the injustices done to her regarding marriage since September,2012 ! The wrongdoer got all the marital bliss, from marriage to fatherhood, now nurturing parenthood at Coimbatore and Chennai city, being blessed with a baby boy in Dec,2015. We are yet to receive any justice. Is there anything too hard for YOU, BABA , if YOU will !!!

  33. babaji..meri laj rakhlo..mujse jo bhul hui hai uski saja mat you sai ek hi sahara ho tu………

    • Dear Moumita Das ji, How are you? I have read your experience long back and hope that everything is alright in your life now. Plz plz do reply

    • Thanks for your concern and also that you could remember me . What to say ! Will I keep on praying if everything is alright !

    • Sorry for disturbing you. But as far as I remember you have written that ur husband is a punjabi. But here u have mentioned about some Kartikeyan. That's why I asked. In your post u mentioned that you are an independent working woman. So I suggest you to stay strong. Financial independence is power for us women. Never compromise on that. Stay strong because you are Baba's daughter. Everything will fall into place. Tell Him that He is your last hope. He definitely has a better plan for your life. Surrender your life at His holy feet. He won't leave anyone who made His daughter cry.

    • Thanks for your consoling words.Guess, you're mistaken my experience with some other devotee. I am not married. I would request you to go through my prayer request( published on 17th April,2016 on this site ) once more for better understanding. All these painful experiences I had to bear because of a marriage proposal that was sent to me after two months of my only sibling's demise (June,2012). Yes, I do a small job which doesn't suffice my both ends meet.So I can't say myself as an independent working professional. There is nothing to surrender to BABA newly. HE knows all. I do not know whether everything will fall into place or not. I just await a JUSTICE . If GOD is not for poor, orphan or helpless people, then for whom HE is ! Perhaps, JUSTICE will be, when I am gone from this mortal world forever.

    • Sorry sister, I mistook you for someone else. But don't worry. Even if you lost your brother you are not alone. Baba is always there for you. Concentrate on your career. Improve your skills in job and set career goals for yourself and try to reach them. Baba is your father. So it is His responsibility to search a suitable groom for you. Leave that burden on Him. Place your life at His lotus feet. Don't fall into the trap of other boys who use girls for selfish deeds. I observe that many boys propose first and be in relationship for many years. When it comes to marriage they simply say that his parents are not agreeing because of caste and other reasons. Why don't they think about their parents when they propose a girl??!! Cowards they are. Plz don't fall prey to sweet words of such idiots. I suggest you go for an arranged marriage. Just concentrate on your career and leave your marriage topic to Baba. He will bring world's best boy for you. Trust His will. Take care sister. Stay strong. May Baba bless you.

    • Sister, let me narrate u something. After Mahabharat war Pandavas and Kauravas left their bodies. Yudhistir (Dharmaraj) was awarded heaven by Sri Krishna. There be was shocked to see Kauravas enjoying with angels. He asked Sri Krishna is this justice? They committed so many crimes.. Do they deserve heaven? At the same time he came to know that some of his relatives are getting punishment in he'll. He told Krishna that he won't stay in heaven. But then Krishna told him that Kauravas have done only very few good deeds in their lives. So first they are enjoying the boys of their good deeds in heaven. Later they will be shifted to hell permanently. Dharmaraj's relatives committed only a few songs. So first they are being punished for their sins. Later they will be awarded heaven permanently.
      I think u got ur answer.
      Leave that cheater to Baba.
      He will get the punishment he deserves.
      U just concentrate on your career.
      Leave your marriage to Baba. Don't fall into love trap as I said above. Go for arranged marriage. I am telling you this after coming to know about so many real life experiences where boys cite caste or religion as reason and leave their gf. So please please I request you not to fall into such traps. U WILL have a beautiful life ahead. May Baba bless you

    • Thanks for your kind words. Just to let you know dear Sai devotee,I did not fall in any love affair or anything.Today is my only sibling's 5th death anniversary. 5 years back, after doing his last rites in Chennai, when I returned to my work place,everyone suggested me to get married since there was no one to look after my mother and myself. If relatives were that much supportive, then my brother would not have to quit his MBBS studies after my father's untimely death. So I never expected any help from my relatives. As per advice by my colleagues, or few acquaintances, I uploaded my profile on two of the prominent matrimony sites. So obviously I was not in any love affair or anything. I was looking for a suitable match and what happened there after,I poured my heart to HIM and it was published here on 17th April, 2016 by respected Sai Sister Hetalji. Knowing all about our situation that time, how ruthless people can be, all these painful experiences are the living testimonies only and I surrendered all at HIS LOTUS FEET long back since I had no one except my elderly mother who had undergone 'Angioplasty' surgery in July,2015 after all this trauma and painful experiences. I could have lodged a complaint here at Cyberabad Cyber Crime cell but I didn't do so. I had a hope and faith that HE will surely look into HIS helpless child and provide her a JUSTICE because mere law and people are nothing in front of GOD. If GOD is not for the poor,orphan and helpless, then where will they go !!! It is very painful and hurting to see all these with your own eyes. And talking about enhancement of skills,nothing is free in this world. And I don't have that monetary support to enrich my skills. 5 years already passed by and it took a heavy toll. I have grown old now.

    • Let read that. I can understand ur pain. Remember that you are not alone and Baba is with you. Cheaters will get their punishment if not today then definitely tomorrow. May Baba bless you

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