Sai Babaji Fulfilled All My Wishes – Anonymous Devotee

Many times we read devotees sharing and posting experiences of getting jobs by asking to Lord Sai Baba. In this Kaliyug it is certain that one needs to rely on monetary medium to survive and live in this society. By gifting us monetary and material things, Lord Sai devotees are awarded spiritual blessings, which i guess is the most important for living this difficult and long life.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for publishing my experience. Please forgive me to write such a long one. Please do not disclose my name and mail id. Shree Sai brought me in His Darbaar (temple) few years back and since then there has been no looking back. Few days back, I was watching a movie “Shirdi ke Sai Baba” (1977). There is a dialogue in that: “Jo baba ki taraf ek kadam badhata hai, baba uski taraf dus kadam badhate hain”. So true these words are. With this, I put my experience here.

I pray to Babaji to write this experience and bless all His devotees with His eternal love. I do not know from where to start. From last six months, nothing seemed to be going well as I was not working. And lastly by Babaji’s grace, I have landed in my dream job which I just cannot imagine. I still can’t believe this, but it’s true and this could happen only by His grace on His devotees.

I completed my post graduation this year and was happy that my studies got over and I got placed in a good company. Even after graduating from the college, we didn’t get the call letters from this company. Rest all my batch mates got their joining date even before our college finished. I didn’t worry at all as we got this job through campus. So we were sure to be called for joining. As time passed by, we didn’t get any intimation from this company.

Before I write further I would like to mention a small incident which happened with me, when I was in college itself. By Babaji’s grace, I got a chance to visit Shirdi with my college friends and had nice Darshan. When I returned back to hostel, my best friend just casually asked me about what I prayed and wished from Babaji. I told him that if we tell our wishes to anyone it won’t come true. After much deliberation, I agreed to him and told him about my wish. I told him that I want to stay with my parents, after I finish my college and I would like to work at the same place. I prayed to Babaji for the same. He didn’t give any reaction and we forgot this incident there itself.

After I passed out from college, I was waiting for my joining and used to pray that I should be getting my posting in Mumbai itself, as I stay here with my parents. Situation got more tensed, when all our batch mates were getting their joining. And we still didn’t have any clue as to when we will get intimated.

Suddenly in May, I got a call from HR of my company and he asked me to join somewhere in Orissa. I was really shocked to hear this. I never expected this. I left everything on Babaji. Throughout the day, I was crying even my family was upset to hear this. Anyways, I left everything to Babaji. In the evening, I went to Sai Dham, which is nearby my place of residence. I attended Dhoop Aarti and throughout this I had tears rolling down from my swollen eye. During those days, I caught an eye infection and there was a continuous pus formation on the eye lid, it used to bleed sometimes. I thought if Babaji wants me to go far away from my family I will go and accept this as His blessings. After the Aarti, I distributed some food items and came back home. As soon as I reached home, I opened my mail box and to my surprise there was mail from my college senior asking me for my resume as they have some openings. In next few days, I attended the interview, but somehow things didn’t turn out in my favor. In the mean time, the position in Orissa was filled up by some other candidate and so I had to wait again for my turn.

In the mean time, I started applying for jobs as I was not getting my joining. For one interview, I was called to Delhi. I was staying at my Aunt’s place and before my interview I had 2-3 days to stay in Delhi itself. Here in Mumbai, we have a small Sai Baba temple just outside our society, and we visit this temple every day. As I was staying at my Aunts place, I didn’t get any chance to visit Sai temple to worship our dearest Babaji. I was feeling restless. Another best friend of mine was also staying in Delhi and since she was working in Noida, so we decided to meet in Noida itself after her working hours. Now see the miracle and Babaji’s Leela. My friend’s office is at almost equal distance from Noida City Centre and Anand Vihar. After much discussion, we decided to meet at Noida City Centre Metro station. I reached the destination about one hour before her office gets over. But Babaji had different plans for me. Since I was meeting my friend after a long time, so I thought of buying some chocolates for her. And moreover, we have some memories of chocolates we had shared during our college time. People from Noida, NCR must know that there are no shops outside the Noida City Centre metro station. After enquiring from the people, I got to know that there is a market in Sector 50. I asked a rickshaw puller to take me to Sector 50. As soon as I took the rickshaw just a thought came to my mind of visiting Sai Temple if I could find a one nearby. I said to myself “how is it possible to visit Sai Baba temple when I am miles away from my home”. Next moment, I saw a Sai Babaji’s picture on the median of the road. I was so happy that Babaji fulfills our desires every time and everywhere. But what I see as my rickshaw gets closer to that picture, it’s written that there is a Sai Tempe in Sector 40 which is just near from that place. I immediately asked my rickshaw puller to take me to Sai Baba temple in Sector 40 instead of Sector 50 market. I purchased a garland outside the temple and I was hesitant to buy a shawl for Babaji as I have never offered anything like this to Baba. And I was also not sure of the size, since I was visiting this temple for the first time. But finally, I purchased a yellow shawl and a garland for Babaji. As soon as I entered the temple, My Lord what a beautiful sight it was. I just cannot pen down here. As if Babaji is welcoming His devotees with a beautiful smile and saying to me “See, I pull my devotees from miles away”. True very true this is. I just couldn’t utter even a single word and the priest in the temple understood my feelings and He himself took the shawl from me and offered it to Babaji. I was thinking that he will return that shawl to me to be kept in our home temple. But to my surprise the priest made the Babaji idol to wear that shawl. My joy knew no bounds to see this. I just couldn’t keep my eyes away from our Babaji. I kept looking at Babaji’s smile with tears rolling down.

After attending my interview in Delhi, I was returning back to Mumbai. It was Guru Poornima that day and I was thinking what if I get my interview result on Guru Poornima itself. That will be the perfect gift for me. Throughout the day, I kept waiting for a call from this company. But nothing happened. I reached Mumbai in the evening and at around 9:30 PM, I got a call from my same friend who had asked me about my wish when I visited Shirdi earlier this year. I just couldn’t believe my ears that there was a sudden opening in his company which is in Mumbai itself and he wants me to apply for the same. Somehow I got the intuition that Babaji is giving me this as a Guru Poornima gift to me. I applied for the same and attended the interview. After few days, I decided to go Shirdi again and just when I started from my home, I got a call from this second company that I am thru with the process and have been called me for the documentation process. My Shirdi trip became so special to me this time.

Thank you Babaji for blessing us with Your love and I pray to Babaji to shower His blessings like this always and always..!!

Jai Sai Ram

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  1. Baba.bless me with my dream job please because today is my birthday.please baba bless me…wonderful story brother.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  2. Baba please fulfill my wish i'll come shirdi for your drashan…please baba you know i cant take it anymore…i am in trouble you know that…but every time you gave me sins "SABURI"…Babaji ab nahi hota please sunlo na ..please Baba shows me your motherly love on me and please fulfill my wish..please Baba you know how importanat this for me ,,,Babaji please…OM SAI RAM

    Wonderful Experience.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Baba Please excuse me for my mistakes.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  4. Dear Sai Devotee, Happy to read your experiences….just wondering …what happened to getting chocolates for your friend and meeting her???? I am sure what you meant by this, is, the idea of meeting your friend and getting chocolates for her , was an instrument to find a Sai Mandir and a chance to offer a shawl and a garland to BABA, isn't it?
    Jai Sai Ram.

  5. i dont understand why Baba can help everyone EXCEPT ME!! I AM SO frustrated! this is just not fair! waiting for years now is there Baba out there to rescue me??? I am only 27 but have become wise like an 80 year old thru horrible life experiences. Nobody not a single soul out there is a selfless person, each person in fact ur own family is ur enemy. I cannot believe humans are cruel.

    P.S: Anyways, ur job hunting experience is very real, thank u for sharing.

    om sai namah!

    -frustrated daughter

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Brought tears to my eyes. He knows our inner most wishes and fulfills it most amazingly and dramatically!! Jai Sai Ram

  7. Am a true devotee of Shirdi ke Sai Baba right from my childhood. I want to ask two things from him – one is my brother is being ditched by his wife. Either he should be relieved from his wife or his wife should apologies to him and come back to him. Secondly my parents and our self were insulted by my mom’s brother who is very rich. Since he is wealthy all the other family members also joined him and insulted us. My parents and our self are very sad as such my brothers sadness is eating us up this uncles insult also came. We have always helped all the people in our family till they require us we were on their good books and the moment they don’t require us he threw us out. My mom took care of all her brothers as she was the eldest in the family. This uncle and his entire family was staying once upon a time in our house. Like a mother my mom took care of his kids when they were young and now they back stabbed us. I pray shirdi ke sai baba to see that my brother gets settled in his life and my parents insult should be taken back by the person who insulted us badly. Please Sai Baba fulfill our wish. Oh Sai Baba you know how much depressed we are. Please give us justice. Jai Sri Ram

  8. hey sai ram jai sai ram. u r very kind and mercyful…..plz dnt take my love away. it is only you who can help me. please create some good situation so that we can marry and our parents to agree with our marriage. please babaji fulfill my wish. we both will come to shirdi for darshan. sai ram sai ram sai ram….sai shyam sai shyam sai shayam

  9. om sai ram…..baba always bless your children my baba…you are the only savior of your children…always take care of us….pm sai ram….

  10. OM SHRI SAI! JAI SHRI SAI!!!!!!1111
    Sai Babaji, Please I know that you are very kind, down to earth, soft spoken, loving god of all devotees,very very veryyyyyyyyyyyy nice and great MIRACLE god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have given all your devotees that all things for which they have asked you for.
    God Shri Sai Babaji I am also your devotee may be I am not lucky as your other devotee like how you fulfill their wishes after they ask you for. BUT still I am also a devotee of you. I am suffering a lot Shri Sai Deva I am crying each and everyday to get my wish fulfilled you are very much aware of my wish god Sai Deva because each and every single moment I am being praying to you to fulfill my that wish. Please God Sai Babaji you have really made every bodies wish complete. Please make my wish also fulfilled. I have complete faith in you I have complete Shradha in sai baba, BUT I can not wait I don't have SABURI" Please god Sai please make my prayer my wish fulfilled within no time. Please Sai deva if you Fulfill my wish I will come to SHIRDI for your darshan.

  11. plsssss baba meri sun lo na……meri jo ichcha hain woh puri kar dijiye…..aap jaante hain mein har taraf se taklif mein hu….meri ek ichcha jo mein chahati hu…jiske saath mein jivan beetna chahati hu…..mujhe uske saath jeevansathi ke bandhan mein plssss baba….meri yeh ichcha puri kar dijiye baba

  12. o sairam much longer do i have to wait?????it`s try to break me every day ..every time..every sec… bt i believe you and your say that ''mann mein rakhna dhrin vishvas ,kare samadhi puri aas.
    aaj maine usko kho diya hai jise main aur jo mujhe sabse jyaada pyaar krti thi..main nahi janti aage kya hoga…per ek vishvas h ki aap ho..aur aap sab kuch jante ho ..please meri wish ko pura kr do baba.
    om sairam

  13. I always wish something but I dont why whatever I wish i get correct opposite I really love someone but His parents are not supporting I am scared If I wish I ll get correct opposite I dont what to do???? I have faith in god but my experiences are so bad tht I cant even get a small wish completed

  14. I want to make my parents and my sisters and my brother happy. But I am failing to do that. Saibaba please help me for that. I am feeling very frustrated now. Saibaba please show me the way to success and happiness. O my Sai, please forgive all my mistakes.
    Om Jay Sai Ram.

  15. Thank you God for everyone and everything I have in my life. Thank you for the time I spent with my Mom, dad and brother till they were alive and happy with me. Thanks for getting my sister married and are happily settled in their life. Thanks for all the good friend in my life.
    pls grant these two wish 1st i want to buy my own house and second i need to find my life partner with whom i wish to visit you again to thank you in person

  16. OM SAI RAM!!!!!!!!
    Prabhu aap sabke kasht harne wale ho. Sai Baba G meri bhi pukar sunn lo.Mai bahut musibat mei hoon.Mai apne parents,apne bhai se bahut pyar karti hoon.Par ye bhi sach h ki main jeevansathi ke roop mein sirf Hemant ko dekhna chahti hoon,,,mera kahin or rishta mat hone dena Baba G,please baba G.Sai Baba G wo bahut achha ladka hai,aap tho ye jaante hi ho.Lekin pata nahi q mere parents,mera bhai uske liye apni thinking q nahi badalna chahte. Prabhu apke charno mein meri dono haath jodkar vinati hai ki prabhu hum dono ki shadi,sabki razamandi se iss saal k khatam hone se pehle karwa do. Baba ji kuchh aisa karo ki sab khushi khushi iss rishte ko apne lein.Shadi hone ke baad hum dono Aapke darshano ke liye Shirdi jarur aayenge Baba G.Meri arj sun lo Baba,,,,please baba.Nam aankhon se apko aapki bachchi ka pranaam!
    Om Sai Ram.

  17. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  18. Hey ishwar. Hmara aap per poora vishwas hai. Sbse phele is jeewan ke liye bahut2 shukriya.
    Papa ke sath business mein joh dhoka hua. Ya unhone kisi pe vshwas krne ki galti ki toh uski saza unhe aur sath hi hum sbko b mil chuki h.
    Main unhe sari zindgi is trh nhi dekh skta.
    Plz ab kaam mein tarrki kro.unke attck k baad b woh mehnat kr hi rhe h.
    Aur main b ek ldki se dil se pyar krta hu.usse shadi tbi kr skta hu jb khud ka theek sa ghar ho….
    Plz madad kro papa ki. Iske baad khud k liye kbhi kuch nhi mangunga. Main sbke sath khush.. Rasta dikhao prabhu..dhnyawad
    aditya sharma

  19. My wife and 3.5 years had left me. I love my son very much and each passing day I just pray GOD to help me in getting them back. I request you to pray for me so that my family come back soon

  20. Om Sai Ram,
    Kal mera janamdin hai, mene apna peechla janamdin apne puri family k saath manaya tha. Meri yahi iccha hai is baar bhi mere janamdin par mere mummy papa mere saath ho. Please meri yah wishpuri kar dijiye.Aap sab jante hai papa bina kuch accha nhi lagta.mere papa mujhe pehle k jese wapas lota dijiye.please baba..Om Sai Ram.

  21. baba plase help me!!thanks for the miracle you did in my life, please be with me baba till i get mached , make the process smoother, its getting hard day by day baba, please get me matched this year baba!!you are my soul, you are my everything, om sai ram om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram

  22. please baba be with me, please get me matched this year!!make the process smoother, my mind is gettting frustated baba, i love you baba, you are my soul, you are my everything, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram!!please baba i want to chant you are name all the time not just for materials!!

  23. During my struggle period for search of job which was crucial from the point of view to support my family, I came to know about Adhyay 11 ( Chapter 11) from Sai Chatritra from my friend.
    She told me by reciting this chapter 11, all my wishes will come true. I started doing the same when I was job less after completing 11 months job in private bank. Next opportunity I wanted in same profile only.
    My friends use to scold me and insist me to accept any profile banking as money is important, however, I wanted specific profile.
    I use to get up early morning between 3 to 3.30 am which is called as Braham Muhurat. For my dreams I decided to recite chapter 11 at this time. Everyday for almost 8 months I did that . I use to recite this chapter 11 at early morning and then in evening as well.
    During those 8 months only there was one advertisement in paper regarding the Profile which I was looking with one of the Reputed Scheduled bank. I applied for that , interview was done. However, being schedule bank it took 7 months to get the results out.
    I had lost hope, but I was very very …happy to see the results…… I was selected and my name was in top 10.
    It has been 6 years now, till date my Bank has never published advertisement for this Profile which I am handling ….that Advertisement was for Me …..that was Gift from Baba to Me. ..!!
    Even I have wishes unfulfilled ….but we all need to understand … GOD and Life will give you the best …that us deserve.
    What is your will be given to you !!
    Treat everyone with respect !!
    Help poor …try to give food or cash for one time meal !!

    Sai Baba will fulfil your wishes ……..have faith …with his guidance …you will learn to have patience.
    Shradha ……….Suburi

  24. During my interview in Mumbai which was new place for me, I was worried to travel.
    Interview delayed more than expected time, I prayed Baba ……That its your responsibility to arrange for my return journey with out and hassle however, I was worried.
    The moment I came out of the office …one female helped me to reach CST station.
    However, she took me to local station so ….i was searching for Ticket Window collecting my ticket Pune……
    Person at Local Ticket window was very arrogant……but One person heard my issue / enquire about Ticket counter for Pune Train.

    He took me to the other side / of the CST Railway station without caring for his own local train or time delay…….Took form for me ….given me to fill it ……
    I was not having change….he gave change required to me…..took my number and asked me to board train.
    Once I boarded train …he called be to confirm that I go the seat ……..That was Baba’s love for me ..!! Thank You Baba for your love and care ..!!

    The person who helped me said one thing which I will never forget ….” Beta I am Helping you …because ..I also have 3 daughters ….Somebody will help them too …”” Such a beautiful thought.
    Knowingly or unknowingly he was a true follower of Sai Baba.

  25. Sai Baba Please show me the right path which is right for me .I know if u have kept sumthing for me than i also know that u will also show me the correct path to reach that goal without hurting anyone .please I have put everything at your feet baba…. please guide me and help me to cross these hurdles …Jai Sai Ram

    • Sai baba you are my mother,father and everything. You had always granted my wishes. Please help me this time also. My daughter should get pregnant this time. She has undergone medical help. Please dont disappoint. I wiil come to shiridhi once herpregnancy is confirmed. Pull me out from trouble. Omsai Ram

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