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We call Lord Sai Baba sometimes with a test and sometimes with reverence. Still He comes to us and never see our motive behind our calling Him. He is so merciful and gracious. The love which He bears for His children in indefinable. Read on below experience of Sai Brother Amit ji.

Sai Brother Amit ji from Singapore says: Hetal ji, you are doing a wonderful job by helping devotees in posting their experience and Baba Leelas. These help us to understand that Baba is so caring and kind and increase our faith and keep us on correct path. May Baba bless you and all His devotees.

I would like to share my experience. Kindly help to post on your website. Many thanks.

Koti Koti pranam to our Sai Baba, who is so kind and always helps His devotees during difficult time.

In 2010, my parents went to Shirdi. I asked them to bring two Sai Baba Pendants from there – One for my son and another for my daughter. We got the pendants from them, when they visited us in Singapore. It was my daughter’s birthday and in morning after the Puja, after putting in thread, we put pendants on my daughter and son necks.

In evening my family went to Sai temple for Baba Darshan. I joined them around 1 hour late and then I came to know that the Saibaba pendent was missing from my daughter’s neck and thread was remaining. As Pendent was small and hall was crowded, my parents and wife tried to search, but we could not find it. We were not very sure that if it has fallen down outside the temple.

I was sad and feeling really bad as it was my Daughter birthday also. I was in Darshan queue and continuously praying Baba in mind, “You always help for good thing. I do not know, but You will have to give me pendent back”. I bowed to Sai Baba and then took aarti (keeping hand above lamp) and turned back. It was a big surprise, I saw a devotee just in front of me. He picked something from carpet and holding it with thumb/fingers (posture – as he is giving it to me). Indeed it was the lost Pendant. I was overwhelmed by Baba grace and kripa. Sai Naath Maharaj ki jai. He is so kind and always listens to His devotees.

I would also like to share another experience. By Baba’s grace, I go to Shirdi Sai temple in Singapore every Thursday in evening after office hours. If I have something on Thursday evening, then I try to go in afternoon during lunch time and attend Madhyan Aarti.

One Thursday in my office, colleagues planned for team dinner in evening in an Indian restaurant. Hence I went for Baba Darshan in afternoon. While coming out of temple, I just asked Baba, “It will be so nice, if you can give me Darshan or show Your presence in evening in the restaurant”. It was a mix kind of asking and requesting as well as bit challenging (kindly forgive me Baba for that). Although I knew that this was a good Indian restaurant in Singapore. They will not have any God pictures near the cashier or somewhere. What I requested was almost impossible thing to fulfill.

By evening, even I forgot what I requested to Baba. I went to restaurant along with my team (including non-Indian friends). After 15-10 minutes, we started our dinner and were enjoying it. Suddenly I heard our Sai song ‘Le ke chlao Palki Shirdi ke nath ki kandha laga ke bolo jai Sai nath ki’. I got shocked and recalled my afternoon request. How it is possible? My eyes were wet. Baba is present everywhere and He is so caring. He always listens to their devotees. Jai Sai Nath. Later I came to know in restaurant, behind the food service section, they have Karoke Bar and singers sang Sai Bhajan. It was really unusual, as in foreign country, in Karoke bar. Why Singer will sing god/goddess bhajan, Sai bhajan. It’s Baba, Who is present everywhere and fulfill devotees request.

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  1. Baba, Please answer my prayers. .
    Baba,make me reunite with my love bharath. .

    Baba, i am very interested to read your leelas. .but, when ever i read devotee experiences, i feel,deepika you are not lucky enough to see baba's miracles in your life. . . .
    My job is only reading. .but, not to experience baba's leelas. .

    Baba,please bless me.

    Baba, i answer everyone saying,some miracle may happen & bharath may come back. .but,All Astrologers said,he wont come back. .
    Baba,some times i feel, i am a greedy foolish girl,still thinking Some Miracle will happen. .
    Baba, please dont leave me. .

    • Once U believe in him,he won't leave u. Believe in the lotus feet of baba. He will give u the gift which u can't imagine.take care
      Baba anyadhasaranamnasti.

  2. @Deepika. .
    Deepikaji BABA will help you….please keep shardha and shaburi…infact i am also waiting for somthing like this…..BABA is so kind HE is having motherly hreat, BABA will bless YOU & ME both…Jai Sai Ram….Preeti

    Wonderful Experience.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Please excuse me Baba for our mistakes.
    I Love You Baba.

  4. Sai i love u… be with me always… i have experienced many sai leela… will post it soon in this blog… as of now m waiting for somthing, i know miracle will happen again. My sai will listen to me again. Sai baba again i am asking u please bless me with this thing in my life…love u baba…

  5. Dear Hetalji ,
    It is really a great wonder as to how Baba can satisfy the needs of millions and millions of devotees . Even I keep asking for this and that , I feel ashamed of myself for doing it . What to do , we humans are so weak that we cannot survive without it.My helper's 8 year old daughter is not able to walk as her legs and waist are weak , that helper is praying to Baba continuously for his help .Please pray for her and I request all the devotees of Baba to pray , let some miracle happen and let that child walk .
    thanks .

  6. sai rama!please save my job and move to different project inside the same wole family is depressed and worried about my job, you are our only hope please save my job and move to different project. saibaba my mind and mouth is always chanting your nama, please save me and show your kindness on this child.if i committed any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly please forgive those mistakes and please save me sairama!!!! you only can do this miracle, please help me sairama. please help me!!! please any of person read this comment please pray for this brother,please pray saibaba to save my job!!!!!

  7. Jai Shree Sai Ram!!
    I am very happy to read the comments of each devotee here and the way they express thei love towards our BABA…
    Baba last year (i;e2010)theives broke into my house and stole all my gold ornaments alonwith my kids neck chain that was bout for his naming ceremony. Me and my husband are kind of depressed to a very high level bcos of this. I know Baba will show us the way, but I am not finding any signs of getting them back. Also I am doing 9 thursday vrut in my own way of praying to our BABA. Can anyone please let me know cos I am confused about whether I will get back my jewels….

  8. Thank u @preeti ji,

    baba please listen to our prayers.
    Baba help all those who are in need of you. . .

    Jai SaiRam

  9. sister,
    Don worry. why fear, wen our sai us here. hold on time his legs tightly. tat s all v can do. rest, he has to and our sai is so kind, he will. shirdi said baba ku jai……….. raghav

  10. Great experiences. tears were rolling down from my eyes while reading these experiences.

    Baba, please help that 8 years old girl and our sai brother to save his job. Your are so great . Everything is possible for you.

    Om Sai Ram.

  11. baba fulfill your bhakts' desires and liberate them in the end…….they have only you to look up to….help them….jai sai deva…..

  12. saibaba please answer my prayer please iwant job in govt sector saibaba of shirdi please show your presence saibaba please keep my family happy.please bless us saibaba of shirdi.

  13. Sai Baba, please make me sufficient enough so I can help anyone in need (money etc)…give me the blessings to have a great character and I keep on reminding you in every situation. I want everyone to be happy.

  14. i had tears in my eyes when i read ur second experience about the lucky are we that we have our beloved BABA with us all the time.OM SAI RAM!!

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