Resolution Of A Problem And Solution To An Unsolved Problem – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Hard times come to us only to test us and confirm our faith. Our prayers are certainly answered in Lord Sai Baba’s darbar, but we need Shraddha and Saburi to overcome such situations. This is illustrated by the following experience of Anonymous devotee.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, I am Chandana, a physician. I am currently residing in the USA. I have been reading these experiences of devotees for the past few months and wanted to post my experience if my problem was solved. Kindly don’t reveal my identity to anyone. I also need solution to a problem which has remained unsolved for the past 3 and half years. Thank you for all the work. We need such blogs and groups to share our thoughts.

As a PU college student, I had visited Sai Baba temple in the late 90s, but not until I came to the USA. Did I become an ardent devotee of Lord Sai? I always aspired to be a physician and with all the hurdles, God showed me the path to reach where I am. I would like to share a wonderful experience, which I had not too long ago and had promised to share it with all of you if I found a solution to this problem.

I was doing my residency and was on a dependent visa and my husband was doing his fellowship. My husband wanted to do a fellowship before he started working, which meant extending his visa status and stay in the USA. Though we started the process 6 months in advance, the Indian consulate was notoriously unfriendly. We had to spend Lakhs of rupees and approached 2 people in India to get the work done by the Indian government. Meanwhile, I was on a dependent visa and was running out of time, since I would have to discontinue my job if my husband’s visa issue wouldn’t resolve. People at my work place forced me to go to India to change me dependent status to independent status. I felt so helpless at this point. I kept begging Sai Baba to help me day and night, visited the Sai Baba temple almost daily. Time was running out and finally I had to leave to India to change my status otherwise both of us would be without a job in the US. Finally I booked my tickets to India.

Incidentally, during my last visit to India, I wanted to visit Shirdi as a pleasure trip. I had booked my flight tickets, but I had canceled it for various reasons. A thought came to my mind that I should visit Shirdi this time. The moment I landed, I tried to get tatkal tickets to Shirdi. My husband never believed in Sai Baba, he kept using the words Fakir/Muslim etc. So I never expressed all my feelings about Baba to him. I did mention to him that I want to visit Shirdi. It so happened that he with the help of his friend got us tickets to Shirdi just within one day. I was surprised. To our surprise, the day we booked our tickets, my husband got an email saying that his visa issue is resolved and he could start his new fellowship. I visited Shirdi and had really satisfying Darshan twice. I was very happy. I had my visa issue resolved after I got back as well. This is definitely a miracle. My husband never accepts this in front of me. But when I got back from India, I saw him lighting a lamp to Lord Sai Baba photo of mine, which I had for few years now. That’s enough, I guess, I don’t want him to frankly express his feelings like me, but in the bottom of his heart, he realized his mistakes. Thank you Baba.

Meanwhile, I got a fellowship as well. We found a decent career for all the hard work. I am really happy that Lord Sai showed me the right path at some point in my life.

That was what I intended to share with all of you.

I have been fighting with another major problem since the time I got married to my husband for the past 3 and half years. I don’t know how to solve the problem. I have a very nice husband who is very supportive and is a real gentleman. We haven’t been able to have kids until now. Physicians don’t think we have any medical conditions. I wish Baba will help me and give me a kid.

To all the devotees there, I sincerely wish Baba will help you lead the right path always and will solve your problems. Let’s continue to keep in touch through this blog in the future. If Baba grants me a kid and solves this problem of mine, I will post this experience again.

Sai Ram.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Definitely, Baba will bless you with a kid and full fill all your desires. Have faith on him. Keep your faith stronger and unshakable. I believe him.

  2. do sai satcharitra parayan with full faith and devotion….you will witness baba's miracles….sai will bless you soon…

  3. Very Good to know your experience 🙂




  4. you can go to sai baba questions and answers website. if you ask the question with true devotion and humility, i found that you will get the correct response.

  5. Om sai please visit Sibpore shirdi sai baba temple or do 9 thursday vrat with full devotion and faith.baba will fullfill your wish.Om sai,jai sai,sri sai.

  6. Dear Sai devotee,

    Wonderful experience. Glad that as a physician u believe in our Lord Baba. He will definitely bless u with a wonderful kid. For sure. I also wants his blessing to finish my doctorate degree successfully. Still 3 years to go.
    Yes we all keep in touch via this forum.

    Om Sai Ram

  7. Dont worry. Our Sai is a very easy to reach God and He will shower you with as many kids as you want. Please do Sai Vrat.

  8. Thank you Hetal for posting my experience.I slept at 2.30 am last night US timings and kept refreshing to see if any experience would be posted and felt how i wish my experience gets posted too.Hurray this morning i got up and saw the miracle.Yes Baba is so much with us.I have been feeling it again and again.Sometimes we lose faith and start crying but He is with all of us,watching every little thing we do every minute.I promise to post my experience again if Baba solves our marital problems and blesses us with a baby.Om Sai Ram.Never lose faith on Him everyone.
    Anonymous ji,
    I am reading Sai Satcharitra daily now.I recently prayed to Baba that I will do 7 weekly parayans in the next 7 weeks,finished one and i am in the middle of the second.Hope Baba listens to all of us and blesses us always.
    Om Sai Ram

  9. Thank you everybody for the advise.I will continue to read SaiSatcharitra everyday.I will start the Navvrat tomorrow.I will pray to Baba with faith and devotion.
    Anonymousji,what if i am a doctor?Baba is above everything and everyone right?I wouldnt be what I am today if I hadnt gone to Him.It took a while for me to realise His presence,but now I know it was Him behind all this.
    Om Sai Ram
    We will continue to be active,post all our experiences,and share all our joys and sorrows here.
    Thank you Hetal for a wonderful job!
    Om Sai Ram

  10. Dear Sai Devotee,

    I have a question for you and I need some path. I am doing my studies outside India and in my lab nobody really believes in god. But I know that it is because of Baba where I am today. I want to see him everyday on my desk and in lab. What should I do? As in the middle of day sometimes I became restless to see him and then will just close my eyes and start chanting his name.
    Can I keep his photo in my desk when I am surrounded with foreigner. Coz usually they donot believe much.
    Reply is appreciated.

    Thank u

    Wonderful Experience.
    If you perform 9 Thursday vrat with Shradda and Saburi about which is explained in this blog,Baba will bless you with kid.
    Even I got my wish fulfilled after performing 9 Thursday vrat about which I came to know through this blog.I started again doing 9 Thursday vrat for the second time by Baba grace.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You Baba.

  12. Dear anonymous ji,

    You can definitely keep a picure of our beloved sai ma on ur can keep small sai picture credit card size, and u can keep it facing you so that way the chances of others seeing it will be less. And you will still have your wish fulfilled. U can also keep it in ur wallet a small picture and u can open it everytime u wish to see baba. This way u can keep it low profile.
    Ultimately regardless of what they think i am sure baba will always be there with you and help you.

    Peace and blessings to you
    From another sai devotee

  13. Dear Sai Devotee

    Baba will definitely bless you both very soon.
    I am praying Baba that u shuld share the Good News Very very soon in the forum.

    Sai Ram

  14. Dear friend,this is me again who wrote the experience initially on the blog.I am sorry,i didnt reply.
    Yes once you are outside India,we feel that we cannot keep our God's pictures on our desks at our work place.Now that you are a student,all the more you dont have any authority at your work place.This is what i do.
    As soon as i put make up on,in the mornings,i put udhi on my forehead very close to my hairline,i have banks as my hair cut so that it is not obvious and yet i have it on my forehead.Baba's blessings always say keep udhi on your forehead right?I have it on me and there is no scope for discussion.The next thing i do is,my purse has a small pouch where i can keep any photo,i keep Baba's photo here.We open our pouch many times right?when we go to the canteen,when we need to bring out some cards,etc etc,so we keep seeing the picture of Baba.I keep a small photo in my handbag,so i open my handbag atleast once or twice a day for getting things right? see Baba's picture.You can even wear a small locket with Baba's picture in it and go to the women's room and see it when you want to see Him.I have Baba's picture on my phone as a wallpaper and screen saver,so every time i look at my phone,i see Baba.I am still a student too,i have no desk of my own,and this is what i do.And Baba is in our hearts isnt it?
    Thank you everyone for the blessings.I have hope that Baba will solve all our problems and give us happiness always.Only He knows it all.Lets keep in touch and share all our joys and sorrows here.
    Om Sai Ram

  15. Very nice experience ….just keep ur faith strong. My brother in law got the good news of baby expectancy after 4 years of marriage through sai vrat which u have already started. I m sure u will receive your good news before udhyapan omsairam

  16. Yes Deepti,
    I have faith and hope in Baba.Last few years,the way Baba walked with me is amazing.I cannot imagine life without Baba.I am finishing the weekly parayans of sai satcharitra now,i wanted to start the vrat,but will finish these parayans and start the nav vrat immediately.My husband yesterday told me he wants to read the Satcharitra ,i cried in front of Baba and asked him,what? he said I want to read the book once,can you give me a copy of the book? actually he is doing his training in a different city and he wants me to post the book to his place.Look at Baba's miracles.I will do the Vrat and let you all know the results.Thank you for the support and blessings.
    Om Sai Ram

  17. om sai ram,
    i lost my path.i dont know what to do now.i am trying to get a job for last 1year.but i by day my parents are not supporting me.i tried my seems though my parents are saying that job is not in my fate.nobody understands me how much i need a aim was to be a doctor but i couldnot make it because my parent didnot give me that much time sothat i did that.i did my engineering and now i am jobless.again my parents are not giving me the time to get a job.they are saying they have to perform their duty(my marriage).so they cant wait any more for the this situation i am totally deprresed.job is very important for me though i agree that after getting a job i will marry but not before that.please show me the right path.
    om sai ram

  18. Sonali ji, don't worry. baba will surely solve your problem. you just do SAI SATCHARITRA PARAYAN. soon you will experience baba miracle. baba bless us always.

    jai sai ram

  19. Om Sai Ram! Never leave faith on baba even single second. Trust him from bottom of your heart. Never leave his hands hold him tightly he should listen and brings you light in your life. Just trust him blindly with out second thought in mind. Om Sai Ram!

  20. Jai..sai ram…it's very nice to read devotees experiences goes all to Hetalji..for creating such a lovely blog..plz explain me how to do sai parayans & vrat…love you sai & all the devotees..stay blessed

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