My Baba Healed My Sister – Sai Devotee Rajasekhar

Lord Sai Baba has become famous as a Ved (village doctor) by treating people of Shirdi during His times with His unusual medications. While such medications were handled, He used to give Udi to His devotees. Even Udi was given to those devotees who came to see Him. Thus from that time itself, we have seen that Udi has miraculous effects and such an experience is shared here.

Sai Brother Rajasekhar ji from India says: Hi Hetal ji, I’ve posted an experience of mine earlier (Sai Baba Gives Us What We Need) and thank you so much for making it a read for all the viewers of this blog. I’m here once again to post one more which shows His gratitude towards us. The following experience is a bit lengthy one. That’s why I made it two different parts. If you can post these experiences back to back then devotees will not have trouble recalling or remembering what happened in the first part or if you’d like to post it as one, that is also ok with me.

My name is Rajasekhar and with the blessings of our very own Baba, I haven’t faced any problems so far. Whenever I think something will become a problem, He’ll get me out of it. I trust He’s with me every moment and He takes care of everyone in the world. So many questions have been answered and so many solutions have been provided. He’s my life, love and I can’t imagine my life without Him.

About 4 months ago, we all heard good news that my sister is pregnant for the second time. We were all happy and her in-laws decided to visit Shirdi before traveling becomes hard for her. At that time, she used to suffer with mild leg pain (only her left or right leg used to pain, I’m sorry I don’t remember). We never took it seriously and we all thought that it’s due to pregnancy that all these kind of small pains are common.

They had a nice Darshan with Baba’s blessings and came back from Shirdi. She’s a very clever student and she’s doing her MCA through correspondence. I think she was four months pregnant, when she went to our home town (Vijayawada) from Hyderabad and was preparing for her 2nd year exams. During this period, she suffered heavy pain and we consulted her maternity doctor and she said everything’s fine and it’s just a kind of normal pain which everyone goes through during pregnancy. My sister’s pain was increasing day by day and it reached a point that she couldn’t sleep the whole night. While all that was happening, my parents silver jublee function approached (25 years married life) and being only son, I went Vijayawada to attend that function. I always carry UDI with me and because that was just a 3 day trip, I thought I’ll not take my box of UDI because we’ll have it even at home. But, I somehow took my box and reached Vijayawada. That function was a grand success and I was returning to Hyderabad after my leave on the fourth day morning. I realized in the railway station that I forgot my UDI box at home and I don’t know what to do next. I wanted to go back home and pick it up, but I heard a voice within me that “It’s better to leave it here, because there’s an upcoming problem” and with half heart and half convinced I reached Hyderabad.

After about 3 or 4 days, my sister couldn’t resist that pain anymore and they once again consulted the maternity doctor and this time she said consult an Ortho Surgeon (A doctor who treats bones). On her suggestion, my parents visited an ortho surgeon and there we discovered a tissue (tumor) on her spinal cord which is causing that severe back pain and leg pain. I told my mom to keep applying UDI as Baba had already predicted the upcoming problem.

After finishing her exams, she returned to Hyderabad with my mom and every day she used to suffer a lot. Even in Hyderabad, we consulted a maternity doctor and she kept on giving pain killers instead of analyzing what the actual problem is. Pain reached to a certain extent that my sister can’t take it anymore. She used to scream, cry every day. I once again heard a voice that I should make her read “Sai Tatvam” a book of Sai Baba. I told her immediately and she started reading. She finished about four chapters and she couldn’t do it anymore because of the increasing pain. We then decided to visit a multi specialty hospital to find out what the problem is. At this time, she can’t even walk. We had to take her in a wheel chair. I never imagined that my 23 year old sister would become such sick and it was a shock to all of us.

Doctors in that specialty hospital said, that we need to operate instantly and remove the tumor from her spinal cord as its the cause for her back pain and leg pain. They also said that there are chances to lose her legs or may take at least 3 to 6 months for her to walk. Until this point, I didn’t cry considering that she’ll be ok and BABA will take care of her. But things started to change every moment. I cried and asked BABA to make her walk quickly and we can’t see her roaming in a wheel chair.

Almost all of our relatives came and gave us the support we needed at that time. We all prayed to Baba that this operation should be successful and she should walk soon. The next day morning, doctors said that the operation was successful and that she should be in the hospital for at least 10 days. But, they said they will send that removed part for further tests called “Biopsy” to find out why it occurred. After about a week, they all said it’s due to cancer. I busted into cry this time and I prayed to Baba to get her out of it. I didn’t know anything else than that. I caught His feet asked Him repeatedly to take care of her and make her normal. We admitted our sister in a multi specialty cancer treatment hospital and the doctor said we’ll have to abort the baby and start the chemotherapy process to treat cancer. We were all ok for that because the kid inside might get affected with the high power medicine and will be born with some disorders and even at this point she couldn’t walk. She suffered very heavy pains and with the blessings of our Baba, she delivered normally on a Thursday (which we thought could also be caesarian which will be painful on top of the pain she’s going through). But, with His blessings, it was a normal delivery. But, as we all know, the kid died in a few hours.

It’s been 2 months since the doctors said that she’ll not be able to walk for at least 3 to 6 months after the surgery or she may not walk at all. It’s just His gratitude and grace with which she’s now able to walk without even taking support but not like before. I’m sure she’ll get better as time passes by with His blessings. She’s undergone the chemotherapy process and 4 sittings are complete. There will be a test done after 4 sittings to find out how good my sister is reacting to that medicine in the last week of this month. If there’s no improvement in her condition, then she needs to take 8 more sittings for which she’s afraid and not ready to take that pain. I’m again asking Him with utmost Shradda and Saburi to get her out of it as she’s not able to take that pain anymore. Baba, please please help her. Let the last chemo she had taken be the last one. Please Baba please help her.

If we notice, He’s been helping her right from the day she had that disease. From the time even we didn’t know what the problem was, He’s been helping her. Although, I decided not to take my UDI box with me, He made me take it somehow as He predicted the upcoming problem which we all know can be solved through His miraculous wonderful UDI. The voice within me is “BABA’s” and He made me forget my UDI box which I’ll never do even in the rarest of my dreams. After I left my UDI box and when my mom started applying UDI was when the maternity doctor asked my parents to consult an ortho surgeon who discovered a tumor on the spinal cord. He made me give her “Sai Tatvam” and asked her to read it, after which the doctors decided to do a surgery. He made her walk as well very quickly even before what the doctors told us. I also have confidence that He’ll get her out of this soon. We all know He’s the biggest doctor in the world and there’s no such disease which can’t be cured with His blessings. Please pray for her to become normal. Baba I request you please. I love you my Lord, I love you more than anything else.

This was the prayer I sent to Shirdi through this blog on March 15. Do you all know how I sent it? It’s His way of doing things for devotees. He made me click everywhere on this blog and I noticed that Uma Maheshwari Ji posted that she was going to Shirdi and that she’s ready to take all the experiences from the devotees to BABA. I sent this to her email address and she promptly kept it at the lotus feet of our BABA. And she replied to me saying that we reached Shirdi on Sunday evening 20th and the same evening we were blessed with a Darshan of our beloved BABA and I am happy to say that the prayers reached the lotus feet of Baba on 20th of march itself. We went for the evening Aarti and we gave the prayers to the pujaris incharge of the Samadhi Mandhir and they placed the prayers at the lotus feet of Baba and we prayed for all of you. I was really thrilled to see the letters at the feet of Baba. Baba has accepted all of your prayers. Baba will always protect you.

Can you really say now that you’ll lead your own life? No, I say that He leads us and we just follow what He says.

I told you all that a test will be done for my sister to see how good she’s reacting to the chemotherapy process. Doctors did a scan and said that the result is excellent. My joy knew no bounds. I was happy jumping with joy in the hospital. And when we met the doctor, he said although she’s recovered from it, we still need to take her through the remaining 8 sittings also. Without saying “No” to it, we agreed to what doctors said and the chemotherapy process started once again. After all the sittings are complete, doctors will then do another scan to see how good she reacted to the chemotherapy process. They once again did a scan and found that she’s absolutely out of danger. However, doctors suggested us to give her radiation treatment also to prevent it from coming once again in the future. But he said they’ll get back to us if it’s necessary or not by consulting another doctor.

This time we were sad, we thought the whole treatment process is completed and now when they said she needs radiation also, we didn’t know how to react. I didn’t ask Baba anything when they said she needs to go through the remaining 8 sittings. I only thought that she’s suffering her past karma and it will all be over in the next four months. But, when they said about radiation, I said to Baba that she can’t bear that pain anymore and doesn’t have that resistance to handle the treatment. I made this wish and went to my office as usual. We were trying to contact the doctors and they made us wait for a week to tell us that they are in dilemma whether to proceed with the radiation or not. As some doctors say it’s needed and some say it’s not. They made us wait for one more week and said that we need to go to Mumbai to check with TATA cancer Hospitals as they can confirm it to us if it’s needed or not.

We went to Mumbai and visited the doctor there. They suggested that radiation is not required. We were all happy and came back to Hyderabad. And we also informed the previous doctors who recommended us to TATA cancer Hospitals. He was somehow not convinced with that answer and said he’ll check with one more doctor and let us know. We were all confused as to why the doctors are not able to decide anything. But I know that Baba will take care of her and will make them take the right decision. After a week again, doctors called us and said that radiation is not required. And it’s confirmed this time. Just before the news was told to us, I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra and that day Baba gave me so many experiences and positive thoughts that my sister doesn’t need radiation. I was happy and all my family members were also happy.

To all the devotees, all I would like to say is trust in Him and He’ll bring us out of the deepest sorrows we’re stuck in. Shraddha and Saburi are the only two ways to understand His way of doing things. I never lost faith in Him and I always thought that He’ll take care of my sister and He did. Now she’s happy and we’re all going to visit Shirdi. In the midst of all this, I’ve experienced so many of my Baba’s miracles and if I keep writing about them, I’ll just be writing, there’s no end to it. He is the savior. He’s the lord and He’s my life. I love you Baba. I love you Baba. I love you Baba.

Sri Sachitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Hetal ji, this kind of service to our beloved Baba is great and you’re getting all the members of Sai family together. BABA will bless you and will bless us all. Thank you once again for providing this medium.

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  1. Your faith to lord Sai baba is tremendous, your family had to go through a very hard time but with all your trust it was possible… Really very touching experience how Baba saves and treats his kids from diseases. I hope Baba's grace on your family will be ever. God bless all

  2. Great experience that too when my mom,s leg did not heal even after 31/2 months after surgery.I was just asking Baba "Why Baba you are making her to suffer like this?".He his giving the answer that he will certainly take care without the second operation which will naturally put her into lots of trouble because of her diabetes.


  3. I have no words of how to express about this experience. There was a fear in me while reading this experience and felt sad about the girl thinking "How she has taken all these pain". She is young to bear such pain.

    It is a happy ending. Though fear is still clinging while writing this comment.

  4. Rajasekhar, ur experience was very very touching. Salute to you first because of so much trust you have in Baba. Our faith gets shaken so easily yet u have stuck to Baba,s teachings of shraddha and saburi. He actually checks if we have imbibed them well.Ur sister is too young to go thru so much pain and such a dreaded disease yet Baba brought her out of it. I am so glad. Hail to our Baba. Koti koti pranam to him– our saviour.

  5. Om Sai Ram. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. Reading such experiences strengthens my faith in lord Sai.

    Om Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram

  6. Jai Sai RAM
    Wonderful experience . Hi Rajshekar
    May god blessed your sister and give her long life . I wish babbaji will soon fulfilled her desire of motherhood. Salute to your faith and patience with which you have face all the difficult sitution.

  7. Om Sai Ram. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I was totally depressed about my husband's Job. After reading this, i too truly believe that BABA is always with us, guiding us. It is our past karma's that we undergo such pain. I pray for your sister. May SAINATH always be with her and protect her.

    Wonderful Experience.
    Baba please bless all of us with healthy and happy life. Baba Please excuse us for our mistakes.
    Baba Please bless Rajasekharji's sister with happy life Baba.Please Baba Excuse me for my mistakes.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  9. Jai Sai Ram,

    We are all very lucky and fortunate that "Sai" the Greatest ever lived "King" the supreme soul, the Parabrahma is with us and every one.

    Who ever calls him with pure heart, he will run to them. He can change fate, and show the Miracles which even the Gods themselves will not do it. It's only becuse he is the "Creator" the "destroyer" and the "preserver" so what astrolgers? what doctors? everything will be proven wrong when we seek Baba Help.

    I am very confident that your Sister will soon recover. I read in "" that a Lady was cured by Cancer in Tirupati. Sai himself came in disguise as a muslim lady and took care of this lady until she was completely cured from Cancer. When she recognized atlast it was baba himself who came to rescure her. The Lady built a small temple in her house to show her Gratitude. See, the Leelas of this Deva are something no one can understand. So let's bow at his holy feet……

    Hey Allah, Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

    Servant of Baba.

  10. Dear brother,
    Im so sorry for the karma that your sister had to face. I am truly sorry. I know as a woman I would not have the courage to face this ordeal, but baba has given her the courage. May he give her a life longer than all of us and heal her completely. Baba is kind and may he ever be with you this way. God bless. Please think of him with every breath.


    First of all.. hats off to your faith and patience. You are really blessed by our Baba.

    Hope Baba gives us all enough Patience and Unshakable faith on him.


    Baba's Daughter

  12. Dear Rajshekhar ji, I am very much feeling the pain you and your sister as well as the whole family has gone through. It really made me cry over loosing the baby. I don't understand BABA's ways and after reading all these incidences I at least gather that whatever happens is to pay the Karma and the baby may have settled the Karma account with your sister.
    My husband has been cured with BABA's blessings from skin cancer melanoma level 4. The Doctors had predicted only 6 months for his life. With BABA's assurance in a vision to me BABA said my husband will be ok. and really my husband's further tests and diagnostic surgeries results came out clear and after 5 years of follow up checkings he was declared "out of cancer patient".
    I know your sister has suffered a lot compared to my husband but I have great faith that she will also be declared "out of cancer-danger patient" sooner.
    Wishing you all peaceful and healthy days.

  13. Sai Ram..i'm speechless after reading this experience…all i want to say is WE Love You Baba.Please be with us holding our hand tight forever

  14. Jai Sai Ram,

    I was in tears while going through your bitter experience, at the same time I appreciate your patience and faith in HIM which solved the entangled problems of your sister's ailment.I pray BABA to give her a healthy and normal life bestowing her with motherhood.

    God bless her

  15. Really great. despite going through all hurdles still having followed bab's principles Shradda Saburi.Bcause it was not that easy to have this much of patience that too when a pregnet woman going through all these getting the child aborted operations several rounds of treatment, still no solution but hats off to the lady's devoted brother who with full faith and patience on Baba and got her through all these hurdles. One may think why she should loose the child and go through all these when she and her entire family are staunch devotees. Baba could have saved her from going through all this as she and her entire family are Baba devotees right from the beginning and also praying right from the day one. But once again friends it is not only baba testing us but one's past karma what one is going through once it is cleared for sure a peaceful life is waiting ahead that is for sure.

  16. Your faith is so strong, baba will definitely continue to shower his blessings on your sister & you. Praying for your sister's health.

  17. really heart touching experience…..may saima always bless good health and peace to your sister and all the people who are going through cancer and other health problems….love you saima….om sairam..

    • Baba pls bless all those who are suffering health issues esp this great brother who loves his sister so much,,,,,,,,dear brother baba sure would have been touched by your love for your sister and sure he will cure her completely and bless you nad your family

      Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram

  18. This story gave me lot of faith..i am going through lot of problem in my life with weakness in my legs and i am only 28 unmarried. I had lost faith coz i am young and my lifestyle was as such but nw i come back to baba and ask for his forgiveness i know its wrong that i am in problem i am selfish i am coming bck 2 u as i am in prob but please forgive me.please all pray for me..please all bhakts

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