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We never know when Lord Sai comes to meet us. We only realise this when He leaves us showing some positive signs. This has been experienced by Sai sister Varalaxmi ji in below post.

Sai Sister Varalaxmi ji from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, Since yesterday I started looking into your site. Yesterday, when I was at my work place, I was feeling frustrated and I was not in a mood to work. Suddenly, something strik into my mind and I typed Shirdi Sai BABA miracles. Then your site came up and I started reading the experiences of devotee. I really can’t express in words here. I felt so happy and my heart was so happy. I almost felt like crying looking at the kind heart of our BABA. Yesterday when I was reading the articles, something came into my mind “Should I also post my experiences”. But immediately I thought whenever Sai wishes I will do that. I thought that day is too far to come, but today at this moment, I immediately thought of writing my experience and I am starting it now. But I would say thanks a lot to Sai for everything.

Below is one of the experiences, but there are many such I will surely post soon.

BABA is always there to save us:

When I was doing my Bachelors, this incident happened. I was good at my studies and used to get good percentage. That was my final year. I appeared for the exam and when I saw the paper it was too tough and I was crying in the examination hall thinking that I would fail because I don’t know any of those questions. Somehow I wrote and came home and told my brother and mother that I will fail in this exam because I did not even attempt the questions so that I can at least pass the paper. I was just crying and crying. Next day morning I woke up and while doing pooja, I told BABA with tears in my eyes, “BABA, Please don’t leave my hand. Please don’t leave my small finger always hold it. If You leave it, I will fall down and there is no one to save me”. Then I asked Him that in these years, I never failed any exam. This is my final year and I don’t want to fail in the exam. If I fail, I won’t be able to appear for the placements and that will be a mark on my studies and my daddy will not be able to bare that. I begged Him that day. Soon after pooja, I went to temple. This temple is the place, where we usually perform Sathyanarayana Pooja. This temple is near my Grand Parents home. So I and my sister went to Temple and placed all the pooja items at one place and we went to our grandparents home to get some rice and plate which is used to give Aarthi.

When we went, we saw no one was at home but door was open. So I and my sister went inside and I was searching for the things that I need for pooja. Meanwhile I heard someone saying “BABA”. I thought maybe it is my imagination, there is no one saying that. Then I again heard and told my sister. She also said that even she heard that then she looked out of the home and saw that there is some Saadhu (Yogi) at the next door. Then I told her that close the door please. I am scared of such people and told her that there is no one at home and I don’t want to trust anyone. She did that. There was a window open. We heard that Saadhu calling BABA again. Then I said my sister to give him some rice. Then when she went and gave, he was saying where Laxmi is. I was inside when he told this and once I heard this. I immediately went out and saw him then he said “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Baba will do everything good”. I did not believe Him for the first time. But I saw the book in his hands where there was BABA’s picture and I got surprised. He said “May be everyone will leave you and go, but He will never leave you. He will always protect you from all the harm things. Keep faith in Him”. Soon after, I heard these words. I was so moved and felt so happy that I can’t express. I thought of donating Him some money, but I left my purse at temple where we were supposed to do Sathyanarayan Pooja. Immediately I asked my sister to go and get the money. She went. Then he asked me for some Tea. I told him that I am not sure if there is milk at home or not. He said go and see, you will find some milk. Then I went and saw in the fridge there was cup of milk. Then I immediately prepared tea for him and gave it to him. He had that cup of Tea and blessed me and left the place.

I thought that it was BABA, who came and took away my worries about the exam. I felt so happy that day I can’t express. You know what happened when my results came out, I passed that paper. We need to get minimum of 28 marks to pass the paper and I got exactly 28 marks. I don’t know how I got, because I didn’t do well in the exam. It was BABA who corrected my paper and passed me in that exam. This is how BABA came to me and blessed me. Love You so much BABA. Please protect me and guide me on the right path.

Hetal Ji, I am a bit poor in English. If somewhere you think that I made some mistakes please forgive me. Thanks a lot for posting my experience and I will soon share more experiences with you all.

Thanks & Regards


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  1. baba sabke liye sab kuch karte ho app mere liye kyun nhi …please baba i am begging you please…Sai Baba you know everything and you can do anything..please baba please

  2. Om Sai – Sri Sai – Jaya Jaya Sai

    Baba, i need your blessings on my whole family all the times. I requested you my needs, to settle in my residence place in India and want to start some business and office to settle myself and give employment to the needy and qualified people to remove some unemploymentin my place. Baba, please help me and show me right path and guide me all the times.

    Anonymous Sai Devotee
    5th November, 2011

  3. A living immovable faith is all that is required to reach the full Spiritual heights attainable by human beings.

  4. Hi… Ms. Varalaxmi.. I had the similar experience as yours..i screwed my final exam and same as u, i have never failed in my exams…. this time due to Sai baba's blessing i passed… when i got my mark sheet i saw it twice because i could not believe to see the marks which i got in that paper…. as i used to pray him everyday to help me with that paper.. that was a real miracle….

    Om Sai Ram….

  5. o'ssum…you are so lucky that baba himself came to you to prove his presence


    What a lovely experience.. WE ALL LOVE YOU BABA… Please don't leave our hands.. If you leave us then no one is there to take care of us.. You are our Mother, Father and Guru and everythng.. Thanks for taking this Avathar and Thanks for the Happiness and Thanks for all your blessings which we may not even know that.


    Wonderful Experience.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Baba Please excuse me for my mistakes Baba.
    Baba please bless my husband,my kid and me with happy and healthy life Baba.
    Please excuse me for my mistakes Baba.
    I Love You Baba.I need you Baba always in my life.
    Sarvam Sainatharpanamasthu.

  8. sister
    i hope ur one of the most luckiest persons in the whole world. hope ur one of those great souls. only swamy can do such miracles. om sai ram.

  9. Shri Satchidanad Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai. Baba please fulfill my wish and allow me to post my experience.

    Thank you very much Hetal Ji for your wonderful effort


  11. Hello, I think this is an incredible experience. You are blessed, and he will always protect his staunch devotees.

    Om Sai Ram,


  12. Awesome experience its very true it was our Deva only who came and took all your worries

    Om Sai Ram,
    Baba Maalik

  13. Jai Sai Ram,
    I am resident out side India, my parents were visiting me here and they were here for 5 months, they just left on Saturday and I was thinking I am all alone by myself again then my friend was with me on Saturday and Sunday (she left Sunday afternoon)
    Sunday I went to SaiBaba temple but now on Monday (today) I was thinking I am alone by myself .. and then I read this experience—“ BABA's picture and I got surprised. He said "May be everyone will leave you and go, but He will never leave you. He will always protect you from all the harm things. Keep faith in Him". “ and I am so happy.
    Thanks you for sharing this experience and Thanks to Hetalji for posting this

    Jai Sai Ram

  14. Hetalji , thanks a lot for posting my experience. I just reached office and thought of opening this site ,to my surprise i saw my experience.. Usually i open the site everyday to read baba's miracles but since last 2 days i was not in town so I could not open the site . today when i saw i have no words i felt so happy. You made my day. Thanks a lot to you and also to our BABA. Thanks to all for your comments . I felt more happy after reading your comments.
    Very soon when BABA wishes i will send my other experiences too.


  15. Help me baba please , I should be happy,I should be brave, baba you know everything about me please help me succeed in my life,please give me a job,please help my family in all ways,please help my sister in getting her visa,be with me baba

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