Dear Sai Readers, sorry for posting today’s experience very late. It is my routine to prepare post on previous day of its publishing, but i am not able to follow this routine. The reason is since more one week i am not well. Actually iron content in my blood has reduced and so i am not able to do routine activities properly and am growing very weak day by day. Though i am on medication for one full month, i guess medicines are working slowly and very less improvements are visible. Udi, the cure of all diseases is being taken daily but along with it i need prayers of you all also. My main concern is disturbance in blog work, so i am tensed. I know all your prayers are fruitful instantly, so please do pray for my health. I am very grateful to all for standing by my side whenever i want. This, i guess, is Lord Sai’s blessings in real sense.

Sai always helps His children

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetal ji, first of all thanks you are doing a great job by publishing all experiences of Sai Devotees in this blog, which helps us to be calm in hard time. I kindly request you not to mention my name and email id. I am not too good in English so I kindly request you, Hetal ji, to make the necessary amendment required.

I know Baba for about 12 years, but I started trusting and praying Baba for last 4 years. I am the eldest child of my family and my parents except a lot from me, when I entered in college. After passing my 1st year, I decided to work so that I can earn some money, which can help me for further studies as my father is the only earner of the family. My father doesn’t want me to work, but I want to earn so that I can reduce some burden from my side. Finally, my father allowed me to work and I joined a company for about 3 months. I was happy that now I was earning. Then I changed my job in some known company with reference of my father. There I gave my best, but no results. They are paying me very less as I was from reference and according to my nature, I always keep quite never complained. People joined after me get better package and I was still dragging. Then I came to know about Baba. Several times, I read Shri Sai Satcharitra, but opportunities come and go without any result. Whenever I heard from my friends that they are in a very good position, I feel jealous of them and thought I have very bad luck that I was stuck there. Then I came to know about Sai Baba question answer website and I asked some questions and Baba say I have to wait, but I thought how much I have to wait now. I was totally fed up with this job, but I had no option. Then from my sister, I learnt some ways of praying Baba. I just read Sai Satcharitra and never want to learn from the experiences. I just want to my work done without any faith. I am really sorry for that. Baba ji, please forgive me for that.

Then, one day while going though Baba’s website, I came to know about this website and read experience of devotees and came to know how fool I am, just wishing without devotion. Then I decided to devote myself to Sai’s holy feet and prayed Baba. Whatever is good for me, I was waiting for Baba’s Ashirwad. Then I read a blog, in which I read about 9 Vrat of Sai Baba. I did it and now finally I got a new job, which I was searching for. Now, I have to join there and need Baba’s blessings that everything will be alright.

Baba helps me many times. 2 years back, I was very ill. Medicines were not working. Everyone was very worried. My mom started giving me UDI with water milk and juice. By Baba’s grace, I started recovering and very soon became well. Treatment was long, but I can live normally now.

An another experience: Few days back, I did a online ticket booking of my Boss and by mistake I booked ticket for return in place of going and my situation is that I can’t tell my boss in fear. I prayed to Baba to do anything and save me from this mistake. And today is the day of traveling tour was cancelled and nobody knows what mistake was done. Baba is always there to help His children. Thank you Baba. Thank you very much. I told Baba to post my experience too if this mistake can be hidden. So now I am posting my few experiences with Baba.


My uncle is with Sai BABA

Sai Sister Meera ji from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, I want to share the unique sequence happened and my uncle passed away. I was surprised to learn those details from my brother, who was told all these facts by my uncle’s middle daughter. Today I read this message on

“One of the main functions of a Sathguru is to stand by his devotees at time of death, to lead the soul towards further evolution.” #CBSatpathy

And that made me think where my uncle would be now?

My uncle was sick and bedridden since last several years. Their whole family is Sai BABA’s devotee. His 3 daughters (all above 30 years of age and unmarried), and my auntie, they all took care of him with total devotion and with a great smile always. Even he was to be helped taking his bath, change clothes, to feed him and using toilet etc etc. It happened that many a times, he was to be admitted to ER and brought back, when the health problem stabilized. You know how hard it is for all ladies members in the household to manage all these time sensitive health situations day and night caring for a paralytic and heart patient.

Well, this last time when my uncle was very sick he opted not to be admitted to the hospital, even though he was having a severe breathing problem. They had the Oxygen Cylinder at home to use in case of emergency. His family members obeyed his wish. At certain point my uncle requested to place him on the floor sensing his time to go HOME has arrived. With very heavy hearts his daughters did so. He hardly could talk, but he requested them to chant Hanuman Chalisa. As and when he could join, he also kept chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

His middle daughter asked him how he is feeling. Is he scared of anything? HE should not worry as BABA will make everything right. At that moment, my uncle expressed his satisfaction regarding his daughters are well equipped to face the life. When he is gone and said he is not worried of death and he knows BABA will make everything right. Then he started losing consciousness and ultimately left this World in due course of time. We still wonder how he felt that THIS was the time to go. How he thought of Hanuman Chalisa and Sai BABA and how fearlessly he left his family keeping total faith in BABA.

He must be a very high level soul. I do remember he had been very kind to all. He would buy food to hungry and he always used give alms to beggars, who met him on his way home and not only that if he was short of coins, he would go to the nearby shop get coins and distributed among all beggars never letting anyone out. He would not let us apply insecticides when there is out burst of ants, cockroaches in our house and if he found out about it later on, he would keep fast until we promise we would not do that again.

I remember all these minute details of my childhood days. I have been away from my parental family after my marriage and especially coming to US it is really difficult to be with them, who are in India anyway.

Today reading C B Satpathy ji’s message made me think “where my uncle would be?” You may post this if you want to our Sai Devotees page.

Jai Sai Ram.

Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Brother Shyamal ji from UK says: Dear Sai Devotees, My name is Shyamal Barooah and would like to share my few experiences with our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba.

1) We have been blessed by our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba to go to Shirdi again on 19th July, Tuesday and have divine Darshan. We had very nice experiences this time also. We landed up in Mumbai International Airport. After immigration we (my wife, 2 daughters) all were coming out with luggage and we were supposed to handover the luggage token which was with immigration form to security check point. There was a small podium kind of desk at the check point and the security guard asks us to handover the tokens. While handing over these and showing him our passports, my elder daughter Ruhi shouted, ”Papa, Mama look Sai Baba”. She has seen a small photograph of Shirdi Sai Baba inside the desk, which is not visible from outside. We were all so delighted that Baba is already there to welcome us from Airport itself. Shri Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

2) As usual we always book a taxi through internet with E-cab Company to go to Shirdi. This time we booked an Indica A/C car which was economic for us as other cars are very expensive. When I called up the driver, he told me that he is coming on the way and he knows me very well. And he asked me to wait in the no-2 taxi stand. We were waiting, and then I got a call from him that he can see us from the bridge and he’s driving an Indigo car instead of that small Indica car. I thought that the rate will be more that’s why I booked for economic one. When I saw the driver, it was Sunil. I was astonished to recognize him that he was same person who took me to Shirdi last time. My happiness knew no bounds. He told me that Indica car tyre was punctured and when he saw my name then he himself took decision to take his new Indigo car at the same rate. I was so happy that I realized that Baba always takes care of His devotees, when you go to Shirdi. Jai Sai Nath. Shri Sachidananda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

3) This time we took 3 days in Shirdi and having lots of things in my mind. I was going through tough time in my office and wanted to change my job and come back to India. I have to go to Delhi and face an interview also. I desperately wanted the job with higher position (Chief engineer post in Hotel industry). We had nice Darshan, kakad arati. We went to Dwarakamai, Chavadi. For the first time, I carried lots of prayers with me from various devotees, who had sent their Prayers through mail to me to submit at the lotus feet of Sai Baba. I was very glad to do this service for the first time and beautifully put inside the HUNDIs in Samadhi Mandir. May our Sai Baba bless all of them to fulfill their wishes. After spent 3 days in Shirdi, my wife and both the daughters came back to Kuwait and I alone went to Delhi for the interview. And with Baba’s Blessings, I have got the Job and I really don’t know how to Thank Baba for His kind grace and blessings. Baba, Koti Koti Pranam. Thank You Sai Nath. Thank you very much Sai Nath. Please keep Your eyes and Kripadrishti on us always. Jai Sai Nath. OM Sai Namoh Namaha.

4) I had to go to Bangalore for the final interview. When I went engineering department, I saw Baba’s photo in the control room. I was so delighted to see that I know Baba is already ahead of me to welcome there in the form of Photo. I remember when Shama went to Kashi and Gaya – Baba told him that I’ll be ahead of you in Sai Satcharita.

We should remember Baba’s words “Shraddha” and “Saburi” – Have faith in Him. Rest He’ll do everything!

May Shirdi Sai Baba shower blessings on all of us!

Om Sai Ram!

Shyamal Barooah


More Experiences of Sai Sister Meera ji:

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  1. Dont worry hetal ji take your time and post no hurry we all will co-operate with you and pray Babaji for your early recovery, please take care oof yourself and Babaji is also takin care of you so please dont worry…

    Om Sai Ram,

  2. Dear Hetal,
    first of all,i pray that you recover well soon.
    Being a physician,i thought it is my responsibility to share with you some knowledge,which might be of help to your health,i trust Baba as much as you do,but in addition to udhi,i have few suggestions for you. much is the Hemoglobin/hematocrit?have you checked this?
    2.what is the iron level,also the lab test should include ferritin level,TIBC,what are the numbers?
    3.If the levels are very low,you need to take 325 mg of ferrous sulfate three times a day for minimum 6 months to a year,in the next 6 months,recheck the iron levels,if the values are normal,then continue to take iron for 6 more months,because body needs to replenish for storage.donot stop at one month please.Also vitamin c tablets with iron are good,since they increase the absoprtion of iron,i suggest that you take that each time you take iron.
    4.Its also important to check vitamin b12,folate levels,we might be deficient and that might lead to weakness
    5.Most importantly,you have to find out if you are bleeding from anywhere,we dont become iron deficient otherwise,check for this and address it immediately,because if you dont address this,you will keep losing the iron you take.
    Please make sure you correct the anemia,since it can cause many complications on your heart if uncorrected for a long time.
    Please feel free to contact me for any questions.
    I am sorry for the unsolicited advice,i thought it might help you.
    Leave your email here,i will email you if you have any questions.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please help Hetal Ji to get well soon, make her healthy. Bless her and all your children.

    Jai Sai.

  4. Dear Hetalji,

    My office is very close by SAI MANDIR. I was waiting for your posting since morning. the moment i saw, i felt very happy. I read the Miracle and immediately went to SAI MANDIR and prayed for you. Please dont worry, BABA will cure your illness. BABA will not let his kids suffer. Especially people like you must have good health and happiness as, you are doing a very noble job of wiping the tears of many people and building confidence in them during their tuff times. You will always be in my prayers dear Hetalji.

  5. Om Sai Ram,

    You are doing a great service to Baba, he will ever be with you. Don;t worry, and keep faith in him

    My prayers for you to Shirdi Sai Nath



  6. Dear Sai Baba please help Hetal to recover quickly. I pray to u with full faith to make her alright. She is ur child who is helping many a agonised soul and building up faith and trust with all the miracles happening all over the world for ur devotees. I am sure u will not let her blog work suffer and will cure her soon enough.

  7. Dear Hetalji,

    Baba will cure u soon….do not worry…m also going to Sai Mandir at my place with my sister…ill pray for u…take care….and don't worry….first take care of ur health and then post all the experiences,,,we can wait…after all patience provides us with a sweeter fruit…. SAI BABA BLESS U…


  8. Om Sai Ram,

    Hetalji even i pray to baba to make you fit and fine soon and I am sure he will do it. In case you need any help in doing this work of posts I will be more than happy to help you especially when you are having health problems you can delegate the work. You can reply here if any help is needed.

  9. Dear Hetalji,I will pray for you.Dont worry.Baba will surely cure you.Take Care and Take Proper Precautions.Get well soon…..

    Wonderful stories.Baba bless us like this always.You are our everything.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  10. My Dear sister Hetal,
    Please do not worry, Baba will definitely take care of you. Pl. take the UDI and also your medicines very regularly. And do not worry about the delayed blogs, you always are very prompt and because of YOU our faith towards dear Baba kept intact and grows. I will definitely pray to Baba during my pooja to bestow all the good health and happinsess forever.

  11. It is our pay back time for Hetalji(can never fully repay) for the service. Please pray to Baba for Hetalji.

    There is no harm in trying homoeopathy along with other medicines. You may try Ferrum Mettalicum 6 twice a day and it might also help.

    But in the end Baba knows better. Difficulties help us stick to Baba like sick child sticks his mother.

    Even if Baba makes us suffer to take away the karma, He makes sure to moderate when it gets too difficult to bear. This is infalliable, absolute truth !!

  12. Dear hetal ji,

    jai sai ram. thanks for your wonderful job!!

    brother, why are you worried about your health? saibaba was and is still the greatest doctor. some of the miracles he did on devotees to cure is beyond medical science.

    shortly, i will attend night arati online and i will pray for you.

    please rest and relax. Devotees can wait even if you delay in posting the miracles.

    bow to the holy feet of our beloved baba.

  13. Namaste Hetalji,
    Om sai ram,
    Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is read these devotees experience. It has become part and parcel of my life. Without them the day is incomplete.
    Hetalji, you have no idea what great work you are doing! Devotees from parts of world are connected through this site.
    Hetalji, please take care of yourself and get well soon. I would like that you should to carry this work for many many more years. May saibaba bless you always.
    Its ok if you are unable to post experiences for few days. We understand but please get well soon. No pains no gains.
    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai

  14. Om Sai Ram Hetalji,

    Our prayer are always with you. We eagerly wait to read Sai devotees experiences here. Wish you a speedy recovery.

    Om Sai Ram

  15. Get well soon Hetalji. I pray to Shri Saibaba for your good health. Don't worry as Saibaba will surely bless you and help you recover soon. We all together belong to Sai family and totally understand, if you are unable to post the experiences daily, please do not be tensed. Take good care of yourself.
    Om Sairam!!

  16. Hetalji,

    Thank you for this blog. I am a very recent devotee of Baba and did not know much about him till I read the Sai Satcharita. I am presently going through a lot of troubles in my life at the moment and turned to Sai or rather he was the one who held my hand and gave me strength. Things are not ok as yet but I have faith that Baba will get me and my family through this.
    I came to know about the Sai Parayan through your website and shall be starting it today.

    Please pray that my troubles be over soon.

    I pray to BABA for your speedy recovery. You are doing great work by bringing Baba closer to us.

    Shri Sacchidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

    Sai beti

  17. Hetal Ji,
    I hope that you get better soon, and like one doctor devotee said earlier, please do take medicines in addition to the Udi. The treatment is for 3-6 months and I hope that you get your strength back. I'll pray for you along with the other devotees.

    Om Sai Ram

  18. Sai Ramji Dear All,

    I am very much overwhelmed by comments and mails showing concern for my health. Yes your prayers will certainly help me to recover from my present situation. I always knew that i have vast support of Sai family, but seeing this kind of love has made me healthy by mind and heart, though body is slowly responding to all your prayers and medicines. I am really thankful to Lord Sai baba to show His love for me through you all. This is i call blessings in real sense.

    I am specially thankful to physician devotee to comment me regarding proper medication taking time out of his/her busy schedule. Sir/Madam, i had done blood check and hemoglobin is about 10.2. I request you to please send a test e-mail on hetalpatil(@)gmail(dot)com so that i can send you scanned copy of prescription of medicines i am currently administered.

    Also my special thanks to the devotee who went to Lord Sai's temple to pray for me in his/her office hours.

    My devotion and my worship is writing blogs and i cannot stop it even if situations are not favourable for me. It might get late sometimes, but please be assured that i will try my level best not to stop because as per an old saying, "The show must go on"…

    One devotee had written that it is his/her payback time for me for the service through blogs, i would say that it is Lord Sai Who is doing, i am just a medium. If i have not given anything, then how can i get/ask it back? It is all blessings of our Lord Who is with us always and forever.

    Once again a big thank you to all 🙂

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  19. Hetal ji,

    Above are nice experience

    Yesterday(Thursday) i went to Sai temple and I prayed for you, soon you will become normal, dont worry.

    Om sai ram

  20. Dear Hetalji,

    Don't worry ,as BABA is there to take care of your health, because the work you are doing is of great value which is giving consolation to sick, needy and disappointed devotees. I too pray BABA for your speedy recovery.


  21. Dear Hetal ji,
    I just read your post today and concerned about your health. Praying BABA to cure your problem. Hoping you soon feel better.
    I am thankful to you becoming an instrument to express our BABA's Leelas to all other sai devotees.
    Get well soon.

  22. Hi Hetal,
    I hope you get well soon and Baba will make you healthy soon. May Baba always take care of you and your family. I will pray for your health too , even I have been unhealthy for the past six months with allergies and asthma making me depressed many a times because of my incapability to even do my daily chores but I have faith in Baba that he will cure me soon. I would recommend you to do Satcharita Parayana as you know parayana is powerful.
    Baba loves you dearly and hence you doing such a great work for him so Baba will certainly make you healthy that's my trust on him… I am myself not a good devotee of him because I don't do much for him at all but you are giving lot of time for him in providing this wonderful platform for us… Baba bless u in abundance.

    Om Sairam

  23. Dear HETAL G,as soon as i reach my office ,the first thing i do is open the devotees exp.This seems to have become as a part of my praying.i feel as if my prayers are completed as soon as i read them.u r doing such a gr8 job.u r SAI'S Blessed child,HE'S standing just by ur side,just feel HIS take ur medications regularly and enough of rest(6-8 hrs of sleep).just no need 2 worry abt d daily posting,at d stake of ur health.u will soon get perfectly well by the grace of SAI.



  26. Jai Sai Ramji,
    Dear Heatlji,
    After seeing all people concerned for your health even I had tears in my eyes. How many of us are able to make such reputation in this world. It is all babaji grace that you are getting so much love . I too pray for you and wish you get well soon. Daily in front of this blog.I feel myself in different world with group of nice loving and pure soul people .I felt very satisfied there are so many people like me with same feeling as I felt for my Sai babaji.

  27. Dear Hetal ji,

    You are doing a wonderful job and baba's blessing is always with you. You will soon be cured … My prayers and wishes for your speedy recovery

  28. baba please bless hetalji and everyone with peace of mind and good health and happiness….om sairam….lov u alot baba….

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