How kind and compassionate is our Lord Sai Baba can be learnt from our relation with Him and knowing experiences of other with Him. Below are few such experiences.

Saibaba’s Blessings

Sai Sister Beena ji from UK says: Hello Hetalji, I am Beena and I live in UK. I’ve been a devotee of Baba for over four years. Although, I have heard about Him in the past, but I didn’t really know much about Him. I think I only started learning more about Him from the internet and I very much believe in Him due to certain experiences that I’ve had through reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. Please do not disclose my email ID to anyone. Thanks.

Sorry Baba, I am very late in sharing my experience with Sai devotees due to my laziness. Please forgive me. Also forgive me if there are any mistakes whatsoever in my explanation.

We as family were looking to buy a House for last 20 years in the UK on and off, but we could not despite having money for it. We were very much scared to buy a property as the market has been fluctuating all the time. We have seen lots (hundreds) of properties, but for different reasons, we were unable to buy either due the high price or the house wasn’t in the right location or we didn’t like it.

One day eventually we all ended loving a house and its location from bottom of our hearts, but it was above our budget and it was difficult to get a loan as my father is non-resident here and lives abroad.

I was very frustrated as nothing was working out. So I went to Baba’s temple and prayed saying something like “Baba we love the property, but do not know whether it’s at right value, in right location and cannot see future, right or left. Only you can see that. So please give us an opinion about this property” and started reading Sai Satcharitra. As soon as I read a few paragraphs, the flowers dropped down from Baba’s photo and tears started rolling from my eyes. I took this to be a positive sign and Baba saying go for it.

As soon as I reached home, I told my family about this. They also very much believe in God, but took it lightly. My dad said, “But there is no way we can afford this house as it’s more than our budget. We cannot even get the loan”. The person (the agent) who showed us the property turned out to be someone I had met in the past. After many days of price negotiations with the agent, we agreed a price and asked him whether we can get the loan and he said he’ll find out. Even then we were thinking as to whether we’ll be able to repay it as we didn’t have much income and whether we should go ahead. Roughly three months passed like this and I explained it to this agent how we have struggled all these years to buy a property and so please help us.

The agent recommended us a mortgage agent whose wife we coincidently happened to know. He asked for some proofs of my father’s Bank statements etc and said he’ll try to get us the mortgage. As we were leaving his house, we saw a Baba’s photo in his house and I knew that it’s Baba helping us with all this. In couple of days, he phoned us saying that the Bank has approved the loan. We were so happy.

At one stage, we were asked to pay a sum of non refundable deposit as we kept changing our minds. So we somehow paid the non refundable deposit, but then we decided to drop out and someone else made an offer on the house and we almost lost this deposit. But as we had already paid this sum, we decided to go ahead with the purchase after a lot of thinking, budgeting and advice from different people. Even then after a lot of discussion between us and budgeting, we were confused as to whether to go ahead. Finally after taking God’s name and blessings, we went ahead with the purchase. Even now my father still seems bit worried at times regarding the loan, as he’ll still have to pay it at some stage. But he is very happy with the decision. He thinks (god forbid) in worst case scenario, he’ll sell the flat he has given out on rent and pay off the house mortgage. Looking back, it seems that the house is very good value for money. Almost every single person who has come to our house has loved it and it’s all newly done up with good facilities and is far beyond our expectations. It’s like a dream. It’s a miracle.

Thank you very much Baba once again.

Sai Made the Impossible Possible

Sai Sister Rachna ji from India says: Dear devotees, Om Sairam. I want to thank the site and Baba for letting me share my experience with all of you to embed strength and hope in one and all. Love you Baba for everything.

My experience with Baba is so divine and long that I don’t know where to start from. But I shall quote the most miraculous one. I am Rachna from Chennai and my family and I have been staunch devotees of Baba since long. I got married and settled in Bahrain with my hubby and everything was going on smoothly until 2009, when suddenly my husband started having problems at workplace and he was asked to resign in 3 months time. I was very upset and heartbroken as I was on the family way and was expecting my child in 3 months time. Anyways Baba helped me by letting my parent visit me without any problem and the delivery went on well and I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. After my parents returned to India, it was just 10 days since my delivery and we had to return unexpected to India as the new company that my husband joined did not provide him with a visa on time and they promised to send one after our exit. We were totally shattered and left our house there with all the belongings and came down to Chennai with the hope to return soon. Time passed by, but the visa did not come and on enquiring my husband was told that it was rejected. But actually the truth was that the company had not applied for his visa and had hired a lady accountant instead. Now we were devastated and I used to cry to Baba to help us to get back to Bahrain day and night. We started trying for a free visa to go back to Bahrain, but people just kept cheating my father by taking advance and none provided us with the visa. Money was lost and time too. It was almost 1 1/2 yrs now and my family started scolding me to give up the craze of Bahrain and start all over again in India. I agreed and I and my hubby started looking for a job for him in Chennai. I started keeping the Sai Vrat in the month of July as I had read about it in the net. The 9 Thursdays vrat not only got my hubby a job in Chennai and things began to improve. A miraculous thing happened was that on the last vrat, that was the 9th Thursday vrat, my hubby got an email of a job offer letter from Dubai. We were overjoyed and in tears of happiness. It did not stop here. The visa was verbally confirmed on the next Thursday. Now my hubby is leaving after Sai Baba’s blessing on the coming Wednesday to start a new life in Dubai. So my dear friends, no matter how many hardships we face in life, but we should not even have second thought that Baba is the cause of it or He doesn’t not want to help. As Baba can foresee the past, present and future unlike us and knows what is best for us so trust Him whole heartedly and have ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’ and all your wishes shall be fulfilled. But with the time, He chooses best for you. I pray that all the devotees of Baba should have the wish fulfilled with His blessings. Love you Baba for holding my hand and showing me the path. Thank you so much. Om Sainathaya Namaha.

My Shirdi Experience

Sai Sister Vaishali ji from India says: Hi Hetal ji, Dear Hetal ji, I would like to share my Shirdi experience with the Sai devotees. Please do not disclose my email id.

This was my second visit to Shirdi. I went to Shirdi in July 2011. We booked a room online and after going there, we found the room was in a very bad state. We decided to look for some other room and left. We were 4 of us and I suggested that we should look for woodlands. This I said very casually and as we drove, I saw woodlands hotel and I said there is woodlands and we got down. Finally we got room in a hotel next to woodlands and we got food and breakfast delivered to our room from woodlands.

As we reached Shirdi in the afternoon, we first had food in the room got dressed and went to temple premises. All of us went for Darshan. When we came out, I told my sister and cousin to come with me for another Darshan. They said they wanted to take some rest and come for evening Aarti. So I asked my cousin’s friend if he wanted to come with me and he said ok. This time I took my Sai Satcharitra with me. He suggested me that we would take the queue that takes us near the Samadhi and I said ok. So as we went closer, I was expecting some kind of experience to make me feel special and the priest gave me a rose. I gave my book to him and he touched it to the Samadhi and gave it back to me with another rose on it. I felt very happy and we came out. We went to Dwarkamai and there was a big queue there and we decided to go there next day. Then went to Chavdi and then did some shopping (Baba’s Idol, cds). Then we went for the Aarti. I was again asking Baba to show me some miracle. I had a dream earlier when I had donated some money. In that dream Baba was smiling at me and He was wearing a purple shawl. So when we went for Aarti, I saw Baba wearing a shawl that was silver in color and full of purple prints. I was very happy and felt really blessed.

The next day, we went to Dwarkamai and I read a chapter randomly. I had an accident and was suffering from back pain. When I opened the book, I got the chapter where someone with disease was cured by Baba. I felt very blessed again. Later we went to Parayan hall and we read a chapter there. I got the chapter of how Samadhi Mandir was built. We then went to have another Darshan and found we were in the afternoon Aarti queue, so we could not get in. So we sang from outside itself. And then we went to Chavdi again. Finally had Mukh Darshan and I was full of tears as I was leaving the temple. I still remember that last time, I saw Baba for seconds as I was not sure when I would visit Him again. It was a very wonderful visit to Shirdi and hope I would be able to go again very soon.

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  1. Om Sai Ram. The last experience is very touchy as I m also waiting to go to Shirdi with my mother and have blessings of Baba….
    BABAJI mujhe or mere mummy papa ko be darshan k liye jaldi bula lo shirdi

  2. main aapse katta hu friend….you dont call me to shirdi..i never went shirdi….please call me baba…



    Hey people please help me…does anyone know how much cloth is required for baba's dress and kafni..please comment if you know…i really want to send a dress for baba..but i dont know length and width…so please reply


  4. @Anonymous


    For Samadhi Length 3 and 1/4 meter, width 1 and 1/4 meter.

    For Baba's statue Length 3 and 1/2 meter, width 1 and 1/4 meter.

    Hope this helps.

    In Sai Service,



  6. Very nice & toching experience (Last one) Baba I also want to come Shirdi for your blessings 7 darshan. Pleasessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse

  7. Very Nice experience.
    Now i am also in relevant situation.from my company they ask me to resign from this job on dec 31st. I fully hope sairam and completed 9 weeks vrath and reading sai sat charit, even sairam dont show any good things in my life.I am fear about my career . Just 17 days more to resign from this job. i ask for team shift but none signs positive result. sairama please save my job sairama. change my some miracles in my life. if i commited any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me sairam. please save my job.please sairam save my job.

  8. I am also great devotee of Sai Baba…. Baba is seriously there…..i have many problems in my life and i am sure he will resolve all my problems…..will post mt experiences once my wishes come true….sachidanda satguru sainadh maharaj ki jai

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