Following three experiences are very interesting and they really show how Lord Sai Baba fulfills wishes of His devotees at correct time.

Need Your Help

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I am Sai Devotee. I am a Ph.D. student in Pharmacy. I am a true follower of Sai Baba. I love Baba a lot. He is my strength, my support and my inspiration. His two words Faith and Patience mean a lot to me. I always keep immense faith on Baba. It’s my humble request to you not to disclose my name and email id in my experience while posting on the blog.

I reside in Gujarat. It’s about my life and love. I loved a boy very much during my college days. He is so simple, adorable, loving and caring. He understands me so perfectly, and supports me in every phase of life. He stands by my side in joys and sorrows. He is also very honest. I love him very much. We both are born on the same day same year. We both are exactly of same age. So our pair is God made. Sai Baba made. Even he is a true follower of Sai Baba. In fact, it was because of him. I had become so strong believer of Sai Baba. We never wanted to cheat our parents or keep them in darkness of our true love. So with his support, I talked to my parents one fine day. I tried to make them understand how deeply I love him and he is so good guy and a right match for me.

Knowing their nature, I surely knew they would disagree for it. They totally denied for my proposal. On his side, it was not a problem at all. As his parents are really open minded and frank people. They consider feelings, understandings and love above all rituals and society beliefs. But problem was from my side. No one was ready to support us. In fact my father was about to stop my studies too. I kept on weeping whole day, without eating drinking anything just kept on crying for days and days. It was so terrible time for us. But my Love always supported me. He always told me that keep faith in Sai Baba, keep faith and patience. Baba will handle everything. If we are right for each other, we are made for each other. I never wanted to hurt my parents and so I felt that guilt too. But it was also impossible for me to live without my love. He took me to Sai temple once. We prayed together. We collected Udi of Baba from that temple and also did 9 fast (vrat) of Baba. Whole day in college, we used to read Sai blogs and Sai Baba experiences of other devotees. It used to give us immense faith and support to face the tough time. We used to pray so immensely and cry remembering Baba. We used to visit every Sai Mandir on our way, wherever we found it. We chant Sairam whole day, listen Sai Bhajans every day. It was Saibaba, who completely filled our mind and heart. We used to donate food to poor people outside Sai Temple every Thursday. Then once, he gifted me Sai Satcharitra. I did a Parayan of that holy Granth. With immense faith and patience, I completed the whole Granth. I felt so much peace and calmness as if Sai Baba was there with me and taking care of me every second.

Then we used to visit your Saibaba website daily. We used to ask question to Baba and get answer. Once I got answer that on the day of Ramnavmi, the problem will be solved. It really did happen. I was so happy that day that I can’t express. It was like Baba did miracle. It was next to impossible to convince my parents for our marriage. But they agreed finally as one of uncle residing abroad made them understand. They accepted our relation though with little hesitation in heart. But they did. It was a blessing for us, as on the day of Ramnavmi, 12th April 2011, my father told me to meet his parents on 16th April and get both of us engaged. It was more than two years that we had been crying and praying to face this tough time. My father, who was totally against for him, who never liked him though, he respected him a lot. He was so genuine and good natured person. But ultimately true dedication and love won over everything. He accepted and gradually started liking him too. Baba really was with us every moment. Sai Satcharitra has so much power. We even had subscribed Saibaba messages on our mobile. We used to read it daily and save those messages in folder as Baba’s grace and presence in our life. We were so happy for our life and Baba’s grace upon us. We brought Saibaba’s photo frame.
But right now after 3 months of our engagement, we are again facing problem due to family matters and parents expectations. It is again on verge of separation that we are standing. We both are tensed for each other. It’s impossible for us to live without each other. But we have faith on Sairam that He is with us. He will never let this happen. Please Baba help us. Please be with us Baba. We need you. We love you and we have full faith on you. Please Baba help us. JAISAINATH.

Experiences With My Best Friend-SAI BABA

Sai Sister Tanvi ji from India says: OM SAI RAM Hetal ji. Thanks for providing us this platform to share our experiences. I am Tanvy from India. I am describing my brief experiences with Sai Baba. Please edit where ever you feel like editing. I am not good in describing.

  • My encounter with Sai Samarth:

    I Came to know about Baba 2-3 years ago. That time, I was not much aware about the miracles of Baba and the power of Baba. I have done Sai fast only once. But from last 1 month, I actually came to know about Sai Samarth more and more about Sai Baba. On 19 July 2011, I was crying literally in front of Baba and was asking for His help. I was talking with Baba that I wish I could talk to You as my nature is to share my problems with friends. But at that time, I was alone and no one was around me, not even my best friend. Next day, I don’t know why I searched Sai Baba in Google and I found your website. Then I started visiting your website daily. I started reading about Baba more and more. Day and night, I visited your website. In one of experience, I found a question and answer website where we can talk to Baba. This is how He fulfilled my wish. That time, I didn’t thought about why I got this website. But within 1-2 days, I realized that Baba fulfilled my wish.

  • Our Baba in my favorite color:

    Days went on and one day, I wanted to get Sai Satcharitra and wished to Baba please gift me something (some picture or something else) along with book. Sai Satcharitra is a magical book and many devotees have experienced the magic of Sai Satcharitra. Then I found an organisation through this blog (now they are not with us) courier you Sai Satcharitra for free. I called on the given number and requested to send me and they replied affirmatively. They said that they will courier me in 1-2 days as it is available in stock. But after 2-3 days, I didn’t receive the book. Then I found that mail was failed and they didn’t got my address. Then I mailed again. Still after 2-3 days, I didn’t receive the book. I called again, they said we already posted. Few days before this event, Baba replied to one of my question that you’ll get something on Sunday, which is missing from many days. Baba’s words are always true. I got the book on Sunday and I got a beautiful picture of Baba in white dress. Just a day before this event that is on Saturday, I was watching live Darshan from Shirdi. That day, Baba was wearing a purple and red dress and then a thought came into my mind that Baba you are looking beautiful as purple is my favorite color. But I think it would look better if you worn purple only. Same day at night, I had seen Baba in white during live Darshan. That too was appealing me more than purple and red. Just see the miracle of Baba, the book I got. On that book front page is the same picture, which I had seen a day ago i.e. in purple and red and picture I got in white dress. So I am attaching both the pictures with my experiences.

  • My wish of making a Website of Baba got fulfilled:

    Now I will tell you one more experience. Few days ago, I wished to Baba that whenever I will get a job in software field, I want to make a Your website. One day, I was reading experiences on your website and in that I read a person’s suffering from brain tumor and a thought of starting a group Parayan for such people came to my mind. Then I left the comment on your website if anyone interested to start mail me at my email-id. Hetal ji, you might remember I commented on experience “Oh Sai, My Savior, Please Come To My Rescue – Sai Devotee Anu ”. Then I didn’t receive any response, but after 1-2 days I got response from two people saying that they are interested. One of them said that we should start a blog. I was not aware of what a blog meant for. But Baba supported me and I made a website/blog in just 3 days. Baba fulfilled my wish and I made website before getting a job. Now next step is I need some experiences of Baba. One of the Lady (sorry for privacy reasons i am not telling her name) told her experience with Baba. She doesn’t share her personal problems with her mother too. See Baba’s miracle that she shared everything with me and I posted her experience on Baba’s blog, which Sai Maa made me as a tool.

Hetal ji the whole credit of making a blog goes to Sai Maa and you as you allowed posting my comment on your website and the lady who used the word blog. Thanks a lot Hetal ji. May Sai Maa bless you and your family. Hats off to kind of job you are doing.


Greatness Of UDI

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Namaste Hetalji, I am software engineer, based in Chennai. I want to describe the greatness of UDI, which I experienced. Please do not disclose my identity.

One day, I had intense pain in stomach and abdomen and it continued to trouble me for 1 week. This was probably due to an upset stomach or an infection. I was very much scared thought it could be some other health complications. My friends scared me that it could be due to kidney stones or Appendicitis. I was very much worried and had lost concentration for 2 days. Then I had UDI from Shirdi as I keep a stock of it always with me. I prayed to Baba to relieve me from the pain. I mixed it with water and drank. I could notice immediate relief. For the next two days, I took UDI mixed with water and soon there was no pain in the next two days. Is this not a miracle of Sai? This is the second time I am experiencing relief from UDI. I completely believe that it has healing powers. I thank Sai from my heart for His help.


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  1. hello tanvy ji…om sai was really great to know about ur experince with baba but can u plz telme ur blog site so tht i can visit and raed more experince…

  2. May baba bless both of u guys and get married to each other.I know how it feels to loose someone.good thing is that guy loves u and he is also sai bhakat.I m also in love wid a boy but he broke up wid me saying that he cant get married bcoz his parents wont accept me as we belong to different religion.its been 6 yrs and m still in hope that baba will do some miracle and he will come back to me.i tried a lot to move on but cudn't.baba is the only hope for me.i cry every night as i cant forget day i was crying and asking baba if u r listening to me plz give me a hint that u r listening to my prayers and can u imagine that boy calls me within micro seconds.i was talking to baba and my mobile rang,private number was flashing on my screen and i knew that its him.i felt baba's presence.i was not in touch with that boy from 3 yrs and suddenly he called me.isn't it baba's miracle.its been year for that incident.he didnt come back to me yet and after that he disappeared like before but m sure baba will do something.plz baba help u

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Please excuse me Baba for my mistakes.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  4. may saimaa unite all those in a relationship…..baba please come and help all your bhakts…we have faith on you…where else we look for help…you are our sole hope…everyday we make so many mistakes most of which we don't even realise, even then you never drive us away….please forgive all our mistakes and keep us in your holy feet….


    Thanks a lot for posting my experience..yesterday i had intution that today's experience must be mine..I was so desperate to open your blog….i was not having my laptop yesterday so i opened it using phone…when i have seen title a couple of experinces..i thought its not mine and was disheartened but woww 2nd experience is mine…i was so glad to see this…i also attached pictures i got in purple-red and white but hetal ji you haven't attached those pictures may be due to some reasons you haven't attached……1 more incident happened yesterday, actually i was not having any balance in my phone…i do have 1 more sim card sometimes i switch to that no just to check messages and all…i dont recharge that no…nor did i activated internet on that no…and see the magic of baba i was able to access internet on that no..amazing leela!!!!! how can i access internet without any balance and internet activation…lovelyy

    Thanks a tonne hetal ji

    Thanks to my BABA
    LOVE U Baba

  6. THANKS THANKS A LOT HETAL JI FOR ATTACHING PICTURES..Hetal ji i have a query please answer as soon as possible..i want to send clothes for baba through a student of mine..but i dont know size of clothes kafni and all…i mean length of cloth in meters should be??????????



    There is a suggestion from my side..i feel you should start a matrimony as well…actually a girl contacted me saying she wants to marry a sai devotee..caste and mother tongue restrictions are not a concern for her…hetal ji i feel your blog is the best many people visit this site….so may be people will seek their life partners i.e baba's devotees you will not be a mediator but you can make a page where baba's devotees can put their profiles…i hope you dnt mind my suggestion

    i am sorry if i said anything wrong to you

    om sai shri sai jai jai sai

  8. Om Sai! Shri Sai! Jai Jai Sai!

    Baba! I believe you Baba, I can feel your presence with me, Thanks a lot Baba for your support

    Baba! Please Baba! Help me and gift me a Good job……. with high work is also Ok but tension free job

    Please Baba! Save me ! Please Baba

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