A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 108

With more and more devotees sharing their experiences everyday, herewith i am again sharing three brief experiences in today’s post.

Driving Licence

Sai Sister Taneer ji from USA says: Sai Ram Ji, I stay in USA. What to tell about Baba we don’t have words to praise. I didn’t know about this site. Few months back only, I came to know about this. My experience happened around 2 years back. It’s been over 9 years.

The day I came, I wanted to learn driving and I asked to my husband. He used to take me to teach driving. Before the mistake and with his screaming, I used to get tensed and make mistakes. The days passed. Whenever I asked he won’t have mood/tired. I don’t think it’s with me. It’s almost every woman, who comes after marriage to USA, they face this I guess It will be a big issue. Then I stopped asking though I can drive. He used to say that you have to more practice.

I took 2 driving classes and after few days I gave the test and it didn’t work out good and I Failed. Then one day, I cried in front of Baba so much. Then suddenly in that week, where I got that guts. I don’t know I searched in the internet. The driving school man gave appointment next day. I asked my husband and he said ok for that. I practiced that day and he said I am ready for test and if you want you can give test on his car next day. Because it was already evening, then I went early in the morning and I was the first one to give exam there. I was bit tensed. But surprisingly guys can you imagine, in 1 week after I talked to BABA, I passed in my driving test and with BABA’s grace I am driving since 2years.

Sai Helped Us With Green Card Processing And H1B Visa

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi Hetal Ji, First of all, I would like to take this great opportunity to tell that only recently I came across this site and consider myself blessed thereby to read the experiences of so many devotees. This really helps me to increase my faith in Lord Sai Baba. For some time, I could not think of any experiences to post, but then I remembered some incidents that happened at the beginning of this year (2011), which I felt I should tell everyone. Please do not publish my name and Email id.

I live in US with my husband and 3 1/2 yr old son. My husband’s company is processing his Green Card. In Dec 2010, we received a query from the U.S Immigrations asking for original experience letter from an Indian Company where my husband worked earlier. He did not have it because he transferred to the current company in US. We only had 1 month time to submit the letter or our Green Card processing would be cancelled. At that time, I also applied for my H1B Visa. My husband went through a lot of problems in contacting the HR people in India to get the letter. Every night he would be awake either chatting or talking to the HR guys in India. Even my Father-In-Law went to the office in Hyderabad to speak to them to get the letter. They made us run here and there. All this while we were so scared and we were wondering whether we would get the letter in time or not. I was just praying to Baba to help us and made up my mind to read Sri Sai Satcharitra, if everything went well.

In the meantime, my husband contacted other friends who worked with him in US. One friend agreed to give a letter on the company letter head. Also, the HR Manager in US, whom my husband has never met, agreed to give a letter on the company letter head for the duration that my husband worked there. We took these letters to keep as backup. Eventually, my husband had to pay some money to get the experience letter from India (coz he left the company without serving his notice period). They couriered the letter to my aunt’s place in Hyderabad and my aunt sent it to us.

Since we did not have time, we got a scanned copy of the letter and sent that along with the other backup letters US. This was in Jan 2011. We were thinking that we went to so much effort in the past one month just to get the original letter and even after paying so much money, we did not get it on time. Why did Baba do this to us? What will happen if the Immigration people don’t accept our letters? We may have to return to India after 2 yrs or so when my Husband’s Visa expires. With no other option, we just sent the letters that we had and just waited. Finally, the original letter from India arrived.

Now, I am coming to my story. My Employer, who was applying for my H1B visa, did not send any Client Letter along with my documents for processing. A few days later, I received a query asking for proof of job. I did not know what to do, since it was employer’s responsibility to provide it. But somehow, I did not worry about my status as much as I did for my Husband’s.

My employer managed to get the letter and we submitted it on time. Now, Baba did truly show his miracle here. My letters were accepted too and I was issued my H1B visa and my Husband’s I-140 (this is the 2nd stage in Green Card processing) was approved. We were very happy. Now, I had to immediately get a job. A few days later, a consultant called me and asked if I was interested in a Testing position. I forgot to mention that we both are in the I.T Industry. I replied in the affirmative. This was a job that I did not even apply for in the job sites. Then I told that person my expected pay rate and attended the interview which by God’s Grace was very simple. This was a good opportunity because the company is well reputed and the job also seemed to be good. Finally, by God’s grace, I got selected and was asked to join in Feb 2011. The rate that I was offered was also $5 more than what I asked for. See how Baba did a miracle here. He not only made my husband’s Green Card process go smoothly, He also made sure I got my H1B visa and a job very quickly in the next few days with a higher pay rate than what I asked for. Needless, to say we were really happy and grateful to Baba for helping us out.

Thank you Baba for being with us all the time. Please help us to always do the right things and help others in need. Shri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

My Baba

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I have been a devotee for a couple years now. I’ve always known of Sai Baba is respected for His teaching, but I came a strict devotee since 2009. I had a dream about that Baba came to my house and offered to bless me. Next morning, I started searching more on Baba and fell in love with His humble and caring nature. I took too deep into that I never leave Baba.

Though, I feel blessed since the day I surrendered my life to Baba. Couple things have happened. In November 2009, I meet car accident. The accident was my fault and 4 other cars were involved. I was shaking, when I pulled over to the side (my first accident when it was my fault). I have a Sai Baba mala in my car. I touched it before I got out to see the damage, and said to “Oh Baba please save me”. I got out, talked to other people involved, checked out that my car didn’t even scratch. Others were quite damaged. They insisted on calling the cops. We all exchanged numbers for insurance purposes. I was thinking “Oh God, I am dead if my parents find out”. I was driving home from college to home for thanks giving break. Anyway, cops came. We explained the whole scenario, I confessed my mistake. The whole time, I was chanting Baba’s name. See this, the cop told me to go home. Since I was not involved in damage, he said I have nothing to worry about and thanked me for staying there as a witness. I feel blessed. Thank you Baba.

Another notable miracle happened to me today. I have been in love with this guy for 6 years now. He is a different religion than me. We both have a crazy connection that is unexplainable. Anyway we dated for 3.5 years and broke up. I was devastated. I was like a living dead body. It’s funny that Baba came in my dream a couple months before our break up. Maybe to watch out for me. After 1.5 years of the break up, I was living like a dead body. All I would do is cry each and every night and remembering Baba every second. I told Him my love is true please bring him back to me. I even tried reaching to the guy, but he always gave a cold response. After a brutal email from the guy (1.5 years after the break up), I finally realized that I have to start living my life without this guy. I slowly started to move on and started seeing the beauty of life, started to talk and smile again. I have met a very nice friend, I feel like Baba sent her to me. When I finally was ok with everything, he came back. I remember it was a Thursday. I had just gotten done praying and read the “Raksha Path for Sai Baba”. Within 2 hrs, I got a text from him. After almost 2 years to see his number on my phone gave me goose bumps. It was almost like a dream. He said to check my email. He had a few things to say. He confessed my love for me and apologized for the way he broke up with and treated me and my family. We had a very bad break up. We started talking and meeting. This kept going for 5 months. He asked me to marry him and change my religion. When we were previously together, I had agreed to convert but at that time. I was not under Baba’s devotion as much. But now, I have taken a stand NEVER EVER TO leave Baba. He has made the person I am today. He has given me strength and given my dead soul a life again. Anyway, after going back and forth, I decided to end things with him. I cannot convert and leave Baba and the guy has still not apologized to my parents for being disrespectful. I know this sounds crazy, but I still love him and probably will for the rest of my life. But unfortunately I cannot be with him. Today, I was really depressed at work. I keep telling Baba why did u bring him back on your day (Thursday, that is when 1st contacted after almost 2 years) Baba. His prayers on every Thursday mean the world to me. I have been depressed and restless since last 1 month, when we decided to part ways because of religious difference and him for not apologizing to my parents. I was almost at my weakest point at work today. And I told Baba, You show everyone miracles why not me. I keep reading other peoples miracles on this site. Why not me? You have shown us to love people and not differentiate between religions. Then why You put me through this. Why You punished me because I don’t want to leave you. I have been doing Sai Baba’s Answers/Questions on facebook. To my surprise, He texted me to saying that I miss you. Although I had included him in a mass text message to wish him Eid since he’s Muslim. And a lot of my friends are also Muslim, so I thought of wishing him as well. But after a couple hours when I was talking to Baba, he texted saying “I miss you.”

I know this guy has made a lot of mistakes done with me and my family, but I believe he is my one true love. I Hope Baba give him the strength to overcome his ego, apologize so we can be together forever. I always love him. I hope Baba sees my true love and pure heart. I love you Baba, please always bless my family and me. We are in a lot of trouble and struggling, you know everything. I know someday Baba will make everything ok. I love you Baba. I will never leave you, even, if it means to be lonely for the rest of my life.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Om sai ram,
    Please baba I trust you. You are the only ray of hope I have now. Baba like the last experience please also bring back my lost love. I love him and miss him so much.
    Bless that girl also. I could understand how it feels and the pain is so terrible.
    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai

  2. @ anonymous devotee: my heart says that baba will soon unite you with your beloved…do saptah parayan and you will witness baba's miracle….

  3. Om Sai Ram,

    I can only pray BABA to give the last devotee her strength to judge her lover's nature then proceed further.It is not proper to marry a person just because you love him blindly, ruin your future.Marriage is not a game shuttling between "yes" and "no".May be BABA is preventing for the above reason, as something best is in store for you.Take good decision as haste makes waste.Baba will be definitely help you.

  4. I am happy that I got this e mail today . I was expecting this mail yesterday , being thursday . As I did not get it , i was a bit disappointed and thought that Baba must be angry with me . I am also going through some worry which may be a minor one from the point of view of Baba . But it is causing me a lot of tension. Please pray for me and help me Baba . I cannot take any tension at this age of mine .you are my mom and dad , Baba

  5. Sai Ram Devotees,
    It feels really nice to read all the experiences and I keep wondering when I can get a chance to post a miracle in my life.
    @ 2nd Anonymous devotee: I know how you feel about the situation, I hope Baba brings you both together since love is above all religions and Baba has taught is equality and tolerance of all Gods and religions.
    I was/am in a similar situation with my love life, where he broke up and has never turned back to me and its almost a year now, and I'm really trying hard to move on. I kept praying, begging and crying to Baba and still I see no positive response, and so I decided not to think about the guy anymore. I dont know what Baba has in store for me and I'm waiting for His blessings. It's been really hard situation for me, Baba knows all problems I'm facing and hope to get a solution for it soon.

    Om Sai Ram

  6. Also @ 2nd anonymous devotee: I forgot to mention in the above post, can you tell me what the raksha path for sai baba is and if possible hare it with us?

  7. Om Sai Ram,

    Thanks a ton baba for protecting my father its only your grace that my father could come outta that dreadful mishap with least pain. Please heal him and make him fit and healthy soon.
    And baba please bless the girl in the experience above coz i know how it feels being there since I am going through the same….please baba shower ur grace and blessings on all the people who are in love to get married to their partners and have a peaceful life. We all especially need your blessings in these matters since you never believed in discrimination.

    Love you baba!!


    Please baba please shower your bless on me also. i am in very trouble now a days. I am one of your devotees who believe you, miss you and love you. you are everything for me you know it then why you not helping me to come out from this embarrassing situation. i want to cry a lot before you only then i will feel relief but you don't want to do so.
    Why baba ? why ? Please answer me in any form.

  9. I was/am in a similar situation with my love life, where he broke up and has never turned back to me .I am also just like living dead body.But i hope my baba will soon give him to me.I am doing 9 thursday vrat. just now i completed 2 vrat .But within i complete my vrat he will defintely understand my luv and come again to me. I believe my baba because baba only shown him to me. so baba will definitely give him to me.you also do this vrat .and we all get his grace very soon.I luv u baba.
    om sai ram

  10. Baba fulfill all my innermost wishes..please help us recover all the money we lost in 2011….give us enough & more.. bless us with good health & be with us always..I truly believe in YOU!

  11. Jai sairam!!
    Sai Bhagavan!!

    Sai baba !
    I live in USA with family,i have so many health problems.I am hearing Sai Charita CD every day and fully depended on you.I have lot of neurological and muscle disorders,lot of pains over the body.Not able to survive in the job.Sai ram!! save me.save my life like others got cured from your blessings.

  12. Dear devotee from USA You seem very confused about your relationship with this boy . You are in love . Leave every thing to baba he will steer you in the right direction …. But you must also listen to your parents as they will have a gut feeling about the boy . Love makes you look at things with tinted glass . Get reality check think very carefully …your whole life at stake May baba help you in what is best for you

  13. Hi All,
    I have applied my H1B for extension after my i-94 expired.After hearing so many Miracles of saibaba i decided to do 9 thursdays of sai baba.Also started reading the sai charitra book immediately from Sat since i cannot wait till thursday to begin.This week will i complete my 2nd Thursday from the 9 thursday. I need baba's blessings so that my and my husbands Status will get approved with I-94.

    Sai Baba please help me.

    Om Sai Ram!!!!

  14. FRANKLY ,depressing to hear about love life only, true love, true love, what is true love??? can any one explain, time to move on, than saying i will love him rest of my life, there is nuthin like true love, true love is selflessness, even with god also we will be selfish, askin you get me this, than i will do your pooja,,

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