Today i am sharing few more devotees’ experiences with Lord Sai Baba.

Bolo Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Sai Sister Anu ji from UK says: How to thank Sai? Words are not enough. Just surrender yourself to Sai. Show Shradda and Saburi. Sai is the only name that saves us from all calamities.

Though, I used to do Nine Thursday VratThursdays Vrat. Since after marriage, my mind used waver on all deities, but after one of our family friends told me about Sai Satcharitra by Ekirala Bharadwaja Guru, slowly changes happened in my life. I started reading Gurucharitra, and gradually Sai changed my life miraculously. Showing patience is a must. I am sure that He heals any kind of distress, when we surrender ourselves to Him, Lord Sai Bhagavan. Recently my elder son was not well, so I went Wembley Sai Temple to pray. I was moving in the queue to have Darshan of Baba and suddenly a lady without saying a word gave me 9 Thursdays Sai Vrat Book. I took it as His prasad and started doing vrat and after 9 Thursdays, my son was recovered completely by Sai Baba’s grace. Thank you Sai Baghavan.

One more experience is that my grandmother too used to do pooja for Sai and she had surrendered herself to Sai. One day she showed me a calendar of Sai and told to notice the change. I didn’t understand what she was telling. She said to wait. She closed all the doors and windows, switched off the fan. To my surprise Sai’s photo started moving like a swing first slowly then increased gradually showing that He exists there. The same thing happened more vigorously while my grandma was struggling hard with heart attack before leaving this world. Miraculously, it stopped as soon as she took her last breathe. She was relieved with no pain. Really Sai is great. Thank you Hetal Patil ji, for giving me such an opportunity to thank Sai our father.

Sai The Sole Saviour

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Hetal ji, I respect your effort for doing such novel task. You are encouraging ignorant people like me to share SAI BABA’s love towards HIS devotees. You are blessed child of BABA and please continue doing good work.

I used to live in a very remote part of India and unfortunately people were not aware of SAI BABA. That time, I was going through most horrible period of my life. My parents were dead against my marriage as they thought that the guy (who is my husband now) is not suitable for me. As no one was cooperating with me most of the time, I used to watch television and pass time. That time, I was in a need of GURU for the peace of my mind. One day, I saw SAI BABA’s serial on TV and was much touched by His deeds and words. Gradually my interest started growing and I used to watch HIS serials regularly. I wanted to buy photo of BABA, but as I told my native place is in remote and people were not aware of BABA, I gave up hope of getting BABA’s photo. One day, I was going on rickshaw and from distance, I saw a person selling photos of GOD and GODDESS on the street. For a moment, I thought I might get SAI’s picture, but I discard my thought as I knew it’s impossible to get BABA’s Photo here. When I was crossing that place, I even didn’t bother to look once towards the photos. But suddenly after crossing the place, I turned my face and with much surprise I saw a single photo of BABA’s that too in the front row. I stopped my rickshaw and ran to collect the picture. By this, I understood that if one wants to meet SAI whole heartily, BABA will surely come to him/her. After that I started thinking SAI as my GURU. I found peace of my mind and somehow, I convinced my parents for marriage and it took place with their blessing. All because of BABA’s blessing.

Ever since I have started praying SAI I have always been blessed by BABA. Here is another incidence.

My husband is the sole bread owner of our family. Within few months of our marriage, my husband got a job abroad, but as we were not financially sound (one of the reason why my parents were against the marriage), we were going through tough time to arrange money for relocation. Our only hope was the pending money from the previous company, but we were sure it will take time to get those money. For last few months, we were planning to go to
Shirdi, but for some reason it could not happen. So we decided to go Shirdi before leaving India. We knew that it will be tough to arrange money for the trip, but we put our worries on BABA’s shoulder and everything went on smoothly and we reached Shirdi. After BABA’s DARSHAN, for some reason we were in need of money and my husband went to withdraw money from ATM and I was waiting outside. When I saw my husband coming out his face was glowing with happiness and he came to me and told miracle happened. I enquired what happened then with tears in his eyes he told pending money from his company has been credited and now there will be no problem for relocation. I heard that whoever will touch the soil of Shirdi, will be blessed by BABA and it happened with me too.

After that everything was going on well, but suddenly I felt disconnected from SAI. As if there is some lacking in my prayer, I started feeling restless and was sure something bad is going to happen as I was unable to concentrate on BABA’S name. Within few days, my assumption became true as my husband’s job contract was not renewed and he did not have any other job. That time, I vowed to do 9 Thursday SAI vrat, and asked BABA to help him to get a new job. Miraculously by the blessing of BABA, all of a sudden, he got another permanent job offer with much better benefits within 10 days. Once again BABA saved us. I have started doing SAI vrat and will continue to pray till my last breath. So I feel that if we pray whole heartily to SAI BABA, BABA will definitely solve our problem. Sometime it will take time or it may happen instantly. Keep faith in SAI and have patience.OM SAI RAM.

My Experience With Lord Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sai Ram, I would like to share my experience how Sai Baba made me believe He exists and still with us.

I had been to Shirdi around 5 years back with my family. But I didn’t know much significance of Sai Baba till then. I never even prayed to Him earlier. But then I came to USA, I felt very lonely and depressed when I would be at home. At this point, my co-sister told me that she had a dream vision, where Sai Baba came to her home and told her to inform me to start believing in Sai Baba and everything would be fine in my life. At this point, I had never even heard much stories of Sai Baba. My co-sister also told me that Sai gave her instruction that I should start reading the Sai Satcharitra.

Now coincidently at the same point of time, one of my friends had given my husband book on Sai vrat, which was lying at home. But I never read. On same day, when my co-sister shared her dream to me, my husband also suggested that I should put all my tensions away and pray to Lord Sai. That is when I started going to websites to find out about Sai Satcharitra and other stories of Sai Baba. From that till now, Sai has been there in my life in every minute when I needed Him. I was desperately looking for job openings and praying to Sai all the time. The Sai Vrat, Sai Satcharitra and the blessing of Sai Baba helped me to get this wonderful job which I never expected. This was just Sai Krupa on me that I got a job breakthrough after being at home for 6 long months. I am very grateful to Sai that He made me start believing in Him. Now I daily listen to Sai Bhajans and I am totally HIS slave.

Sai Ram

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