A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 106

Herewith are three more experiences. I was literally in tears after reading second experience. These days i am missing Lord Sai very much. The reason is that it is going to be one year in coming February month that i had been to Shirdi. So the urge to go to this heaven on earth is increasing day by day. I hope He calls me to His town soon. Miss You Baba. Hope to see You soon.

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous Devotee says: I want to share my experience, but please do not disclose my name and email Id.

I don’t know from where to start. I am child of Sai. He takes care of me each moment. I have some health problem, so I start keeping Sai Vrat and then I was not able to conceive as well. I kept on doing vrat for nearly more than year. My in-laws were always after me for baby. They came to our place this august and I was very scared how I will face them. They started repeating this thing since our age is increasing, so we could not say anything to them. But this month only, my test came out positive and both I and my husband were very happy. But recently, I had to face so many insults due to false allegations. Nobody in my in-laws at home cares about my health and I had to leave worship of Sai due to house chores and their suitability. I just repeat Sai name in my heart.

Two days back, I got one dream of Sai, in which I saw I was preparing Chapatti along with my mother and sister and in one instant, I saw very big idol of Sai rotating in our verandah. I felt so happy to see it that I ran outside and said Sai has come. Then I saw other many idols of Sai rotating. I sat there for mediation thinking that I will get Baba’s vibrations. Then a thought entered in my mind. I want to get Baba Darshan, since Baba is present here. And in another second, I thought maybe Baba will not appear to me now and then I felt a black cat came and snatched chapatti from my hand. And in one instant, I said to Baba that I have realized it is You in the form of cat and You have eaten chapatti from my hand. I felt so happy. I started climbing stairs and saw two very big dangerous dogs. I realized Baba changed this dog into harmless cat to eat food. And then my dream broke. I was very happy to see Baba in my dream after so many months. But that day only I faced another big insult. But my husband was with me. I don’t know why I am facing so many difficult situations, though I am not at fault and I try to do best for my in-laws. I know Baba will give me good strength and support to face the situation for one more month till they go. All please pray to Baba that I have a healthy child with the grace of Baba.

Sai’s Rakhi Gift to my Daughter

Sai’s Rakhi Gift to my Daughter Sai Sister Maaya ji says: Hello Hetal ji, OM SAI RAM. Sainath came into my life about a year back and since then my life transformed miraculously. I have experienced countless Leelas of Baba, all which cannot be defined here. I am narrating how Baba blessed my daughter on Rakhi festival and came on His own to my house. Before narrating this, I would like to bless whole-heartedly an angel who became the medium to bring Sainath into my life. May God bless that angel, Shama with perennial happiness and success.

MY EXPERIENCE: I and my two daughters celebrate Rakhi by tying silk thread to the idol of Lord Krishna every year. We consider Him our brother and beg for His mercy and protection from all evil eyes. I also bless my dear brother like friend Apoorva Vyas who inspired me to start this ritual in my home about four years back. May god bless his soul.

This year we decided to tie Rakhi to Sai Baba also because since last one year, we have been witnessing countless Leelas of Baba and became staunch devotees. Despite our bhakti, we did not install any idol of Baba in our home, though some devotees suggested to place an idol in Pooja Corner. I placed photos of Baba in every room and prayed to them only.

As usual this year also we were planning our celebrations when my elder daughter requested me to bring an idol of Sai Baba into our home, but I ignored her suggestion because there are already photos of Baba in every room and installing idol was not needed and not necessary at all. She kept quiet, but again questioned me what Baba would gift her if she tied Him Rakhi. I smiled and asked her to write her demands on a piece of paper and keep it on the feet of Baba in the Pooja Corner in my room. She agreed and wrote a long charter of demands, but secretly. And I promised not to see them till they were fulfilled. I smiled at her, when she was writing those. This happened about 5 days before Rakhi.

Rakhi was on 14th August this year. We made all preparations for next day. On 13th night, on Saturday, I got a phone call from a friend who was out of town since a month. The first thing he said was that he bought a gift for me. I repeatedly asked what it was, but he refused to disclose. I was very happy and teased my daughter that Sai was sending me my Rakhi gift and she should pray to Sai more effectively for her prayers to come true. She was happy for me but sad for herself, because Sai did not send her any gift. I asked her to have patience as Rakhi was on next day. She agreed and went to bed.

After an hour or so, my friend called me again and we spoke for 15 minutes about routine things and finally he disclosed that he bought two idols of Sai Baba one for me and other for himself. I could not believe my ears and thanked him whole-heartedly. Next morning on Rakhi day, I waited impatiently for my daughter to wake up. I told her that the gift was none other than Our Baba’s idol and she danced with joy. We tied silk thread to the idol of Lord Krishna and Sai Baba’s photo, than only I realized tying silk thread to Baba’s picture was so awkward. But then Sai had already arranged for the idol to facilitate us for next year. He fulfills our wishes and needs much before we ourselves realize what we want. This is the greatness of Shri Sainath.

After finishing the ritual, I asked my daughter what all were the demands she put before Sai as Rakhi gift. She forgot those already and immediately went to the Pooja Corner to pick the chit. She brought it and opened before me and started reading. To my surprise, first demand was idol of Sai Baba. Tears of happiness flowed from my eyes. See the magnanimity and grace of Baba. He started granting her wish from item number 1 and fulfilled the desire of the innocent little kid since I refused to pay heed to her demand. So Sai Baba walked into my house Himself to bless her and all of us on Rakhi.

My friend handed over that idol to me yesterday and I installed it in my home in my room separately on a rack just beside my bed with great joy and happiness by offering Dhoop Aarti and reading Sai Bawani along with offerings of Poori and Halwa. The glory of the room after placing idol of Sainath was indescribable, it was appearing as holy and blessed as Dwarkamai Herself.

Pictures are attached.

OM SAI RAM… ! ! !


Sai Showed Me His Path

Sai Brother Pramod ji from Dubai says: Sai always with His devotees, this is proved in my life.

Om Sai Ram, my name is Pramod from Dubai. First time, I would like to share my experience with all Sai Devotees. I am not good in English. If I did any mistakes in my story write, please forgive me. From the last 2 years, I became a heart fully devotee for our Baba. Before I became Sai devotee, I don’t know anything about Him. Who is He? Where He is from? What is life story of Him etc. But that time I know only one thing that, He is one of our God like Ganesh, Shiv. That time, I never worshiped to Him seriously. A child cannot recognize his father, but father can recognize His child. The same thing happened in my life. Two years ago, one day I was browsing in the net as a normal. Fortunately, I opened one link of Sai Baba Live Darshan site. That time, I cannot express in the words about what I felt. From that time onwards, I started worship to Him continuously. Baba always with His devotees. This is proved in my life a lots of time. In December 2009, I was starting driving classes to the get the UAE driving license. The first and second tests, I failed by poor performances. After the failure in 2nd test, I returned to directly my office from the school. In my computer, I opened the Sai images folder. I prayed and thought in front of the Sai photo, where I am doing mistakes while my road tests. I asked Him, “Please give me your blessings for next test”. After one week, I was attended my 3rd test. I remembered Sai’s beautiful image in my heart before start the car. After 15 minutes driving of the car, Instructor said “It’s enough, park the car in right side”. After some time, instructor came and gave me test paper. I checked the result column. There, it was written “Pass”. Really, I was very happy that time. See here, my first and second tests completed by bad performance. But third test, I completed successfully without remark. I am sure that, it was happened only by our Baba’s blessings.

Recently another miracle happened in my life while I was doing Sai Nine Thursdays Vrat. When I started this vrat, in the second week, I received one call for new job from a good company. I promised to Sai in my heart “if I get this job, I need go out from this country for visa purpose. So I will be visiting Shirdi that time”. I resigned to my previous company. In the next week, I went to India for exit and I visited Shirdi on Sai’s day Thursday as I promised to Sai. Now I returned back to Dubai in new company. I strongly believe that it’s all going by our Baba’s blessings. He knows that what His children’s needs are.

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  1. Om sai ram,
    The second experience was truly amazing! All the devotees experiences in this site are always heart touching. These experiences truly acts as a medium of strength to have total shraddha and saburi that saibaba will surely answer your prayers.
    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  3. Baba had an adundance of joy.
    He leaves his devotees free of worry by
    offering that knowledge for which the devotee worries.

  4. Om sai ram… i have experrienced many miracle since the time baba has hold my hand… baba m desperately waiting for somthing u knw very well… Om Sai Ram…

    Om Sai ram… bless all your devotees..





  6. when i read devotees experiences i always have mixed feelings.I m feeling ashamed by admitting this but Sai baba knows everything so how can I hide.I feel jealous when Sai gives darshan to others that why its not me,feel sad for the same reason and then feel guilt and bad that may b I do not deserve baba's ashirvaad bcoz of my sins,may b I am not as strong believer as others or may be there is something missing in my vishwaas and shardha.if this is the case plz pray for me ki baba ke liye mere mann mein sacha vishwaas,piyaar,bhakti or shardha paida ho.mujhe bhi baba ka ashirwaad mill jaye.i wonder how baba's bhakat give all the credit to baba even for the small experinces like i read yesterday about chaniya choli which a grand mother made for her grand daughter but when I am in trouble or in a need i try by myself and when I know that know its not in my hand I ask baba to help me.bcoz i feel that baba has lots of things to do and i should not trouble him for all the things.The only thing behind this is i dont want make him to do everything for me bcoz i feel bad same way like i feel bad if my papa do everything do for me.is this wrong?does it mean that i dont trust him what he says that even a leaf cant move without my permission.i m doing this bcoz i love him or u all sai bhakat thinks that m doing something bad unconsciously.do i really love sai if m doing this?

  7. Wondeful blessing .May baba bless u all n bless me with the settlement in a foreign country.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  8. Dear Sai devotee, (1st one in this post)
    I pray for peace with your in-laws. If you are respecting them and doing your best BABA is watching you and surely bring peace to you. HE will change the circumstances for you in such a way that you would be amazed when that actually takes place.
    I can say this with my own experiences in my life passing through similar rough treatment situations, though not having any mistreatment by my in-laws. They are nicest persons one can have.
    Have Shradhdaa and Saburi. Through your dream BABA wanted to show you that HE is everywhere and even if you can not do Puja by sparing special time for HIM, HE is with you always. Chanting HIS name every moment is the BEST PUJA for HIM.
    Have a blessed life and a BLESSED child without any difficulties. The Baby would be fine and healthy.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  9. Om sainath…today is my vrat but by mistake I have eaten
    chena sweets…can anyone please tell me wheather chena can be eaten during fast or not?

    Om Sai Ram

  10. Om sai Ram. Wonder ful Experience. Baba Bless everyone who keep faith on him.

    Dear sai Sister in first post , please don't loose your faith. Baba is there to take care of all his devotees. Chant his name all the time this is real POOJA. It doesn't matter if you not get time for any special pooja.

    Tears were rolling down from my eyes while I was reading second experience.

    Om Sai Ram

  11. Om Sai Ram. Awesome experience of Baba as always.

    Hetalji, thank you for publishing innumerable experiences of devotees worldwide. May Baba bless you and your family always!

    Please post the picture of Baba's idol which Maayaji has mentioned in her experience.

  12. As a web site owner I think the material here is really magnificent. I appreciate it for your time. You must maintain it and keep it up forever! Excellent work.

  13. I am a Sai devotee for many years but not very staunch. Every day i just say Om Sai Ram in pooja room but i have not prayed for any particular wish. But at the age of 68 i conttacted a throat infection of ordinary nature and subsequently developed into a complicated one and i had to be hospitalised for ten days. Litetally i was terribly disturbed and the temperature never came to normal even after 17 days. My brother's children said that you submit all your problems to Sai and he would take care of everything. I was not even in a position to go to the pooja room and pray. I used to keep a small photo with me in the bed. Gradually Sai took care of me and i feel much better and go around places. Subsequently i developed a prostatic problem and my blood report was abnormal and Dr.suspected it might be a cancerous growth thus i lost my sleep. I was asked to go for a biopsi and i had to wait for one week for the result. The result was supposed to come in the evening hours after a gap of one week. On the day of the report in the morning i had to accompany a family friend of mine for a property registration in the morning. When i reached the registration office to my surprise there were Sai's photo everywhere. My mind was chanting Sai and i was restless about the evening biopsi report. Suddenly I got a call from my Son_in_law that he has collected the report in the morning itself. With a rapid heart rate and chanting Sai's name i asked him to read the report and to my relief it was negative for cancer and forgetting the surrounding i raised my hand in reverence with a silent prayer and thus Sai saved me from danger. Till this date when I go for blood test every six months my blood result is normal by the grace of Sri Sai and I always love my Sai. My Son experienced immense blessings from Sri Sai. Friends pl put all your problems to Sri Sai and see the miracles. Jai Sai Ram.

  14. Jai Sai Ram…. I feel blessed to be an Sai devote… I would like to share my most important miracles that have happened in my life… In 2012 when I was pregnant for the first time, I had a dream where one old man was telling me that I will have a boy baby and it happened… then I had realised that it was my baba who came in my dreams…and recently I had my second child after 5 years… I had the same dream and Baba told me that I will have a girl child… and it did happen too… I believe that baba is always with me and cares for me…

    Jai Sai Ram….

  15. Babaji you know everything about me..if i have committed any mistakes plz forgive me.i love my husband very much.i cann't think of my life without him..if you have to separate us then why did you take us together…plz reunite us..and help me to become a good ,wife, daughter & daughter-in-law , sister-in-law etc…love you sai your the only hope to me…plz guide me & show me the right way….love you sai and all the devotees……..

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