After completing 100 posts titled “Couple of Sai Baba Experiences” it gives me immense pleasure to present 101th part. Every experience is really boasting our faith upwards. I get mails stating that experiences posted here are strengthening their devotion to Lord Sai Baba. All of them are thankful to me. I am in turn thankful to Lord Baba for making me medium for His sports.

Shri Sai Baba’s Divya Darshan

Sai Brother Rajat ji from India says: By the blessing of Shri Sai Baba, this is the experience happened to us just two days back. Due to some problems, with my job, I have started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra on regular basis after coming from my office in evening daily.

On that day after dinner, when I went for sleep, my wife all of sudden asked me that which story I have read today. I told her in details about the story of Professor Narekar who was a disciple of Saibaba and how he was always told by Baba that don’t worry I will keep you in Pune. And Baba’s comments come true. As the story was finished, my wife thought Baba will also show us some miracle and then go to bathroom.

After coming from there, she stood near the window and shouted loudly. I asked what happened. She told me to look at the Red bulb on the Telephone tower. There is very clear picture of Sai Baba there in that light. After hearing so, as I moved on bed now to look outside the window, this is the time for my exclamation as the “allout” mosquito repellent which was switched on the wall, in that’s small LED light, I have seen the Sai Baba. Now both of us were in very strange stage. Our body temperature went down. We touched each other’s hand. Now this was real. Saibaba was there in that light. We sat on the bed and started crying, praying to Baba. What that experience was. We were looking Baba very clearly with different faces and Dwarakamai. We have seen, almost three hours. This thing happened to us. Whatever the worries in our mind were gone. We were feeling so light and that touch is still there in our mind and shows the omnipresence of Baba everywhere. He is always along with us. Till now, whenever we think about this thing, our eyes get tears. How merciful Baba is, who take cares each and every small to big needs of us. But we are the persons, who only remember Him in our need.

SAI Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji, I think you are doing a wonderful job in creating a forum where all SAI Bhaktas can meet, share their experiences and appreciate the essence of SAI. With this, we can try to follow and come up to at least His finger-nail size of His expectations. I have one experience to share to all. I appreciate your kindness in fulfilling my request through Sai Prerna. Also one more request, PLEASE KEEP MY NAME AS ANONYMOUS.

I will start my story with small introduction. I did my graduation in Mysore after which I immediately went to US for my post graduation. After that I worked there for around 5 yrs before coming back to India.

My dad ran a business in India, which was still under stabilization phase and comparatively new. I wanted to help him out to build the business here in India and hence I resigned my well-to-do job in US. I also got married and things were looking ok when all of sudden my dad’s health took toll. He underwent a surgery and met with stroke during surgery. He couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, and could swallow. One portion of his body became complete paralyzed. He was the pillar of the family and also business front, everything collapsed at once. It was like all of sudden we were blinded and groping without knowing what to do and where to go.

One side, when personal front took beating, on business front we went into huge irreparable loss. We had to deal with huge bank loans, personal loans and we couldn’t pay a penny. Our income stopped, our accounts diminished and we were unable to barely meet both the ends of our basic needs. I didn’t have any other job, spent time looking at selling or closing down the business. Every day, I woke up, I cursed why the day started. It was dark everywhere with no sight of light whatsoever.

That’s when Baba placed His Abhaya-Hasta (Boon bestowing Hand) on me. I had very little belief on God before. But things happened such that I was dragged to HIM like a sparrow tied one end to the legs and other end in BABA’s hands. First time, I read Sai Satcharitra. My eyes were filled with tears upon reading every story. I got feeling that He is sitting in front of me through out and explaining the situations mentioned in the book. This changed my life altogether. I started doing Parayana (weekly reading). Every time, I finished one cycle of Parayana, I could see the results tangible enough. It is only His blessing and help that we sold off the business and paid back all the bank dues. Although we may not have money power like before, the freedom from loans make us feel like no less than happy. With time and Baba’s grace my dad’s health has also improved. He began to move, walk, and take food. Slowly he is getting back to shape. He still has good 40% more to improve to come back to complete normal (like before surgery).

As though Baba had a plan for me, I immediately also got a good job. When I took the job and relocated to new place, the house which I rented also was also not ordinary. There was already statue of BABA welcoming us as if He had already selected this place and house for us. My joy had no bounds, when I experienced this. HE makes me feel that He is always with me carrying me at all times. Today we are in a better position than before – only because of HIM. His Kripa-Drishti can deflect away any troubles (however big it may be).

It has been 2 yrs since dad’s surgery and he is yet to recover remaining 40% of his health. We are all waiting for this to happen. I have complete FAITH in HIM. This will definitely happen. I am waiting with SABURI.

Baba – We love you and look to You for help to guide us, control us through the journey of life.


Sai Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram, I have been Sai devotee for 15 years now. I have experienced many miracles of Baba. I would like to share the recent ones.

I got married and moved far from my hometown. I love my grandmother as much as I love my parents. She was not keeping well during June and till mid of July. She was suffering from fever and digestion problems for 6 weeks and became very week. I visited this site and prayed to Sai Baba that I will do Sai vrat (9 weeks Sai Baba Pooja) if she recovers. She started recovering ever since I prayed and she is doing well now. Now I listen to Sai Satcharitra everyday and doing Sai vrat too.

I had an infection in my hand, which was then shown to Doctor. Doctor told that I will have to take tablets for few weeks and if it doesn’t subside, I will have to go for a surgery to cut it safely. Though there was nothing dangerous. I used the tablets for few weeks but it didn’t subside. I prayed to Baba again that I will do 9 weeks Sai vrat if it subsides. And I have Sai Baba Satcharitra book next to my Bed. That gives me a feel that I have Sai Baba next to me. The infection subsided and I am doing good now.

All this happened by Baba’s Grace


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  1. Jai Sai Ram Ji
    We too experiencing the same sitution in our business as with Mr. Rajat ji. . Evne our house was sold out . I have to live seperatly from my husband as we don't have house to live. I m living in my parents home with two children and doing the job here. I hope sai babaji will defintely show us the right path. As our life become very confusing due to ups and down in our business.

  2. The ups and downs of life are needed to show that Baba is in complete control of things . If things were to happen according to our will and wish , do we care for GOD or BABA who is GOD for all of us? Some tests like this are needed to remind us that we have no control over things . We think that we twist the entire world on our little finger . Not even a blade of grass can move without his will . Let us surrender to his will and accept his will like prasad ,

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Saravam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.
    Please excuse me Baba.

  4. Very heart touching experiences. tears were rolling down frommy eyes while reading all these experioences. Baba please help all your devotees & show your mercy to all.

    Om Sai Ram

  5. very nice & heart touching experiences! Tears were rolling down from my eyes while reading these experiences. Sai Ram Please give darshan to me also.

    Om Sai Ram.

  6. Baba I had an experience with which which i had written on this blog put it was displayed or not i dont know but Baba you are great Baba believe me baba I do any thing bad or good I do it on thrusdays only without seeing weather it is a good or bad day. I trust you like anything.I have put up a photo frame of size 40X40 inch in my drawing room please dont mis understand me I have bought it because you have done something good in my life as my family is happy it was un expected please bless me rest of my life.Shradda shaburi

  7. Baba I want to ask a question as there are hundreds of people who face financial problem but god starves them for money like anything but for a businessmen who is financially strong but money starts pouring into his account only and why not to the poor.

  8. Explanation to the question by Anonymous Devotee:(Baba I want to ask a question as there are hundreds of people who face financial problem but god starves them for money like anything but for a businessmen who is financially strong but money starts pouring into his account only and why not to the poor.)
    That is BABA's Leela! We do not understand how and what takes place…..we can see with our physical eyes and try to understand with our little references to the facts but BABA has HIS own plans and HIS Leela unfolds exactly what HE wants to weave! That is why whatever happens, good or bad, if we can keep calm, we are just paying out our dues of past Karmas and living our life as per BABA's guidance doing good karma, feeding poor and respecting everything without any prejudice we will be under BABA's protection all the time.
    Jai Sai Ram.

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