A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 100

Sai Baba Took Care of My Life

Sai Sister Vani ji from Australia says: Namaste Hetalji, I have been a regular reader of this Blog. Thank you for doing such a noble job. This is giving so much of Hope and Happiness to all of us. Please upload my story as I had promised BABA that I will post my experience. But do not disclose my email address.

I got married in the year 2004 February. I met with an accident on the 17th day after my wedding. But with Sai’s grace, I was saved from the jaws of death. I only had a skin graft to be done on my left leg. My Husband was coming to Australia after my operation. Initially, we both were to come together, but due to my condition I had to stay back. I recovered well and after this I was to apply for my Visa.

My visa got rejected initially. I was very disappointed and depressed that I could not join my Husband. I knew that Sai was having a proper plan for me. As days were passing by, I was getting anxious as my visa processing got delayed. I had so many questions in my mind. People started asking if my Husband cheated me and ran away. This was the hardest face in my life.

I continued having faith in that Lord Sai and in the year 2005 May, I got my Visa. I joined my Husband and started my life in Australia. After this in July 2005, I got a good Job in my own field and My Joy knew no Bounds. This was surely the Blessing of Sai. Sai has been showering His blessings since then. We have settled in Australia and He has blessed us with a beautiful Daughter.

Sai, You have Always shown us the right path. Keep blessing all your devotees. Bow to Shree Sai, Peace be to all.


Sai Baba Healed My Eyes

Sai Sister Radha ji from Japan says: Sai Ram, I have always been a fan of your site and it is a great thrill for me to read the experiences of all these ardent devotees, who post them in the site. It increases our faith and makes us strive for more patience. I have published my experiences earlier, and hope Baba will also help with this experience. May Baba bless all.

I have been having some eye problems even back in India and we have just moved to Japan. I don’t even have a proper health insurance yet and suddenly my eyes started acting up. It was very blurry and dry and every time I blink it got worse sometimes and better sometimes. If I washed my eyes it will be ok for a while, but it made my life very difficult.

As usual, where else will we go when we have a problem? I resorted to our sweet Baba and cried and prayed to help my eyes. I started getting very worried and scared. I was browsing something else in the internet and I saw a site that showed me about ‘Archangel Raphael’. I found that Archangel Raphael is blessed with healing powers by Jesus and He heals everyone who asks for healing. I googled his picture and found a beautiful angel in Emerald green color. I am a Hindu by birth, but I have respect and value for other religions and thought maybe I should pray to Archangel Raphael for my eyes.

When I shared this information with my husband and son, my 12 year old son told me, ‘Mom, does this mean that you are quitting Baba’? I was struck by the reality and I was shocked and upset. I started worrying, ‘Am I really going behind another saint? Baba said, “Stick to your bolster”. And what am I doing here? But, again, He has told, ‘I live in all saints, there is no difference between me and another guru’. Again I asked Baba for an answer. I knew that He will guide me.

Believe it or not, that evening I came across a site, in which I saw the most beautiful picture of Baba ever on earth. It was a sideways picture of Baba in a beautiful Emerald Green robe. I tried my best to add it to this post, but I couldn’t find it, I hope someone finds it and posts it here. It gave me a message that Baba has sent Archangel Raphael to me and not to mention I prayed to Raphael with all my heart. The next morning onwards, I had absolutely perfect eyesight. I have no words to thank Baba for guiding me to the correct place to get the correct remedy. Ever since I pray to our Archangel Rapael too and I call Him lovingly, Raphael Sai. I promised to Baba that I will try and post it in this site and I thank Him for making this possible.

May Baba bring us all to under stand His unlimited powers and love and keep our minds open for His blessings.


Baba Accepted My Pooja

Sai Sister Laxmi ji from USA says: Hetal Ji, BABA gave His acceptance even before the completion of doing NAV GURU VAR VRAT KATHA. You can display my name, but please don’t display my email id.

I am posting one of my experience how BABA blessed me. My fiancée was looking for a job. It was almost 10 months that he did not find any job and he was losing his hope. He is also BABA’S Bhakat. Since he was not getting job, he thought that BABA was not answering his prayers and was very depressed. I used to console him saying that He has something good for you. Have patience.

One day, while browsing, I came to know about SAI NAV GURUWAR VRAT katha. I immediately thought of doing that. I seriously wondered later, how I browsed that day it was all Sai’s wish to make to know about this vrat. Then I started doing vrat. It was first Thursday. I used to work at a library and I stay in USA, so the library will definitely have the books that are related to the people here. There used to be DROP BOX, where people used to drop the checked out books in that box (Like instead of coming inside the library and returning they used to drop there). I was supposed to go and collect the books from that box. That day, the same day when I started the vrat, I was on phone with my fiancée and I told him about the vrat. I started and while talking I was taking all the books. Suddenly I opened one of the books and to my surprise, it was BABA’s small picture and I was so much happy, I just can’t express. May be someone who returned that book was a BABA devotee and he forgot the picture. But I could not imagine this that I will find the picture in library book that too in USA. That day, I thought that I am blessed and BABA accepted my wish the very first week. And I told my fiancée that very soon you will find a job. He got the job before I completed 9 weeks and that job was for longtime. He had very nice time working there. I always keep telling him that reason He made you wait for long time in finding the job was He had this good job for you. He blessed me with His picture and I have with me till today. Love you so much BABA. Please protect us always.

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  1. Great experiences!!!


  2. baba bless me and my family as always,baba help me to get a job and shift to the capital. this can be achieved only by divine grace,
    jai jai sai sat guru jagat guru ohm sai ram.

  3. baba is sat guru and god who helps the need es at all times.
    my most humble pranam at your divine lotus feet, jai sai ram

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.

  5. Sai ram ! I wish to share my experience to all sai devotees. I was abroad 2 years before and I have to quit due to cancellation of contract unexpectedly. It was a great moment of disappointment and I faced lot of problems as I took my family there just 2months before cancellation. All in my family wee literally crying.After coming back I took up a job only after 4 months.I was since then trying for a abroad opportunuty. Believe it or not I just thought on my own to go to sai temple( that is without anybody,s advice). aftyer going there I prayed that I will go there for 11 weeks without fail and begged Baba for a opportunity abroad. To my surprise I was called back by my same employer who asked me to qualify interview so that I would get another chance. I was praying to Baba and attended the interview,with his blessings I was thro.As one of the devotee said the result came on a Thursday. Now I am waiting for visa which is getting delayed for past 5 months.One of the devotee asked me to do thursday vritham and I hope that Baba would get me the papers surely on a thursday. I request all the devotees pray for me sothat my family could recover from financial crisis. Jai sai ram!

  6. sai helped me a lot in life he will be with me always and also with my family members he will guide me in all sitution

  7. baba please bless me to get placed in a good job as soon as possible….. my parents has to be happy in their life… for that i will ve to be placed in a good job… please help me deva to get settle in ma carrer…. i have a full faith on you… you will ve to bless my family with full hapiness deva… my parents shoul be happy forever…. you will have to take care of them in every way deva.. bless ma papa and ma….

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