Saima, Thank You For Everything – Sai Devotee Nikita

Following is again a simple yet effective and piercing experience of devotee of Lord Sai Baba as experienced by Sai sister Nikita ji.

Sai Sister Nikita ji from London, UK says: Dear Hetalji, Thank you for providing this wonderful blog, so that all Sai Devotees can read each other’s experience. And whole heartedly apologize if I had not conveyed the experience properly. Hetalji, I had sent this experience long before and but somehow couldn’t found on blog so apologies to you also for writing it again. Please don’t display my email id.

I became devotee of Sainath since my post-graduation. I still remember in 2007, when for the first time my brother brought Shri Sai Satcharitra at home and he was reading continuously. I became so curious about what this book is about and that was the stepping stone which made me His ardent devotee. In very short period, I was attracted to Him so much that I now only pray to Him as God and as my one and only Sadguru. During those days of my post-graduation, I had many severe problems in my personal life as also it was my teenage. But Baba had dragged me out from all the dirtiness. And because of Him, I was able to make my career successfully. After my masters, I worked for two years and then got married to boy, which my parents had decided. I am very happy that Sainath blessed me with such a wonderful person as my husband. I had a dream to pursue my Ph.D. from one of the best university of the world. For which, I tried very hard since my under-graduate studies. Soon when I started my job, everyone around me told that forget Ph.D. now and just concentrate on job. After one year, I was able to get a fellowship and moved to New Delhi. Soon as I said my marriage got fixed and then I have to join my husband in UK. Here I would like to add that for my Ph.D., UK was the only country for which I was trying hard to get scholarship. When I came to UK in 2010, I started looking for a job in my field. But even though trying so hard I couldn’t find any. Moreover, I was also applying for PhD at best universities around UK and my husband gave me full support both financially and morally. I made hundreds of applications for job and studies, but I got no luck. Here, I would like to admit that there was one time that I almost loosed faith in Saima and started questioning Him on His ability. I am sorry Sai and beg you for Your forgiveness. So when I found nothing is working one day, I went to Sai temple and cried a lot in front of Him and in front of temple’s priest. He said me to do Saptah Parayan and just to keep faith and patience. I also did Parayan when I was in India. But I was completely lost. But still I followed His advice and started SaiVrat of 9 days and Parayan. Just before when I wished to start Parayan and Vrat, I got one interview call for my Ph.D. from Germany, in which I was almost selected. But just for a formality, they called me there for personal interview. Look here I just wished for Parayan and Sai Vrat and miracles started happening. After 1st day of Parayan, I got another call from another German University and they also invited me for personal interview. But Sainath had something else for me and after 3rd day of my Parayan, I got an email of receiving full scholarship from a very reputed university of UK itself and that too in London where I am currently living with my husband as he is working in the same city. I really got thrilled and cried so much in front of Saibaba’s picture, but this time on me that I doubted His ability and lost patience in the middle.

So I have a request to all other Sai Devotees that please chant His name even when you are eating, on job, taking shower,making food etc. He is omnipresent and He is listening to us.

I have also very recent experience which is like a very simple and small, but it was much more important to me as I was facing problem with that. It goes like this, during my application stages, I used my laptop a lot. So I had a habit of using a social networking site 24hours. Whenever I start laptop, in one browser I also open my account of that social networking website to check updates from so called Friends on that. And it was eating my most of the time. So when I had my scholarship for Ph.D. on my hand, I prayed to Baba that this habit is like a cancer, which had spread very widely and I have no control on it. Please demolish this cancer from my mind. That is my habit of opening my account as my mind was always busy in checking updates. And to my surprise, on that day only something came up in my mind and I deleted my account on that website. It was displayed that if I will not open my account for next 14 days, it will be deleted permanently. This was also very hard as I tried many times in the past to delete, but I opened it again within few days. This time I said to our Sai that this cancer is now beyond my control and now only You can help me to recover from this. Surprisingly, I didn’t open it for next 14 days and now I had overcame my habit of checking updates. My lots and lots of time are saved and now I have time to do some productive things.

Thank You Sainath for Everything and wanted to pray that please bless me for doing Parayan again and 9 days Sai Vrat as doing both is not possible without your blessing. I am sorry for such a lengthy note, but I must say that it is He who inspired me to write today.

ShriAnanthkotiBrahmandnayakRajadhirajYogirajParabrahm Sadguru SacchidanadShri Sainath Maharajki Jay!

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  1. Dear Hetalji..thank u so much for posting this experience at this time of the's 1 am now! I was not getting sleep and my mind was wanting to read a Leela of our Baba before sleeping.I was looking thru the site for any past exp that I have not read and to my utmost happiness I found this latest experience posted by you.such a wonderful I can sleep peacefully.thank you so much hetalji.thank You so much Baba.Hetalji you are working day and night for this blog and doing such a great service.May God bless you and your family always.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Sai Ram Nikita,

    You are blessed to have Sai Baba's kripa. You mentioned the vrat for 9 days, whereas I learnt from Hetal Ji's blog that it is for 9 Thursdays. Am I missing something here, or have you followed it for 9 days?

    Om Sai Ram,


  3. Om Sai Ram

    Please help me get out of this phase of life Baba. Give me a good career.
    I love you Baba. Forgive me for all my mistakes.

  4. Om Sai Ram,

    @Hetalji: Many many thanks for posting the experience as today I wanted to read some sai kripa on his devotees and I found mine and I got very much thrilled as all this happened in the month of June and now it is October. Hetalji, I have now started my university and this is my 3rd week. And everyday when I step into main doors of university I feel like Sainath gave me from his Jholi what I wanted. He is the super-scientist of this world. By Saibaba's grace I am really enjoying the studies. Please pray for me that everything ends on good note after 3 years. And I want to visit Shirdi as soon as possible as my eagerness increased two fold after reading all other sai brother and sister's experiences on Shirdi visit.
    @Deepakji: I am really sorry as it is my mistake. I did 9 Thursday Sai-vrat and not 9 days.

    Om Sai Ram


  5. Great experinence of Nikitaji.May Baba bless us also and give his darshan as early as possible.

  6. Dear Nikita ji, Wow…the most touching point in your experiences is the Computer use for social network…I too keep on checking my e-mails and many a times think that my spare time apart from job and household work is wasted if I keep going back to computer on my free time. I used to keep my laptop ON all the time, but now I have started shutting down during day time and check e-mails only after dinner saving my extra time for my painting and other useful things that I always wanted to do.
    May you be blessed and achieve the most that you always wished for.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  7. Dear friend,what a heart touching experience!
    Can I ask you a favor please?can you please post here how you did the vrat please,may be I am not doing it right please if you don't mind,thanks!

  8. Om Sairam Anonymousji,

    Telling you frankly Baba never insisted to do any kind of vrat and it is mentioned in Sai Satcharitra so doesnot worry about this things. Most important is just chanting and thereby remembering him all the time. For example, now I got too much busy with my PhD that I have to leave home at 6 in morning and came back at 10pm. And honestly I donnot have time to pray in my small temple in my small room. But what I do is keep chanting his name when I am walking to tube station or bus station, during my journey in tube, while cooking,eating,before going sleep sometimes while m working. And that's it.
    So our Sai needs simple Bhakti by chanting his name.
    You know when I got married I was too upset that I have to give up my career so I just kept chanting his name while I was staying with my in-laws.
    Still if you want more details than in my opninion Sai Ki Beti Hetalji is the best person to contact.

    Hope this will helps.

    Kind regards

  9. Thank you for letting me know your way of praying to Baba.I have been dealing with a difficult situation in my life,did the sai vrat once,to help me solve it,but i dont know why i am unable to solve this problem,so i started it again last week,may be i thought i dont do it right,Baba is not helping me,i dont know.The problem has taken a significant toll on me,and I have no solution whatso ever.If Baba doesnt want to help,there is no way to solve any thing in life right?we feel so miserable.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Baba is with all of us,we shouldnot lose patience,He knows the way for everything,we should wait.
    Om Sai Ram

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