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Our past bad Karma always is a hindrance. But when Lord Sai Baba is with us, what fear we have in our mind? Many times we tend to blame Him for odds in our life, but never understand that He is the One Who is taking care of all of us all the time. This is also been experienced by Sai Sister Laxmi ji

Sai Sister Laxmi ji from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, I really appreciate your wonderful contribution for this site. I regularly visit this site and get inspired by devotee’s experiences. We are all very lucky to post our experiences and get a chance to share with all.I get tears into my eyes. I can’t describe how our SAI will bless us if we completely surrender to HIM.

SAI came into my life when I was studying 10th class. HE blessed me to secure good percentage though I didn’t deserve for that. This experience is lengthy, please post this.

There are many miracles in my life. Here is the one miracle which turned my life completely. I would like to tell all SAI devotees how Sai miraculously blessed me against all Astrologers’ prediction. It’s been almost 12 years of Journey of my life with insults, heart breakings, Rejections, Ignorance. Sometimes, I was stubborn and didn’t listen to SAI and made myself miserable. Sorry, this post is lengthy, but I want to reveal the odds I faced in my life and how SAI came to rescue me.

I got married at the age of 19 years, but it lasted only for few months and we parted our ways. I went for higher studies and finally resulted in divorce. When I was supposed to get married to this guy, I didn’t ask SAI to stop this if it is not HIS will. Probably my past karma prevented me from doing that. Meanwhile one of my friends introduced me a guy. I told him clearly if he is Ok with me as I was a divorcee, we can go ahead. We developed a good rapport. After one year, he simply got married to other girl, because his mother didn’t agree for our marriage (mine is a second marriage). I cried for one month. Still I had strong belief in Baba that may be this guy is not Baba’s will.

Due to my mother’s compulsion, I had to agree to marry other guy. But I was so scared to marry him and SAI was showing all bad signs. We didn’t understand that and we fixed a date for marriage. Very next day morning in my dream, Baba was scolding me not to come near to HIM, but I was pleading Him how my life would be if I get married to this guy. Still I remember Baba’s face. It was so sad and consoling me, “I am worried about you”. With fear I asked Baba, “If I get married again, how my life would be, will it last forever”. Baba answered me again, “I am worried about you”. I woke up suddenly with fear and it took me sometime to realize the dream. I didn’t tell anything to my family. It was a Thursday. We went to Sai temple. I just looked at Baba. He was smiling at me. I prayed HIM to take care of me and get married to this guy if it is HIS WISH. We came back home my brother said, “Let us call it off”. It was incredible and got shocked to understand Baba’s leelas. My brother found out that guy was a cheat and what he told all were lies. Koti Koti Pranamam to Baba for saving me from this guy.

Baba started blessing me to boost up my career and got into an MNC company with handsome salary. I have become stronger and always chant Sai’s name. Due to the bad experiences, I wanted to stay away from guys. Without my knowledge, I was getting attracted to my colleague, but internally I knew that I didn’t deserve him as I was a divorcee. I thought that who will accept a divorcee girl. To my surprise that guy proposed me to get married. Instead of replying him, I cried a lot about my situation as I felt that he would not accept me if he would come to know about my past and that too he was younger to me. I knew that it was not possible.

Unexpectedly he accepted all these odds and was ready to get married. He agreed to talk to my mother and met my family twice. After a week he said that he can’t marry me. My heart was broken and it reminded me of my dream where Sai‘s worry about my married life. I determined myself that I would remain single. Adding to that whoever Astrologer I met or through my friends said my marriage will not be fruitful. Second time also and I would be single for rest of my life. But this guy used to show so much of love and affection, I was hoping that he would marry me. After that he has flown to USA. Still he was in touch with me over the phone. One fine day, he suddenly called and apologized me because he couldn’t marry me. I didn’t understand what happened to him suddenly. After few months he himself told me that he started seeing other girl, who was staying away from her husband as they didn’t have good terms. She proposed this guy before her marriage, but he couldn’t marry her. My heart was broken so terribly and crying all the day. I resigned my job and planning to go to USA as my visa was already approved. My downfall started here. I got angry with SAI and blamed HIM for not preventing me from seeing this guy. I was so panic. At any cost I strongly decided to marry this guy. I was searching for a way and thought that Baba was not helping me. I was not in my senses and not thinking of anything else except going mad about that guy and crazy to marry him at any cost. That time my concentration was only on that guy nothing else. I blamed SAI for this situation and asking SAI why HE was not blessing me with that guy. How many times I should get rejected by guys? What’s wrong in me? SAI appeared to me blurred and indicated that I was blind and not in a position to understand HIM. At this stage, my aunt influenced me to turn to other religion. I ignored Sai and jumped over to other religion and started praying with selfishness. I was blind and couldn’t understand SAI’s message that GOD is one.

I went to USA and led a horrible life without job and food. I used to cry a lot, so frustrated and panic. I was completely stayed away from SAI. I went through a terrible life which I have ever faced in my life. I had to come back to India with great insults and heart breaking. My brother was so annoyed with me as I was not with SAI and running blindly after that guy. Still I was so stubborn and tried to end my life as I couldn’t bear that pain. At last that guy came to India and got married to her. After hearing that, I shattered and went to deep depression. I stopped talking to all, sitting idle and crying whole day. Eventually I was coming into my senses again. I started feeling myself bad that I cried for that guy and wasted one year for him, but he ended up marrying other girl. I got annoyed that just because of this guy. I left SAI and put my life so miserable myself. SAI gave me wonderful career, but I didn’t care that, running mad about this guy. My mother gave me SAI’s ring, which I used to wear before. I started realizing How SAI blessed me and miracles and felt bad that I cheated and blamed SAI for my own mistake. My pain aggravated and crying again for SAI just scared to go back to SAI whether SAI would accept me. That night, I had a dream in that I was passing by a street where I happened to see Sai temple. I had a fear that Baba is angry with me, but I bent my head slightly into the temple there SAI Father was welcoming with smile. With Joy, I stepped into the temple there SAI ordered me to take coconut from Priest. Then I was telling SAI, “Baba I didn’t listen to You that guy married to other girl. It’s paining me Baba”. Baba with Motherly love was consoling me, “Don’t worry. Leave it”. I woke up and understood that Baba was not angry with me. I came back to my normal life like visiting Sai temple and reciting Aarti. It took me almost one year to come out of that depression and used to cry that why I made such a big mistake by leaving Sai. Still I am ashamed of myself for not showing gratitude towards SAI and running after that guy. BABA PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

Later I asked SAI to be with me always. Still I thought that this is my Destiny so that I can’t marry any guy in my life again. I came back to USA again in 2010. I sincerely started my Job searching, but I had to wait for 3 months. SAI showed me how people behave if you don’t have money and Job. Each and Every second, I used to cry in front of Baba as it was hard to face that situation. After 3 months, SAI blessed me with a job and so many miracles in my life again. I completely surrendered to SAI and I was at peace. My Mother was really worried about my marriage and fell sick. I told her that probably my past karma would not allow me to marry again so I will remain single. But to make her feel happy, I registered my profile online and met some guys for marriage. None of the attempts were succeeded. Finally I got an alliance through one of our family friends in USA. This guy is also a divorcee and that family assured us that this guy is such a nice guy so we don’t have to look back. I met that guy, but internally I was reluctant to get married. 3 months passed by and one fine day, this guy agreed to marry me. After so much of hesitation and fear I asked SAI if it is HIS will for me. I knew that if it is not SAI’s will, somehow the marriage will not happen. Finally I got married to this guy this year in February in USA. He is such a nice guy so lovable and caring. How can I show gratitude to Our Beloved SAI Father and for HIS motherly love on HIS devotees?

My relatives and friends show great respect to our family now as I got married to a well settled guy in USA. They are the people insulted my family many times as I was not getting married earlier. SAI blessed me abundantly. KOTI KOTI PRANAMAM DEVA.

I am writing this with full of tears how SAI made my life and blessed me with a wonderful husband. SAI is showing many wonders in my life. My husband is also a SAI devotee and visit SAI’s temple. Whenever I visit SAI temple, I thank HIM for giving me married life. My first marriage happened at the age of 19 now I’m 33. It’s almost all 12 years of painful journey. Whenever I happened to see families or married couple my heart cried that I was so unlucky and would have to stay single. Many Astrologer’s scared me that I will not get married again. SAI led me through all struggles and blessed me with a husband. I can’t stop praising SAI. This is possible just because of SAI’s blessings. He recently rescued my husband from dangerous situation. Thanks a lot SAI. Many more miracles in next post.


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  1. i literally had tears reading ur experience as i am goin through same phase but i have completely surrendered to baba so i have stopped thinking bout my future, may baba bless you with happy life ahead

    Om Sai Ram
    Baaba Maalik

  2. Dear Sai,

    Sairam you gave me confidence, today morning only i was telling my husband that our ( my husband and myself belongs to same Rasi) period is not good , yesterday i read about the astrological prediction in a magazine. Immediately i saw our sai in front of the auto, the same image posted in this site.

    After coming to office i read sai devotee laxmi's post Sai Blessed Me Against All Astrologer's Prediction

    Thank you sai you are with us always.

    Vidhya Ramesh

  3. I feel sorry that this young girl had to undergo so much suffering .My sincere advice to all is that they should never care for these human beings , Believe in Baba and go ahead . It is he who takes control of situations . Humans in general are very cruel and sadistic . They enjoy the sufferings of others ,make fun of those who are suffering . May Baba's graces be with every one

  4. Sai baba please help me to get this job i.e the interview i am going to give on 1st and 2nd nov…Laxmi ji our miseries are nothing in front of your troubles for last 12 years..salute to you and salute to our lord Sai maa…

  5. Om Sai Ram
    even tears came in my eyes too after reading your experience, but this is our SAI BABA'S LEELAS, we will never know when HE WOULD SHOWER HIS CHOICEST BLESSINGS ON US, the only thng which our SAI BABA jee demands is our love and devotion to HIM, in total surrender from all our hearts, souls and minds,
    May you have a happy married life, May Baba be with you always,
    thanks for this

  6. I am very happy to know that your suffering has ended. our baba sai ma will never let us down. shradha and saburi will always payoff. koti vandanamulu to our beloved sai baba.

  7. hope you remain happy all through your life as you have led drastic life in the just don't worry baba is taking care of you and your family..m very happy to see that baba has made you his staunch devotee through his fabulous leelas in you life…m also passing through somewhat similar phase and your leela gave me motivation..take care and stay blessed!

    Very happy to know that you are happy Lakshmiji by Sai grace after facing many troubles.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Baba Please excuse us Baba for our mistakes.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Sarvam Sainatharpanamasthu.

  9. Dear Mrs.Laxmi,

    My heart was heavy and tears rolled in my eyes when I finished reading your story. Although we say we can understand what you have been through, it would still be inadequate as you are one who has really felt the pain and burden all these years. I am happy that Baba blessed who and showered his blessings. One thing I have experienced with Baba is that we should hold on to him no matter what cos he knows "What is best for us". A very dear friend of mine sent me this following quote by "Sri Sarath Babuji (who is a great devotee of Saibaba). It moved me so much that every morning I read this and it makes my day so happy and brings me a step closer to Baba cause he is indeed "Everything to me".

    “I am a devotee of Sai Baba,
    Baba is mine, I am his,
    I have nothing to worry about,
    He will take care of me,
    He is my Sadguru, He is my Father, He is my Everything.”

    I pray that may your devotion towards Baba continue to grow even more and may Baba bless you to have a Happy married life.
    But please do not forget Saibaba No matter What and "Please know that Baba knows what is best for us"

    "Sri Sachitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai"

  10. i had tears in my eyes while reading your experience. he is like mother to all us but sometimes we fail to understand this.
    jai sairam.

  11. Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

    Please do not get me wrong, but how can we say that we are 'completely surrendered' to SAI and still say that we are crying and praying for something? When you are completely surrendered, His will is our way. What he is doing is the best course of action. Yes, there will be pain and suffering, but he is removing our karmas to give enternal bliss. But when we are crying and praying, we want our desire fulfilled and that is not surrendering. Please think over… It is not easy to completely surrender. It is a life ling saadhana…

  12. OM SAI RAM…baba i knw i hv dne lots f sins in mah u knw a girl whom i love a lot changed mah due to caste prob n m jobles, m hvng prb to get her..if i ll do a good job then her famly may agree our reltn n fr our mrge.i love her a lot n cnt live widout her.baba i heard tht u frgve u childrn n bles them.please make me n mah love ur child n bles us.m 2 bd.plz frgve mah sins.plz.plz.plz;( OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM…

  13. dear sai devotees!
    pls keep faith and patience. baba soon bless u all. he will never leave his devotees alone. but, he will shows his grace on right time. so need not to worry, just worship him. just put your whole burden on his lotus feet. soon you will all bless with baba miracles. baba you are the ultimate hope for all. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  14. plz keep this anonymous…….
    I am a Sai devotee since 3 years i used to worship baba but wasn't an ardent believer……….. But its said that one must have had a store of past merits that he's blessed by a Sad-Guru (Sai Baba).
    Here I'll narrate one of his leela's to show how my faith in him was confirmed. It so happened once after my class 12th exam i dint score well but i wanted to get into a good college of Delhi University which was not really possible. I went to many colgs but was disappointed then at last i went to another colg hoping something might happen on the way i saw a huge temple of Sai baba nd prayed to him that if i get thru this college i would come to this temple for his darshan, i went to the colg. i first got a no bcoz again my percentages were not meeting the cut-off but then by baba's grace i was informed that they were considering only the best four marks according to wich i was just on the cut-off nd i got the admission. Thanx to my Sai Baba that now m studying in one of the best colgs. But according to my vow i forgot to visit the temple but later i realised nd went and took his blessings.
    2. After i got into the college i stopped attending classes as i stayed in a P.G. nd could never get up on time. I was very low on attendance. In DU we need 66.6% attendance nd mine was 19%. I was so scared that i would not be able to sit for my exam then again i prayed to baba to help me get the admit card and appear for my exams. I kept 9 Sai Vrat(even this idea struck my mind i dnt knw where from, may be by baba's grace), I had full faith that my problem will be solved, and by baba's grace i came in contact with the person who entered the attendance for our college, he helped me noticing that i was a good student in studies and i should be provided with a chance and that humble soul increased my attendance. I then had 54% attendance which was suitable for receiving the admit card from the college according to new rules. And i could sit for my exams. My faith in BABA was even more confirmed and since then he has been guiding me in all the instances of life whether good or bad. Baba please always bless me and others through out our life.
    OM SAI RAM!!

  15. Hi Lakshmi,

    Thanks for posting your experience. My name is also lakshmi. I am undergoing the some exp like yours I am topper and from 7 yrs am searching job and no job.father retired. i badly need in job marriage stops because of guys denial. mother passedwhen i was when I was small. I have done sat charitra till i am in satchitra i ll be fine I want to talk to personally to get good feel.if you are interested plz email to
    waiting forur reply

    please send

  16. Hi Lakshmi !
    After reading your story, my faith in Sai has doubled.. May Sai shower all his blessings on you ..whole heartedly i would like to wish u ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE

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