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Co-incidentally, miracles from Shibpur temple are coming up on our way and we are posting them. This is third post on Shibpur temple in a row in the same week. Really it shows that Lord Sai Baba is present there in Idol form, but He is so lively that no one can deny it. Let’s read on what Sai Brother Debranjan ji

Sai Brother Debranjan ji from India says: Sairam Hetalji,

My heartfelt thanks and regards for running such a wonderful blog dedicated at the Lotus Feet of Shree Sai. I am sure this blog serve as a steady source of inspiration for the troubled devotees, who get their devotion to Baba reinforced each time after they go through the posts of His innumerable Leelas in this blog. Previously I have shared two miracles of Shibpur Sai Temple and you have published the same in your blog gracefully. Recently I have experienced some blissful moments during my last visit to the same temple. If you find it suitable please publish it in your blog.

In the month of April during the annual celebrations of Sai Festival 2011, at Shibpur Sai Temple, Sri Amit Biswas, the Chairman, Shibpur Sai Sadguru Samity cordially invited me to attend the celebration and get blessed by Baba. Accordingly, I made all the arrangements to go to Shibpur on the scheduled date. I took one of my friends named Rittwik, who is also a Sai Devotee along with me. We reached to Bethuadahari Station very late. At that time, it was very hard to get good floral garlands for Baba. But I wished to get a nice floral garland for Baba. Anyway, surrendering my wishes to Him, I asked in a tea stall at the platform, where can I get a garland, as I found no flower stalls at the vicinity. The shopkeeper called a boy who took us with him to a stall and amazingly we found only two beautiful large fragrant floral garlands made of Rajnigandha and Roses. It appeared to us as if Baba, Himself has destined those for both of us. Gladly we took those and started for the temple. After sometime, we reached the temple. I handed over the Garlands to Baba’s Sevak. I did not tell him to offer those garlands to Baba’s idol, but I prayed from my heart to Baba to wear those garlands. To my surprise, the sevak went up to the dais and put the garland round Baba’s neck. As there are two big idols of Baba installed at two different temples, this miracle happened twice.

We saw a nice calendar of Baba circulated by the Temple itself and wished to have one for us. But as it was almost the middle part of the running year, we thought the stock might have got exhausted and told nothing to Amit ji about it to see what Baba had wished. We spent certain glorious moments over there. Amit ji requested us to stay with him, but we could not keep his request. So, we started for our journey back to home. We asked Amit ji for his permission. Suddenly he told us to wait for a while and entered a room. After sometime he came out with Baba’s Sacred Udi, Photos and calendars (the same which we wished to have) for us. We were touched deeply by Baba’s infinite mercy for His Devotees.

Baba forgive me for all my mistakes. Bow to Shree Sai. Peace be to all. Om Sai Ram.

Thanks & Regards,
Debranjan Dhara.

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    Wonderful Experience.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Baba Please excuse me Baba for my mistakes.

  2. Dear Hetalji ,
    whenever I hear about Shibpur Sai temple , I feel like visiting it . I am in Bangalore and old also . It may be very far from here , I have no mental and physical energy to travel . By reading about these experiences , I feel i am in Shibpur only . It is Baba's wish . I have no control over things . May Baba bless every one .

  3. I hve been a sai baba devotee for quite many yrs.Since about 1o yrs we perform arti every thursday.For about 4 yrs Iam facing problems which appear to be absolutely phenomenal and very unnatural.Last thursday I forgot to do arti in the morning as I was bessotted with the problems.And all of a sudden I felt very strongly that BABA is reminding me to get up and perform arti which I did.However,there was more surprise in store for me. Since I was not looking at the TV screen all the time I was taken aback when the moment I looked at the screen I saw SHRDHA and SABURI flashing on the screen.Then again everytime I would look here and there but when I would turm my gaze towards the screen almost without fail there would be a sharp close up of BABA's eyes.Like He was giving me a penetrating look.It happened not once but many times during arti.
    Iam indeed blessed.Such grace for a sinner like me is remarkable.
    From Vijay

  4. Reading these miracles make me want to visit Shibpur Temple sometime in my life, but it is so far away. Hope Baba somehow arranges better transportation and amenities for people from other parts of India to comfortably reach and stay there.

  5. same with me. reading this experiences make me to visit Shibpur teple. And as I live in haryana it is very far away.Only Baba can arrange our trip & all facilities to go there.

    Om Sai Ram

  6. Om sai ram baba ji life mein kuch bhi accha nahi lag raha hai ..baba ji koy aadmi itna kaise badal sakta hai.baba ji please show me way and give me a good job that I can handle with my baby … please baba ji i am very dipreassed.mere sai aap sab kuch dekh rahe ho phir bhi baba ji shant baithe ho kyu baba ji…jo bhi maine chaha baba ji nahi mila ..baba ji please listen my pray please please please om sai ram

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