Sai Baba Took Care Of Me – Sai Devotee Sridevi

We never know when Lord Sai Baba comes to us and takes us out of odd situations. After recalling those incidents, we realise what we have received. The same is experienced by Sai Sister Sridevi ji ji.

Sai Sister Sridevi ji from India says: Sairam Hetal ji, I am Sridevi, one more humble devotee of Sai Baba. I would like to thank you sincerely, for all your efforts for posting the experiences of devotees. It really helps us to remember once again that Sai Baba is always with us to help and guide us in any difficulties. It also reminds us how Baba has helped us in the past. There are so many situations in which Baba has helped me, but want to share two such incidents, both happened in railway stations. I might have explained it in detail. Please do make necessary modifications wherever necessary.

  • Experience 1: This incident of blessing has happened last Ramzan/Ganesh Chaturthi holidays. In order to take a train to the place where I am working, I have to travel in bus for 5 hrs and then take a train and travel over night. The train, which I had to take, was at 11:30PM in the night and I have left my house in the afternoon. But due to huge crowd and because of long weekend and rain, I have reached the station only at 11:40PM. That train usually comes late and I thought anyways I would catch the train. But fortunately/unfortunately it was on schedule that day. I cannot go back home also. So Checked for the next train and it was around 2:30 or 3PM. Took a ticket for that train and was waiting in the railway station. I saw all other trains with overflowing crowd in unreserved compartments and was wondering what to do. I was still having faith thinking that I have Sai Satcharitra in my hands; I will not be in trouble.

    Then I saw a railways employee who was showing signals to train, I spoke to him asking if it is possible to get any ticket in this particular train and he said it’s not at all possible today. All trains from morning are full. Then I was thinking, ok for another 9 hours I may have to travel by standing only. One nice tall gentle man approached that railway employee and he was talking to him. He saw me and spoke to me saying he has seen me before in train (But I did not remember him). He was asking something about me and I was replying. Meantime I told him that I missed the train and I have to travel in unreserved coach.

    He said mine is a reserved ticket, so you can get in my coach. I can check for tickets because I know the TTEs in this train. Then once the train came, he came with me and met the TTE and said she has missed the train. Please give some berth for her. Then TTE said it’s not possible. No seats are vacant. I did not talk anything then the Gentleman literally argued and got a place for me.

    He came till the berth and asked is everything fine. Please sleep here and left. But I have not seen him again, though I travel in the same train. He should definitely be sent by Sai Baba to help me.

  • Experience 2: It was in the month of May. That was my second visit to Shirdi. Since I have not planned for the Shirdi trip in advance, I had to book tickets in Tatkal. But only one-way tickets were confirmed. Return tickets were not confirmed.

    So I was thinking how to travel now. I was worried and was waiting in Manmad station. I was having hope on Sai. I was thinking that He must only be helping me in this. Then I saw a room near that platform for railway employees, in which there were 2-3 very big Baba’s photos. I was seeing those photos and was talking to Him, why didn’t You come to take care of me? See I am alone here.

    In few minutes, a nice gentle man came and asked to which train I was waiting and he was standing with me for some time. Then he went and got 2 cups of tea and gave one for me. I did not want to get the tea from him, but strangely that day, I did not feel like denying. I told him that I don’t want full cup and took half cup tea. Then he asked which one is your coach. I said my tickets are not confirmed.

    Then he said ‘OK, no problem, you get inside, you will get place”. I did not ask him for which train he is waiting, thinking he is also coming in that train. But once my train came he said ok take care and left. I did not know why he was waiting with me or who he was.

    I came inside the train and was surprised there was no place to keep my foot also. So many people were sleeping on the floor itself. So I sat near some lady asking her permission if I can sit there. She told ok and surprise again. Her husband who was sleeping in upper berth, woke up and said “Looks like you did not take rest. Please go and sleep there. I can sit here”. I had good sleep there and there was one more family in same compartment they also helped me. There was a TTE checking for tickets, but he did not ask me for it.

During this Shirdi visit, because of Baba’s grace, I got Baba’s Darshan and was able to see Chavadi procession also, which I had missed during the last visit. I think Baba has helped me in this situation and have again reiterated about the faith we must have on Him and the rest will be taken care by Him.

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  1. Dear Hitalji
    Every experience I read brings tears in my eyes , I literally become dumb , I feel that Baba is watching all of us every second and trying to pull us out of all troubles . May he bless every one of us .All along I wanted to be anonymous , That is not right on my part when I am expressing my views about Baba , my divine mother . I don't know what URL means . so I have left it balnk

    Wonderful Experience.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I LOve You Baba.
    I need you Baba.
    I am all alone here Baba.
    Please give me a good job Baba Please Baba.I am tired Baba.Please Help me Baba.

  3. madam namaskar ur fortunate ur prayers,efforts,services,in the form of shraddha saburi towards baba is liked by baba so baba graced by reading ur expierience iam graced om sairam

  4. Om Sai Ram.
    Great experience. I love you Baba.

    Dear Hetal ji, I could not figure out how to share this experience. It is not exactly an experience but just need a small help from all the wonderful devotees of Sai Baba. I'm sorry if I shouldn't have posted this here. But I'm just feeling restless so wanted a small help or favour from all the devotees.

    I don't know how Baba entered my life but I feel really blessed. I have been looking for a good job and I desperately need one. I did get an offer during the beginning of this year but due to some personal problems at home i gave up that job. And I have been trying since then but its of no use. I din't accept that offer because it was in another place. I had full confidence that God will give me a job here itself. I wanted to stay here and work so that i can support my family. People at my place think that I should have just taken what ever I got since i'm a fresher. I don't know if I my decision was right or wrong. All I knew was I had to be here to support them. But after trying every where I have lost hopes I feel that may be I was wrong. I don't know who to talk to and ask for help. So I just thought that if all the devotees of Baba could just say a small prayer to Baba for my job on my behalf then may be I could get a job soon. Its just a humble request from all of you. If you could just spend a few seconds to ask Baba to give me a job.
    I beg you to give a job Baba. Please. You know how important it is for me.

    Thankyou all for taking time to read this post.
    May Baba bless you and give you happiness.
    Thankyou Hetal ji for giving such a good platform. I'm sorry if I should not have posted this here. Please forgive me. But I was feeling really helpless so turned to you for help. Just a small help by letting me share my feeling here. May be Baba will listen to your prayers and help me.

    God bless you all.
    Sai Sai Sai

  5. Dear Friend,

    I have gone through this in my life too,had stayed at home for 4 years with no job.At that time,I was not close to Baba,but suprisingly I realised that i had done two things with no real knowledge of what I was i read Sai Satcharitra once and second I wrote Om Sai Ram everyday.And you must have realised what was the outcome.Subsequently I got dragged to this path just like most of us here..whenever I have problems,I read SaiSatcharitra,i did the nav vrat twice and Baba really solved such big problems of my life,which i cant share it here,one of them was for a opportunity for higher education and Visa issue.Believe me,do the Sai Nav vrat,read Sai Satcharitra, chapter 11 and 15 are beleived to be for people who have specific problems in life,write Om Sai ram as many times as possible if you can.And have faith in Baba,He will take you across many hurdles for sure.Om Sai Ram,Baba is always with all of us believe me,dont lose hope and faith.Be good and leave the rest to Him,my prayers to Baba for your good job my friend.

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Wonderful experience. Baba is here for our help. So, we should only pray to him and He will take care of rest of the things.

    Dear friend, Keep patience. Sai baba definitely gives you a good job. You only surrender to Him. I also pray for you.

    Om Sai Ram.

  7. Hetal Ji,
    I had certain questions about the Sai Vrat and I had posted it on the Vrat FAQ's post. I'm eagerly awaiting your response, please clear my doubts about the vrat Hetal Ji.

    Thanks so much

    Sai ram

  8. Experience mentioned here are so good and generates more faith.I have a pain in my heart from many years(some thoughts that trouble me).I am just waiting when would Sai clear it. Please Sai help me and let me have peace. You gave me good life but still those thoughts are bothering me….Help me…Jai Sai Ram!!!!

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