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While treading the path of devotion, sometimes we get such turns which trembles our faith and we tend to leave to Lord Sai Baba and His devotion. But is He to leave us? Instead He makes such situations that we get closer to Him. Read on experience and let me know your views on my above lines.

Sai Devotee Bharanija ji from India says: Sai Baba, the only word which brings happiness to all Sai Devotees. If we take one step towards Him, He will surely take ten steps towards. Sai Baba is like our mother walks besides us, holding our hand in His throughout our life. I have felt His presence in various situations of my life. I would like to share one experience which gives me goose bumps, whenever I think about it.

When I was doing my under graduation, I was staying in hostel. In my next room, there were students from Andhra. I have seen them worshiping Sai Baba. This was in 2001 and I don’t know anything about Him. They told me that He is most powerful and kind. I asked them to get a photo of Him, when they visit their place next time. After two days, that’s on my birthday, my best friend told me that he had got something for me and he does not know whether I like or not. And then he showed me a small white murthi of Baba. I was bound by endless joy and happiness. I told him about asking my Andhra friends. He told me that He will come to us even if we think about Him.

Days passed, I joined my PG with all His blessings. I had Him in my hostel room. I used to go to Baba temple near my place. I desired for certain things. I prayed to Him. But it didn’t happen at all. I was really heartbroken. It took me long time to overcome that. I finished my PG and our family shifted to another place. I left Baba in my old home and I stopped praying to Him for almost one and half years. My troubles didn’t end. I was really vexed.

One day in 2007, when I was driving, I was thinking how I am going to get relieved from all this. Then He suddenly appeared in front of me, a big photo of Sai smiled at me from the back of a van. I then realized my mistake. I told my mom to bring Him from my old home where she was planning to go for weekend. She brought Him again to our home. On that very same night, He came in my Dream. It seems that I was standing in a staircase talking to my friend. He was climbing stairs towards me with sad face. I rushed to Him asking what happened. He just said, “Why did you do like this”. I woke up from my sleep, and pleaded to forgive me for my terrible mistake. I started to worship Him again. After that I realized whatever He had stopped me from getting, He had actually saved me from that.

In many situations, I have felt His presence. I once met with an accident on Thursday, when I was coming out from Baba’s temple. I was dragged for almost 15 feet in front of a car. But I escaped with bruises on my shoulder and legs. Devotees coming out of temple told me that it was such a terrible accident and they thought that I would end up in causality. Temple management gave me holy water and Sai photo. I would say that I am living today is because of my Baba’s blessings. I read Sai Baba’s answers on Thursdays to get solution for many of my problems. Though problems haven’t yet solved in my life, I believe He is with me always and will get help me to get rid of it. I believe Him and be patience. He is sitting right beside us and hearing to what all we say and what all we do. Do good. Earn His love.


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Hetal Patil
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    Wonderful Experience.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidaanda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Baba Please excuse me Baba.

  2. i know Baba is there with us always. Even I have had some disappointments in my life . Baba did that for my good I feel , I see his hand in everything. As i am old , I pray for a peaceful and trouble free end .Hope he will grant me .

  3. Jai Sai Ram..Please bless all .. Please baba help me i am really worried about my Husband please take care of him he is evrything to me baba. I miss him so much please send him to me i am waiying for that day when he will come and we will be together forever. Please bless us with little happiness as i can't take any more ..THANKS BABA FOR EVERYTHING

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